Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!
We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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  • Sparklight 0
    Sparklight 0

    I miss Dan so much

  • Georgia Stratton
    Georgia Stratton

    phil's eyes match his jacket. that makes me happy. that's it. that's the comment.

  • angelhaerim

    “hamster in a hat,” war,, never changes

  • angelhaerim

    didn’t realise how much i missed them lmao

  • ok_then _
    ok_then _

    "there can only be one- Eeé eÊ ëEE"

  • I have foot fungus :]
    I have foot fungus :]

    Besties, i love you guys so much

  • theoriginal1971

    “You’re just chewing ice as you look at me. What’s happening?” “.......leave me alone. I’m just vibing.” Top tier dnp moment no doubt

  • UnapologeticallyARMY

    Gods I missed your videos. It feels like I've gone back in time to better days. Keep being happy guys.

  • Bronwen Evans
    Bronwen Evans

    i didn't realise how much i needed this video until i watched it

  • Monique Di Stefano
    Monique Di Stefano

    17:02 yeah we do, what are you talking about, Daniel?

  • Kol Jordan
    Kol Jordan

    Please just post together atleast once a week so I actually have something good to watch

  • filipelx1 just call me filip
    filipelx1 just call me filip

    hey dan where tf have u been

  • Megan Elliott
    Megan Elliott

    This is exactly the kind of content we want xD Just dan and phil being themselves. The chaos that ensues is relatable. ^^

  • starcatcher

    actually my new favorite video of theirs this made me laugh so hard

  • dumb bitch
    dumb bitch

    rip phil, can’t imagine how dan feels rn😔


    I missed the way Dan makes the microphone buzz in my bleeding ears 🥰

  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones

    "Leave me alone, I'm just vibing"

  • Keira Martin
    Keira Martin

    not me crying because they literally raised me and i miss them so much

  • Moosemuffin

    I’m glad you are both happy! Happiness is irreplaceable friends

  • ꧁ImAPhanniePack꧂

    YALL just don’t realize you basically raised me. You just don’t know me 😂. You raised a lot of your fans. Every time my grandpa and mom fought, I’d put on headphones and listen to you guys or look at Dan’s video on depression and anxiety and how to deal with it. I’m pretty sure I watched you guys more than the amount of hours I’m with my mom and grandpa and they live with me! 😭😂✋🏻. You guys are literally my parents and y’all adopted me when I was like 11-12. I’m 18 now soooooo-. I saw you guys for the Interactive Introverts tour and i wanna see you guys again 😭😭😭😭

  • Georgia Riley
    Georgia Riley


  • Georgia Riley
    Georgia Riley

    u can tell that Phil is drunk cos he said a butterfly used to be a moth

  • meisterじえろ


  • Ashley Summers
    Ashley Summers

    This is content that the world needs!!!!!!

  • Glorious7777

    My response to the game portion. 😂😂😂

  • Glorious7777

    Dan, glad to see you again. Also good day Phil.

  • soft vomit
    soft vomit


  • Micah Lee
    Micah Lee

    how did i miss this😔✋

  • MynameisJacen B
    MynameisJacen B

    I know they edit their videos so much, but I always just think there is no editing

  • Michelle Gioricka
    Michelle Gioricka

    Did Phil just switch Fünf and Vier? 😂

  • ironically_iconic

    man I didn’t realize how much I missed you two till now

  • Rotten Cat
    Rotten Cat

    I physically cringe and feel a strong discomfort when being reminded of these fanfictions and i can't imagine how it would feel to have something like this to be written about me uuuuggghhhhh

  • Medic's Waifu
    Medic's Waifu

    You got me whimpering just like MCR reunion did 🥲

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L

    Y'all, I forgot how much I missed Dan's hacking laughter when Phil says funny/ridiculous stuff. I love this video omg

  • RareRuby 16
    RareRuby 16

    Ngl I forgot what Dan looked like

    • kim minnie loml
      kim minnie loml

      nooo 😭😭

  • me do gay time
    me do gay time

    I am so empty but I love seeing them still doing stuff. I really really miss Dan, and honestly I've been on a bit of a binge watch and it's giving me that sweet sweet nostalgia of 2014 comfort watching them 🥺

  • Elizabeth Lingurar
    Elizabeth Lingurar

    Two of the men who raised me are here. I'm crying.

  • FLO

    are they a couple?

    • tilly clarkey
      tilly clarkey

      @FLO one of the great mysteries of our generation

    • FLO

      @tilly clarkey omg

    • tilly clarkey
      tilly clarkey

      no one knows

  • Sorsha Moore-Peters
    Sorsha Moore-Peters

    Someone pls tell Dan what those leaves look like.......sir I am Canadian that is NOT maple

  • Little _ Sam
    Little _ Sam

    Here me out Phil, you sugar lover, Peeps Pepsi.... 😳😳😳

  • phan swiftie13
    phan swiftie13

    coke and pineapple

  • phan swiftie13
    phan swiftie13

    wow 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • phan swiftie13
    phan swiftie13

    what does daniel mean.... all we've been screaming about is danandphil

  • Aronpritchard1654

    The introduction lasts for six minutes

  • Angelique T - T
    Angelique T - T

    COVID is making us all regress. Only fair you should too :) It's comforting to watch and do stuff from when we were younger in this weird time

    • Amazing Phil
      Amazing Phil

      @JamaicanRain it’s great and how can you be reached ?

