This country is ALWAYS unexpected...
but then again this country is always unexpected
What if the Cold War was REVERSED?!
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  • sonijuatchon

    When u be poor: Me want into rich

  • Mabus

    6:55 Indonesia*

  • SuchDarkness

    8:05 Thats kind of inaccurate, as British Columbia is half the size of Alaska, they aren't that small compared to them

  • moon sky
    moon sky

    0:01 bAbAbOy

  • Sébastien Lesage
    Sébastien Lesage

    3:41 france says we are much better together my little taco

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    This dude loses braincells for us

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    3:07 Mamluk looking kinda sus

  • The Sebastianian
    The Sebastianian

    I heard one of the reasons that they changed it to red is because as the flag and colour would fade, the orange would turn to a darker red

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R

    The 2nd one makes since because of the Vietnam war. That's why they always take down trees. LOL

  • russian empire
    russian empire

    11:08 France doesn't exsist

  • Zachary Mogel
    Zachary Mogel

    6:06 that’s the flag of China during the Chinese revolution in the early-mid 20th century

  • Ruv


  • phúc hy lê Trần
    phúc hy lê Trần

    I know what the tree said if u wanna know comment

  • Shad Moore
    Shad Moore

    sus tree : * gun *

  • Gabriel Benjamin
    Gabriel Benjamin

    0:00 babayey

  • Ganga Srinivasan
    Ganga Srinivasan

    Newspaper hoarding: *New Poland virtual reality glasses, experience partition in VR!*

  • Cooper Eddie
    Cooper Eddie

    Wörk wörk wörk wörk wörk

  • Cooper Eddie
    Cooper Eddie

    Breaking new tsar Alexander the 2 his cousin was the Kaiser of Germany wihellm the 2nd

  • Hittimylly

    5:13 IS 100# GRINGE

  • north sider
    north sider

    Changed the flag colour becouse red is cheaper, yup sounds like a solid Dutch argument

  • Domi Cat
    Domi Cat

    Wow this is the ONLY channel that included austria. Btw i live in austria but i will leave soon

  • Megan Edmonds
    Megan Edmonds

    Conferate can have USSR as a friend

  • Mark Ian Ecat
    Mark Ian Ecat

    Poland ball must white up and red down. Don't say indonesia as Poland as they were reverse color. So Papua eat indo not pol.

  • JO - 02RC 893036 Cooksville Creek PS
    JO - 02RC 893036 Cooksville Creek PS

    Poland don't you mean dutch tape? *drum sound*

  • Adam and Ahmed Have New Times
    Adam and Ahmed Have New Times

    I’m from Egypt!

  • hofman playing
    hofman playing

    I’m from the netherlands and the vlak is red because the orange charged in sea from orange to red and That is why

  • yeet playz
    yeet playz

    1:14 (torture noises)

  • Alfa Male
    Alfa Male

    Yooo Norway is talking to you

  • Germany


  • Polandball

    5:25 this is just a time stamp for myself

  • Holly Tarvin
    Holly Tarvin


  • Austin Lam
    Austin Lam

    The tree say something on the lines of GO TO HELL

  • Manuela Plaza
    Manuela Plaza

    4:14 and that's how CSA became a shole

  • PlayerToon

    "france doesn't exist :)"

  • winged hussar from rhodesia
    winged hussar from rhodesia

    In the thing with CSA. Australia was the one reconizing CSA a a sovreign nation.

  • Mega Mash
    Mega Mash

    Well u can never underestimate Canada

  • pvp riye
    pvp riye

    Is usa cool??

  • Mini World Block art
    Mini World Block art

    Việt Nam

  • Noob123

    But British Columbia is where I live

  • Rem

    Frog legs actually taste really good. I went to China and ate them, but never in France

  • Wesley Wilcox
    Wesley Wilcox

    I’m from ca and it is always on fire

  • General-von-Jerry

    Contrys has genders to

  • Kenzie Bino Dharmawan 1944020
    Kenzie Bino Dharmawan 1944020

    thast not poland is indonesia

  • vlad oancea
    vlad oancea

    Wait, wasn't CSA supported by UK tho?

  • Juan Miguel Angat
    Juan Miguel Angat

    "Anything fried is good" me: *would i interest u to a fried human body?*

  • Dragoon tyro
    Dragoon tyro

    5:34ALABAMA 100

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright

    china:TAKE MY LIFE SAVINGS!! scotland: wow china is of very nice

  • Starbuks Manne
    Starbuks Manne

    Fun fact vodka comes from Sweden

  • horny klop
    horny klop


  • horny klop
    horny klop


  • Monke in Paris
    Monke in Paris

    It says DIE YOU CAPITALIST im a vietnamese

  • Frizzy

    Its Look Like He Eat Poland Sad Indonesian Noises

  • M Gian farrel
    M Gian farrel

    When people confused with who that is getting eatin by papua nugini 1:monaco 2:indonesia 3:poland 4:poland (flip flag)

  • Apersonthatishere

    Ah yes, Indonesia flag is Poland

  • Chance Raphael
    Chance Raphael

    Well technically, While Switzerland is closer to Germanic ancestry, The Swiss population is also composed of French and Italian peoples, or a mix between the 3.

