$200 vs $4000 Go Kart Challenge! *this is so unfair😂*
Hey guys! In this video, we race each other in our homemade go karts! The difference is, Jordan and Joey only have a $200 budget and Bobby and Bryan have a $4000 budget! We put ridiculous things on our karts like giant speakers, multiple TV's, and ever a barbeque on the back! Sometimes the price isn't what gets you the first place prize! Who would win in a head to head race?? Let us know down below! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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  • Rob The Realtor
    Rob The Realtor

    Funny video!

    • Catherine Reeves
      Catherine Reeves

      @GT Big Dog Oh what!🤣

    • GT Big Dog
      GT Big Dog

      @Catherine Reeves he is Bobby’s dad

    • Micheal Leech
      Micheal Leech

      Dude your screwed

    • Raiden B
      Raiden B


  • Joshi Dharmeshkumar
    Joshi Dharmeshkumar

    So once you reach 100 million u will sell them for 100 million hours

  • Joshi Dharmeshkumar
    Joshi Dharmeshkumar

    Dude brobby’s final go cart product looks like the future upcoming one it looks insane that’s

  • Romeo Jones
    Romeo Jones

    Yes please 🙏 it was sent

  • Oswaldo Unger
    Oswaldo Unger


  • عبدالله المفلح
    عبدالله المفلح


  • Marcus Hanna
    Marcus Hanna

    nice idea you stole from morejstu

  • Alexander Gryseels
    Alexander Gryseels

    Do a surfing competition

  • Anette Stokke
    Anette Stokke

    Me: looking but i see its 2months ago

  • Darcy Fowler
    Darcy Fowler

    I love your videos

  • Logan Santos
    Logan Santos

    I like how they're trying to be like the dangie bros

  • he purity
    he purity

    The male playroom lastly unlock because foot naturally employ onto a brave speedboat. inconclusive, teeny-tiny var verbs = [aardvark

  • Melissa Stapleton
    Melissa Stapleton

    Put a 4 inch lift and mud tires on the golf kart.:)

  • Zac Hibbs
    Zac Hibbs

    you are the best

  • South_General

    the way j fred fell off the ATV is like that time in 5th grade my friend pulled my chair from underneath of me lol

  • Jack Molloy
    Jack Molloy

    J’s vs B’s

  • Xdsniper 351
    Xdsniper 351

    How would a golf cart with tvs on it be a go cart

  • Connie Angiuli
    Connie Angiuli

    it is the best sike it is the worst

  • Harrison Shirley
    Harrison Shirley

    Riled wish I was in your team

  • Lynx Thunderstorm
    Lynx Thunderstorm

    Should’ve just crept the go cart

  • Thecatmanninja Guy
    Thecatmanninja Guy

    Ricers be like🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚

  • Benja Man
    Benja Man


  • meme boi
    meme boi

    dude where did joey get that atv I want one

  • Bennett Dial
    Bennett Dial


  • Bradly Ratliff
    Bradly Ratliff

    Cod ww2 arguably the worst cod

  • Connor West
    Connor West

    Bro I’m a second degree beat belt too.

  • mnboystv

    i miss the old team edge videos

  • Camryn Medlin
    Camryn Medlin

    Its tooted

  • Dayton Taylor
    Dayton Taylor

    For the four wheeler you should have got a predator 212 from Harbor freight and took the governor off

  • Saud Saad
    Saud Saad

    better bangi

  • -_Idk Anymore_-
    -_Idk Anymore_-

    Idk Joey and Jordan's looks like fun to ride, though it doesn't turn so well..but I wouldn't mind that!

  • Sen'cere Bridges
    Sen'cere Bridges

    And im 11 boy if you dont get jk

  • Sen'cere Bridges
    Sen'cere Bridges

    Drive shaft

  • Squirrel pipe
    Squirrel pipe

    Comment if you now what song this is Where the streets have no name

  • AciD Chills
    AciD Chills

    Joey said let’s take a 4wheeler and just squat it like a truck😂

  • Kitten Cahya
    Kitten Cahya

    The song they were playing in the background after 7:36 had me really confused cause it’s the end of episode soundtrack for Mithzan so I got super confused who I was watching lol

  • crinkgumpl

    7:49 Howsingondood? - frank baldman punchypunch, curtesy of gamegrumps

  • Jessica Bittner
    Jessica Bittner

    That's a good cart not o go cart

  • Mykey Campbell
    Mykey Campbell

    J-Fred “well you got $4,000.” Bobby “that’s the whole point of the video.” 😂😂😂

  • Aldodragon7326

    1:55 the 4 wheeler doing a wheelie looks like a bunny

  • Shaughna Crew!
    Shaughna Crew!

