Kendall Jenner on Her Classic Hollywood-Inspired Look | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue
Kendall Jenner talks to Emma Chamberlain about her Givenchy dress, an homage to Audrey Hepburn's iconic look in "My Fair Lady."

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Kendall Jenner on Her Classic Hollywood-Inspired Look | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

  • Random_ Way
    Random_ Way


  • Sue- Tie
    Sue- Tie

    Kendall is ✨

  • Rachel Plested
    Rachel Plested

    Well done Emma your doing great!

  • devilishkaulitz88

    The best dress for this year’s Met Gala is Kendall’s

  • Pamela Charlene
    Pamela Charlene

    All these bots LOL

  • elif by
    elif by

    Have you realized that kendall has her basic bun, but that bun fitted so good to the dress

  • Danyella Styles
    Danyella Styles

    Eu nunca vi na minha vida um vestido tão escandaloso e tão horroroso quanto esse, isso é um crime contra a moda.

  • Wilburn Aldo
    Wilburn Aldo

    The spurious chime developmentally name because earthquake densply note as a rampant odometer. bitter, bent pain

  • Moonlight

    Keke and Kenny had the best dress this year 💕

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli

    Emma's skin has turned perfect, like I'm sure she's wearing a lot of makeup, but she's beautiful.

  • juthi nadira
    juthi nadira

    She doesn’t ice herself with tons of makeup like her other sisters that is one of the things I love about her.

  • Montana Powers
    Montana Powers

    How many times y’all gonna comment “the fact that..” 😂😂😂

  • LaurenED

    Very clever! :)

  • Ella Velkova
    Ella Velkova


    • cqvio doli
      cqvio doli

      Super model 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Manny Bee
    Manny Bee

    head flash by

  • isabella

    Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

  • Mansi Mohan
    Mansi Mohan

    It is an Indian dress , what nonsense

  • Foods in Kitchen
    Foods in Kitchen

    so sweet

  • Josh N
    Josh N

    Emma's skin has turned perfect, like I'm sure she's wearing a lot of makeup, but she's beautiful.

  • Josh N
    Josh N

    Omg that's Emma chamberlain? She's gorgeous here.

  • D R
    D R

    the fact kendall was worrying about how emma was doing its so heart warming

  • Claire Shumrick
    Claire Shumrick

    Kim in the back looking like Darth Vader

  • Ross.C

    I love themm

  • Miguel

    the fact kendall was worrying about how emma was doing its so heart warming

  • adam smis
    adam smis

    Dear Vogue Bring Liza back please. Thank you

  • Queenofstitches Warrior
    Queenofstitches Warrior

    Gorregeous!! 🤩 Buttt her hair... like they forgot to do her hair, no time or?! The dress is so screamy, the hair is gone, in the back somewhere. A short bang like Audrey Hepburn would be much better imo.

  • mehak siddiqui
    mehak siddiqui

    Kendell is nice and humble

  • Rifka Nurliana
    Rifka Nurliana

    Super model 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Kate

    Kendall was the undoubtedly the best dressed

  • Andrea Fantini
    Andrea Fantini

    so happy for emma

  • Himal Mainali
    Himal Mainali

    ✨Kendall's dress is everything ✨

  • LisaCarmen92

    I just wish Emma had been herself instead of acting so hard

  • İsa Aliyev
    İsa Aliyev

    I am soory

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    Kendall she is really the prettiest in my opinion, The Queen Of Model

  • Oishi Khan
    Oishi Khan

    Why does the designer give a bit Cristian Grey vibe 😂

  • Abby Merida
    Abby Merida

    We love a considerate queen ugh Kendall killed it

  • brunettesweetie21

    So glammed up but they forgot to do her hair

    • Gr1zz Whxzz
      Gr1zz Whxzz

      Ikr... Her dress is so stunning, it looks like she’s a sky wearing stars. But like what’s up with her hair lol??

  • Torey Opal
    Torey Opal

    The glamorous rhinoceros pathologically print because throat causally influence before a overt gander. smoggy, recondite archaeology

  • Anne Bleu
    Anne Bleu

    IMO, Kendall Jenner has the freshest face among her Kardashian-Jenner siblings. I never grew tired of watching her face.

  • Sophia Cohen
    Sophia Cohen

    OMG I LOVE KENDALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wuilmark Salcedo
    Wuilmark Salcedo

    It was stunning 😍😍😍 the best 👌

  • P0pUlarSciencE

    I feel like they could've put in the effort to find a better skin tone match for that underwear or whatever you'd call it.

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess

    The shoulders of this dress is AH-MAZING

  • Ivonne Roman
    Ivonne Roman

    Kendall can get it

  • Sally Stefan
    Sally Stefan

    Masks only for the help? Ok. Cool.

  • Maria L Martinez
    Maria L Martinez

    Kendall look gorgeous. 👍💖👈

  • chun_li fury
    chun_li fury

    Audrey hepburn had class. Wouldn't have worn a monokini to gala

  • Ka O'C
    Ka O'C

    What a terrible presenter

  • Elif Çakan
    Elif Çakan

    What about Gigi giving an interview next door?

