NO RETREAT! Exclusive PROOF of Voter Fraud | Louder with Crowder
We sent people to Vegas and Detroit to match voter registrations to actual addresses. You’ll be SHOCKED to find out how many were fraudulent. We also recap the Merrick Garland hearings from Monday. And which congresspeople are looking to have conservative media taken off the air?
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  • StevenCrowder

    Even though there was no fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 election, what do you think is the most egregious form of voter fraud?

    • K Ker
      K Ker

      The entire 2020 democratic election process. Lied from the beginning to the end of Biden being president.

    • Darius Severin
      Darius Severin

      Guys guys the nazis clearly are at fault here

    • K Ker
      K Ker

      @Marcy Waltos My husband apparently voted! He's been dead 3 years.

    • K Ker
      K Ker

      @c1985paul Welcome to the new America of socialism and fascism. I want my old America back.

    • True LibertarianPt
      True LibertarianPt

      @Armed baby Its actually harmfull lol

  • Donnie V.
    Donnie V.

    Stopping all 6 remaining states from "counting ballots" because President Trump led by hundreds of thousands of votes in each state.

  • mboydgoogle

    the word to describe all of this is frustrating. We have no means by which to correct the errors. What stops the same thing from happening in 2022 & 2024?

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace

    I dont even agree with everything troy says. But I'll subscribe and like just because I more firmly believe in freedom of speech and fair press.

  • D Storm
    D Storm

    All of the key swing states violated their own election laws. In PA, for example, Act 77 specified an 8pm deadline Election Day, but the PA Sup Ct extended that for three days. However, under the US Constitution, only the state legislature has that power. There was also in PA no meaningful bipartisan oversight of vote-counting

  • Stoned Gaming
    Stoned Gaming

    Seriously, lets get on this! WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!! Hello, im a philosopher and i have realized that government isn't real. it only exists in your mind. Its made up of humans like everyone else and are just as mortal, ignorant, manipulative, corruptible as everyone else. There are no cops because they are just people with the same authority as anyone else. Nobody gets less or more rights or authority than others. Either we have infinite rights or none. life already has its own rule. Unalienable rights, you have the right to do anything and everything so long as it doesn't infringe on anyone else's unalienable rights. Plane and simple, treat others as you want to be treated. These rights can not be taken away or given, you have these rights no matter what anyone or any number of people say. While im talking about government, currency is also fake. Not just dollars but currency of any kind is only worth what we as a society choose its worth. Which means that it has no value because its only in your head. Don't worry though, the world can live without currency but i wont tell you how because its up to you to choose what happens. We could rain chaos and burn it all OR turn this world into a paradise. Philosophy has shown me that life is a strange, interesting, on going ride of all sorts of things that in the end don't matter, will never matter and never has. However, that's what makes it precious, because nothing matters we are FREE to do anything we could previously only dream of. bringing the phrase to life "life is but a dream". Thank you for your time.

  • Evelyn Lipon
    Evelyn Lipon

    Facts are facts- that is why they hate you!!!

  • I does Dumb stuff
    I does Dumb stuff

    FIshows wildin

  • David Shettlesworth
    David Shettlesworth

    OMG, Merrick Garland is a terrible speaker. ANTIFA attack court house at night "not domestic terror" only a attack in daytime Monday - Friday during working hours would be "domestic terror". Idiot.

  • David Shettlesworth
    David Shettlesworth

    Thank you Steven Crowder and your team! Exposing the BS of the Left.

  • Eagle Oneone
    Eagle Oneone

    I just got a paper in the mail saying there's a new polling location and it has my great grandpas name on it. He's been dead for years. I think their using the old records of past generations for their names for their fraud and sending ballots to their old addresses because this house was built by my great x2 grandpa and has been in the family since then

  • jared v
    jared v

    Careful crowder I notice famous people start goin missing, when you expose certain truths

  • carroll marlin
    carroll marlin

    OK, I'm commenting. You "fellers" love to think all Klansmen are from the South. Guess what? The largest number of Klansmen in history of the USA was in the State of Ohio. Yes, the "righteous Yankees" are guilty too! And; my wife's maiden name is Gonzalez.

  • Bellah Hills
    Bellah Hills

    Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Phönix fighter
    Phönix fighter


  • moha mohai
    moha mohai

    keep it up man

  • John Small
    John Small

    Georgia good job no id no vote

  • John Small
    John Small

    Rigged election

  • Levi Roth
    Levi Roth

    Who’s here after he got banned off of FIshows

  • eyes which are red
    eyes which are red

    that outfit is very much emo


    2,700 FIshows employees clicked dislike.

  • LiqwdE Teryx 4LE
    LiqwdE Teryx 4LE

    The proof is out there... wrong show but it applies lol

  • Gracie Giorgio
    Gracie Giorgio

    We need more trump impersonation!

  • Gracie Giorgio
    Gracie Giorgio

    Is illegal immigrant a crime? 😂😂😂

  • Alan StClair
    Alan StClair

    Every news outlet should have done this in February.

