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  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark

    Let’s make a video about cub scouts together

    • junior the infant t rex
      junior the infant t rex


    • It’s The Random Channel
      It’s The Random Channel

      I love ur channel too

    • MrLogic

      @Crispy yt ur stalking me kid

    • Crispy yt
      Crispy yt

      @MrLogic I don't think that's possible cuz you can only find other comments someone's made on the same channel they commented on.

    • MrLogic

      @Crispy yt coz ur stalking me kid

  • Octolithic

    I like how he says hayold

  • Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez

    It is remake

  • Lay Lay Show
    Lay Lay Show

    😂😂 this one of my favorites

  • Gloobs

    PG-13 for Censored Profane language

  • james RC KID
    james RC KID


  • DÜMmie_09

    Just a masterpiece amazing work 👌😎

  • Peakey08

    did anyone else did at the end when the old woman said IM A WOMBAT



  • Rugrat

    I am more of A piercings type of gal does Harold do piercings?

  • Charlotte Runyon
    Charlotte Runyon

    Hmmmm I think I have seen this before

  • Beth Baughman
    Beth Baughman

    The start of it made me laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 10mil With 20 vids
    10mil With 20 vids

    for the 1th time he dint say bad words

  • Austin Price
    Austin Price

    Can have a gun

  • Colin Superstar!
    Colin Superstar!

    The sequel everybody wanted

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz

    This is funny as fuck I'm laughing my ass off🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Алекс Симонян
    Алекс Симонян

    i eat dudukaka and im jr

  • misa locoz
    misa locoz

    Aint that dude from your video from 7 years ago

  • Drakon Equation
    Drakon Equation

    I was 2 view away from being the 666,420th view ;-;

  • TOXIC pug
    TOXIC pug


  • lolgamerboybro YT
    lolgamerboybro YT


  • Ray Swag
    Ray Swag


  • DeTao Official Music
    DeTao Official Music

    15 bucks little man, put that shit right in my hand, and if the money doesn't show you owe me owe me owe, I think I'll take my Jungle Love tattoo for 10 dollas instead.

  • Qunogar

    How did my uncle get out of jail?!

  • yeet

    I Love Your Videos Brew!

  • Addison Cano
    Addison Cano

    Lol I love your vids

  • Tord's Robot
    Tord's Robot

    What the hell, no WHAT THE FU- *beep*

  • Dily Del rosario
    Dily Del rosario

    Am here before brewstew blow up he had 10k but I never comment

  • Dedi Jorong
    Dedi Jorong

    Brewstew i know your running out of video ideas

  • Geno Ronpa
    Geno Ronpa

    Only True Fans Can Quote The Entirety Of The ORIGINAL Branded By Harold

  • phillip fox
    phillip fox

    Now this is next level comedy

  • Dummy Dummy
    Dummy Dummy

    *Uh, I gotta take a leak. I’ll return.*

  • Nighmare Bonnie
    Nighmare Bonnie

    If you still have the holo charzard I am telling you it is worth $25000

  • Frosty_cupp

    Bruhh this whole time I thought it was only one person running the channel and to find out he’s from Ohio made sense on his personality 😂.

  • bluefast22

    brewstew you should go back to your childhood neighborhood and see if anything the same (please like so he can see it)

  • Personal Stuff
    Personal Stuff

    Little Shelly and billy hmmmm me thinks of south park

  • Luke Hillier
    Luke Hillier


    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      I have a few 3D animations of Brewstew on my channel

  • Xdcommandodroid1234 Dp:fly and ride neon kangaroo
    Xdcommandodroid1234 Dp:fly and ride neon kangaroo

    Does anyone notice his old vid always start he always says alright

  • Grant Maresco
    Grant Maresco

    Your vids are like crack

  • Tiffannie Morrill
    Tiffannie Morrill

    Please post again

  • Double T
    Double T

    I got it, A day in the life of Brewstew. WHO WOULDN'T WATCH THAT😃

  • John Carino
    John Carino

    Is this shit

  • John Carino
    John Carino

    What the hell

  • 39 MINS
    39 MINS

    I see harold got better

  • partypooper047

    This man makes everones day better and no one can deny that. I jusy wish he would post a little more often.

  • Turmeric zulu
    Turmeric zulu

    I have all your character is my favourite one is Tommy

  • Omar Tabares
    Omar Tabares

    Is it ok if u show some pictures of u?

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      I have some 3D animations of Brewstew on my channel

  • M Robinson
    M Robinson

    What state do you live in?

