Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment & Biden Drops a Bomb on Syria | The Daily Social Distancing Show
The Golden Globes calls out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the lack of Black members, another aide accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, President Biden bombs Syria, and the U.S. won’t punish the Saudi crown prince for Jamal Khashoggi’s death. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndrewCuomo
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  • lbb2r

    So it's fine to imitate French accents poorly but its racist to imitate AAVE or Asian accents? Noted.

  • Merwa Derghal
    Merwa Derghal

    Americas obsession with the Middle East and their constant damaging intervention raises a lot of suspicious, I know a colonizer when I see one, but the US makes me respect blatant greed of land, rather than the sneaky void of honor actions they make these days.

  • John williams
    John williams

    #stopwhitehate Racist Dems

  • K. alkordi
    K. alkordi

    #AssadWarCriminal #FreeSyria #FreeDetainees #Justice4Peace

  • A__a Snow
    A__a Snow

    Love the rain effect....

  • Yohanseh LLoyd
    Yohanseh LLoyd

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  • Loretta Spencer
    Loretta Spencer

    Our checks would have been there sooner if the Democrats didn't spend all their time trying to unsuccessfully impeach Trump again! I wonder how much money those impeachment proceedings took? Meanwhile hardworking, tax paying American citizens are paying the price. Rather irresponsible to say they least. The politicians have all the food they need, all the rent they need and can pay all their bills. Meanwhile we suffer while they play games! I think they forgot that they work for us.

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow

    Idiot stooge

  • Mike Przlomski
    Mike Przlomski

    Now that Biden put a stop to America’s energy independence we need Saudi Arabia. 😡

  • jimban

    Sorry your not black enough - Biden

  • AbdulMujeeb Garbadeen
    AbdulMujeeb Garbadeen

    🤣🤣 I just love you Trevor.

  • M

    why only black, no Asian mention?

  • eppieandalice

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  • PB Jae
    PB Jae

    Thank you for admitting you were wrrrr, wrrrrr, wrrrr, well, not completely right.

  • Darrell Kramer
    Darrell Kramer

    And if it's a female "dragon" do the same rules apply?

  • Myeonnigot7

    Trump is bad but Biden bombing is very bad. US needs to pull out of all wars

  • Koris Boris
    Koris Boris

    First time I gave this show a thumps up. Charismatic people always admit if they were wrong, hmm, or was it the other way around?

  • Moo Aea
    Moo Aea

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    Moo Aea

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  • Edmund Chen
    Edmund Chen

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  • RJ Sea
    RJ Sea

    And Mr Modest in Tux hosting Grammys?

  • TEK’s Channel
    TEK’s Channel

    No way, Biden acted unconstitutionally within his first month in office? Oh wait, I've been saying he was going to abuse his power for months.

  • Frederic Deister
    Frederic Deister

    the Parlamentarians verdict is not binding and can be easily overruled

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts

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  • Cherry Top
    Cherry Top

    I’m impressed first time he’s not bashing president trump on his show. 👌

  • Bob Garcia
    Bob Garcia

    What ?

  • Justin Wong
    Justin Wong

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  • Mhsb Nsih
    Mhsb Nsih

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  • Dillon Mazziotto
    Dillon Mazziotto

    Am I the only one who thinks sarcasm comedy is for little men?? 😂 but props for calling out both sides didn’t expext that from this guy

  • GMG

    C'mon we need more democrats to call Biden out. IDGAF, I know I voted for him, but hey. He fucking up.

  • My Name
    My Name

    what about the other people then? chinese? japanese? so you need 1 peson t orepresent all colors? how is that not racist.. selecting people based on color.. idiots

  • christian bj scott
    christian bj scott

    come on those questions mean are you lonely in your life as people have committed suicide because of the isolation of covid, and peoples lives being torn apart emotionally due to this....depends on you have a daughter all alone ?

