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Bodom After Midnight is:
Alexi Laiho - vocals and guitars
Daniel Freyberg - guitars
Mitja Toivonen - bass
Waltteri Väyrynen - drums
Session keyboards by Vili Itäpelto
Produced by Joonas Parkkonen and Bodom After Midnight
Recorded by Joonas Parkkonen at Finnvox Studios and iStudio, Helsinki
Mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
Director, Editor, Producer Ykä Järvinen
DOP Juge Heikkilä F.S.C.
1st AC Jarkko Liikanen
Gaffer Sami Mäntymaa
Lighting Technician Tatu Tuominen
Band hair & make-up Kaisa Pätilä
Colorist Timo Luomanen/Post Control
Master Of The Universe Susanna Laamanen
Band Management: Jouni Markkanen/Grey Beard Concerts & Management
Thanks to Ville Väänänen/Valofirma, Kamerafirma, Manu Haapala/Krotkin Mirrors, Tomi Riionheimo/Indie Films, Terhi Ylimäinen, Sanna Mäkynen, Elmu

  • Razvan Dumitru
    Razvan Dumitru

    You gave all in this song. I will miss you sooo fucking much...fight...fight...fight

  • Antti Määttänen
    Antti Määttänen

    For those hippies who disliked this song: No one cares.

  • Juha EoH
    Juha EoH

    verse riff actually sounds a lot like what he wrote for Sinergy.

  • Jani Toivokoski
    Jani Toivokoski

    This video was shoot only ten days prior to Alexi's eternal rest.

  • Raven Kg
    Raven Kg

    35 yo man... wept while listening this. Thank you Alexi for all you did for us. Rest in peace

  • Hi i'm
    Hi i'm

    I love this music

  • EDM Templates
    EDM Templates

    FIlmed 10 days before his death.

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    pick up a guitar and learn how to play. RIP Alexi. You're going to be missed by many.

  • Ryan Reese
    Ryan Reese

    Amazing, but talk about mixed emotions seeing this video, fuck. RIP Alexi, thanks for all the killer riffs and crazy shows

  • Justin R Gray
    Justin R Gray

    The moment I heard their music I was hooked instantly. Never got to see them live but Hate me and Hellion are still played regularly in my car

  • Είρων Δηκτικός
    Είρων Δηκτικός

    Brings back memories. Childhood and COB in Wacken 2008. RIP Alexi

  • ASTRALVM Official
    ASTRALVM Official

    This Riffs never dissapear!!! RIP Alexis, awesome song BAM

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      maybe a sign of resignation idk) just noticed this.

  • Andrea SEVERIN
    Andrea SEVERIN

    Guys I know we're focusing on Alexi, but please give credit to the excellent drummer.

  • oh my gauze!
    oh my gauze!

    Return to their old sound like the first 4 albums. Shame we won’t here more of his new works.

  • Lazarvss

    Never met him. Never got a chance to see him/them perform them live (CoB mainly), but he had a huge positive influence on me since my teenage years.. It almost feels like loosing a close friend..

  • Dani Steinberg
    Dani Steinberg

    R.I.P. dear Alexi! You are always in our hearts! Thank you for everything and every riff.

  • Glomas

    RIP Alexi

  • Danis Freeman
    Danis Freeman

    Алекси Всегда в Моем сердце!!!СВЕТЛАЯ ПАМЯТЬ!

  • Евгений Блэк
    Евгений Блэк

    Как же здорово!Превосходит творчество C. o. B.

  • Даты Чо
    Даты Чо

    Эх... Как-то грустно стало...

  • Annatar

    Son watch carefully and learn, you are witnessing the last great combat of a legendary warrior.

  • Szubaaa

    Alexi Laiho is a totally legend! I love COB. Here is a nice tribute for him What do you think about that?


    Mas y mas buena música de este gran artista, sin lugar a dudas tu legado jamas morirá.🥰🥰

  • Benjamin Sobarzo
    Benjamin Sobarzo

    Lleguemos al millón banda :v

  • Maurizio Carcassona
    Maurizio Carcassona

    I didn't expect this to be so fast and good

  • Paul Crisan
    Paul Crisan

    Has anyone noticed that on every cob album cover there’s this creature holding a scythe but on this ep cover there is no creature and the scythe is just laying on the ground ( maybe a sign of resignation idk) just noticed this.

  • Marco Di martino
    Marco Di martino

    Alexi R. I. P. I hope you're in a better place now. 🤘

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Man, what I would give to be in a crowd screaming Fight! Fight! Fight! with these guys... It still doesn't feel real, Alexi being gone. We miss you, Wildchild!

  • Julián Saadi Cordoba
    Julián Saadi Cordoba

    Giving class after he leave this planet, and iam amazed. Allways follwed his carreer, but this is his style but with an incredible set of new components, he ended with an amazing song best of him that i've heard, what a legend.

