Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.
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    Shashank Sam

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      fouoii gyhh

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    raven lord

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    It’s a me a nerd

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    Hannah Robinson

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    Logan Armes

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    I totally feel you. In law school a lecturer as usual threw me a 19th century legal case authority for a certain legal principle/proposition on defamation. I got challenged on my understanding on that proposition, was asked by the lecturer "did you read the original source". I did. A trip to the national library and out came the 19th century casebook filled with dust. And that case did not prove the proposition, it was actually quite the opposite (the lawyer who put through the argument actually lost the case). At the next class the lecturer challenged me again, and was shocked to find that I actually looked it up. Asked me for a digitized version of that case law as printed. After sending that email, never heard from the lecturer again about that proposition. Now imagine that the same proposition is still being put forth in court cases by students-now-lawyers taught at law school and accepted without question...

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    Lucy Ford

    I know you already have a very amazing team and many many amazing people supporting you; as a cancer patient waiting for the more than likely call of remission and remaining in quarantine limbo and still unable to work despite completing treatment... Oh uhm, I would love to volunteer some time to help research. Watching your Tiffany video and Tekoi video I see we are exactly the same in how we can passionately look for an answer despite if it doesn't really mean much (every fact is somehow just as important as the facts that are more relevant)... If you have any need for this. I mostly sit in bed and don't have much to do. I don't often feel sick- I'm pretty sure I am in remission but the cancer is refractory and plays games so my oncologist won't give me my damn PINK PIECE OF PAPER in the mail!!!! Any kind of an application process for this? (Sorry for the unnecessary information. Sleepless, over tired, dumbed down and trying to express the extent of my boredom and time spent on my butt.)

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