Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer
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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

    • CIA

      @The Piano Boy stop

    • Tyree Wilson
      Tyree Wilson

      It's so fucking cool

    • The Piano Boy
      The Piano Boy

      @CIA is it illegal to put my crocs in 4 wheel drive

    • scott 599
      scott 599

      Do you remember when you were on cold ones and they said that you were going to make a drone that executes babies


      6.9 dislikes.....nice


    can you do a robot that cleans watar? ooooo yea and it has to be good for the fish

  • TrueAidooo

    You should build a drone that will hover over people and drop shit on their heads at random times

  • cooked_Marmar

    Make a programme that makes it’s so that we can skip an add in less than a second


    Can we appreciate how much of michaels acne is gone

  • pody235 yak
    pody235 yak

    Make a drone that tazers people when it finds them

  • Ike gamer 1234
    Ike gamer 1234

    Make a robot that can pickup cup whatever it should do and don’t get the cup

  • kazuto nishiki
    kazuto nishiki

    if elon was a drinker:

    • kazuto nishiki
      kazuto nishiki


  • Francis E. Dec
    Francis E. Dec

    you know what else is totally flat michael? your girlfriend

  • Sam yeetz
    Sam yeetz

    2:30 why tf do you have an Obama cutout? Did I miss that?

  • The Golden Apple
    The Golden Apple

    Michael I know you might not see this and you hate robot ideas from viewers but you should make a homemade cnc Machine or a laser cutter out of a 3-D printer

  • Luca Jacobs
    Luca Jacobs

    Put a taser on it

  • Lily Draws
    Lily Draws

    So that'swhybits been a month since you last posted youre in jail

  • ChrisP Hatdog
    ChrisP Hatdog

    Nas Daily: That’s 1 minute see you tomorrow! Michael Reeves: That’s 16 minutes see you next year

  • HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
    HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago

    Hey how about build a robot that tase you whenever you stop focusing on something ur doing like homework, maybe using the brain wave scanner thing to see when u zone out

  • Sonia Immad
    Sonia Immad

    Make a machine that slaps you everytime you try to pick up the phone during night

  • Ron F
    Ron F

    Oogabooga Subbed 🤪crazeeee

  • Just Johnny Wu
    Just Johnny Wu

    Everybody gangsta til the cup on the table '_'

  • Robot Frank
    Robot Frank

    Oh nice a robot dog! Boy, I'll never have to housebreak that dog. Teach dog to piss beer. Oh wait...

  • Antonio Jackson
    Antonio Jackson

    Make a robot that tazer anyone that says bad robot ideas

  • TacHimselfToo

    Make a long range taser

  • Ghest1pro _
    Ghest1pro _

    Create a Ted plushie that when squished ha says bad words

  • Sebastian Altamirano
    Sebastian Altamirano

    This is the first video I saw on your FIshows channel and I already hate you

  • Sebastian Altamirano
    Sebastian Altamirano

    What are you going to do next make it so it poops chocolate into whatever

  • xander Sonnex
    xander Sonnex

    I searched "crackhead preschooler" and your channel came up.

  • N.Phillips


  • Live Laugh Love
    Live Laugh Love

    it takes him three rotations of mercury to upload

  • Nicholas Guzman Padilla
    Nicholas Guzman Padilla

    Make an ax bomb, you know the horrible cologne? Just make it like a portable Auschwitz gas chamber but ax body spray.

  • Jacob Hukill
    Jacob Hukill

    lol this was made on my birthday and this was the greatest video to watch

  • Zexify FN
    Zexify FN

    3:20 me at 3 am

  • Joshua Tindall
    Joshua Tindall

    Bout to commit while watching this. Michael. Your buitfal voice will be the last I hear. Thank you

  • todomo

    okay but when he pushed the dog in his own pee and it righted itself that was really cool

  • Adam Mráz
    Adam Mráz

    Ahoj Áďo owo

  • Caden Dicky
    Caden Dicky

    I don't know whether to be amazed or worried by this guy.

  • Hardik

    Make a phone case that tasers you in a in 5 minutes when on it to long

  • Tyree Wilson
    Tyree Wilson

    Kill me

  • Abdelrahman Hussein
    Abdelrahman Hussein

    i got a robot idea make a alarm clock thatmakes you a cup of coffee when you wake up

  • Jenn Sramek
    Jenn Sramek

    make a particle accelerator

  • CodyDragon

    make a robot that beat people everytime they say crackhead,nightmare and ok boomer

  • Jackson Lechleitner
    Jackson Lechleitner

    I’m not sure if this might have been a problem with the dog. Once Pissbot pisses in the cup the cup no longer has the brightest pixels. Or maybe it does and I’m totally wrong.

  • Diego Sosa
    Diego Sosa

    make the robo dog to shot a taser pistol

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian

    We need to give this man all the Boston Dynamics dogs we sieze from the police

  • Im Garbage Animations
    Im Garbage Animations

    Build a machine that when you press a button it knocks on your friends door

  • Wuigi

    You should make a drone hoverboard

  • Péter Henzsel
    Péter Henzsel

    Make a modified alarm clock. When you wake up it makes you coffee but it isnt irratateing. Like playing the “F***ING WAKE UP DIPSH*T” beeping sound. (And when you want to turn it off it elecricutes you with a TASER)

  • My life
    My life

    I need one of these pissbots. All I need is over $80,000

  • Reyna

    when you're a genius but also dumb

  • Generic Animations
    Generic Animations

    make it shit like peanuts, ice cubes or like twix

  • Demon Child
    Demon Child

    Man tec has come so far he started with a wake up tipod thing

  • grant lack
    grant lack

    teaching a robot dog to pee beer, or: party training your dog

  • Lexicon 574
    Lexicon 574

    Hello video idea make your own spot

  • gaming jet fhither
    gaming jet fhither

    make a robot puk dog shit plise

  • eyeVANDALeyes

    People : AI will take control of the world AI : 11:48

  • Siddhant Raju
    Siddhant Raju

    Can u make it shit out Dorito's and have another mode of taking a dump called Diarrhea where it shits out (or pukes)cheese dip or salsa ?

