Origin of Shang-Chi
In this episode of Variant, we're breaking down the comic book Origin of Marvel's Martial Arts Master, Shang-Chi!

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  • Khaosleigon 504
    Khaosleigon 504

    Shang Chi 🀄

  • Alv Productions
    Alv Productions

    I come from the future and none. Of those movies or shows came out in those dates

  • Vjal

    This isn't end of mcu, it is just the beginning....

  • kenpachi465

    Can he beat Batman?

  • Cats of Sherman
    Cats of Sherman

    I read Master of Kung Fu a lot when I was a kid. It's a good comic.

  • Jeffrey Aguilar
    Jeffrey Aguilar

    So basically he puts Blackwidow out of a job.

  • Joker

    The MCU could do the same thing for Shang-Chi that they did for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Taking a lesser known and obscure Marvel character and bringing them into the limelight for a whole new casual crowd to become fans.

  • Shock Awakening
    Shock Awakening

    Bruce Lee brought me here

  • Azizullah Khan
    Azizullah Khan

    What if someone shoot him he only master in hand to hand combat

    • i

      @Azizullah Khan yeah..Shang Chi is hela strong in comic even without power

    • Azizullah Khan
      Azizullah Khan

      @i ok thanks They clearly did not show it rightly

    • i

      He destroy a metal use his hand and defeat Captain America (even Shang Chi didnt have super soldier serum)

  • Hero Acer
    Hero Acer

    His super power still not convincing 🤔

  • Caesar Fagin
    Caesar Fagin

    Well his trailer came out so will you talk more about shang chi?

  • AJ Pace
    AJ Pace


  • Thato Nkgau
    Thato Nkgau

    Could you do an origin story video about Richard Dragon.

  • Dennis Sinned
    Dennis Sinned

    Why do you even bother trying to explain what's happened in a comic book ? IT NOT REAL.

  • Dennis Sinned
    Dennis Sinned

    Maybe it wasn't popular because the asians are practicing real kung fu and americans only care about marijuana, boobs and booze. Also, the comic book was called Master of Kung Fu, not Shang Chi

  • chayes

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • Hyena Hammock
    Hyena Hammock

    Hello from the trailer

  • Zee Kay
    Zee Kay

    I am so stoked for this film. I wonder if my Shang-Chi comic books will go up in value?

    • moo ga
      moo ga

      i hope so i have the complete collection all annuals and giant size in mint condition

  • ninjahawk

    So, we're getting a Marvel Movies base on a Bruce Lee character???? He doesn't have any special powers like Iron Fist. So, it's just another martial arts movie ...I'll skip it.

    • i

      People more care about the power more than the character itself...nice try

  • Francis Rillera
    Francis Rillera

    so who's more powerul iron fist or shang chi?

  • Andrei Comahig
    Andrei Comahig

    Marvel sus for Sang Chi’s yellow skin

  • T.S. CP
    T.S. CP

    His character was colored orange not bright yellow almost comparable to Dr. Stranges hue

  • K Munda Cruz
    K Munda Cruz

    well well well, lemme guess, you watched the trailer?

  • Decker

    Sees movie/show line up dates 2 years later: well that was fucking lie

  • francois demorcy
    francois demorcy

    Overrated character. Updated Iverson of Iron Fist. Zzzzzz

    • Br00dSoap_424


  • barriolimbas

    He was popular because of Doug Moench's James Bond type stories, including his penchant for great onomatopeia, as well as awesome art from Paul Gulacy. Which is fitting since Bruce Lee toyed with the idea of creating a Bond-like Chinese martial artist character.


    Yt recommend me this

  • Voltronic 91
    Voltronic 91

    Now I remember Shang-Chi! My dad had one of the old comics from the 1970s.

  • Kobito

    Will it connect to iron fist?

