Making transparent wood
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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    • Zachary Frankow
      Zachary Frankow

      Rn I'm playing with water soap and oil

    • elijahjajah

      dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid

    • Sarah Chen
      Sarah Chen

      Cool mate

    • Andrea Fiore
      Andrea Fiore


    • Andrea Fiore
      Andrea Fiore


  • Jay

    Just got my degree in Biochemistry, thanks for being an inspiration to me Nile Red! Side note: hoping things magically fix themselves later is something we all do, lol

  • no ideas.
    no ideas.

    looks wayy better than I thought it was going to

  • Syrkyth

    Transparent wood! You mean tissue paper. No but with plastic! So plastic infused tissue paper.

  • Juj B
    Juj B

    Can we get a ricin vid??????? \

  • Ty Hensley
    Ty Hensley

    45 minutes of my life I will never get back and im not even mad.

  • nonam nonam
    nonam nonam

    For polishing I'd recommend you try micromesh. It's more grits which makes the process way easier and it goes far finer.

  • Bobby Broadway
    Bobby Broadway

    make that piece a little door window like a peep hole but ya know bigger and both ways.

  • TheUnrecognizedGamer

    how come you never wear a lab coat

  • TerminusArms

    I love his videos because they’re interesting when I’m awake and he has a voice that puts me right to sleep at night

  • TheUnrecognizedGamer

    you should make semiconductors next

  • McDeezy

    “supposed to be a replacement for windows” *is literally 87% plastic*

  • Calc

    39:04 Me when i fell from the top in tower of heck be like:

  • M4 Meme
    M4 Meme

    It's so cool to watch isn't it

  • Glam-Rock_Space-Wizard

    This is all mega interesting and I'm hype to see the follow up to the old video but Chemistry vids always manage to knock me out. Probably why I never passed the class, come to think of it

  • emilk

    hi i missed u, science man

  • Anfizz

    Nile is so cool... when he go to a restaurant, he doesn't order water,,, instead he order H2o

  • badmøød official
    badmøød official

    love the BobbyDuke shirt

  • Timothious Maximus
    Timothious Maximus

    totally called the tungsten cube.

  • Timothious Maximus
    Timothious Maximus

    curious to see how that piece of wood glass will age.

  • TrantaLocked

    "The first thing I needed was a piece of wood" That's...why I'm here

  • Noah Bender
    Noah Bender

    I thought he was gonna say wewd

  • Severd_sentinel

    This guy's Canadian, respect. If he lives in AB Im gonna lose my shit

  • paul burgess
    paul burgess

    Way too long. And you don’t gotta say every detail about everything. Some things are just obvious

  • RocketRidge

    straight up turned wood into butter

  • BJP

    *Chemically twerking*

  • O4-Preet Bakriwala
    O4-Preet Bakriwala

  • Mr Buongustaio / Frank Daniels
    Mr Buongustaio / Frank Daniels

    Very interesting videos, so happy I found your channel. I know you removed caffeine out of tea, coffee and Red Bull but could you possibly remove it from espresso cafe? People say that it contains less caffeine than regular coffee but I don’t believe it. If you do the comparison, can you remove the caffeine from equal parts of the coffee’s. Thanks so much.

  • Rainczech

    Would this experiment work better if you used wood with the grain going away from you? (like if the wood was lying flat on a sheet of paper, the grain going straight down towards the paper) instead of the grain going across.

  • Brush Saint E
    Brush Saint E

    8:00 "They clearly weren't transparent though." ba-dum tisss

  • carlos guadarrama
    carlos guadarrama

    Can you make a video on how to make crack

  • Terry Breiland
    Terry Breiland

    I had to give you a like just because you didn't just quit . Although you should give up your musical attempts . LOL

  • sdaniaal

    Mate its called translucent, look it up.

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris

    Day 231 of asking you to make Breaking Bad quality meth.

  • Maren Winslett
    Maren Winslett

    I think when you redo it. Try to use thinner wood

  • Ya boi rockanroll afrm
    Ya boi rockanroll afrm

    *Water starts spinning* And let the meth lab commence This is a joke btw, please don't ban me, just delete this if it is bad.