  • The Craftsmans Guide
    The Craftsmans Guide

    It's just like having a real dog!

  • Gabriel Cadillo
    Gabriel Cadillo

    Hey Michael had an idea to improve piss bot. Wanted to make it on my own but not to well versed in coding. the worst part being having to program it to avoid incoming objects. personally I would have name mine Red Rocket HaHa. Any ways I had the thought when watching the video instead of an air tank try using a peristaltic pump. this will milk it out and will help keep the beer from aerosolizing. it would greatly reduce the weight and add much more party fluid. maybe too try make some mixed drinks just for some variety. not sure how the pressure would be (should at least be consistent) but he might need an extension or neutering. hope you see this and give it a go m8.

  • Westfilms co.
    Westfilms co.

    its just like a real dog.

  • SRQ

    Michael looks like Vector with RTX

  • Jahu1104

    6:47 Michael after impregnating a woman

  • Acrkin

    Can you build a sova drone in valorant plsssssssss

  • Jordyn Young
    Jordyn Young

    Surely you should try to map the cups in a 2d plane representing the floor. Then you can use a pathfinding algorithm to position it and to avoid it post-piss... I may be overthinking this

  • Sean Railey R. Pulmones
    Sean Railey R. Pulmones

    Michael Reeves: Telling us that he is dumb Me: Am I a joke to you

  • Romeo Demafelis
    Romeo Demafelis

    Michael make a robot that throws straws when it sees a turtle (pls this is just a joke im sorry dont take it seriously)

  • Mr. Sadist
    Mr. Sadist

    idea make a computer that curses at you when you do anything with it

  • matthew gnanaiah
    matthew gnanaiah

    Build a robot that when you turn on your computer it automatically switches to p hub

  • Bella Poof
    Bella Poof

    I bet he's not even joking about the couple of popped tires... told you.

  • laura Who
    laura Who

    Robot robot but is designed to destroy everything

  • Jesus Reyes
    Jesus Reyes

    Lily is such a good gf for traveling all the way to the other side of the country with him

  • Jithuu


  • Coen Picton
    Coen Picton

    Do this again but it poops chocolates


    969K likes and 6.9K dislikes lol

  • Qwest500

    How does it detect the cup? Is that part of the vision program or did you add an object to the program yourself?

  • Jose Rodriguez Garcia
    Jose Rodriguez Garcia

    Make an army of tiny robot bugs that invade hallways while cussing and chasing anything that moves

  • Люк

    Make a robot that flushes a toilet for you

  • The Redstone miner
    The Redstone miner

    You look a lot like Elon musk

    • J

      He doesn't look anything like Elon wtf

  • chris reid
    chris reid


  • astoria

    tensorflow [shudders]

  • Armando Mundo
    Armando Mundo

    Omg Micheal be dressed like google chrome at 14:55

  • noobmaster69

    build a pc that only turnes on when your doing somthing else

  • dier

    Where are the TAZERS

  • BurningSnoMan

    I wonder if boston dynamics will ever reply, like out of spite they make a better piss bot

  • Damer the Gamer
    Damer the Gamer

    Robot idea: make a robot bed that refuses to let you sleep

  • hardwire

    Michael i just heard about offline tv doing a hottub stream YOU BETTER BE IN A SPEEDO DO IT PUNK YOU AINT A COWARD ARE YA

  • YOO U
    YOO U

    And now we won’t see him for months

  • Hozagen

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 made me laugh like crazy. Thanks Michael!

  • MrVaern

    "Blech, beer tastes like shit!" No, Michael. It tastes like piss.

  • Saemour Saeless
    Saemour Saeless

    Covid be hitting different this year

  • General LowRes
    General LowRes

    Make a voice activated taser that straps on to someone so when they scream it just tases them more

  • Idiotic Rehab
    Idiotic Rehab

    Make the dog constantly bark unless someone is knocking or ringing doorbell

  • Not Kryptic
    Not Kryptic

    7:59 he fixed the dogs autism or maybe made it worse probably a mix of both

  • wusenrob

    This is art

  • Rambling Potato
    Rambling Potato

    Dude, Make a battlebot!

  • Kidd Senju
    Kidd Senju

    bruuh u need upload more these videos are awesome.

  • Isaac Berg
    Isaac Berg

    Make it mow the lawn

  • RobotsFilltheSky

    Coulda used this thing today I laughed so hard while watching this video I dropped and shattered a glass of juice and didn’t have the strength to get one. Anyone know how to get one of these

  • krillin winnin1234
    krillin winnin1234

    Make a bop it moan every time you bop it twist it or push it.

  • WaifuSans - Blocksworld
    WaifuSans - Blocksworld

    5:52 AMONG US, THAT'S A BIT SUSSY, AMONG US REFERENCE my dad beats me with a belt every night SUSSY IMPOSTER AMONG US

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Michael: "Now let's find a test subject" Me: "Scarra?" Michael: "Gets Yvonne" Me: "o k a y "

  • patface

    is this kid supposed to be funny?

  • Dr. Clef
    Dr. Clef


    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      its Harry Potter.