Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show
Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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  • Martin Thompson
    Martin Thompson

    I was getting Stevie Nicks vibes from Miley in this

  • Derrick Knight
    Derrick Knight

    Don’t listen to the press/media. Just listen to the talent. That was awesome. 🤘🏼

  • Gingieandskye

    I always thought Miley was a great singer but all the crazy outfits and antics detracted from it. This was great Miley You sounded so good

  • LLG 3PE
    LLG 3PE

    She did great here. She has a Bonnie Tyler / Stevie Nicks feel to her voice in this song.

  • salas dino
    salas dino

    Love metallica forever

  • Charles Munoz
    Charles Munoz

    Good job Miley ROCK ON

  • Miguel Villarreal
    Miguel Villarreal


  • Mathieu Bouffet
    Mathieu Bouffet

    Miley doesn't play. She's Real.

  • Miriam Delgado
    Miriam Delgado

    She’s definitely grown as an artist. Her voice is perfect for this song/genre.

  • Pam Culver
    Pam Culver

    this was so cool to watch/hear! ❤

  • Василий Гусаревич
    Василий Гусаревич


  • Inferno

    Джеймс ONELOVE! Майли никогда не сравнится с оригиналом! Накой ее ваще позвали?

  • Czarina Garcia
    Czarina Garcia

    🙌🙌🙌 wow just amazing

  • Илья Кепов
    Илья Кепов

    Кирк опять лажанул 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kusheen

    Kusheen was here...

  • H Haza
    H Haza

    No just no

  • Bruno Nogueira
    Bruno Nogueira

    Tentou mas deixou a desejar

  • Steve Holloway
    Steve Holloway


  • FadingThought

    Kirk struggling a bit on the guitar.

  • Thrashsquatch


  • Jason McKelvey
    Jason McKelvey

    This is some next level Stevie Nicks shit. Kudos to you, Miley.

  • Linda Lowry
    Linda Lowry

    This is what she should sing.

  • John Willman
    John Willman

    Look at James approval when she hits those high notes.

  • Tora Tora
    Tora Tora

    artists nowdays are such shit compared to the 80s bands and music.

  • MiguelUrrut DarkOrangeFan
    MiguelUrrut DarkOrangeFan


  • Brian Modum
    Brian Modum


  • USMC Young Gun
    USMC Young Gun

    She’s got such a unique and great voice! I also liked her cover of fade into you by mazzy star.

  • Samm3

    wow miley 🥰

  • Muhyeddin Mohamad
    Muhyeddin Mohamad

    Shout out from Kuala Lumpur

  • MormonMustang

    I'm a new Miley fan. My broken Timex still keeps better time than Lars however.

  • Andrea Serblin
    Andrea Serblin

    SHEEP 😂

  • J C
    J C

    Anyone else hear Stevie Nicks?.... 🤔

  • JakeUchiha95

    This was fantastic. High key Miley been on a tear with what shes been doing with music lately and I am here for it!

  • antonio romualdo
    antonio romualdo

    That is cool wow

  • Kristy Hurt
    Kristy Hurt

    That was freaking awesome! She’s got a voice that is just soothes. Love her.

  • Greg Loud
    Greg Loud

    very maryanne faithfull

  • Michele Thorpe
    Michele Thorpe

    She's not that good at covering bands she needs to get on her own music and leave Metallica & blonde alone ..not good..

  • Christian Olivas
    Christian Olivas

    They finally played In e tuning. Great performance Miley and Metallica

  • lotusdell

    That’s so awesome

  • Romário Sanches
    Romário Sanches

    Miley é maior artista da década.

  • César Delgado
    César Delgado

    WTF ¡ This is serious?


    idk about this Mileys remix just cringy af

  • Micro

    is that the gary moore greeny(1959 Gibson Les Paul) .kirk playing wow.

  • Mauricio Sagastume Morales
    Mauricio Sagastume Morales

    Fuera de este mundo ❤️👌😧Genial !!!

  • Bos Gaurus
    Bos Gaurus

    I got chill hearing/watching this

  • Francisco Contreras Montoya
    Francisco Contreras Montoya

    I think she's blondie??? Heart of glass???

  • Isaac Josameovish
    Isaac Josameovish


  • Bill

    There needs to be a movie made just to highlight how great Metallica’s songs are as a soundtrack. The story and emotions that their music conveys is hands down the most powerful. Absolutely riveting decades later

  • Rosie Otis
    Rosie Otis

    Greeny. 🤘🏼

  • Bruno Nogueira
    Bruno Nogueira

    Artista em fim de carreira tentando se recolocar no mercado. A pessoa deve pensar que todo mundo é leigo, e só enganar na música que já vai fazer sucesso. Ficou horrível na voz dela. Essa música não é fácil de ser cantada. Não é só tentar usar algumas técnicas vocais que já vai ficar bem. Artista sabe disso melhor do que nós. A voz tem que ser bonita também. James Hetfield e o Metallica com a elegância e desempenho desde de sempre deram show.

  • Mauricio barquero
    Mauricio barquero

    A mí humilde opinión ella tiene su toque ,pero jamás para cantar con METALLICA ,la cago

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada

    Kirk is playing Greene's, guitar? Wow! History! Metallica rules so does Peter green rip , Miley killed it!