    • JamaicanRain

      @Amazing Phil Glad you have love and support in your life you can appreciate.

    • Amazing Phil
      Amazing Phil

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • The Anonymous Commenter
    The Anonymous Commenter

    6:56 that misaligned attempted censor woof though

  • 2clam 4jam
    2clam 4jam

    The missed bleep at 6:55 is pretty funny

  • christina kalem
    christina kalem

    What happened to Dan and Phil games? And I’ll take the marvel pictures

  • Sary Farrell
    Sary Farrell

    I am so happy to see Dan. I hope he comes back.

  • Alysa Rustenburg
    Alysa Rustenburg

    When Phil was counting in Dutch, I was dying. My last name is Dutch and I'm 50% Dutch (Me being dumb and realizing 3 seconds after typing that it wasn't Dutch)

  • Rana 1993
    Rana 1993


  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    18:39 “im just vibing” 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    16:49 A PILLOW?? 🤣

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    16:26 omfg i remember seeing that 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    13:58 pls put this in a pit of context video 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    11:58 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    imagine another craft video 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    10:48 omg 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    oh llamas 🦙 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    8:29 wtf is that??? 😂😅

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    “let’s ruin my career before it’s started-“ oh dan 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    5:20 oh u should sign the photos

    • Amazing Phil
      Amazing Phil

      How can you be reached?

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    1:18 oh god 😂

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo •

    0:03 omg mood 😂

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith

    Of course I don’t want to encourage that Dan do anything that isn’t in the interest of his mental health. This being said, I genuinely love watching Dan and his content so much and the two of them together please give me more if at all possible ☺️

    • Amazing Phil
      Amazing Phil

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • Jaz Hamid
    Jaz Hamid

    i miss them so goddamn much :(

  • milawari

    1235486 is actually the way we count in Germany, thanks for the correct representation 🌈✨

  • gold Week
    gold Week

    Now that Dan is back we need Phil is not on fire

  • Olivia Shanks
    Olivia Shanks

    They seem a little BOXED in! 😜

    • Amazing Phil
      Amazing Phil

      I appreciate the love and support ❤️

  • FedoraDwarf

    Feels good to be home

  • Natalie Braunton
    Natalie Braunton

    I absolutely love Dan’s laugh!

  • Becca Grace
    Becca Grace

    Cube catastrophes for the next podcast tittle??

  • pastel pink kisses
    pastel pink kisses

    i missed this so much

  • Bee the rat
    Bee the rat

    box bois :D

  • D •
    D •


  • Hikari Izumi
    Hikari Izumi

    It's been awhile, I really do miss them😭

  • Alice

    Please dan Phil is the ultimate chaos gay. You are the domestic interior design gay

  • Cara Pitt-hirst
    Cara Pitt-hirst

    I don't have stereo 😢 I have tictok 😊 do u have a tictok?

  • girl on the edge
    girl on the edge

    Literally starting watching you all in 2020 went in a hole came out of it Was on 2014 FIshows

  • dawson marie flynn
    dawson marie flynn

    this made my heart so happy. luv you both v much

  • bonnie_r

    Honestly it's kind of nuts how I never really left the phandom... idk, I stopped watching them for a while and everything was on and off but I always seem to come back

  • Daisy Burton
    Daisy Burton

    oh wow i missed them

  • Milka Thurén
    Milka Thurén

    It's just nice seeing you guys being actual best friends after all this time. Like there's something right in the world.

  • Breezy Price
    Breezy Price

    i didn't even realize how much I missed the two of you. Y'all really raised me

  • Madalyn Beaman
    Madalyn Beaman

    Dan at 2:30 “I MADE THIS FOR YOU”

  • LydiaECbeauty


  • S M
    S M

    This gives me comfort that I didn’t realize I wanted or needed

  • Hannah Zieme
    Hannah Zieme

    The breakable bugle beverly squeak because lettuce actually pull through a acoustic chalk. yellow, military banker

  • Aliesha Epps
    Aliesha Epps

    They really give me Jake and Charles vibes. You know who is who.

  • zara ahmed !!
    zara ahmed !!

    they’re so casual about the hamster fic when just reading the opening of that traumatised me idk how people read any more or smut at all

  • Kitty Vit
    Kitty Vit

    Phil kicks the camera and apologises like it has actual feelings... Too cute

  • tesa

    omg :( i was obsessed with you guys in my middle school days!!

  • Noel alfaro
    Noel alfaro

    Seeing Dan and Phil post this kind of content together brings me back to simpler times and makes me feel like the trauma of the past couple years of my life just vanished

  • I ship bs
    I ship bs

    it's been a month wtf

  • Enikő Lutor
    Enikő Lutor

    I feel like im in 7th grade all over again😩

  • FabricSofteners

    "a hamster in a hat" made me physically cringe thanks

  • David-Jon Ballinger
    David-Jon Ballinger

    Coconut totally goes with Coke! Used to drink Malibu and Coke for ages.

  • bububunny

    this was month ago we are all slowly dying

  • Molly Morsching
    Molly Morsching

    This is the content the world needs. Yes.

  • Rebecca Nimmo
    Rebecca Nimmo

    Dan and Phil have the biggest Bert and Earnie energy and I'm living for it.

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