Throw A Teabag From The Furthest Distance | Full Task | Taskmaster
From series 1, Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Romesh Ranganathan, and Tim Key attempt to throw a teabag into a mug from the furthest distance.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Holyshitwhydidtheyletmepicksuchalongnameibetyourenotevenreadingthis

    Britsh 'pe*ple' be like: "I nee 'a 'we 'i"

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Love that dude getting angry.

  • Limerific

    It's a travesty that Tim's attempt is not in this video. This task was one of the ones that really got me into Taskmaster and the one I try to explain to others to get them into it. The simplicity of the task, the different ways the contestants handled it, the brilliant editing and then at the end Tim's fantastic handling of it. Watching it again was the reason I clicked on this. Shame on you, Taskmaster!

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood

    I've done alot of Good teabag into cup shots, including 360s, Backwards over the shoulder, Ricochets, Long distances! Never have I ever wet it beforehand Lmao

  • AsiaanBoi

    For anyone that is wondering the episode number is 3 series 1 I’m not joking, there is someone who actually complained and whined about the taskmaster not uploading the episode number and series number. The series number being on the description and the episode title was said in the video, “the poet and the egg”.

  • 0besity FC
    0besity FC

    I love Josh's definition of a mug

  • Ryan Flowers
    Ryan Flowers

    I would tie a tea bag to a mug then throw the mug as far as i could it might take a few tries to get it but the tea bag was thrown into a mug

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Series 1, Episode 3 - “The poet and the egg”

  • Pinball Greg
    Pinball Greg

    If no one even thought to climb on the roof, and drop the teabag down, I will be a little bit disappointed.

  • antarcticfire

    Yeeeeeeeeees Greg, damn stright about that disqualification, who puts milk in 1st Josh 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣

  • Drenicite

    Funniest shit is how Josh throws the ball/bag

  • Øystein Garmo
    Øystein Garmo

    That's not a full task. One is missing

  • Deano

    Didn’t wanna see Tim’s effort anyway

  • Borat Sagdiyev
    Borat Sagdiyev

    6:45 Hot under them studio lights?

  • Tyler Pierce
    Tyler Pierce

    So I’m American can someone explain to me why milk goes in tea?

    • Brendan2981

      Because some people like it. The "traditional" breakfast tea is a blend of black teas that tend to go well with milk and sugar. After that it's a matter of preference whether you put it or not

  • Henry Jasons
    Henry Jasons

    What a boob that guy with the beard is

  • Graham Kearnon
    Graham Kearnon

    How very astute of Greg ie milk first no no.

  • Jithin Jacob
    Jithin Jacob

    What about Tim Key??

  • アンAnne

    That Frank/Romesh edit never fails to make me laugh.

  • Elena S
    Elena S

    I never thought I would have to ask myself: is a wheelbarrow a mug?

  • Isaac Gutierrez
    Isaac Gutierrez

    Everytime you guys re-upload something I watch it. You're freaking geniuses.

  • Virgo Heart
    Virgo Heart

    I just discovered Alex and I share the same birthday.

  • GroovingPict

    how is it a full task if you dont show the last one you bellends

  • Lin

    To watch the whole thing - its from Taskmaster - Series 1, Episode 3 'The poet and the egg'

  • Film Peak
    Film Peak

    Please make a "taskmaster out of context" Clipshow. TM was built for that!

  • Per Ry
    Per Ry

    i would tie a dry teabag to two helium filled balloons and throw it in the air.

  • Elleander

    I love Taksmaster, where four people compete for the prizes they bring.

  • David Larsson
    David Larsson

    1 hour to do the task, and the task was, "Throw a bag of tea into a mugg the furthest distance" I would just go out to the road and toss a bag into hot water and have some tea for an hour. They did not say if it was distance from the house or distance between bag and mug.

