Machine Gun Kelly ft. CORPSE - DAYWALKER! (Official Music Video)
DAYWALKER! is available now!
Directed by Machine Gun Kelly & Sam Cahill
Featuring @Valkyrae
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  • Konrad Konrad
    Konrad Konrad

    We all want rock album ,not screamo rap

  • V

    when i started listening on repeat it had 13m views now its got 14m 😆

  • CraCCthedutCh bad
    CraCCthedutCh bad

    Dislike my comment like the dirty little comment it is

  • ladypotato

    [doesn't twerk]

  • V

    can we just appreciate that 8-10 second scream like wth he’s so talented 💛💛 edit:also maybe its me but sounds like “hasn’t slept in days” 00:57 if you get it, you get it

  • bts world
    bts world

    Love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Dylan Van der Kuij
    Dylan Van der Kuij

    Corpse is a damn girl?


    I Like how Eminem destroying him didn’t stop him from making lit music

  • Lovein Babu
    Lovein Babu

    Hmm what if the red haired guy fighting with Colson is Corpse

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda

    Wow, so this sucked.

  • Akansha Basera
    Akansha Basera

    This song is sick!!!!

  • Tim Smyth
    Tim Smyth

    my money on pink hair guy koing mgk w a 1,2 combo.

  • Randy Sams
    Randy Sams

    Mgk is the shit he a pimp bet

  • Foasd Music
    Foasd Music

    Corpse is lit on this one!

  • hello there
    hello there

    Its a song for sure! 👍

  • Ker mit
    Ker mit

    *i wish i wrote this*

  • Zenki

    What if corpse is really a girl?

  • Snow White Tae
    Snow White Tae

    Who watch this about every day

  • Wia Oli
    Wia Oli

    we want fucking more

  • Jay Comedy Director
    Jay Comedy Director

    everything is good. but please fire the makeup artist from 2:01 . Just fire her/him.

  • Nicole Abad
    Nicole Abad

    Is this song DMCA-free? I'd love to play this on my stream

  • Aoitori365

    Looks like Ninja

  • Xxgacha_RosexX

    Is it just me or is the whispering part hot-...

  • Quentin Bough
    Quentin Bough

    White boy summer

  • white lotus
    white lotus

    I know it's not just me that finds corpses voice is so much sexier now that I know it's valkirae!!!!

  • Patrick Barrera
    Patrick Barrera

    I thought you guys were serious about corpse husband face reveal

  • oona

    0:55 timestamp for me when i come back ;-;

  • not swag but that’s ok
    not swag but that’s ok

    angry twerking.

  • Arianna Manmadhan
    Arianna Manmadhan

    1:53 who else thought that valky was gonna lip sync that part of the song

  • Death_beam8

    Dame you make this after emanim killed your carrier

    • D

      U can't even spell career 😂😂😂

  • Devon Cavett
    Devon Cavett

    have anybody realize that he going crazy just from keep saying the word fight ]

  • Devon Cavett
    Devon Cavett


  • Victor KING
    Victor KING



    Holy shit this is awesome WITH BABUSHKA!

    • S y r u p
      S y r u p

      With Babushka, Why are you watching this with your grandmother Lol

  • Becca

    The girls at the strip club were very thankful after I requested this song and they played it

  • Gianni Hunt
    Gianni Hunt

    Now I have to kill own to fit them

  • jaketruffles

    still watching this like everyday, it’s so good y’all killed it

  • lmao tea
    lmao tea

    I love the the end and me and mgk have matching hair

  • The one with the broken ankles
    The one with the broken ankles

    Mgk is one my cousins favourite artist and Corpse is one of my favourite artists so this is a blessing.

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez

    Wtf is this shit trash as F

    • Victor KING
      Victor KING

      Wym, this is hard

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez

    Trash trash 100%%

  • indiepugs

    1:04 gross

  • pwlsixk

    plot twist: rae is actually corpse

  • tomeina mausu
    tomeina mausu

    Valkyrae acting just to cute and happy for the style of the song... I love the song but this video sucks and really doesn’t carry the audio well

    • S y r u p
      S y r u p

      Agreed, Its Almost recorded like a TikTok.

  • jadyn

    this is so funny

  • Camzen

    What did eminem cause , shit. This is good.

  • 〜 Pastel Nutella 〜
    〜 Pastel Nutella 〜

    I still wonder to this day how they did it.

  • 〜 Pastel Nutella 〜
    〜 Pastel Nutella 〜

    **psychopath twerking**

  • 〜 Pastel Nutella 〜
    〜 Pastel Nutella 〜

    Me: gets the best role in audition This: comes out Me: *this is more important*

  • Hayden King
    Hayden King

    1:56 Jeff the Killer? 😀

  • Brent Foley
    Brent Foley

    This song is fucking 🗑

  • xoxo spooky
    xoxo spooky

    This gives me kill bill vibes

  • GreenSnacks _
    GreenSnacks _

    I needed corpse to say the end because I didn’t know otherwise

  • saelum 1 year ago
    saelum 1 year ago

    i think skuna is taking over now

  • ily



    this is trash

  • Rebekah Fay
    Rebekah Fay

    RAE 🙌🏼

  • Ricky

    Who tf actually thinks this is good lmfao

  • yes, its 9 inches
    yes, its 9 inches

    machine gun kelly looks like his backpack is heavier than others

  • mars :]
    mars :]

    this is still so embarrassing lmao... i only listened to it because i liked corpse but i don’t even like him anymore 💀

  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez

    MGK has never been the same after that Eminem diss....

  • yuno

    Cringe hard

  • Isabella Boice
    Isabella Boice

    Oh my God I love the song, the music video, and also like sick hair I love it.

