Greatest World Records in Sport History
Greatest World Records in Sport History video with you.

Naim Süleymanoğlu 190 kilograms
Yelena Isinbayeva 5.06
Usain Bolt 9.58
Florence Griffith Joyner 10.49
Mike Powell 8.95
Klay Thompson 14 3-Pointers
Aries Merritt 12.80
Armand Duplantis 6.17
Jonathan Edwards 18.29
Inessa Kravets 15.50
Robert Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes
Stefan Kraft 253.5
Anita Włodarczyk 82.98

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    🏋️World Record

    • sport518

    • Evgeni Tantikov
      Evgeni Tantikov

      Such a random list...missing so many

    • Jennifer Aldana
      Jennifer Aldana

      the new world record of triple jump or woman is Yulimar Rojas or Venezuela

    • ThatMadCat

      Let’s do it😊

    • Syed Hassan
      Syed Hassan

      Where is Shoaib Akhtar he has bowled fastest ball ever in history 100mph speed you must to add

  • deepak bawa
    deepak bawa

    Women hammer throw record osm

  • will ferrell
    will ferrell

    .Time to update this video because the new God of the Womens Triple Jump is Yulimar Rojas (from Venezuela). In the Summer Olympics in Japan 2021, she jumped 15.67 m for the alltime world record. Here is the link of Yulimar shattering the record to become number one

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    virtus pro Wolf G2a com

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    Vignesh Doraiswami

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    Born In Xaymaca

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    Petyo Georgiev

  • Petyo Georgiev
    Petyo Georgiev


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    Pure Life

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    b qs

    6:25 Ivan Pedroso saltó 8,96 metros en Sestrieri en 1995!

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  • zog zog
    zog zog

    All good but the butterfly is ludicrous. I am WTF - nobody ever swims butterfly. It is a nothing. Shall we have s hopping on one leg 100 meters?

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    Agatha Anabell

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  • Agatha Anabell
    Agatha Anabell

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    It would be very interesting to see how the top female sprinters in the world would perform on the male circuit. There are those who would rate the top female 100 meter sprinter in the world only number 700 in the male circuit. And there are those who would claim this is a misogynistic attitude and demand an apology. They would say that the top female 100 meter sprinter in the world could possible beat the top male 100 meter sprinter in the world. They would ask why qualify the top female 100 meter sprinter as the greatest FEMALE sprinter? Why not just call her the greatest 100 meter sprinter? We will probably never know the answer to this because there probably will never be a head to head race between the top female and top male 100 meter sprinter. What do you think? And by the way, the same question can be asked about weightlifting. We will never know if the strongest weightlifter in the world is a male or female, simply because males and females never compete against each other and it would be extremely misogynistic to declare men as stronger without any proof whatsoever.

  • Fan TV
    Fan TV

    Nice video but you should've only shown athletics. Soccer and other collective sports records are not interesting.


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    Frank G

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    itil dekil

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    A Legendary Soccer Life

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  • Renato Toma
    Renato Toma

    Unfortunately, we forgot Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10 in Montreal 1972, the only 10 deserved by those that were subsequently distributed at the Olympic "circus" games ... There were sometimes 3 athletes on the first step of the podium in gymnastics with each a 10. (Ridiculous)

  • Izuku Midoriya Simp
    Izuku Midoriya Simp

    Who’s watching this after Rojas smashed the women’s triple world record 👀

  • joe falcino
    joe falcino

    most of these athletes are millennials.

  • francois rencki
    francois rencki

    what's the music ?

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    Falisa Laurenty

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  • Athas Mak
    Athas Mak

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  • wheelie moments
    wheelie moments

    Ziyad zolkefli world record?

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    EmaDrums Official

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    russo thuga

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  • Gee Stevens
    Gee Stevens

    Where is Adam Peaty, as of September 2021 he has broken world records 14 times! The first swimmer under 58 seconds for 100m breaststroke, then the first swimmer under 57 seconds for the same event. There is only one other swimmer who has gone under 58 seconds, never mind 57, and his current world record for this event is 55.41 seconds, at the moment there is no one to touch him.

  • Mahmut Yücelen
    Mahmut Yücelen

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    Prentiss Leggat

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    Please also include Sohail Abbas from Pakistan (#sohailabbas), the holder of the following world records in Field Hockey. WORLD RECORDS: Highest goals scorer in field hockey with 348 goals. Highest number of goals in a calendar year: 60 goals in 1999 Fastest to score 100 goals in international hockey: two years six months and 18 days. Fastest to score 200 goals in international hockey: five years five months and 16 days. Highest number of goals in a single edition of Asia Cup He has scored a record 21 international hat tricks including one double hat trick. Reference:

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar

    Song name

  • Hamid Bagha
    Hamid Bagha

    Nothing can beat Michael Phelps 23 Olympic gold medals

  • Branislav Zivanov
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    Jerde Ashley

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    subodh marahatta

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    Devanit Lakha

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    Minato Nub

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      itil dekil

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  • Elvin Besirov
    Elvin Besirov


  • Indiana Johnes
    Indiana Johnes

    You forgot one record: French judoist Teddy Riner, 11 times world champion, 5 olympic medals (4 individual +100kg men category: 2 gold, 2 bronze, plus the mixed team 2021: gold)!!! Tessekur ederim

  • Jean Marie Christ Jeudy
    Jean Marie Christ Jeudy


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    János Kertész

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    Levon Darratt

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  • Jimi Purple
    Jimi Purple

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  • Jimi Purple
    Jimi Purple

    The Jonathan Edwards one is amazing. Still stands now

  • Jimi Purple
    Jimi Purple

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  • Saint My-kill
    Saint My-kill

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  • Busayo Og
    Busayo Og

    make part 2 after 2021 olympics

    • Busayo Og
      Busayo Og

      you should

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    Insta Reel

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  • mars bars
    mars bars

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  • Futbol Z
    Futbol Z

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  • Waqas Aleem
    Waqas Aleem

    Some records were just stupid to call greatest and you have not included global sports. Let's take an example of Squash, Pakistani Jahangir Khan won 555 matches consecutively from 1982 to 1991. Any longest winning streak across all global sports. It should have been first in your video.

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    Everett Boone

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  • KnickKnack07

    I don't get all the people whining about special track shoes that give too much of an advantage that they must be banned, but no one whines about pole vault poles being bendy. I mean, they are LITERALLY springs now. So if people say technology should never be used to improve sports (it should) because "It's not fair to old record holders" then whey is that OK?

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    Krystal Buchanan

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    Judi L

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    Buddhini Sandarenu

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    Far away

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    Plod On

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    LPR Geddes

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  • SkyH23

    Flo-Jo would be waaaaaay behind if she actually run against Bolt and men 💀

  • Stewart Gilligan
    Stewart Gilligan

    The guys who ski off that huge ramp & glide.... Idk.... Can any non-fat person with very good coordination & a few years practice do that?