  • Matt90L

    this is iconic and extremely sad at the same time.. They sound so damn powerful even though he is visibly weak, this would have been godlike music for years to come. Lyrics though, seems to me kinda that he was ready for it any moment :'( rip Alexi, i sincerely hope there is afterlife cause you deserved one for sure...

  • Alexander Oplesnin
    Alexander Oplesnin

    My soul is yours!

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Those drums are MASSIVE!

  • Cellyna Paixao
    Cellyna Paixao


  • Valsus

    Amazing as always

  • Max Dee
    Max Dee

    rip brother.

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    hard to swallow the fact that he's no more here 💔

  • Renée


  • HeartFullofMetal

    First part of the riff sounds like "Blackened" by Metallica :p

    • Benjamin Sobarzo
      Benjamin Sobarzo

      Yes, Is the same patrón for a Little moment.

  • Denny Y
    Denny Y


  • BuiltToFuck BornToKill
    BuiltToFuck BornToKill

    Holy fuck! I just can't stop watching this! Alexi you are missed greatly \m/ Reign in Chaos!

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      More alive than ever 💪

  • tetea khiangte
    tetea khiangte

    Wild Child, i lo ropui ber e

  • Tyler Ryoppy
    Tyler Ryoppy

    Even though he looked in horrible pain during his last days he still put on the best performances he could he poured his heart out and refused to stop shredding what an absolute legend R.I.P wherever you are Wildchild

  • TheCow467

    This is the most metal music video ever. It was made by a dying man.

  • JDBarraza

    When I saw Bodom in concert 3 times in one weekend in 2019, I was front row and experiencing a happiness I hadn't felt in a long time. I cry every time I think about how I'll never get to experience that again. It was truly some of the happiest times I've ever had in my life.

  • Floyd Flops
    Floyd Flops

    forever in our hearts \m/

  • Charlie A. Franco
    Charlie A. Franco

    I listen to this everyday!!!!

    • kimbledos

      Same here. This song give power!

  • Maddie

    Those drums are MASSIVE!

  • Javier Arrieta
    Javier Arrieta

    This is what being immortal means

  • Kajal Varma
    Kajal Varma

    We love you Alexi ❤️

    • Cassie

      классная группа

  • Elric of Melniboné
    Elric of Melniboné

    RIP Alexi

    • Cassie

      Hatecrew till the day I die... And beyond!

  • Владимир Граждан
    Владимир Граждан

    Светлая память Алекси!

  • Lizard beast
    Lizard beast

    Has anyone started a conversation yet about, whom did Alexi mean by the "my three furies"? Could it be seen as a metaphore to people in his life, or just a metaphore to some feelings that got him going on? 🤔 It really guts me knowing he died alone, with probable discomfort and weakness. May he rest in peace. Thinking about him almost everyday, as I did at the time when he lived his guitar hero life.

  • Leonardo Picado
    Leonardo Picado

    RIP ALEXI still miss you to this day forever in all our hearts

  • sylvmili

    More alive than ever 💪

  • Heeri Konba
    Heeri Konba

    Better later than never. RIP metal Prince.

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts

    Man what the hell? Where has this been the last 15 years? If Alexi were still alive I'd invite him to come live with me and my mom (we have lots of junk food and no filter on the internet)

  • lowend365

    So sad! Alexi looks terrible in this. Definitely not the way I'd like to remember him. The song is a banger, tho. Crying shame more wasn't done with this band before he passed.

  • Shred

    Killer guitar tones....RIP Alexi

  • Cassie

    Покойся с миром Алекси, Ты всегда будешь в наших сердцах!

  • Jesse Franks
    Jesse Franks

    Someone help me out, is that Rupee Latvala or someone else doing the second solo?

    • Hairul Aidil
      Hairul Aidil

      Daniel Freyberg. But if you want some Roope and Alexi guitar solo battles do check out Sinergy's To Hell And Back and Suicide By My Side albums

    • Geir Oddbjørn Kråkholm
      Geir Oddbjørn Kråkholm

      It's a guy named Daniel Freyberg 🤘

  • ekyxor

    2:42 sounds like Alexi took this part from All Twisted and twisted it around a bit, and the guitar goes on a wild twister around his neck on this part at 2:50, here is the part on All Twisted

    • Hairul Aidil
      Hairul Aidil

      Even the chorus sounds a bit of Mask of Sanity.

  • Fabiano Barros
    Fabiano Barros


    • Fabiano Barros
      Fabiano Barros

      @Cassie thanks🖤🔥

    • Cassie

      Alexi was my childhood, can't believe he is gone. Words are at a loss. Rest in peace!