    • Lloyd Gietzmann
      Lloyd Gietzmann

      Right?? I was watching the whole time wondering if someone was going to think of that

  • Michael Coombes
    Michael Coombes

    Is it strange that I want to see Romesh's full hour? His disintegration is brilliant to watch

  • Sem Brys
    Sem Brys

    As the task doesn't specify the furthest distance from what, they could have just taken a car or a bus somewhere, got off after about 59 minutes and then thrown a teabag into a cup in their hands. Also, Roisin used a ladder when there's a house with a roof she could have thrown the bags from...

    • Ash_Entropy

      On the podcast Alex talked about how the one big rule they tell people is they aren’t allowed to go on a roof for any reason. I guess it’s a health and safety thing lol. I’ve always wondered because I always think about using the roof for tasks

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      Yep, but I suspect the task was deliberately ambiguous to allow for contestants to get as inventive as they like. I'm surprised nobody tied it to something that heavy (like josh's golf ball) and throw it into the air and try and catch it in a mug- the task doesn't say the contestant has to measure the distance, after all. That would be on Alex to work out 🤣

  • xtrapolis954m

    “...because you put the milk in first.”

  • Im True
    Im True

    Would a Belgium rocket pass ?

  • TeamPendragon


  • sorvian25

    S1 was so elegantly simple

  • Jim Adventures
    Jim Adventures

    Yo, where's Tim's attempt?!

  • gnat felton
    gnat felton

    I was expecting someone to drive somewhere and say it was furthest from the house

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White

    Anyone else want to become a comedian just to be on this show

    • Simon Dowsett
      Simon Dowsett

      I just like that it illustrates different ways of thinking. Wouldn't necessarily be have to be funny. It could be a whole load of engineering tasks for engineers and I'd still enjoy it. Perhaps even more so.

  • Chris Emerson
    Chris Emerson

    Full task... except for one entire contestant!

  • OrgaNik

    Full task, huh?

  • D W
    D W

    My first thought was to wet them and put a cup in a corner of the building outside. Tie the string around the bag to take out the wind drag. Stand at a 45-degree angle to the corner and you don't have to be very accurate at all since it will almost always bounce to the corner. With an hour to do that and then the fact you could add a bunch of cups, you'd be able to get 15-25 meters. Hilarious stuff though. I thought chicky was going to use the ladder to get on the top of the roof and then I was disappointed. LOL

  • Conor Fawcett
    Conor Fawcett

    6:45 lovely sweat patch

  • Kiefer Grossett
    Kiefer Grossett

    Instead of over producing products so tones gose to waste like this or from expiration dates stop the mass production people need to start cutting down on wasted food products

  • Waleed Saleem Khan
    Waleed Saleem Khan

    Poets, Women.

  • Ben Hewitt
    Ben Hewitt

    Season 1 was such a good cast. Taskmaster owes them a lot for an awesome start to the series.

    • Mystery Mouseketool
      Mystery Mouseketool

      Especially Frank Skinner

  • Michael Colbourn
    Michael Colbourn

    How the fuck is it a full task when you don't show the full task?

  • Pontifexcellence

    Candidate for the greatest edit in Taskmaster history at 2:37.

  • Tito Thruthetulips
    Tito Thruthetulips

    Pretty sure the title says 'full task'

  • kdpflush

    Whoever decided to reduce/remove the contestants reactions while watching the tasks in the latest seasons should be fired.

    • Sam Rust
      Sam Rust

      To be fair, with no audience there, their reactions are probably not as performative, and less interesting. But yes I do miss it.

  • thatguy11

    Cutting from Frank wondering if the others would waste time before realising you should wet the teabags, to Romesh realising he should wet the teabags, is the kind of genius editing that makes this show so great

  • ksdme


  • Movie_Cynic

    Damn, 1 hour? I feel like nowadays they would've given them 10 minutes

    • M Sadjad
      M Sadjad

      If they didn't have that much time to try and fail, we wouldn't get the amazing moment when Ramesh realized he needed to wet his teabags

    • Tom Sky
      Tom Sky

      I like it when they have more time. They can get more creative :)

    • Umey

      Yeah 1 hour is excessive

  • Paul Miner
    Paul Miner

    What sorta dog is a meter long? 😅

  • Roel Martin van der Velde
    Roel Martin van der Velde

    I fully expect my Dutch tv-making compatriots once again nicking a brilliant UK format and turning it into a turd, because Dutch tv humour turns wit into caustic sarcasm.