  • Erik Vogel
    Erik Vogel

    Noice Archer n Armstrong T-Shirt! Name drop.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Reminds me of Iron Fist ngl

  • Anant G
    Anant G

    Do one one Dinesh Deol

  • Christopher Rogulj
    Christopher Rogulj

    Think the caracter needs some historical update. Sensei?? A chinese master is, master, sifu etc not sensei.

  • The Cool Kids
    The Cool Kids

    I bet they'll end up giving him a vibranium armor at some point.

  • bill bill
    bill bill

    Love how everytime Marvel announces a new phase most of the details are wrong.

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    Shang- Chi is a GrandMaster the Prince of Kung Fu.

  • Marso ElFlaco
    Marso ElFlaco

    Thanks for the "PC" disclaimer. Lack of imagination, a sense of humor, sophistication, and over sensitivity is just as bad as COVID 19. ✌🏽

  • Eric Verano
    Eric Verano

    Anyone else who brought Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings trailer?

  • Jeff Lo
    Jeff Lo

    so shang-chi is ugly in the comics, guess the cast is pretty source accurate then

  • T Beck
    T Beck

    Here for the hand gesticulating!

  • Manu Das
    Manu Das

    Basically he is Bruce Lee on steroids 😅

  • AV SB
    AV SB

    Does he have the power of coronavirus?

    • Emmanuel Habia
      Emmanuel Habia


  • Rhys & Isolde
    Rhys & Isolde

    Shang-Chi. The Dragon of Peace.

  • Erkko

    He feels like mortal combact character

  • ForMilosSake

    Fun fact: you searched it up, but I didnt😎

  • Timothy James
    Timothy James

    That skin color on shang chi is the most racist thing i’ve ever seen

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    Only real Comic book fans know Shang-Chi,He was a dope ass Avenger,His character was supposed to be casted by Bruce Lee...

  • St0ryt3ll3r

    Fu Manchu aka Marvel's Chinese Ra's al Ghul.


    I aighnt saying she's a gold digger 🤣🤣

  • Artygamez

    Pov: u here cause the trailer for shang chi

  • Νάσος Μπούτσικας
    Νάσος Μπούτσικας

    Isn't a coincidence that Shang Chi was created the exact same year with Bruce Lee's death?

  • Haoman the righteous
    Haoman the righteous

    Ahhhh..... that Time Line didnt age well didnt it.

  • Robert Brent jr
    Robert Brent jr

    Soooo his power is Kung Fu? Soo basically he would fucked up in mma

  • serbuk momogi
    serbuk momogi

    sad we will never see iron man and the real mandarin fight

    • Brooks

      10 rings will fit better with Shang chi tho

  • Avner Rosenstein
    Avner Rosenstein

    What is the deal with Marvel bringing in these niche characters and comics and making them full blown movies?? You'd think that Scarlet witch and vision or Loki or Falcon and the winter soldier would get the phase 4 movies and these less known boring characters would get the shows on disney plus....

    • Brooks

      Shang chi has so much to him and Disney plus shows are longer so a movie introducing a new character will also make more money

  • saurav ghosh
    saurav ghosh

    Fu man shu is technically less known rashal-al-ghul of marvel

    • Mr. Nunuisance
      Mr. Nunuisance

      Actually Marvel Count Nefaria is Marvel Rashal Al Ghul which interesting predates Rashal Al Ghul,lol

  • Carol C.
    Carol C.

    Is Shang Chi adopted by the Mandarin in the movie?

  • Furqan Alam
    Furqan Alam

    Tera zindagi aai mai gujar jayega



  • Hymaungdr _
    Hymaungdr _

    The FIshows algorithm:

  • random


  • Indrajith Premnath
    Indrajith Premnath

    Raas Al gual copy-paste marvel

    • random

      Just because they're both good at martial arts doesn't mean he's a copy. Swamp Thing is just a rip-off of Man-Thing.

  • marko marin
    marko marin

    I love they make him yelloow

    • AmereMortal

      I dont

  • Carel

    Who is here after the teaser trailer?

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User

    anyone here after the trailer?