  • Annie Pibbles
    Annie Pibbles

    I am sorry but I dont think this SCANDAL is as bad as ppl are making of what he did .1st Im a victim of sexual abuse and harrasment so i am not trying to minimize the discomfort the eoman felt but at the same time lets be real here . Cuomo is a SINGLE ADULT MAN and apparently likes attractive woman and isnt SHY about flattering them So he touched her face and showed some interest HES HUMAN and he didnt touch her inappropriately that I heard unless i missed something like he patted her ass or groped her in Innapropriate places even IF he did out right HIT ON HER HE IS SINGLE RIGHT? hes still a man and I think peoole are making way too much of this especially after TRUMP AND HIS PORN STAR SCANDAL and GRAB EM BY THE hooha .When trump went way over the line THEY PATTED HIM ON THE BSCK AND CHEERED HIM ON ?? WTF ? Even IF in fact he did hit on her WHATS THE BIG DEAL? HE WASNT CRUDE OR THREATENING it was awkward for her but not THREATENING or FORCED just AWKWARD and that is not illegsl or immoral its actually typical normal male behavior and Shes Just helping kill his career for republicsns who are out for as many pounds of democrat flesh rhey can consume out of SPITE Shes a pretty girl hes single HOW IS A SINGLE GUY get a date if he doesnt flirt a bit ? I think these ladies may be taking this too far and should get a thicker skin THEY ARENT NUNS or kids they are ADULTS snd woman deal with being hit on alot daily and instead of ruining his careervshe could just BE FLATTERED and express her appreciation for the flattery and politely decline his advances and WALK AWAY if that doesnt discoyrage him in a classy way then she has a problem deservingof media attention and public scrutiny but this to ke jyst feels like a whole lotta nothing but REVERSE SEXUAL HARRASSMENT AND POLITICAL ASSASINATION . Hes ITALIAN and ITALIAN DO GREET BOTH SEXES that way and unless you are

  • Jálale Jeowkr
    Jálale Jeowkr

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  • Robinson Cairo
    Robinson Cairo

    “You really hugging me” in the make out scene got me dead 💀

  • Donald Davis
    Donald Davis

    Did He Do It!! Gov Cuomo If He Did Or If He Didn't.. He Can't Giving The Poor No Money.. So Why Should We Care Of What He's Says.. That's His Problem Not Ours.

  • Lynne Bucher
    Lynne Bucher

    Thanks Trevor for explaining to the clueless why it's inappropriate for a supervisor to initiate dating discussions with those he or she is supervising.

  • Enviro Effect
    Enviro Effect

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  • Just Another FPV Guy
    Just Another FPV Guy

    This dude is a fair wether fam

  • Dino Sajudin
    Dino Sajudin

    This guy is so annoying

  • lauren swartz
    lauren swartz

    The dragon breathing fire! 😂

  • Brian Van Roy
    Brian Van Roy

    At least you admit to being a douche bag. Just don't be one. But, I know you cannot help it.

  • J

    So we had Trump, now Biden... Who's next a Walmart greeter? Just keeps getting more and more embarrassing by the election

  • Rebeca Agoiz
    Rebeca Agoiz

    Why black? Why not native or Asian or latinos? I think representation for all races/genders is super important, I just dont understand why people always focused on the black community when, as far as I've read, the native american are the poorest, least educated group in America. I hope I dont offend anybody with my inquiry. I'm from Europe, so all I know from America is second hand.

  • Mary Magdalene
    Mary Magdalene


  • Silvio V
    Silvio V

    Good thing Cuomo isn't Republican...

  • Steven Alvarez
    Steven Alvarez

    How about BET?

  • Steven Alvarez
    Steven Alvarez

    This is ridiculous!!! Every guy comes on to woman like this... He should of been more aggressive and just asked her to dinner 😂 can’t believe that normal is considered aggressive. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The Mobcast Podcast
    The Mobcast Podcast

    Wow finally truth breaking thru to the mainstream. I’m sure this won’t be dug deeper into

  • Jessie Gabs
    Jessie Gabs

    If you just say a phrase and change subjetcs it MAY be ok. But if you have follow up questions and looks interest in others personal life, speacially if their your coworker, then yes, YOU CROSSED THE LINE!

  • Val Mid
    Val Mid

    *Having regrets already?*

  • R VJ
    R VJ


  • Mridul Agrawal
    Mridul Agrawal

    U ppl hailed him as the greatest governor r the greatest person alive,u have him an Emmy literally,he wrote a book on his own failure

  • Tony T
    Tony T

    Atleast Cuomo asked if he can kiss her. Now thats slso wrong. So ask font ask wtf? Make up your mindds

  • Brad Shymon
    Brad Shymon

    It seems like the military is just changing lovers every 4 to 8 years!? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Brad Shymon
    Brad Shymon

    The make out part was so dramatically accurate! 😂😂

  • rachel brown
    rachel brown

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  • Christian Jakobsen
    Christian Jakobsen

    Trevor your the biggest loser in this case, what dontb you get, aparently "everything" I use to love your shows but you have been home for to long... Flatliner...

  • Christian Jakobsen
    Christian Jakobsen

    Trevor have been home for to long... it starts to make him delutional... An american base was attacked and bombed by that group, of cause its just the President and generals who is in on that, yuou cant make war somerthing going on in the parlement, It would be a Wietnam loser once again... Fast Ratailiation comes from Pentagon & they need to get it approved by the President.. Trevor get a bvrain....

  • icositetrachoron

    Wait until this douche is accused. We'll come back to this video

  • Sandra Fernandes
    Sandra Fernandes

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  • Iiesha Williams
    Iiesha Williams


  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Brandy Tzu
    Brandy Tzu

    I knew the warmongers in Biden's cabinet would let themselves be known. Like Avril "I'm so nice" Haines, but in reality a nasty NSA ghoul. Or Blinken feeding the military industrial complex by bombing the shit out of Afghanstan, Syria etc. They sure didn't waste their time...