  • GummyRummy


  • watermellon

    Plz make a nother video qouik

  • The Farmer
    The Farmer

    Do you have a Easter memory

  • Aston Abdullah
    Aston Abdullah

    Whys ALEX CLARK here

  • yay cool
    yay cool

    Stew say hi if your okay

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer

    Can u do a video of "my new android phone"

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      @Panda Gamer Great. Thanks a lot.

    • Panda Gamer
      Panda Gamer

      @Jackson Animation yey ok imma subscribe because i already watch all videos of brewstew

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      I have a few fun 3D animations of Brewstew on my channel

  • Arlis greene
    Arlis greene

    Im a wombat BAUUGH

  • MAN OF GLASS reflections in the shards
    MAN OF GLASS reflections in the shards

    I thought that was you! I just watched the Monkey Jack Bridge Channel video featuring you. AWESOME JOB! I just subscribed and had to comment.

  • xcvi

    not even joking this is my childhood been watching since 2014

  • Moonlight

    Upload again pls 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Zorro One piece
    Zorro One piece

    Can you post more

  • Avi’s Daily Story Time
    Avi’s Daily Story Time

    Hay nice videos man

  • Giovanni Flores
    Giovanni Flores

    This is good but nothing is better than Jones bbq and foot massage

  • Noah Simard
    Noah Simard

    the return of the king

    • Noah Simard
      Noah Simard

      @Jackson Animation thx

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      @Noah Simard Have a great day.

    • Noah Simard
      Noah Simard

      @Jackson Animation np

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      @Noah Simard I hope you can check it out and I hope you like it. Thanks.

    • Noah Simard
      Noah Simard

      @Jackson Animation nice

  • Jordan T
    Jordan T

    The South Park reference at :47 😂

  • Franz Alwn Amar
    Franz Alwn Amar

    You should post tommorow

  • super extreme bros.
    super extreme bros.

    Hey Tyler I dare you to collaborate with possum reviews 😉

  • mason astro
    mason astro

    I'm dying

  • athfcoz

    "Hepatitis free since 2019ish"

  • L3GION

    “A hot dog saluting the American flag” *Patriotism intensifies*

  • suparokitt

    Like is your parents hate brewstew

  • Bibus Technology
    Bibus Technology


  • Drawing Cornet
    Drawing Cornet

    This Channel Is Heaven

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      And you can see Brewstew in 3D in a few videos on my channel

  • L 2016
    L 2016

    Your welcome Brewstew!!! I got you 2 subscribers.

  • DrunkTruck

    0:47 you must like this south park reference

  • J Mau
    J Mau

    Hey brewstewfilms. Do you have any stories about being a teenager going to your first party or any parties involving trying to get alcohol? Kinda like Superbad, but your story? Keep up the good work. Bacon

  • Collin Woody
    Collin Woody

    those 4am brewstew nights

  • Trashpanda

    Need to post more man

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      @Trashpanda I hope you like them. Thanks

    • Trashpanda

      @Jackson Animation ok bet

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation

      I have some 3D animations of Brewstew on my channel

  • Bayron Luna
    Bayron Luna

    👌 Nice

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    1:39 wow

  • Sacha’s Drum Kit World
    Sacha’s Drum Kit World

    I love your vids and my brother dose to

  • SIVA_Xur

    Welp I know Tyler probably won’t see this but I’m suicidal and I don’t know how to tell my parents, I ask you because you help me out anyways...

  • Logan Surratt
    Logan Surratt

    Do you still wear glasses

  • Speck

    hahahaha funny things

  • Tammy

    Harold : *DOCTORS HATE HIM* !

  • mason s toy show
    mason s toy show


  • Sarah Dowis
    Sarah Dowis

    Make more videos

  • Kevin Hipolito
    Kevin Hipolito

    Channel never dies grew up with you for 7 years love you vids

  • Znxe Bare
    Znxe Bare

    He’s good at doing tatoos

  • Modern Tails Fan
    Modern Tails Fan

    Lol i tell my dad about these videos

  • Douglas Peay
    Douglas Peay


  • Igmmc _
    Igmmc _

    I haven’t watched in 2yrs yes same art style

  • Alec Olson
    Alec Olson

    Hepatitis free since 2019ish

  • Noel Perez
    Noel Perez

    What a come back

  • bluebell productions10
    bluebell productions10

    I'm a wombat wablabla

  • bluebell productions10
    bluebell productions10


  • fusion 885
    fusion 885


  • theKing animation
    theKing animation


  • orange_VAP22

    Do a video on high school

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson

    Make a vid about high school

  • Marcos

    You haven't uploaded in 2 weeks now I'm getting tired of watching the same videos over and over again

    • Marcos

      @GalaxyPrincette h

    • GalaxyPrincette

      It takes a while to animate

  • Veteran YT
    Veteran YT

    How did I miss this