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland)

      The format has been licensed to Finland, Norway, and New Zealand, among other places.

  • Jeffrey Grundy
    Jeffrey Grundy

    Not the full task

  • Davide C.
    Davide C.

    Greg keeping it real with the milk, good man

  • Raimundo Wilson
    Raimundo Wilson

    Lee Mack would be perfect for this

    • Raimundo Wilson
      Raimundo Wilson

      @Garth Newman of course

    • Garth Newman
      Garth Newman

      Did you see the WILTY episode about Lee throwing teas bags into a mug?

  • devttyUSB0

    This was an awesome task. Contestants were very creative in their solutions throughout the whole show iirc.

  • Michal Brat
    Michal Brat

    There was no ending to the task, mate!

  • Laura Emily
    Laura Emily

    We didn't see Tim?

  • konaya

    Farthest. Farthest. Farthest. It's not hard.

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      @dingo On further (no pun intended, honest) research, it appears that the previous definition is more commonly used in the US, but in the UK and elsewhere, furthest and farthest are fully interchangeable, so either is correct. Furthest is more common in the UK though, but if you say farthest, you're not incorrect. Ah, The English Language. No wonder nobody wants to play with us... 🤣

    • dingo

      @Peter Clarke I've never heard that distinction. In fact, I don't think I'd ever say farthest. Perhaps it's an American thing.

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      @I.C. Turner I did start writing a reply to the OP, stating how "Furthest" was actually correct in the context of the title, given it is used to describe abstract distance ("who can throw a teabag the furthest?"), versus "Farthest," which is used to describe measured distances ("at 10.5 metres, Frank threw his teabag the farthest." but then I got distracted and decided to join in with espurious. He/she looked liked they were having more fun🤣

    • I.C. Turner
      I.C. Turner

      Not hard, but not correct either.

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke


  • Portsmouth Taskmaster
    Portsmouth Taskmaster

    The shed was like a B&Q warehouse when he does it

  • Jasmine

    I would wet the teabag first, then see how far I can physically throw it, then put loads of mugs in that area. Bosh

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress

      For that matter, why not wad up all the wet tea bags, throw them all at a cluster of mugs at once?

  • ScarletGhost

    Romesh is such a crybaby!

    • TheChillindude44

      I don't know what kind of post your running here but there was no box mate

  • sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ
    sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ

    Has Tim been cancelled again? Poets, wot are they like?

  • tomskip89

    no tim?

  • Amanda

    Disqualified for putting the milk in first has got to be a kick in the teeth.

    • mike bird
      mike bird

      Absolutely fair.

    • Amanda

      @Friskyheart Tryhardus Oh absolutely, but I can just imagine how Josh felt about the decision.

    • Friskyheart Tryhardus
      Friskyheart Tryhardus

      Correct call as far as I'm concerned

  • The Babumoshai
    The Babumoshai

    Oi where is Tim's task?

  • Bocbin's Games
    Bocbin's Games

    A completely reasonable disqualificaiton

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      I thought, if anything, Greg was too lenient. Josh was lucky not to have been strung up by his toes and given a sound thrashing, the bloody philistine. 🤣

  • Hung Vu
    Hung Vu

    So what have we learned today?: "THERE WAS NO BOX MATE!!!" - Romesh Ranganathan

  • Dorien Engelen
    Dorien Engelen

    I love the passive agressive “box” ☺️

  • Jswaggg_


  • Dohers

    Alex Horne must be trolling his mate by uploading a “full task” and editing him out

    • mandolo

      Okay so I did not somehow miss Tim Key

  • Anthony Hobson
    Anthony Hobson

    Even Roisin realised she should wet the tea bag almost immediately!

