Metric Paper
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    Izuku Midoriya

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  • lizzie_vibes

    soo... everything is nothing

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  • kitsada 2.0
    kitsada 2.0

    Wait are there other types of paper which exists which aren't metric wtf

  • Alex Butler
    Alex Butler

    Reminds me of a cool old flash animation called the scale of the universe

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    Victor hjort

    The Way it spirals Down, reminds me of a ocean depth video

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    Eric McKay

    Just use A4

  • saturnine cinema
    saturnine cinema

    It must surely have been mentioned elsewhere in the 14,000 other comments but this video is incredibly similar to 1977’s “Powers of Ten” which is an amazing piece of work also.

  • ESC Wilde222
    ESC Wilde222

    Atoms are just tiny tiny stars, the loop goes on forever

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    Nemanja Gajic

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    Ruchir Godbole

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  • 愛心陳

    so this is what it feels like to be on drugs

  • Le Colomblo
    Le Colomblo

    You could at least have mentioned that the ratio of A4 is the root of 2

  • KingJake2511

    Why am I suddenly having an existential crisis???

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    soiung toiue

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    Broken Hope

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    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      I'm getting motion sickness lol I didn't realize that this was a IMAX experience

  • Bhavya Jain
    Bhavya Jain

    What is universe expanding into. I mean what's nothing made up of? How much of nothing is there? How did it come?

  • Sanidireckt de achter neef
    Sanidireckt de achter neef

    4:47 u did the netherlands durthy

  • Strazdas

    The speed limit may not be a limit at all. We saw paired quarks transfer information at speeds higher than light. We have no fucking idea how they do it.

  • Strazdas

    More proof metric system is superior.

  • shottysteve

    love it! instant classic

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    teo bis

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    Georg B

    No wonder A4 paper was invented in Germany. Efficiency and existential dread in one package.

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    Victory Richer

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    Hand Grabbing Fruits

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    Annie Yu

    I'm getting motion sickness lol I didn't realize that this was a IMAX experience

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    Hi I'm APOP

    "Hey Vsauce, Michael here!"

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    Micah Cooper

    just don't live in a country with the imperial system aka america and ya gucci. ps I know there are 2 other counties that use imperial but it fun to make fun of Americans

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    Netherstar Builds

    welp im sticking to letter paper, I don't want to question my existence every time i fold a paper

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    this is literally The Powers of Ten but updated

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    Andrey Kozlov

    Not even joking, Grey has to start putting existential warnings at the start of his videos, things can get really depressing really quick.

  • Jacob West
    Jacob West

    But dose negative value paper sizes exist?

  • Rico van Steen
    Rico van Steen

    05:20 am, let me quickly watch that one nerdy video I still wanted to watch for like two weeks now. 05:29 am, I am never watching a CGP Grey video alone in bed anymore. 05:30 am, let's e-mail my shrink to put this on the list of topics. *Note to Grey: love your stuff man, but could you include a safeword at the beginning of these types of videos, like cucumber or Manhatten, much appreciated ✌️🤙

  • Balaji Viswanaathan
    Balaji Viswanaathan

    all measurements are in millimeter. Measurements are done with accurate values by using 1: root of 2 rather than using international slandered paper size. Thus these calculations are accurate for not being accurate and sorry if there is any mistake. a4/2^8 = 243.6452424284535 , surface area of bee approx = 245 a4/2^24 = 0.0037177313602974474 , surface area of cell body of neuron approx = 0.031415926 a4/2^32 = 1.4522388126161904 x 10^-5 , surface area of nucleus of neuron approx = 2.827433388 x 10^-5 a4/2^39 = 0.00040056364824753664 (width), wavelength of visible light ranges from 4 x 10^-4 to 7 x 10^-4 a4/2^56 = 1.1064112186431878 x 10^-6 (width), width of A-DNA = 2.3 x 10^ -6 a4/2^64 = 3.3812569748055898 x 10^-15, surface area area of hydrogen atom = 4.523893421 x 10 ^-14 a4/2^96 = 7.872602378031215 x 10^-25, surface area of hydrogen nucleus (calculated with the help of radius) = 2.42345785 x 10^-24 a4/2^116 = 7.507898691207137 x 10^ -31, quark dont have size but there are some experimental data but they vary. a4/2^228 = 1.4300029837075218 x 10^-32(length), plank length = 1.6 x 10^ -32

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    Doug Wanger

    The golden ratio...

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      NUT LORD

      This sadly isn’t the golden ratio


    Didn't need to be thinking about the futility of existence at 4 in the morning I just wanted cool paper facts

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    Donovan Seidl

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    Charlie Watts

    The whole perceivable universe is the equilivent to one quark somewhere out there

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    Devin Culver

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    Lewis Palmer

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  • Third_Eye_of_The_Slav

    The Unobservable Universe might be so huge that the Observable Universe would be to the Unobservable Universe what Planet Earth is to the Observable Universe

  • Toaster

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    abd rahman garnaouy

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    Phunky Phresh Phrog

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    An innocent Seal

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    Teo Borges

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  • Dungeon Lord
    Dungeon Lord

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  • Sharcc

    if you fold an a4 sheet until it reaches the plank length, since it retains it's mass, could it then cross the schwarzchild radius and collapse into a blackhole?

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    Fun fact: the building he zooms out of at 4:20 is "Connect Managed Services" in London, a company for connecting global businesses

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    Sii Kei

    I used all sizes of metric paper in architecture college, yet somehow I never knew A0 is equal to 1 square meter.

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