    This is very fair team edge 😂

  • Rose Singh
    Rose Singh

    the way Jordan and J-Fred enter with the ATV is how i act on a daily basis

  • Zachary 499
    Zachary 499

    My uncle Danny have the same thing single whatever you what you guys do come here the same one cuz I watches twice I love you and you can Channel

  • Yashkrishna Srivastava
    Yashkrishna Srivastava

    13:01 this is a video in which Matt says he'll 'never leave team edge' 'He is team age'.... We all know how that went

  • The_ Rooster
    The_ Rooster

    I wanna see a video where Jon actually shows Bryan Bobby and Joey if he is a second degree blackbelt or not

  • Eesa Hussain
    Eesa Hussain

    You could of got a buggey which is faster than a golf cart


    They should do a destroy build destroy episode

  • Al Cardosi
    Al Cardosi

    Jordan and Joey is basically the it nothing much but it hard work meme

  • Greg Wall
    Greg Wall


  • M G
    M G

    JF: "if you are not subscribed you are dead to me"

  • Dennis Cage
    Dennis Cage

    $20 behind Kmart for a golf cart in decent condition you do realize that you just bought a stilen cart right lmfao

  • Sam Ullmann
    Sam Ullmann

    okay why didnt they keep the atv the same and the added the trailer onto it

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones

    I love the vids but no one watches any more

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming

    I wish they just did it with both teams had like 400 and no golf carts

  • Noah Vogelbacher
    Noah Vogelbacher

    who is the winer

  • Cooper Bilotta
    Cooper Bilotta

    That thing you called “front thing” is called a steering stem.

  • Donny Otradovec
    Donny Otradovec

    Lmao there golf cart looks better then my house

  • ondrea oriti
    ondrea oriti

    I saw Bobby on TV lol

  • Matthew Alvarez
    Matthew Alvarez

    I like your videos keep up the great work

  • Cassius Campbell
    Cassius Campbell

    The golf carts better

  • Jacob with a E
    Jacob with a E

    They could of just bought a scooter!

  • Pablo

    I want that golf cart

  • Idont Know
    Idont Know

    I just realized Bobby is not very short there just really tall lol

  • Gage Wilson
    Gage Wilson

    Why does jfred look like tanner and matthias put together

  • David FXP
    David FXP

    Jon: I am 2nd black belt Jon: I could pull a muscle

  • Ninja Legend
    Ninja Legend

    Joey : let’s put a speaker on ours Me : sure just where?

  • FluffyLemon

    It’s a dopecart

  • Silent Agent
    Silent Agent

    They said they were put a PS4 in the golf kart but they put an Xbox in. Lol

  • Disgraceful

    I think for looks Joey and Jordan won becuase theirs looked really cool, apocalyptic, and overwatch junkertown look! And I love that type of look

  • Mark Eggleston
    Mark Eggleston

    I can't believe they literally got a golf cart like what I mean they had four grand though

  • Cole Jenkins
    Cole Jenkins

    1:43 prove that it is your youtube channel

  • Tyler Nunn
    Tyler Nunn

    Can you let me join your Crew

  • G-mo023 4
    G-mo023 4

    Sidemen remake😂

  • Hasan Alzaabi
    Hasan Alzaabi


  • XoXo

    wait a minute, there is no @sawsywoodcraft

  • xxSLAYZxx

    I like video video .... i’m going to like it

  • Addison Martinez
    Addison Martinez

    Kinda lookin like a grilled cheese sounded like link

  • Doing it all with Logan
    Doing it all with Logan

    I’m subed but always remember dude perfect will always always always be better

  • Qwertyuiop Co.
    Qwertyuiop Co.

    I wish the golf kart was for sale

  • Caden Barnfather
    Caden Barnfather

    5:35 proceeds to take off the steering to add steering

  • Burnt Ice Cream
    Burnt Ice Cream

    Im better than Jordan at drilling an I’m under 13

  • Ms XxSissy_MissyxX
    Ms XxSissy_MissyxX

    I love Jon's constant level of concern lol


    you stole this from dangie bros

  • Brody Horner
    Brody Horner


  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • viktor

    Joey has wood !🤣😂

  • Mint Toast
    Mint Toast

    Just use the quad without modification XD

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner

    Team edge: we have 7 million subscribers. Mrbeast: Thats cute

  • Elijah Crouch
    Elijah Crouch


  • Jordan Rutledge
    Jordan Rutledge

    Best youtube chanel

  • IJNAkashi YT
    IJNAkashi YT

    I’ve been subscribe before u guys had a 500k

  • Annu Sharma
    Annu Sharma

    Bobby and Brian are like we're gonna put a BBQ and a freezer and a gas cylinder I'm like man the torque on that thing is gonna be insane

  • Jaiden Connors1546
    Jaiden Connors1546

    When you have money to burn.

  • wunderkindt

    Bobby and Bryan basically just made a game station

  • The_Anubis_76


  • mEmEz_FOr_dAyZ


Flying RC Car
15 milj.