  • Victor717

    I just came here for corpse and rae..... But kelly, why you screaming? 😂

  • lorenna gonzalez
    lorenna gonzalez

    Creo que si mis pensamientos fueran una canción seria esta :)

  • Cinnamon._.tea_


  • Marc Altieri
    Marc Altieri

    i want more songs like this!!!!

  • XD_ Radioactive
    XD_ Radioactive

    1:02 he becomes a bay blade

  • PlantCult

    my little brother thinks you guys are cool

  • Maria reynolds
    Maria reynolds

    I've officially scared my mom

  • OofChan

    corpse looks a lot like Valkyrae

  • Lil Carlos young
    Lil Carlos young

    Plot twist: valkyrae is actually corpse

  • No Face
    No Face

    All the dislikes are from people trying to hit the like button. Change my mind

    • No Face
      No Face

      @mars :] nah, that’s your opinion.

    • mars :]
      mars :]

      no, the dislikes are people who think this song is shit, because it is

  • Pejo Tomas
    Pejo Tomas


  • mike sullivan
    mike sullivan

    Fun Fact: Eminem fought and you lost

    • Cruisehr28

      Fun fact: MGK still slapped Em good with his diss and still has his career. Now you loser ass stans got salty butts lasting 2 years cause he's still around.😆

  • Ahouni

    Wtf did I just witness😟

  • logan parks
    logan parks

    I kinda feel like I want a song like this that is just 10 minute long


    Damn ninja has changed

  • Connor's World
    Connor's World

    So nice of Rae to let corpse posses her for the music video , true friendship 😌 And is no one going to talk about ‘the end’??

  • Glen Bryce
    Glen Bryce

    Eminem did this lol mad

    • Cruisehr28


  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    [ neutral twerking ]

  • Arjun Narayan
    Arjun Narayan

    Mfw corpse turned out to be Valkyrae all along

  • nathan

    this is actual dog shit, wtf is this lmaoooooo

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      i can tell valkyrae was trying so hard not to laugh here hahahahaha

  • MC

    Never try making a tutting choreography out of this. Out of first hand experience I can guarantee you that you will accidentally punch yourself....

  • Deacon Lopez
    Deacon Lopez


  • Donna

    Best. Song. Ever. And I'm old so that means something.

  • Tristen Mcdonald
    Tristen Mcdonald

    Mgk is fucking goofy

  • Amanda Grunstein
    Amanda Grunstein

    Corpse, you NEED to do a duet with Fleurie LOL My workmate killed himself recently... I've had trouble finding music to settle my untroubled cortex, I keep coming back to this to distract me. BUT ANYWAYS, listen to her voice... you will NOT regret. Simply because you're the polar opposite to her voice.

  • rilenixx

    The way MGK throws a punch is laughable. He should of kept that footage out of the video. He weighs about 100 lbs soaking wet. He is not a tough guy but sure wants everyone to think he is.

    • rilenixx

      ​@Cruisehr28 Well lets be honest here. MGK is no tough guy. He doesn't even know how to fight. This is why he comes across in a comical way when he so desperately and consistently presents this image that he wants to be taken serious. He isn't tough and certainly does not have the slightest clue on how to even portray himself as tough. The guy does not even know how to do the most basic move in fighting and that is how to even throw a punch. I don't get it. What is his point? Does he want all of his teenage fan club to start fighting other kids? Sorry but I respect artists who are honest and true to themselves and not some delusional wannabe thug. I have trained in MMA for 15 years now and people who know how to actually fight do not conduct themselves this way. It is just a fact. Real tough guys do not go around acting tough or promoting violence. Only fake wannabes do this. This video is so embarrassing to watch because this is a grown ass man who can only get away with this bullsh*t gimmick with teenagers. I am not hating on his music career but just what I discussed earlier. I personally think his music is awful but I respect those who like this type of music. I am also not hating on his fans. I know the majority are young and the violence he is pushing is not healthy. I implore anyone who wants to learn how to fight to take the classes of the style they want to learn. From there you can master two or three stlyes and even more. A great instructor will teach his students about respect and self control. That you only use your skills for self defense or for the ring if that is the direction you want to go.

    • Cruisehr28

      You act like he's 6ix9ine fake.😆

  • Tristan Virtucio
    Tristan Virtucio

    Kelly looks like Ban form seven deadly sins

  • ethan zachary
    ethan zachary

    almost forgot to watch this today

  • Deanie Beanie
    Deanie Beanie

    i can keep a secret 😏😏😏

  • Aqua Parodies Fan
    Aqua Parodies Fan

    Machine Gun Kelly - DAYWALKER ft. CORPSE (Official Music Video) Do you mean ft. Valkeyrae? 🙃

    • Aqua Parodies Fan
      Aqua Parodies Fan

      @S y r u p I know that, I’m joking 😂 😏

    • S y r u p
      S y r u p

      She was just an actor in the Music Video. FT is featuring people who sang the song.

  • Lacey Dorris
    Lacey Dorris

    Wen is you new song coming out

  • Lacey Dorris
    Lacey Dorris

    Nice music mgk

  • Morality Speaks
    Morality Speaks

    I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't like this song at all

  • Raghav Rampal
    Raghav Rampal

    Why did mgk change his genre?

    • Cruisehr28

      He's rapping in this though.

  • Thx animex
    Thx animex

    Pk pour corpse il ont mis une fille wsh🤣🤣😭

  • Marcus Douge
    Marcus Douge

    i can tell valkyrae was trying so hard not to laugh here hahahahaha

    • Zadie

      She's not... she explicitly said she was trying to seem psychotic, not holding back laughter

  • AKILTO Chopy
    AKILTO Chopy

    Mgk went from 100k subs to 7 mil after these song lmao😂

    • Cruisehr28

      Wtf? He was already at 7M since last year.😆

8 milj.