The D'amelio Show confuses me
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My A/C stopped working the other day so this video is fun because you can watch me slowly get sweatier.

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  • bawaw.

    drew, youre in the middle of the screen, get out of the way

    • Hi there
      Hi there


    • Defender of Justice 707
      Defender of Justice 707

      It was great, and then the reply made it greater

    • opacafe


    • pufnstuf isnt well
      pufnstuf isnt well

      I love your pfp lol- stay fresh and stay off the hook !!!

    • Sierra Love
      Sierra Love


  • Weeb-u Breafs
    Weeb-u Breafs

    Definitely no jokes but you might have made up for it plus I don’t mind these video types

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    That’s what so sad about famous kids is they are literally being robbed of the basic right to decide what you want to do with your life and take action to improve at it.

  • Respawn Mods
    Respawn Mods

    Insightful. This is the kind of thing I subscribed for. and this 5:04

  • Jason Chiu
    Jason Chiu

    The amount of pressure the D'amelio family is getting exceeds that of any hydraulic press channel on FIshows. Their show might as well be a hydraulic press channel with them as the object in the center of business and society (the hydraulic press).

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      No matter how those parents pretend to be nice and cool, noone who exposes their children to the public like this are doing their job right

  • ThePWNagePWR

    When you order Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Wish.

  • MLGPhoenix


  • nb

    literally so well said

  • Mia M
    Mia M

    I think the parents are so so sketchy and selfish

  • zebr 01
    zebr 01

    5:28 - me every single day

  • Ximena Davila
    Ximena Davila

    I feel bad

  • ella renee
    ella renee

    drew you are brilliant

  • Stephanie J
    Stephanie J

    Real Dad Energy here and I'm loving it

  • Poire_Cactus

    I saw a compilation video of all the panic attacks and tears during the Damelio Show. And man these girls are so sad it’s very hard to watch. Poor girls

  • Reese Permoda
    Reese Permoda

    its like a freaking walmart "keeping up with the kardashians"

  • S4n1tys_f4ll


  • abby darlin!
    abby darlin!

    charli is cutey

  • Santi Retiro
    Santi Retiro

    When I saw the clips of Charli and Dixie having breakdowns. Thats when I realized "Oh, heck, I'm so toxic." I didn't like them, I hated them, I thought they were privileged rich girls. And YT and their controversies just made me hate them more. But then seeing those clips made me see how awful of a person I was here in media, commenting mean things. Now, I would never. NEVER. Those clips gave me a realization that social media influencers life don't end when the cameras are off. In fact, their not normal teenagers like us. Charli works, she has millions of ppl observing her every one, one mistake and your done. I don't wanna be one of those ppl anymore.

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia

    Well then Charlie shouldn't have stolen and taken a little black girl's dance, getting all the fame and fortune that don't even belong to her 🙄

  • Pip Pip
    Pip Pip

    No matter how those parents pretend to be nice and cool, noone who exposes their children to the public like this are doing their job right

  • Adorablycute Kitten
    Adorablycute Kitten

    I feel like at this point with everything they've gone through they do deserve to be famous. I feel so terrible for them having to go through all this.

  • m

    great video drew

  • Axel Maldonado
    Axel Maldonado


  • Red Cocoa
    Red Cocoa

    Its easy to advocate for mental health when you are advocating for yourself, but we have to remember that it also means empathizing with other people, even if they're rich and famous

  • Scootie_Pootie

    the parents are soooooooo at fault for this too, if they really felt care for their children they wouldn't pressure them to continue getting more and more famous and more rich. You can see how the parents are so excited to be rich off their kids, they don't want Charlie to quit and it's putting her thru so much guilt. She can't even be a teenager, she's just a money-maker

  • Jeongyeon

    Why do you have two?

    • m

      two of what?