  • HectorLoomis

    Hatecrew till the day I die... And beyond!

  • natali dvoreckaja
    natali dvoreckaja

    классная группа

  • The AmericanFook
    The AmericanFook

    I regret never seeing CoB in concert so much now

  • Андрей Рогозинский
    Андрей Рогозинский

    Финский Лёха земля тебе пухом!!!!....Очень жаль....ООООоооооочень... Озеро Бодом будет тебе покоем для меня и для любителей в мелоди-дэт ,как симфония, облагораживая и созирцая в мире MELODI -DEATH Metal

  • Micah Blomgren
    Micah Blomgren


  • Yani Stancheva
    Yani Stancheva

    Почивай в мир, идоле 💔😔

  • Nikke Hannula
    Nikke Hannula

    This is the best!!🤘🎸🎸 kevyet mullat Alexi Laiho🎸🙏🤘

  • Seven oCRAM
    Seven oCRAM

    Ride on crazy fuckers 🤘😷🤟

  • Emrah Otlu
    Emrah Otlu

    Legend Alexi... I miss you very much.

  • William S
    William S

    Like Bowie, he let his music do the talking until the very end no matter how unwell. Both passed away within weeks of their latest clips without having all of us worry about them and just let us enjoy their music instead. RIP Alexi.

  • Dominik Baudner
    Dominik Baudner

    It makes me sad knowing that he has passed away, he was only three years older than me. I started listening to his music since "Something Wild" and when I was about 17-18 years old I really got hooked on Children Of Bodom. Great music, great guys. RIP Alexi

  • TheIzaam

    Superb. Oh, man, we will fucking miss all the LP's he could release.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    This is Children Of Bodom on steroids, this was the path COB had to go. What a swansong, Alexi, and this is just a single, not the full album. RIP Alexi Laiho.


    What a track! Dude quits like a champ! Rest in POWER!!! ⛏🇫🇮 💪🏼

  • Shitstain Barbie
    Shitstain Barbie

    Alexi was my childhood, can't believe he is gone. Words are at a loss. Rest in peace!

  • tedats

    Don't Cry For Me Argentina..

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      R.I.P. Wild Child

  • tommi karsikas
    tommi karsikas

    Alexi, whatta hell... this song is just genius.

  • Space Chief
    Space Chief

    You could see it in his face a bunch of times throughout the video... man's in absolute discomfort and was very very frail. Of course, the metal monster he was, he still stood up and put on one last show for us, and one we could watch over and over. Rest easy big guy, the pain's gone now. We'll keep fighting like you told us to.

  • Paweł Geryk
    Paweł Geryk

    i stopped watching video in half he looks really tired in this video :(, but kept listening, much better than latest CoB albums i have strange feel that he planned all this things pretty well Cob end Bodom After Midnight(the name also have some call) video just before death He felt it

  • smallfaucet

    More views than Moon shot LOL

  • smallfaucet

    Anyone keep dreaming they're hanging out with Alexi?? Jaska too......WTH? It's cool to hang with them but sux too.

  • marko suutari
    marko suutari

    Suomalainen mies

  • Sinis Me
    Sinis Me

    This is all about Alexi But wtf is wrong with that bassist?

  • lance stufflebeam
    lance stufflebeam

    I legit can't watch this without crying

  • Michal Novak
    Michal Novak


  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood

    Rest in piece to my and many others guitar hero. Thanks for all the incredible music over these chaos ridden years. COBHC for fucking life

  • RogerThat

    3:45 This part will ring in my head forever.

  • Aurinkohelmi

    Really happy to hear how this is closer to old Bodom. #RIP

  • Eetu Sironen
    Eetu Sironen

    This song has everything. It is mindblowing how good this is!

  • phazonprincess

    RIP legend, amazing legacy that is immortal

  • AW Guitar Room
    AW Guitar Room

    R.I.P. Wild Child

  • Kev EX
    Kev EX

    I'm not even sure what to say. It still doesn't feel real that you're gone Alexi...

  • Lestor

    I miss you, Alexi! You were my main guitar inspiration and guitar god!

  • ZybeZ

    Should've called the band "Men of Bodom" would be hilarious.

  • Вася Пупкин
    Вася Пупкин

    Кайф✊ леха в моем сердце навсегда!

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    From Loudwire's interview with Daniel i learned that this video was shot 9-10 days before Alexi passed away... Hard to believe

  • Geo Strife
    Geo Strife

    Man....what an exit! Alexi's mark will live on forever! We existed alongside with this legend!

  • Michael Batts
    Michael Batts

    My favorite guitarist! RIP Wildchild!

  • Bradley Gavel
    Bradley Gavel

    This is peak alexi, this could easily be hate crew part 2. Rest in peace, there will never be another

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      RIP Alexi, see you on the other side