  • Timothy Mehl
    Timothy Mehl

    Stand up to Woke $hit

  • Tyson LaMay
    Tyson LaMay


  • Loyal Patriot
    Loyal Patriot

    121K likes and 2.7K dislikes as of this point for reference

  • Paula Kristoffersson
    Paula Kristoffersson

    Was this channel not down?

  • Robert Mendez
    Robert Mendez

    It's back baby

  • T Cline
    T Cline

    What can the average citizen do to change the government beside voting bc that evidently doesn’t do anything

  • 3lite

    Removed huh???

  • egwene21


  • T Cline
    T Cline

    The left did whatever they could to get Trump out of office bc he wasn’t like them. It really hit them hard when America voted for a man that wasn’t a corrupt politician. They are slowly losing their grip on Americans with all the shady shit that happened.


    My favorite was the freeway address in Las Vegas, followed closely by the fence/alley in Detroit.

  • Emerald GemOne
    Emerald GemOne

    There was no need for mail in voting when most states already have absentee voting.

  • Narayan Yadav
    Narayan Yadav

    Joe Biden china and border crisis.

  • diana shepherd
    diana shepherd

    good on ya steven! keep it up!

  • Knorks

    Really wonder when I'll get banned just for leaving a comment.

  • Richard Araujo
    Richard Araujo

    Love the show. Keep it up.

  • Hooga Booga
    Hooga Booga


  • J Sanchez
    J Sanchez

    Ur trump voice is not only impressive u are hilarious....😂😂😂I wish u were running for president...could only imagine the debates

  • Zero Zed
    Zero Zed

    The one I found the strangest was the e that was supposed to be in the road

  • Zero Zed
    Zero Zed

    Now I understand the comments that say "comment"

  • Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Lewis

    Hey I live in cincinatti how do i do that verification thing?

  • Curtis Steenbruggen
    Curtis Steenbruggen

    mOsT sEcUrE eLeCtIoN iN hIsToRy!

  • kolaide

    I love the show, many more people need to watch this!!!

  • Steve ROGERS
    Steve ROGERS


  • J. Morrison
    J. Morrison

    One other point that was overlooked while reading off the names of false 'voters'. The criminals who faked these voters chose these names to avoid being investigated. Figuring that if challengers selected 'non-white' sounding names, they would be condemned as racists before they checked. .

  • Chris Vann
    Chris Vann

    Stolen election. Trump is our real lawful president and not the criminals they allowed in power. Save America. Save the kids. Save America and impeach and arrest the Democrats and Media and big tech and rhinos now!!!!

  • J. Morrison
    J. Morrison

    Today is the first time ever I've heard of 'Louder Chowder' with thanks to my son in law. Now that I am aware, I'd like to repost a few highlighted topics/segments for other to watch. Reposting /sharing segments longer than 5 minutes rarely get viewed. I guess it's the 'I want it fast' mentality we've been conditioned for. Thanks for being a great Libertarian voice of honesty and all the sick humor that goes with it.

  • Maverich Music
    Maverich Music

    Yall are gonna save the united states

  • Tad Robinson
    Tad Robinson

    hey everyone..glad this is still up..any trolls present?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I highly doubt my comment will be deemed permissable by Big Brother FIshows, but I'll give it a shot. I'm not at all surprised by the voter fraud throughout America. This has been going on since George Bush Jr.'s election. Remember the half chad fiasco? His low approval ratings before his re-election? Then along came the Black Knight, Barack Obama. The self proclaimed Kenyan-American, who could not provide an authentic, State issued birth certificate to prove his natural born citizenship status. Yet he was still elected to office. Then again after destroying America's economy and bailing out the automobile industry. Sound familiar? Next was the all American businessman, President Donald Trump. I have zero complaints about his administration. The economy was at the highest in the last 41 years and the Dow Jones peaked at historical levels. He cared about the country and Made America Great Again. Not just a slogan, but an actual promise kept by him during his presidency. I doubt any of Trump's haters could have made the decisions he did, or could have done any better. Now we have senile O-Biden. Destroying America with his Revolutionary War tax rates, World War II Axis of Evil's playbook and Orwellian Future for the American people, especially the natural born citizens. Did I forget to mention the Covid political stranglehold? No, I don't have any more time to waste telling people what they should already know, but are too immature to understand the consequences of their uneducated actions. They are repeating history and I am ready to fight on the same side that won the Revolutionary War, as well as the World War II. The American side.

  • D68 Smith
    D68 Smith

    All the addresses that are not real..........

  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random

    Former vice President Biden is a hologram!

  • colby james
    colby james

    FIshows is salty that you continue to out smart their b.s rules. Keep on bein awesome. Thank you to everyone who makes this hilarious show possible

  • Jennifer W.
    Jennifer W.


  • 早乙女 エイリスSaotome Eirith
    早乙女 エイリスSaotome Eirith

    Hey youtube, how much are you gonna put a bandaid on your algorithm so you can keep shadowbanning patriots? Until the entire system fails? Your problems not ours.

