Oh Boy is a film from the interior of British Columbia the follows the riders that spend the winter riding pillows and pow pow around Golden and Revelstoke.

Darcy Keller, Tyler Lightfoot, Dozer, Taylor Roberts, Dustin Craven, Scott Shaw, Keith Martin, Tanner Davidson, Minike Yamada
YES., Rudeboys, Nitro, L1 Premium Goods, Nude Beverages, SNOWBOARDER Magazine
Producer: Jackie Sakaguchi
Filmer/Editor: Evan Lavallee
Drone Pilot/Filmer: Dillon Ross
Director of Animation: Luke Suderman
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  • The Master
    The Master

    Pretty bad movie.

  • Daniel Topolski
    Daniel Topolski

    I had one weekend in BC with snow like that. I still can close my eyes and remember everything about that perfect day. Will never be replicated! If you know, you know. Great video, y'all!!

  • TomoLipa


  • LostIsFoundCo


  • Ryan Shultz
    Ryan Shultz

    Who sings the last song on the vid?

  • NorCal Home Offer
    NorCal Home Offer

    all time best movie of 2020 and 2021 wow

  • Nick Chambers
    Nick Chambers

    shred onnnn

  • Forest Lab
    Forest Lab

    Best snowboard video to come out of East Revy!

  • Dave Mac
    Dave Mac

    I had to stop watching this vid because of the music

  • christopher lewis
    christopher lewis

    does daddy know you took his truck out

  • Eric Pilgrim
    Eric Pilgrim

    Anyone know where this was filmed? The town scene looks like Revie, B.C

  • Flavio Gil
    Flavio Gil


  • Kelly Kubik
    Kelly Kubik

    Still kinda pissed Dustins not on capita anymore!

  • Chilly Water
    Chilly Water


  • Matt Rodriguez
    Matt Rodriguez

    This is the best snowboarding film I’ve ever seen.

  • D Hova
    D Hova

    Bravo on the music

  • fullmetalbg

    Whole fuckin mountain to yourselves, and you have to cut down a tree

  • Dmize

    That was deep.

  • xrtw

    did any bones broke?

  • Kick Starter
    Kick Starter

    not bad

  • Wren pullig
    Wren pullig

    3:05 what camera!?

  • Matt Bond
    Matt Bond

    check out @elitesnowclothing on insta for come cool clothing

  • Names

    60fps looks so bad

  • Hot Head
    Hot Head


  • Serge Powa
    Serge Powa

    This is wicked! Well done.

  • Nick Pulliam
    Nick Pulliam

    thepullbrand.com has great products for sale

  • Quinn Turla
    Quinn Turla

    I cannot put into words how amazing this film is everything about it is insane the music the riders the location like this is the best of the best

  • leftgawd Games gawd
    leftgawd Games gawd

    lets lets go!

  • Philippe Forest
    Philippe Forest

    Snowboarders in exile revisited...I dug all the tracks, snow and sound. Living it out there shredding with buds and things...that's the spirit ! Stay safe out there !

  • Ownyalator

    Tricks, music and camera shots r on fucking point! Good shit boys

  • None Ya
    None Ya

    Why no credit to Mason Jennings in music description

  • Mixtape-Ninja

    Powder Shredding = The Ultimate ASMR, Prove me wrong.

  • Rival39

    Coming back to this after a solid amount of other content releases and gotta say this is my favourite! Well done guys!

  • FuLL Kanet
    FuLL Kanet

    Amazing video guys ! Someone have the référence or thé red jacket ? I want it !

    • FuLL Kanet
      FuLL Kanet

      It’s okay ! I find it !

  • Brenda Torres Barraza
    Brenda Torres Barraza

    LOVE! Holy crap doodes. Some gnarly shredding and I like how you not only capture your success but also the wipe outs. Alllllll the fun and allll the struggles!

  • Сергей Пылаев
    Сергей Пылаев

    Кайф, очень бодро ребята зиму проводят!!,

  • Nao Roepke
    Nao Roepke

    idky but that little square thing on the left annoying me

  • dima mesa
    dima mesa

    Dustin!! switch back one into pillows was so sick!

  • pumpkin1escobar

    BC really has the best mountains for this shit.

  • akiia

    Soo wish i could do stuff on my low budget.. but i still am progressing on my own with your videos.. love u guyz ur awesome

  • Dylan Welles
    Dylan Welles


  • Bien Spired
    Bien Spired

    You guys are just a bunch of typical bad asses huh? I need to get on y'alls level 😍

  • Stephen Van der Meer
    Stephen Van der Meer

    Incredible - first time I’ve been this stoked on a snowboard movie in a long time!

  • julio m
    julio m

    Amazing video !!!!! greetings from México !!!

  • Robert Nalu
    Robert Nalu

    Winter is on its grind... get ready!!!!!

  • Robert Nalu
    Robert Nalu

    Can't freaking wait till opening day!

  • Logan Weisz
    Logan Weisz

    This is making it harder to patiently wait for the snow...

  • Nitro Snowboards
    Nitro Snowboards

    BOOM!!! Lets go ride some pow!

  • Ivan Kruzenshtern
    Ivan Kruzenshtern

    Да это всё Photoshop! Не бывает так круто.

