Forensics Expert Examines 25 More Crime Scene Investigations From Film & TV | WIRED
Crime scene analyst and investigator Matthew Steiner examines more forensics investigations from movies and television. Are bodies found in freezers like the "Layla" scene from Goodfellas? Is the autopsy scene from Silence of the Lambs true to life? How much does NCIS actually get right?

FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner footage courtesy of FARO Technologies, Inc.

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Forensics Expert Examines 25 More Crime Scene Investigations From Film & TV | WIRED

  • SDsc0rch

    where are the forensic scientists whenever someone investigating the Clintons ends up dead ??? they all go on vacation?l

  • West Explains Best
    West Explains Best

    When will Wired make a video for a Teacher Breakdown? No love for the teaching profession? Teachers can't be experts? I went ahead and made my own video because they haven't yet.

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    german arrowood

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  • IoI wut
    IoI wut

    so a legit CSI dude gave Ace Ventura more credit than either of the Coen Bros movies? im gonna have to see some credentials my dude. there may or may not be an investigation.

  • Pjeqe Buhle0
    Pjeqe Buhle0

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  • Visionism

    Yes Conan-Doyle was a doctor and a scientist but he also believed in mediums and fairies so I dunno that I'd assign all that much credence to his proposed methods

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    marissa cruz

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  • Anika Joy
    Anika Joy

    Is this guy related to Micheal Knowles? 😄

  • Wharf Rat
    Wharf Rat

    When people talk about the smell of death it's always the decomp smell. Think of roadkill on a hot day kind of smell. But most people don't know the smell of death before decomp really starts. It's very subtle, most people can't smell it, some can. It makes you queasy but not in a roadkill I'm gonna hurl kind of way. For the people who can, once it's smelled, it's never forgotten. :(

  • Fawaz Imad
    Fawaz Imad

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  • G

    wait...a human skull with liquid mercury over it???

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    He lies. U don't get used to the smell at all. Ever. And his other comments are common knowledge for anyone who's graduated a normal high school

  • DankTheGank

    Lol why’d she sniff the robe so hard???

  • Not_Lizzie

    i could listen to him ream crime shows for the rest of my existence

  • 12thDecember

    Excellent presentation. What he explains is one reason why judges instruct juries to forget what they've seen on television crime shows, because real life generally is not like how forensics are presented in movies and TV series.

  • Sophia Nílsson
    Sophia Nílsson

    Lol. I'm right handed, but wear my watch on the right side.... cross dominance is real

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    bourb mio

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    Heather Baker

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    Evna Marget

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  • Peter Schaafsma
    Peter Schaafsma

    I never understood how illegally collected evidence is no longer evidence in the case at hand.

  • Natasha Marie Navarro
    Natasha Marie Navarro

    Respect when he said, "Yeah, yuck!" when he was commenting on Bones. :D

  • TheD1fficult

    Whats the point of the "tempted fruit" evidence is evidence right?

  • allena torres
    allena torres

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  • Jessica Watson
    Jessica Watson

    8:53 these experts clearly haven’t met any blind people.

  • Jessica Watson
    Jessica Watson

    Luther is so binge worthy!

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez

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  • Yaseen Hamid
    Yaseen Hamid

    The Unsub.

  • Annina Ninana
    Annina Ninana

    I am so impressed with him staying serious during the brooklyn 99 scene. He didnt laugh or even sing along a little bit

  • Top Hat 21
    Top Hat 21

    if the crime scene is the back country of 1970s Texas with a small time sheriff, a horse might be the most effective way to get there?

  • Kennie loo
    Kennie loo

    I could listen to this guy talk forever

  • ashlyn michelle
    ashlyn michelle

    i fully know that my favourite shows aren’t very accurate. do i care? no. obviously it’ll be changed to be more appealing to the general public

  • Jim Slim
    Jim Slim

    Oddly concerning to me that he is so familiar with the blood trail left by dragging a body. I know he has a lot of experience and its not that unrealistic for someone to do that, but it feels weird to me that someone is used to bloody dragmarks.

  • Kimberly Howard
    Kimberly Howard

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  • Stray Tarnish
    Stray Tarnish

    Who would have thought Hollywood could fill people full of BS and claiming they enjoy all of this untruth

  • Stray Tarnish
    Stray Tarnish

    Hollywood believes fake inaccurate nonsense is more interesting than accurately portrayed storytelling

  • Stray Tarnish
    Stray Tarnish

    Life is already so trippy why does Hollywood insist on making it more stupid by having an inaccurate representation of what they're talkin about

  • Stray Tarnish
    Stray Tarnish

    Makes you wonder why the actors of these characters don't insist that the directors let them do it more realistically instead of instead of incredibly unrealistic

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green

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  • CarolineSC

    So surprised they didn't include "Dexter" in this. And guess what? Showtime is bringing it back for a limited run this fall: 2021. Yeah!

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    He needs his own show.

  • MrJeezus

    These TV forensics shows are infuriating.

  • CiCi

    It drives me nuts to see a show or movie where people are contaminating a crime scene or handling evidence without gloves 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  • steve denis
    steve denis

    Two more episodes using this same premise opposing lawyers trying to get the evidence collected thrown out or making it valid.

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    poqoe ferou

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  • Kathy Jean
    Kathy Jean

    Thank you for this. NCIS and Criminal Minds are joke fodder.

  • Raydok

    Does he ever feel uncomfortable with the idea that his house might become a crime scene?

  • Layla Schezno
    Layla Schezno

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  • andrea truong
    andrea truong

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    Mike Hall

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    Robin Davis

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  • Otim

    Honestly WIRED, you could do a whole series of just him talking about his weirdest cases

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    solio gacaa

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  • Tim O
    Tim O

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    Cassy Sida

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  • Hughes SignCo
    Hughes SignCo

    This dude is totally cool

  • Hughes SignCo
    Hughes SignCo

    9:49 I HATE their fake azz southern accent. They sound dumb. Not southern at all.

  • Hughes SignCo
    Hughes SignCo

    Dude, don't tell people it's not real. It discourages the idiots.

  • Lucy Gossip
    Lucy Gossip

    "They say unsub a LOT" That is literally my entire understanding of Criminal Minds! xD

  • Shiva Nik
    Shiva Nik

    This is awesome! 😃 Something that always get me going is people with long hair in crime scene. They don't have it up in a nodd! Nearly all the women have their hair out probably leaving hair all over the place! 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Tan
    Ashley Tan

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    Patrick Garcia

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  • MrQuoise

    Just pointing out, we don't have a 'fruit of the poison tree' rule in British law, so Luther might have been ok, at least in terms of the evidence. He could still get in trouble for assaulting a person of course.

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    Valentia Huguley

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  • C B
    C B

    Can we all just agree any show with CSI in the title was horseshit? All they do all show is tell each other things while examining the scene, like the other person wouldn't know? If they need to be told some of that stuff, they should not be doing that job :)

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    Timothy Rogers

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    Devraj Mishra

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    Keyacs Tsceiaos

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  • emi エミ
    emi エミ

    Next episode: Real life cannibal reviews Hannibal the series

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  • Kristy Dubar
    Kristy Dubar

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