  • Tabitha Adams
    Tabitha Adams

    im waiting to see the curtain fall with hillary back there pulling levers and pushing buttons...

  • 74 Surfboards
    74 Surfboards

    The most convincing bit of evidence I have seen relating to voter fraud is Joe Biden.

    • goalie2998

      The fact that he basically didn't campaign, and ran with a vp that was polling so low she dropped out after the 1st primary. Tells me enough. He also said they had the largest voter fraud system in place says more than enough. Right from the jack asses mouth.

  • gary coulombe
    gary coulombe

    Be careful you'll get canceled , lol

  • Exodus

    I thought they would’ve nuked this by now

  • VultureX3

    Ok so I left a funny.

  • stinkysocks

    Oh my lord I can’t deal with our government right now.

  • SomeBoringDay


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    Dave Wise


  • DFekt Dysfunkshun
    DFekt Dysfunkshun

    I want to start doing this in my area. This is seriously disturbing.

  • lyle Smith
    lyle Smith

    They just put it back up so they don't get sued?

  • lyle Smith
    lyle Smith

    Didn't they ban you because of this video?

  • 887Bingo

    Lol that Trump impersonation is almost perfect!

  • Jon Millard
    Jon Millard

    I feel like this explains why he is “the most popular president” when I know far too many people who were against him rather than for

  • Dina GenXer
    Dina GenXer

    This is what caused the "cancelling". Further proving that there was actual voter fraud. They could have easily brushed it off and ignored it as a "right wing conspiracy".

  • cyan soldier
    cyan soldier

    Your trump impression is insane...!!!🤣🤣


    What is title and artist for the catchy song at 0-25 seconds before Strange Animal cut cranks up? Thanks.

  • Captain Shitacular
    Captain Shitacular

    The sign language when Crowder immitates Donald Trump.. xDDDD

  • scott james
    scott james

    That polo shirt...

  • GravInducedSleepTrac

    Speaking to the Law & Crime podcast Objections: With Adam Klasfeld, Wendy Rittenhouse called for an audit into the money Wood raised for the suspect via his FightBack Foundation. She also claimed Wood and fellow attorney John Pierce used Kyle Rittenhouse's image "for their own political s***."

  • minenoob s
    minenoob s

    The erd

  • Connor Fitzpatrick
    Connor Fitzpatrick

    Monetize StevenCrowder

  • Wesley

    Oh look this is back up in my feed lol

  • Jesse Josiah Hurst
    Jesse Josiah Hurst

    11:27 "the dead ppl voting" how did nobody notice that

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos

    How can this not be proof????? Why is this just being swept under the rug??????? The right wealthy person could hire people to verify all the addresses.

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos

    You should ask Trump to be on your that he's not busy being the rightful president.

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos

    The six hours of eyewitness testimony of their own experiences and the couple of videos I have seen should be enough to get heard at the Supreme Court.

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos

    John Landau reminds me of John Lovitz...they could pass as brothers.

  • tigrey tigrey
    tigrey tigrey

    Hi guys

  • Sweet Dale Colwell
    Sweet Dale Colwell

    Dude fucking youtube keeps unsubscribing me from your page and removing my likes. Ive been subscribed for over a year and shared this video many times. They are hiding shit

  • chuck alfano
    chuck alfano

    No voter fraud, Hunter has never smoked crack, Biden smell kids because he is such a great guy, hillary has never done anything illegal, and Bill didn't inhale! 😉

  • Bl4z3CoM1Ik

    The shit that people do for an N-word pass.

  • Jeff Glenn
    Jeff Glenn

    Back on!

  • Mike Eidt
    Mike Eidt

    Best show on FIshows

  • Christopher Thomas Ashe
    Christopher Thomas Ashe

    Wait , what ? I'm amazed they banned him for this and it's still up . FIshows you can't say no to money can you .

  • Sharting-4-Distance

    Did FIshows undelete this video? I thought they deleted it today.

    • Sharting-4-Distance

      @Brown Fried Rice Post a few to show your proof. Google maps is not always correct and going to the address IS accurate.

    • Brown Fried Rice
      Brown Fried Rice

      Nope, although youtube has grounds to delete this video since Crowder's team is lying about these addresses. I found all of them on google maps :/

  • Jay 3
    Jay 3

    I like to comment just to comment 😄

  • Chelsey Hartmann
    Chelsey Hartmann

    Oh my God I love your black history month episodes XD

  • Ᵽບᵯpꝅɨก ꝅɨกǥ
    Ᵽບᵯpꝅɨก ꝅɨกǥ

    I know Biden is not the true president because CNN said he was, that's enough proof that he lost and trump won!

  • Johnny #5
    Johnny #5

    I'm amazed this is still up.

  • spdkld

    And so this channel gets a time out for a week, while also being demonetized.

  • Casey DiMattia
    Casey DiMattia


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