  • Jadiel Velez Medina
    Jadiel Velez Medina

    cooooooooooool I'am going to do it whin am big. It is easy

  • Bella Dobson
    Bella Dobson

    if you guys liked this, you'll love this movie fishows.info/post/ZdOfjLaefJ-Tl7c/videot.html

  • Nagyvoláre


  • Chris H
    Chris H

    Sitting in the north cascades wondering why I haven’t bought a sled yet.

    • Bien Spired
      Bien Spired

      Mount hood?

  • Bennjamin Sch
    Bennjamin Sch

    what gives me motivaton to deal with 2020

  • Fortniteur_QC

    What is the song??? (The 1st)

  • Dra åt Helvete
    Dra åt Helvete

    Nice moves in this video and even nicer music. Must've been a dream editing it and watching the final product. 10/10

  • Gone.Coastal

    Sick shredding boys! 💪🏼🏂

  • HeavyElectric

    Dude!! Love the XTC! Nigel must be happy

  • Snowledge.co

    Interior BC is amazing

  • Duncan Mackenzie
    Duncan Mackenzie


  • Neil Hamilton
    Neil Hamilton

    Love it!!! Brings me back to the old days in Banff!

  • buke45

    totally rad!

  • I am here
    I am here

    Nice kickflip

  • djrndm

    60 frames per second is painful to watch snowboarding. 60hz is great for football and other live team sports but snowboarding needs to be cinematic. Keep it 24 or at least 30fps.

  • Kelley Rogers
    Kelley Rogers

    This IS snowboarding... !

  • Donovan Cavers
    Donovan Cavers

    Earn your turns toy boys! #splitboard... build your calves and your character and leave the noise at home. : )

    • Marcus Aurelius
      Marcus Aurelius

      This film wouldn't be possible without snowmobiles

    • Donovan Cavers
      Donovan Cavers

      nice video though!

  • Jaxton Hahn
    Jaxton Hahn

    I like how they were helmets for snowmobiling but not for snowboarding 😂

    • Jaxton Hahn
      Jaxton Hahn

      @M W true dat

    • M W
      M W

      Doesn't look steezy when you wear a helmet

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky

    Fucking gnar.

  • helidevil123

    "I'll just send it off of whatever I want because of the copious amounts of powder to catch me no matter what."

  • helidevil123

    1:30 in and all I can think of is a re-title of "POW, RIGHT IN THE KISSAH!

  • HowPow

    Ready for new season! Super film!

  • Maykon Douglas
    Maykon Douglas

    Yeaaahh ! 6:00 Brazilian music ! Nice song !

  • TwentyTwo22ThirtyThree 22
    TwentyTwo22ThirtyThree 22

    That shot at 0:28 just makes me so stoked I cant even describe it

  • Wayne McKenzie
    Wayne McKenzie

    My fav video yet, awesome content, keep up the stoke

  • Bero

    Came as a skier. Stayed for the music. Left as a boarder.

    • Peyton Payton
      Peyton Payton

      @Rafael Trevor i am trying it out now. Looks promising.

    • Rafael Trevor
      Rafael Trevor

      I dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD

    • Patrick Roy
      Patrick Roy

      @Robert Gordon crown by mason jennings

    • Robert Gordon
      Robert Gordon

      @Mike Foster Thanks, Mike! As a Minnesotan, I should have known....ha!

    • Robert Gordon
      Robert Gordon

      @Bero i looked, but that one wasn't there. :(

  • Creature_of_the_ Underground
    Creature_of_the_ Underground

    Always great videos. Good work boys✌️🤘

  • Happy Sendings
    Happy Sendings


  • TanguYoda

    This edit is a Therapy 💆 🙌🏼

  • Kelly Robinson
    Kelly Robinson

    Great music. Great video

  • k c
    k c

    11:37 - XTC - Nigel - incredible track & i live snowboarding to this on my playlist each season!

  • Z0MbeeZz

    I juat couldn't finish after the 6 min mark. The soundtrack is awful.....omg.... wtf

    • Bien Spired
      Bien Spired

      So mute it and play your own music. The footage is incredible

  • Andreas Feldmann
    Andreas Feldmann


  • Cam Reed
    Cam Reed

    What’s the very last song?! Edit was v sick

  • Dony

    Ooohhhh boooyy

  • Derugin Alex
    Derugin Alex

    не зашло. попсово. и черная ерунда сбоку - не нужна на мой взгляд

  • Q


  • OFCR

    What do you boys do with the stacks of footage?

  • section0 0
    section0 0

    im waiting for party laps 4

  • Nikola Bajic
    Nikola Bajic

    Winter coming soon I can feel it and the pow gods are coming this year

  • RomeoProjects

    That's how everyone and me rides in their dreams

  • Johannes Dinesen
    Johannes Dinesen

    This video is a piece if art.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    I think I'm ready for my hip bone through-the-skin winter

  • dan freeman
    dan freeman

    yeah boi

  • gbscott4

    60 FPS or whatever this is is unwatchable

  • will martin
    will martin

    Damm!!! This might be the most rad progressive/ positive/ action/ sport / vid / ever!!! RIDE ON !!!

  • Kit Fuderich
    Kit Fuderich

    great video- riding and edit! well done.


    Revelstoke and Golden - two of the best shred spots anywhere - outside of AK 😎

  • Bean Boyz TV
    Bean Boyz TV

    this is my favorite edit so far

  • Lord André Lubinski
    Lord André Lubinski

    Epic! Love it!!!!

  • Cirus