  • Rekha Gokhale
    Rekha Gokhale

    America not looking tough sorry. I'm surprised beyond anything at this. I was happy when the war in Yemen was stopped. And now this!

  • earning tomas
    earning tomas

    my new news channel

  • Albert Higareda
    Albert Higareda

    as a republican, after all of the biases and radical claims of Trevor Noah has made on the republican party. I find it truly refreshing to see that Trevor has decency, common sense and morality regardless of party.

  • Robert Gaines
    Robert Gaines

    John F. Kennedy - 'Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside'

  • Era espina
    Era espina

    Wow and you American Government are criticizing out Philippine president on killing criminals and drug addicts the hypocrisy and double standards!!

  • Julian EZ Fit
    Julian EZ Fit

    You are honest bud great work you pick on the crooked republicans and Democrats

  • Hamburger WiZuRd
    Hamburger WiZuRd

    Your not funny Trevor. Stop making content

  • Christine Poquet
    Christine Poquet

    Hey Trevor! I am one of your million admirers but what's with the French bashing here .. the satire of the French Mc Donald's and then you with the Beret and the moustache ,which by the way doesn't look French , but Dali type moustache ...huh? not French..I am Franco'd please me if you did something funny because you're good but really funny about French not making us look like dumb idiots..hahahahahah

  • Brian Becker
    Brian Becker

    Here in 20:21

  • doren Miramar
    doren Miramar

    America as u drop live bombs on other countries Karma has already knocked at your door step and not even your citizens realize it.they are walking to their own doom and have only Americans to blame

  • Limit Man
    Limit Man

    This shit is great lol. The passive aggressiveness and the sarcasm are magnificent.

  • Larry Boyer
    Larry Boyer

    Told ya once Trump was gone he won't be funny

  • marivee romero
    marivee romero

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    TI has entered the chat * expeditiously *

  • ootjetheking

    But what is wrong with flirtations? You can ask someone if they're interested in you? It's not like Cuomo laid his hands on her?

  • Pedro Aller
    Pedro Aller

    5:47 wrong you can use the marine corps to do whatever tf you want as a president without congress. You can fucking murder the president of China if you want to, using the marine corps. Yeah I know you can’t kill foreign leaders but I’m just saying the usmc is the presidents branch and he can deploy them wherever to kill whatever the president pleases without congress

  • Bigga Bless
    Bigga Bless

    Lmao @ this Cuomo investigation. This is a reach.

  • Bo Deadly
    Bo Deadly

    I've always known that the president wasn't even pulling the strings , but who is ?

  • Simon

    See, Biden is just like the rest. No one should be surprised

  • Catharine Donofrio
    Catharine Donofrio

  • Josh Reed
    Josh Reed

    not gonna lie, i supported trump and i lost a lot of respect for you when you started dogging him all the time, but im glad to see you calling out the left and dems on there BS not just trump an the right, so for that, im sorry. respect man.

  • Victoria Moses
    Victoria Moses

    Biden is just...uh🙄

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Chinggis Khan
    Chinggis Khan

    "You should be embarrassed when the Proud Boys have more black members than you" Wait, the Proud Boys have black members?

  • pchelloo

    Women that go after much younger folks, of legal age, for sex are called Cougars; men that do the same are called Aye Ayes. If you don't know, now you know.

  • kinganarkzie

    There is nothing that Saudi Arabia or Israel will ever do that any American president will take action against.

  • tae oh
    tae oh

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  • plgeorge1000

    black British is not black..he

  • jd2616


  • Trueheart Eye-candy
    Trueheart Eye-candy

    American soldiers stay in Kuwait border of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, You never know after Covid-19 the kuwait government ban to enter any foreigner including USA base works for army officers and supplies ..... reducing the employment to live the Middle East . ..... Middle East suffering economic in this pandemic

  • ShapeShifter

    So does this make him a Cuomo-sexual?

  • Dimitri Poupoulas
    Dimitri Poupoulas

    Welcome to Trump world trevor now your gas is going up too

  • Dimitri Poupoulas
    Dimitri Poupoulas

    Oh trevor your so smart keep voting for demons a little buyers remorse lol this is great can't wait till war and inflation to start maybe jb will have press conference but what about the covid please lol losers

  • Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray

    He works all the time give him a break if he got out of line ok that's one thing but he just want see if she was intrusted she said no ok that the end of it.if he continued then he's guilty if he didn't he's not.

  • Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray

    Did you tell him you were not intrusted your a grown woman give me a break if you felt unconmfoable why didn't you just tell him if it continues that's harrasbent not if he just showed he was intrusted

  • Kimberly Howard
    Kimberly Howard

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