  • HYDR0 Official
    HYDR0 Official

    so he's stronger than ironfist?

    • ARES


    • Mino toki
      Mino toki


  • Florenz Lopez
    Florenz Lopez

    can you make a video on Shang-chi vs Iron Fist? who would win?

  • Armando Moraza
    Armando Moraza

    So is this the lore they used for the fake mandarin in iron man 3?

  • Tenman Gaming
    Tenman Gaming

    FIshows matrix knows what it's doing. And thank you.

  • Jay Gilig
    Jay Gilig

    Perfect timing! this was recommended after the trailer came out wow

  • julsca

    Thank you! I saw the trailer and wanted to know about him.

  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards

    Lol the trailer dropped

  • ishaq yesir
    ishaq yesir

    Am here becos of the trailer

  • KYB77

    Chang chi wielding the iron fist is a match made in heaven

  • Forever Øbsidian
    Forever Øbsidian

    Who's here after the shang chi trailer?

  • Bo Cowan
    Bo Cowan

    Is ur just me or is fu manchu just marvel’s ras al Ghul?

  • Zephyr Garra
    Zephyr Garra

    The trailer came out!

  • Vyshakh Vathielil
    Vyshakh Vathielil

    Due to Shang Chi being based off of Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee was supposed to be cast as Shang Chi back in the 90s before Brandon tragically died.

  • Vyshakh Vathielil
    Vyshakh Vathielil

    It's also worth mentioning that Shang Chi is directly based on Bruce Lee, hence the character was released in 1973 right after Bruce Lee died.

  • ChandaPanda 83
    ChandaPanda 83

    Anyone else here after the Shang chi trailer 😂

  • Master aiden
    Master aiden

    Who’s Bruce kee

  • Sean Metro
    Sean Metro

    MCU whitewashed THE MANDARIN and THE ANCIENT ONE, so's not to offend Hollywood's second biggest market: China. So in order to have an Asian villain, you need an Asian protagonist. ✔

  • Eli Park
    Eli Park

    So fu manchu is basically ra's’al ghul

  • Chad Dega
    Chad Dega

    Eeehhh everything is racist now a days...who cares

  • Dan Jatau
    Dan Jatau

    So guessing shang chi is marvel version of karate kid..

  • TheOnlyGHOST1015

    Damn my man threw iron fist under the bus

  • Wolfboy 109
    Wolfboy 109

    The best fighter in MCU?! I am sold

  • A P
    A P

    Definitely gonna do well in Chinese box office

    • Mr. Nunuisance
      Mr. Nunuisance

      Like Mulan, oh wait.

  • Emnetwiht Auguste
    Emnetwiht Auguste

    Me watching the trailer: FIshows: wanna know his origin?

  • jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia
    jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia

    Just watched Sang-Chi trailer now I need to know more about the Mandarin

  • Jayson Anderson
    Jayson Anderson

    so basically his powers is when you activate the custom combo mechanic in street fighter but no limits? Holy hell, I wish he will be included in a marvel vs capcom game someday since Capcom did a good job with Iron fist in UMVC3

  • Gareth Alford
    Gareth Alford

    Fu Manchu seems like a copy of Ras el Goul

  • Prakash Saikia
    Prakash Saikia

    Well hello there.... Coming after the trailer....

  • Miln 25
    Miln 25

    We all here after that trailer.

  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia

    0:09 Thanos: “Reality is often disappointing.”

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    I know that fu-Manchu is getting changed.

  • Ho Lee Shi
    Ho Lee Shi

    You see....in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, two sorcerers really love each other. So they made a baby and take a name from each of them....JK

  • Miss J
    Miss J

    Smh at the idea of them coloring him yellow. Wow! Can’t wait to see the Live-Action adaptation.

  • D Carroll
    D Carroll

    Anyone here after the recent trailer ?

  • Brian Is Me
    Brian Is Me

    Who’s here after the travel dropped

3,9 milj.
3,9 milj.