  • xX Yuniko - Chan Xx
    xX Yuniko - Chan Xx

    Ohh the tree i see :) I'm vietnamese and i understand that :)

  • a duck was here
    a duck was here

    How baaaad can i be Me oh is the lorax movie

  • Herjuno Prahasta Nugroho
    Herjuno Prahasta Nugroho

    Soviet losing communism XAXAXA

  • Safi Ahmed
    Safi Ahmed

    2:39 My night paralysis demon

  • Lia Desembrana
    Lia Desembrana

    2:55 What hat was ottoman empire wearing

    • random account
      random account


    • random account
      random account

      onion hat

  • Arcane King
    Arcane King

    the orange white blue been opted by no-no guys just before the war, so Dutch keep it red, white and blue, as per royal decree of queen Wilhelmina, and still pretty much used by the neo-no-no guys to this day.

  • Arcane King
    Arcane King

    that was not Poland Papua New Guinea was eating, but Indonesia

  • Ula Waligora
    Ula Waligora

    Poland's flag is the other way

  • Efe Mercan Koc
    Efe Mercan Koc

    Hee (:( 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  • Kurt Arne
    Kurt Arne

    San Marino.

  • Bob Coin
    Bob Coin

    That Alabama, and Mississippi ball hurt to watch.

  • farahaqila azzahra
    farahaqila azzahra


  • The Wraith Car
    The Wraith Car

    😊 👕 👢

  • SubPar_Hydra

    Didn’t mean to the pope recognize Southern United States as its own independent nation?

  • Herpy derpism Follower
    Herpy derpism Follower

    0:30 It means damn you

  • Conrail Fan
    Conrail Fan

    The dynasty one is cute



  • The yeeting Duchtman
    The yeeting Duchtman

    Drew There is a reason most ducht people have a smal orange flat above the Maine one

  • Chetty Kando
    Chetty Kando

    /\' Chet that part got my wondering wow cuz that's my nick name in school Chet

  • Cici Thanos
    Cici Thanos

    Drew durnil why you says papaboi

  • Not VictorJrNotFound
    Not VictorJrNotFound

    Drew:I will never forgive the Netherlands for this Red white Blue flag. Me: Acts like that gamer who smashes his desk and just boils out of rage.

    • Not VictorJrNotFound
      Not VictorJrNotFound

      Also, can into space as well as the same UK can.

  • BadDay - Lets Plays
    BadDay - Lets Plays

    UK: Im fighting for money France: Im fighting for honor Poland: Im fighting for my fecking life

  • spifer23

    11:06 hmm... how about chechnya? and georgia? and ukraine?

  • Hernando Martinez
    Hernando Martinez

    This was a week? Or something ago #6:05

  • jack tripper
    jack tripper

    if you remove the side glass things on the tulip tower it's just gonna end up looking like a butt plug

  • Japan the kitty cat owo
    Japan the kitty cat owo

    Oh god don’t show my old flag 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Not VictorJrNotFound
    Not VictorJrNotFound

    Bruh just forgive Netherlands

  • Bramantyo YM
    Bramantyo YM

    6:55 i think it's Indonesia

  • danou de liser de morsain
    danou de liser de morsain

    wait with peeling my country we once had a flag with orange

  • I_am_here_ UwU
    I_am_here_ UwU

    Fun fact: Switzerland was not completly neutral in ww2, They battled against the luffwafe to protect their country for being annexed, they won tho with the same planes the germans had given them some years earlier, in 1942 goering gave them more B109s for some reason

  • xbox forever
    xbox forever

    Poland can not into space both personal and into real space although they did went to space

  • Liam Nevard
    Liam Nevard

    I’m Canadian and they keep delaying our shipments of the vaccine. Then the eu confiscated a bunch of them!

  • Mars Cat
    Mars Cat

    "British Columbia here" Later... "I didn't know that was British Columbia" (7:52)

    • random account
      random account

      british colombia

  • mai leuangkham
    mai leuangkham

    Bruh .....

  • Liam De Witte
    Liam De Witte

    I don’t know if you read comments but the Dutch flag with orange is the prinsenvlag and it would probably be used if Flanders in Belgium and the Netherlands got back together cause historically it is more seen as the flag of the Netherlands/Lowlands wich includes Flanders cause we also have the dutch culture and the Flemish and Dutch fought together under that flag against the Spanish. Voor outer en heerd. Vliegt de blauwvoet storm op zee. Vlaanderen De Leeuw. Schild en vriend.

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme

    Am i the only one who really hates countryballs, not to shit on the guys who do it, or drew

  • Armani Rivera
    Armani Rivera

    vietnam: know as tree army

  • jhazmatthew vergara
    jhazmatthew vergara

    Technically if you shoot a countryball you get a headshot without even shooting at the head because they don't have bodies arms or legs

  • Hot_HeadGaming

    What was that vaccine site? I've been trying to find it.

  • T Boyd
    T Boyd

    I am the lorax I speak for the trees .the trees are speaking vietnamese

  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen

    Tôi là Việt Nam

  • Mason Christensen
    Mason Christensen

    Im tired of this bull crap yesterday it was 75 degrees in Texas! at this point its just stupid.

  • liam Anderson
    liam Anderson

    your blurring sucks we can still see the word even if you blur it out


    Drew:I will never respect this 🇳🇱as the flag of the Netherlands Me (Dutch):how about we make the red a darker orange and keep the kinda dark blue and white sadly I not part of 2nd or 1st room (the 2nd and 1st room are political stuff)

  • Gary Bowman
    Gary Bowman

    Btw California and Arizona are the same ON FIRE