  • Roger Hacker
    Roger Hacker


  • Jerrk64

    Lets try this youtube comment formula: Me at 2 am: I should sleep Also me at 2 am: Watches 40+ minute video on how to make wood look clear. Or should I have said something like, "WhO eLsE checKed the COmmnents before wAtchiNg?"

  • Miro Slavski
    Miro Slavski

    IDK how I stumble on this video. I watched the whole damn thing. I never dedicated this much attention to anything. So I subbed. Thanks for this.

  • Noah Granger
    Noah Granger

    Well-known youtube scientist and talented chemist: "It'll just magically fix its self"

  • SaltyDoge

    Nice Bobby duke shirt

  • Junebug The Bug Dealer
    Junebug The Bug Dealer

    "A five pound tungsten cube i randomly bought over a year ago" W h a t

  • keaton winsor
    keaton winsor

    Lignen balls lol

  • Jacob Morales
    Jacob Morales

    Lignin dez nuts

  • Leo Filethin
    Leo Filethin

    You should make a video of extracting nitrogen or oxygen from your urine. Just an idea😅

  • YouTube Guy7
    YouTube Guy7

    “I then got out my hammer, and carefully smashed it to pieces”

  • S P
    S P

    Can you show us how to synthesize Lysergic acid next? :::)

  • Yeetusdeleteus

    Glass was invented in 3600 BC Windows before 3600 BC:

  • Morgan Pritchett
    Morgan Pritchett

    80 DEGREE CELVIN?!?!

  • Nickelplate1

    The -acrylate polymers like cyanoacrylate and methylmethacrylate should actually release their hold much easier if you twist them, rather than pry them up.

  • Morgan Pritchett
    Morgan Pritchett

    hows yout bobbyarts shirt doing

  • sarasvati_png

    MMS can cure everything because it can kill you faster than the actual problem

  • Terraria Tree
    Terraria Tree

    You still havent made a magnet from the superconductor video

  • Cody Tays
    Cody Tays

    Please try to see if it burns

  • cactiey the cactus
    cactiey the cactus

    Now make 100 opacity glass

  • Bangla Jesus
    Bangla Jesus

    Ah my favorite flammable glass

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin

    If it’s possible can you try making caustics nox gas from apex legends I would appreciate it 😊

  • Cyber Ventura
    Cyber Ventura

    Aerogel, your arch nemesis

  • PkmnTrainer Numbers
    PkmnTrainer Numbers

    NileRed is a fan of Bobby Duke! :D A subtle "crossover" between two of my favorite creators

  • Adel Sliman
    Adel Sliman

    next wooden glasses lol

  • Ayem ExplicitTV
    Ayem ExplicitTV

    Make crystal meth or lsd

  • Ghost X_X
    Ghost X_X

    Translucent not transparent

  • Evan Lovelace
    Evan Lovelace

    Bobby duke shirt

  • Engy Wuck
    Engy Wuck

    is the plastic only to fill in the gaps or does it react with the wood? If the first: would it also be transparent if filled with vegetable oil or glycerol? (some stability should remain, right?) Also by boiling off the monomer you essentially only combine the pre-tarted chains and waste quite a bit of material. On the other hand maybe the chains get to be a more consistent size (Idk if that's better if you want transparent material)

  • Matias Su
    Matias Su

    How about rotate it while in the oven?

  • Anika Martinez
    Anika Martinez

    38:52 V E I N S

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Bunny Rabbit

    At this point why not just [] -> | |

  • Auna Breslin gaming
    Auna Breslin gaming

    W *OO* d

  • Ezequiel Baxter
    Ezequiel Baxter

    Bobby Duke shirt!!!

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage

    Every time Nile uploads a video my depression is temporarily cured and then I fall right back into it for 3-4 months.

  • Extra French Fry
    Extra French Fry

    So you made school toilet paper?

  • A random person
    A random person

    For the small pieces, did you consider using disposable glass microscope slides? They're pretty smooth and inexpensive enough to not care about having to destructively remove them.

