The Shadow Organization Behind Groundhog's Day
If they silence me after this video, know it was them ...

  • blidrob

    I watched Groundhog Day recently and thought "Gobbler's Knob" was a joke.

  • Ravioli Pocket
    Ravioli Pocket

    I feel like I now have two choices since finding out about Phil. I can either cower in fear and live the rest of my life that way or devote my life to him.

  • bluefeather 64
    bluefeather 64

    I feel bad for the animal

  • Delta insanity
    Delta insanity

    wtf is wrong with americans

  • davor

    shit, now we all know too much

  • GameDevDave

    goddamnit dunkey

  • MZR4


  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!

  • zoakar1957

    I stoped paying attention and come back to 2:29 what the actual f+ck

  • Big Jack Gameplays
    Big Jack Gameplays

    Now we know why black man's Dungly never shows his real face, nor his real voice, nor his real name.

  • Count Dirtbagulous
    Count Dirtbagulous

    As someone who grew up in Punxsutawney, I can cofirm the truth in this video and more. We had assemblys in elementary school to learn the true lore behind him and the town is dominated by different statues of the hog. I'm lucky to have made it out and still be living

  • Alextotal00

    what the hell?

  • [redacted]

    These guys remind me of the one 9 year old at the family gathering who wants attention so (he/she) talks for the baby.

  • jeff

    The threat must be eliminated

  • Mat Varela
    Mat Varela

    ... did that sign say Gobbler's Knob? 🤣

  • yungmonster xs
    yungmonster xs

    So when can I expect to see you and this on the History Channel?

  • Andreas Bodiotis
    Andreas Bodiotis

    I have seen this video an unhealthy amount of times

  • Schizniit

    The magic and wonder that surrounds this deity somehow gets completely sucked out once you hear that its name is "Phil" Yea, great name for a religious idol

  • Bruh Magnet
    Bruh Magnet


  • MidnightLilac

    I kept my silence until I saw this absolute unit at 2:41 with the giant clock around his neck God have mercy

  • Dylan Haire
    Dylan Haire

    This does an amazing job capturing the metal gear atmosphere.

  • TheWitherWarrior

    I love how insanely amused the white-bearded man is just look at his pure joy at 2:19

  • Romulo Resende
    Romulo Resende

    North America in a nutshell

  • viscountalpha

    He knows too much. He knows too much about SUPER MARIO 2.

  • Oussa

    What the F*ck😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • As9_Robot

    This is the most incredible video I’ve ever seen

  • Simak Santana
    Simak Santana


    • Doggle Boggle
      Doggle Boggle

      Phil Nye the beaver guy

  • Hutman50

    can we mention how yikes it is with how many people they have there, plus the dude who isnt even covering his nose?

    • Bubbs

      who cares, 90% were wearing masks and distancing

  • Chaos Slayer
    Chaos Slayer

    Greetings Dunkey. It is me Mark Zuckerberg. Would you please subscribe to me so I can spy on you.


    its wierd that the quality didn't change at all after he said that he is done with making good videos

  • baj a blast
    baj a blast

    3:25 holy shit Micheal jackson didnt die hes the guy in the top left he just changed his name to William Cooper

  • Ng Reaper
    Ng Reaper

    These guys are like kindergarten entertainment

  • Msadasd Vvvac
    Msadasd Vvvac

    what the fuck am i watching

    • Doggle Boggle
      Doggle Boggle


  • Oxfordium


  • Glitch1zilla


  • Dante Vitale
    Dante Vitale

    The QAnon conspiracy is just people who Think Donald Trump is Solidus Snake, change my mind.

  • BenKii

    Now this is a fine video, a real fine video. You can get yourself some first class entertainment here.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    That's one evil 🦫

  • Goon Renegade
    Goon Renegade

    But when is this game coming out!?

  • Read Cox
    Read Cox

    I am afriad.

  • tacticool weeb
    tacticool weeb

    "Gobbler's Knob"

  • Parampal Singh
    Parampal Singh

    dang the toppat clan from henry stickmin back to their shenanigans

  • Griffin Booth
    Griffin Booth

    How can us lowly mortals comprehend the majesty of the seer of seers.

  • MrKushinator420

    The elder scrolls 6

  • Andromeda Galaxy
    Andromeda Galaxy

    Lol, its Groundhog Day, not Groundhog’s Day... Fuckin Phil

  • majlosz21

    -But... how does the groundhog know...? -NANOMACHINES, SON!

  • Hyrum_Hyrum

    Phil's goals are far beyond our mortal comprehension. He is plotting something, but we will never know what it is.

  • Kobke

    The organisation above the Rottenschild family and the bogdanoff twins

  • Dan Hayes
    Dan Hayes

    Goddamn Shadow Patriot and their damn groundhogs. Controllin the weather. OH, and I suppose you expect me to believe that BIRDS are real too! Fuckin' Patriots.

  • John Marstall
    John Marstall

    This is the same cabal that fortified the 2020 election.

  • Tyler Lewis
    Tyler Lewis

    Groundhogs are so cute though

  • videogame clunky
    videogame clunky

    The best thing about this is that he didn’t edit any word on the website

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp

    Dunkey has 6.66M subscribers right now. Coincidence? I think not. Dunkey is collaborating with a satanic cabal affiliated with both the patriots and the Illuminati. If by the time you read this comment Dunkey’s subscriber count has changed, don’t be fooled: he’s just trying to hide the truth by falsely tampering with his sub count number.