    • Michael Colbourn
      Michael Colbourn

      @ScarletGhost and tea bags

    • ScarletGhost

      Well, she's a woman....She knows the importance of wetness

  • Benjamin Archer
    Benjamin Archer

    Sorry to be that guy, but ... *farthest.

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      @Benjamin Archer No worries, and it's not arrogant to correct grammar or spelling sometimes- just always useful on youtube as in life: if you're going to do it, always check that you're right first :) Saying that, I checked last night, and read the thing about Farthest and Furthest have subtly different applications first, so said it in a comment further up, but that only really applies in the US, so then I got corrected as well, and had to go do a bit more research with my tail between my legs! Either way, we've all left this thread a little wiser and better equipped for the next yt battleground. so everyone's a winner 🤟

    • Benjamin Archer
      Benjamin Archer

      Fair enough. I was just going with the rule I'd been taught. My apologies. Correcting the grammar was arrogant and a step too fur.

    • Peter Clarke
      Peter Clarke

      Sorry to be that guy, BUT... Furthest and farthest are fully interchangeable in the UK, but even in the US, where they have subtly different applications (furthest is used for abstract distance- throw x the furthest) versus farthest which is normally used for measured distance (10.5 dogs was the farthest), you're still wrong, sorry. 🤣

    • I.C. Turner
      I.C. Turner

      That guy? That wrong guy?

    • dbuzman

      Furthest is perfectly acceptable. furthest adverb superlative of far : That's the furthest I can see without glasses.

  • Honeyxew

    That wheelbarrow has changed my entire perception of what a mug could be!

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress

      Tape a ceramic handle to the inside of your fence: now the whole world is a mug except for your garden.

    • Amanda

      Hasn't it just!

  • CollectioNeo

    When Frank said about them getting the bags wet and then that edit to Romesh....I knew Taskmaster was going to be GOLD.

    • Shanna Pilon
      Shanna Pilon

      Yup. That was when the editors revealed their genius to us.

    • philfantastik

      @CollectioNeo Even Romesh couldn't not laugh at that, I would have put money on him sticking to his trademark bemused face. 😂

  • Lewis Appleyard
    Lewis Appleyard

    This is missing tim key’s effort

    • Johannes Karlsson
      Johannes Karlsson

      @PRIYANSHU Copy of Lin: Series 1, Episode 3 'The poet and the egg'


      Ye anyone know which episode it is?

  • Eric

    "Full task" - where is tim!? Feeling scammed rn

    • AsiaanBoi

      @I.C. Turner imagine being so irritated to not check the description and listen for the episode title.

    • Gareth McDonald
      Gareth McDonald

      @I.C. Turner To be fair, are you losing out by watching more taskmaster trying to find it?

    • Zafferung

      @I.C. Turner I suppose it's far too difficult to go on the Taskmaster Wiki and look for the task on the relevent series page.

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan

      Alex got really annoyed when Tim best him at No More Jockeys. Not really, I don't know why either.

    • I.C. Turner
      I.C. Turner

      This kind of thing is getting really irritating with these videos. And they don’t even tell us the episode number so if we do want to go and watch it on All 4 we have to Google which it was!

  • josé maria
    josé maria

    Frank Skinner: Pie Whisperer and Wet Tea Bag Expert

  • Lndsey MSP
    Lndsey MSP

    2:38 is amazing comedic editing lmao

  • TheChillindude44

    THERE WAS NO BOX MATE - one of my favourite ever taskmaster moments

  • Esthi_ Mary
    Esthi_ Mary

    "what's the longest part of the house??" does not get enough recognition.

    • ScarletGhost

      The box is the longest part of the house.

  • ok




  • Galax Space
    Galax Space

    One of the best tasks ever


      Got ONE on a delivery truck: It's only gone Miles Davis.