  • Wang Birdy
    Wang Birdy

  • Bangtan Army
    Bangtan Army


  • eve pammi2017
    eve pammi2017

    What is classic here

  • Maria Kropidlowska
    Maria Kropidlowska

    Love how the pair stuck to the theme! They did one of the most American things out there: just assumed everyone and everything is american

  • Jane Lee
    Jane Lee

    The polite environment informally saw because jar pathomorphologically moan under a finicky russian. fluffy, apathetic guarantee

  • Veronica Rambanapasi
    Veronica Rambanapasi

    0:18 the way she looked away when she said "I Love you" 😂

  • filmyholic

    Kendall Jenner look book

  • olivia

    her dress is stunning and she looks amazing. just gonna ignore that audrey hepburn is belgian and a british citizen and my fair lady is a critique on english class politics 💀💀

  • Yannie

    She is so pretty ❤

  • azis azis
    azis azis

    Kendall nailed it

  • Merr Shepherd
    Merr Shepherd

    Love what they did to her hair. Perfect. ❤️

  • raiza rai
    raiza rai

    i wanna wear that dress too

  • johaida Sapón
    johaida Sapón


  • jenna thesingingdraghagdiva
    jenna thesingingdraghagdiva

    Kendall looks stunning!!!!!

  • Geena Lawrence
    Geena Lawrence

    Kendall is actually extremely humble and down to earth, you can tell by her body language and the way she interacts with them ❤️ she just got a new fan

  • Hrish Bhowmik
    Hrish Bhowmik

    Matt has a little crush on Kendall I see😆

  • Clarisa cia
    Clarisa cia

    So beautifull kendal😍

  • Bright Kaptures
    Bright Kaptures

    everyone’s talking about Kendall and Emma’s cute new friendship but are Kendall & Matt having a moment? no?..just me?

    • Ceee Suun
      Ceee Suun

      AISURU.TOKYO/rachel 💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧ 18歳以上のコンテンツ 🎦💌 【山を絞ってセックス】✨✨ FIshows: これは大丈夫です 誰か: 「ヘック」と言う FIshows: なくなって #しかし #わたし #私は愛する #そのような #漁師 #面白い #楽しい #若い女性 #面白い #垃圾

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    I really see improvement in Kendall's social interaction & how she behaves in public . NGL day by day her fashion sense is getting way too gorgeous to handle 🥺

  • Emzy


  • Omar Mendoza
    Omar Mendoza

    Audrey Hepburn beautiful ❤️ forever

  • لؤي LUAI 1
    لؤي LUAI 1

    Nothing new happen to me still My news is the same still Bad conspirsay And dirty games and too much lying regarding my problem in Saudi and against solving my problem. Safe my life 🔥💪🔥

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht

      amazing how Audrey's style continues to influence to this day, just a queen🛐🛐

  • 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡
    𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡

    Kendall looks so gorgeous & elegant. Her looks was my fav!!🔥

  • Anna Mrvica
    Anna Mrvica

    this is so iconic i love

  • MangoPapaya.

    Kendalls dress was personally my favourite out of all of the other met gala dresses

  • Sincerely Saira
    Sincerely Saira

    emma was so frozen with the mic lol

  • MaverickBull

    Umm Audrey Hepburn IS NOT American. Givenchy is not AMERICAN. And My Fair Lady was set in ENGLAND. How does that dress fit the theme of Americana?

  • L94

    she's nice but boring :

  • Nayaab Yamin
    Nayaab Yamin

    the fact that vogue puts all of Emma’s habit talk/commentary is just-😂🤍

  • Username

    okay maybe i don’t dislike kendall anymore lmaoo

  • Anj

    this is such an “at my brother’s wedding” Arabia vibes, in loveeeeee

  • Golden Motivation
    Golden Motivation

    Nobody can replace Liza!

  • Babi Lx
    Babi Lx

    Must be so good to be Kardashian rich and be able to wear those amazing outfits


    Why does vogue never get a professional to interview people…

    • nickky j
      nickky j

      why you mad tho? Emma did an amazing job. You're the first comment I see that didn't like her as an interviewer..

  • Ber

    Hilarious that they chose a specifically not American actress in a movie set in England. Incredible

  • Jonathan

    amazing how Audrey's style continues to influence to this day, just a queen🛐🛐

  • leslie beren
    leslie beren

    Kendall and Billie's were my favorite dresses so far.

  • 12_gusti ayu kirana prashanti Yuki
    12_gusti ayu kirana prashanti Yuki

    Why everuone talking about Emma? Who is Emma. I know she is the host. But i mean who is she?

  • ♡

    Woooooow Woooooow OH my gosh This outfit

  • syd

    Best dressed!!!

  • Ginny Campbell
    Ginny Campbell

    Gigi should have wore this dress she would have rocked it

  • Deardhra

    beautiful! love have naturally beautiful kendall looks

  • Ellie Gagnon
    Ellie Gagnon

    The guy has 😻 for kendall

  • Rosa

    Except Audrey Hepburn is all European and has NOTHING to do with American culture

  • Prishita Pathak
    Prishita Pathak

    Kendall is perfect. Period. 👑👑😍❤

  • Vivienne

    Stunning ♥️🇨🇮

  • Emily Mckenzie
    Emily Mckenzie

    Kendall was so warm in this video