  • Jsantana

    This was so damn amazing! Miley is the new Janis Joplin. Totally Jett vibes too. Wow just wow!

  • gustavo tello
    gustavo tello

    "I liked her voice and she was cool, for this song"😃 She's great and nothing else matters , what's wrong?😒 Written by me, all rights reserved

  • mucsanabuaw

    Butcher the song.

  • SweetMelin213 Berrios
    SweetMelin213 Berrios

    Wow! Loved it.

  • Líliam Bittencourt
    Líliam Bittencourt


  • Chris Ganbaatar
    Chris Ganbaatar

    Mitalica you should sing with the Hu band! It will be awesome!

  • Marcel Carneiro
    Marcel Carneiro


  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo

    Dam!!!!!! 🗽🏆💪🏻

  • Tom Lucero
    Tom Lucero

    La mejor de todas las colaboraciones en este album!! Incluso desde mi punto de vista supera la original en varios aspectos incluyendo la interpretación vocal

  • Trent Boyd
    Trent Boyd

    Holy shit

  • Super Game Channel For Adults
    Super Game Channel For Adults

    Miley killed it! 🤘🤘

  • F A
    F A

    Miley killed this song!

  • Louiza  Prokhorova
    Louiza Prokhorova

    She is incredible!HM become a very great singer!Keep going,girl!

  • Nothing But Real
    Nothing But Real

    That’s a performance from Miley From low voicing to lead voices🔥

  • JediNxf7

    didn't even realize the dramatic solo in this song is James's!

  • GrimFate68

    Has howard put the warning's version of enter sandman on and interviewed them? It needs to happen.

  • JediNxf7

    this studio has better acoustics and sound engineering than any studio Metallica has recorded an album in. Howard Stern life performances are at least album quality, consistently.

  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers

    She sure can sing when she wants to!!

  • A.J. Wells
    A.J. Wells

    Miley is so good.

  • Maximiliano Zanazzi
    Maximiliano Zanazzi

    Miley se convirtió tan rápido en Rod Stewart q no la vimos venir

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Howard looks ridiculous..He's been retiring every 5 yrs since 1990. 4:59 Lars giving Miley his approval..She should've told him "You worry about keeping good time. I'll handle the vocals."

  • Loony Toon
    Loony Toon lost me a few years back...but God damn girl!!! This was beautiful! THIS is meaningful, not that pop bullshit. Do more of this!

  • RCHW

    She has the countenance of the real satan all over her demeanour. Cursed by her own choices.

  • Влада Кириченко
    Влада Кириченко

    Она и правда нравится мне всё больше, чем старше становится

  • The Barbarian Trucker show
    The Barbarian Trucker show

    One of the most beautiful explorers James is playing I've ever saw. The inlays on the neck are next level.

  • Angela S.
    Angela S.

    New respect for Miley for about the past year or so, as she redefines herself as a person and musician. Here, she's reminiscent of Steve Nicks. And Metallica is truly the best. (Love James Hetfield's guitar :)

  • Courtney S
    Courtney S


  • Natália Di Silva
    Natália Di Silva

    A Miley parece q anda fumando uns 100 cigarros por dia

  • Clayton Sollows
    Clayton Sollows

    Screw what people say. This is music and everyone involved deserves credit. Truly amazed with what can done with today’s inspiration.

  • Dimarzio

    no.. how this could have happened to metallica

  • David Rodrigues
    David Rodrigues

    PQP que massa!!!!

  • Chase Leviner
    Chase Leviner

    I just gained a lot of respect for her after this

  • Marisa PG
    Marisa PG


  • David Allanby
    David Allanby

    2:33 Kirk takes a quick power nap 😀!

  • Mike Eaton
    Mike Eaton

    OMFG Amaizing !!

  • MJF

    People say Metallica is selling out by playing with a pop singer. This is so badass to me. I’m not a Miley fan but she killed this and collaborations are awesome. Wish they’d happen more.

  • Donna Eliza
    Donna Eliza

    She is so rock 🤘

  • SurfingKook

    Leave it to Miley to ruin a classic.

  • Darren Grimbley
    Darren Grimbley

    For me, a couple of tweaks, where Miley does backing vocals to James. Or Simply don’t f*ck with it Or Let Miley do an acoustic version or something Was too close to original arrangement but not half as good as James singing it………… Gotta have some balls to give it a go, which Miley has so credit to her for that

  • Imaanyi

    Miley Cyrus is not a singer. She's a force of nature!

  • Rotti-X

    Stern: so Lars we just doin’ nothing else matters. 3 piece ok? Lars:

  • L v R
    L v R

    So all great musicians ey, but the cohesion on that stage is about 0.0.

  • Jane E
    Jane E

    What a voice! That low register she has is just amazing!


    She has a bit of Stevie Nicks about her now, I love the tone and the fact she's sorted herself out.

  • jonas starr
    jonas starr

    Finally, a song she actually sings...

  • Mely Vasquez
    Mely Vasquez


  • Lioness Roar
    Lioness Roar