  • ThalAquatics

    5:58 yet again haha... I can hear the frustration in your commentary

  • Stephanie Walker
    Stephanie Walker

    Sometimes looking at it changes the vibration in sense changes the light a UV light with a positive outlet ? A UV light with 38 different types of glass? Your what type? thermometer... glass what type? your camera multiple glasses and if you were glasses do you know which type? I'm not even sure if 38 types of glass is accurate it might be 38 times every country that produces glass. I know your working on wood have you tried wood chips? Like bbq wood chips or even mulch? I'm familiar with super dry grey mulch from east cost but in the south it's wet mulch. Also sodium thiopental and honey it doesn't go bad. I'm working with bleach in theories because my resources are limited I have to write it out love your projects... hope it works out!

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker

      I can see a book cover coming

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker

      Live wood?

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker

      Silicone epoxy?

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker

      Chicken incubator?

    • Stephanie Walker
      Stephanie Walker

      No two shapes were created equal?

  • BlueandTrue

    amazing wewd shirt.

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    Can you remove the pigment from old oil paints? Particularly ones like Vermillion or Paris Green that contain Cinnabar and Arsenic?

  • Dylan Hall
    Dylan Hall

    If you ever do a full size window. Test the tensile strength of the material

  • Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen
    Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    Ok, some information guides that I believe would account for variations. 1) The plastic polymer, is effected by ambient humidity, which probably gave you variations in the time before it would initiate the hardening. 2) The wood, wood is extremely porous and most of the bubbles or uneven side is caused because the shrinkage and the wood its self. (I have done a lot of woodworking, including making violins/viola/cello/bass) You should have kept the balsa around 20% thicker, and then the final stages of thinning it should have been scraping it flat, while it was wet then scraping while dry, the alternating between wet and dry cause certain parts to swell and shrink, this allows to make a 'near' flat surface, this (with wet sanding) allows that shiny finish to be done on musical instruments. 3) before you put the acrylic into the wood, heat the wood in the oven, and then immediately get it into the liquid.. this will allow the cooling temperature to draw in the acrylic in the initial stages while you get it plated and put into the oven.

  • Games Rebel
    Games Rebel

    Guess we know who's gonna discover transparent aluminum

  • Nicolae Dan
    Nicolae Dan

    Try to make Voronet blue one of the most beautiful blue shade.

  • Ginger Gander
    Ginger Gander

    acrylic is not "Plexiglas" but polycarbonate is ... acrylic is clearer but much weaker

  • The Madrummer
    The Madrummer

    5 second into the video. I'm guessing you're basically making plastic with the cellulose. That's my guess.

  • Nathan Yam
    Nathan Yam

    please extract trytophan from Turkey if you can, that would be so cool

  • 1cjckc 9oook9
    1cjckc 9oook9

    Who new transparent wood would be so interesting.

  • Tiago Antunes da Cruz Carvalho
    Tiago Antunes da Cruz Carvalho

    Nile, use the old transparent wood to do something, like a glue idk. It would be really cool

  • Ferris Bueller
    Ferris Bueller

    3:50 What happened to homeopathy? Just use gems, don't ingest actual chemicals.

  • Wael S
    Wael S

    This was the most entertaining useless video I have ever watched. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

  • EasyCooking

    Man just pulled it out and dropped it into ice water... Made my morning

  • hacked2123

    Should have heated the methacrylate and wood while vaccuming to keep the viscosity up.

  • Rocksiza

    lignig balls lmao

  • YunaOnHome

    Seems to defeat the point of making wood into glass by just adding glass to a chemically deteriorated piece but it’s a nice experiment. It’s small sections would make a nice shoji screen though.

  • Ryan Sassine
    Ryan Sassine

    Can you make mind altering substances?

  • FourHighTimer

    Your lab has been upgraded so much since I started watching so many years ago! So happy for you man!

  • Pappy

    a colossal waste of time and chemicals .

  • DesperateArctic

    You could do these in plys and make a guitar body with it.

  • Michelle Adjani Leal Adame
    Michelle Adjani Leal Adame

    Lit yesterday I was working with balsa and I just don't want to touch it anymore 'cause the label says WARNING CANCER DUST WOOD 😖😫😤

  • Sabaistian Trebor
    Sabaistian Trebor

    So when are you going to do clear polished aluminum? ?

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield

    How to make transparent wood - take all the wood out.

  • jaggon jaggon
    jaggon jaggon

    Amazing how much clearer it gets, when it is right on top of the text.

  • mathew1sc00l channel
    mathew1sc00l channel

    please be my science teacher

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