  • Sunny 3
    Sunny 3

    The ultimate demonic ceremony, Phil the Beaver

  • Elijah Koufos
    Elijah Koufos


  • Beef Stroganoff
    Beef Stroganoff

    One of the ways you could combat this organization is by playing Real Pool 3D - Poolians. I think you should get on it.

  • Rice

    Phil was wrong about California but right about Texas

  • Asger HB
    Asger HB

    Wow, the website is actually real.

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King

    Another masterpiece

  • Patrick Zysk
    Patrick Zysk

    This is nearing Vic Berger level stuff man. I like this.

  • norway

    This shit can not be fucking real

  • Donovan Clymer
    Donovan Clymer

    I thought he changed these bios for the video but no. Go to the website they’re all the same

  • Nikooo

    Kinda sad to know Dunkey is replaced by a double after this video. You can really see the drop in quality

  • Marvek the Warlord
    Marvek the Warlord

    Philluminati confirmed

  • Donielle Johnson
    Donielle Johnson


  • Stephen Ratliff
    Stephen Ratliff

    Holy FUCK

  • Sergio Lucas
    Sergio Lucas

    The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo?

  • Sebastian Prieler
    Sebastian Prieler

    2 more weeks guys i swear the patriots are in charge. trust the plan wwgowga

  • Bier B
    Bier B

    They look like they're genuinely having fun. This must be the happiest shadow organization out there.

  • Poly Proxy
    Poly Proxy

    I am woke.


    Play Ghostarunner

  • HerosTheme


  • mario sena
    mario sena

    Thanks for the video dunkey

  • Nynx Nynx
    Nynx Nynx

    I need a part 2 NOW

  • Very Dumb360
    Very Dumb360

    i would like to believe that they're doing this for fun but that would be like believing the moon landing was real.

  • That Developer Guy
    That Developer Guy

    It's not even a hog

  • yrlousy

    Watch out,,,, you might get suicided

  • Bing Bros
    Bing Bros

    When you hear Punxsutawney Phil's prognostication on February 2nd be a believer A beaver believer if you will

  • manwiththemachinegun

    The La-lei-lu-le-lo! How is that POSSIBLE?

  • swittchblade

    When did you decide to start making good content again? I thought you were done with that? It didn't even seem like you lasted for 1 video. Just back to making good content. I thought you were going to change dunkey... What a disappointment.

  • JusticeSoulTuna

    The 'Seers' part was a missed opportunity to make a joke about George Sears, aka Solidus Snake.

  • Luigi Plumirson
    Luigi Plumirson


  • Johnathan Kindall
    Johnathan Kindall

    this is like actually so weird wtf

  • Garrett Wright
    Garrett Wright

    I lived in Punxsutawney for three years. They have a cartoon statue of the groundhog outside every major business and the schools, and the school mascot is the Punxsy Chucks. A couple years back the immortal groundhog died a couple days before his big day so they had to replace him. Also, they keep him in a glass exhibit in the Punxsutawney public library throughout the year.

    • Shee Vanoos
      Shee Vanoos

      Y’know, as old as Punxsutawney Phil is, I can’t find any reason to believe you. Praise our almighty Seer of Seers, Punxsutawney Phil.

    • Gilbert Fry
      Gilbert Fry

      You mean, they keep one of his avatars in their knowledge archives, a fitting temple for one of his intellect and perspicacity.

  • Christopher Goothrox
    Christopher Goothrox

    Thats a lot of damage

  • Voss

    I can't believe dunkey shot himself 5 times in the back of the head after this

    • Y Du Live
      Y Du Live

      His mind could not fathom the beauty of Phil

  • Sharkspinner

    Please make a sequel about sand mountain Sam

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams
    Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    they eat children blood for satan

  • Mihael Gyöfi
    Mihael Gyöfi


  • ChristianFilmsssTM

    “Wait a minute, Punxsutawney Phil’s head isn’t that big.” Phil removes his head. “It’s fucking Garfield!”

    • Rye Bread
      Rye Bread


  • Ta Boss
    Ta Boss

    I wish someone would tell me I'm beautiful like he tells that groundhog he's beautiful 😍

  • CezrDaPleazr

    Great, now I'm being watched

  • Slatur Winters
    Slatur Winters

    Just when I think Im a worthless piece of trash I see people like this and get a breath of fresh air.

  • LezOrg

    3:03 Help the Seer of Seers is locked up and being held hostage by a white bearded funny dressed old men gang

  • Paul Mememan
    Paul Mememan

    I've never watched this ceremony before but this is at least the 3rd most elaborate pretext I've ever seen for grown men to play with a groundhog and get drunk.

  • zuljingald

    He knows too much...

  • Beedle the boi
    Beedle the boi

    Do people actually believe in groundhog day in America?

  • Whi te
    Whi te

    This groundhog has been wrong as all fuck so many years in my area. This is bullshit

  • Isaac Gettings
    Isaac Gettings

    this is spooky

  • Friendly Salad
    Friendly Salad

    phill: can i go back to bed now?