  • ak Novak
    ak Novak

    that went from haha tiktok person on Hulu!🤣 to oh.... tiktok person on hulu 😦

  • Mojo's World
    Mojo's World

    I dont feel bad the De milio chicks or however you spell it, yes drew sites a whole bunch of obstacles they will face, big and scary ones, but you know why you shouldn't feel bad? Because whatever negative mistake they make, it wont be as detrimental to them, they would have to go full Lindsey Lohan to burn it all down, they could go half, even three quarters, but hell it takes some fucking effort to go full lindsey, and if they do get that bad, the repercussions STILL wont be as bad as some random non famous person losing there shit and going off the rails into a midlife crisis, they would instead benefit financially a least a little bit even from fucking around so much, life granted them luck, lucky they will be, darwin's law still stands but its quite hard to see from their sellable15 million dollar home. They'll fun on the emotional rollercoaster, they never have to wait in line, and the conductor slows it down for em at the scary parts, yeah i dont care.

  • Sandwich Dos
    Sandwich Dos

    I gotta say I didnt expect it at all, actually, I expected the opposite, but Dixies new song psycho is actually very good.

  • Claudia Jade
    Claudia Jade

    Getting too famous too fast when u maybe didn't even want to be famous. Like u made some tiktoks. Maybe u just wanted to finish school and get an office job

    • Sally Hope
      Sally Hope

      Reminds me of Sarah Lynn's line from Bojack Horseman: “I wanna be an architect..”

  • Allyson Appleby
    Allyson Appleby

    at about 5:00 kinda started to remind me of sarah lynn

  • Squigl Net
    Squigl Net

    "Kim, there's people that are dying." What the actual fuck that's so funny

  • mandi’s luminals ♪
    mandi’s luminals ♪


  • Benjamin Szentpaly
    Benjamin Szentpaly

    Very good video. You are so smart.

  • Bradhp11

    when people were getting mad at charli and dixie for being picky eaters was like "thank fucking god I'm not a celebrity."

  • Ful Crum
    Ful Crum

    Dixies hotter than charli

  • Aaisha Badlani
    Aaisha Badlani

    This show could've been just an Instagram account and that account could've been a thought. Yeah, should've just been a thought.

  • Thither Shook
    Thither Shook

    Some seem to forget that the armidillos got famous from stealing the renegade from a black tik toker and it SHOWS

  • Lisa Chen Ng
    Lisa Chen Ng

    17:23 Social media has not democratized fame for the every day person. There are still marginalized groups on social media - they are under-represented and underpaid. They have better content but the algorithm does not make them famous.

  • JamesGamesALot

    I really enjoyed this. You can always count on Drew to not punch down. This is a much more nuanced take then you would expect on FIshows.

  • victrola2007

    I accidentally caight a promo where the family speaks about putting everything on the line as a family. No ... no pressure there..

  • xi

    *TL;DR: Some of y’all need to get over yourselves lol* I saw some comment say that “they’re soft”. No shit. One is 17, the other is like 19. I’m pretty sure neither of them expected to get famous over night, nor get so much hate from people online. And you can always say, “It’s the internet, what do you expect”, but they’re teens. They don’t know what to expect. They don’t know any better compared to those grown ass adults pressuring them to do crap for millions of people. Stop blaming these kids. It’s not their fault they got famous, it never was. It’s not their fault they get hate, it never will be. Even if they weren’t kids, it’d still be fucked up and wrong. Being on the internet doesn’t automatically make you emotionless. It’s not even the same as “Just turn off your screen”, because they probably face it in person, just like how they face the paparazzi. I know the mfs saying “they’re soft” wouldn’t be able to handle all this attention at a young age. I’m not saying they should be affected by every little thing, because honestly, they shouldn’t. If they’re going to continue this career, they’ll have to get use to it, and just accept the fact that’s there’s gonna be bad people. But that’s just what makes this hard. Some of y’all ain’t realizing how overwhelming this is, and others are choosing to stay ignorant and it’s just plain annoying. Also, a question for the people saying “they’re [the sisters] rich”: Do you seriously think that ALL the money the D’amelio sisters make from their content actually belongs to them? sorry for the essay

  • SquishyTM

    he be so wise

  • Renni

    I actually kind of feel bad for Damelio, she clearly doesn't want to do any of the things they have planned, but they make it seem like it's in her best interests, as if she doesn't already make enough money, when of course, they're just doing all of these things to make money for themselves

  • Joel Haver
    Joel Haver

    One of your best videos. Really well said, a little empathy and compassion goes a long way.

  • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
    Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal

    Yeah dude Managers always seemed Sus as fuck IMO, never really liked the concept too much

  • Isabel Hansen
    Isabel Hansen

    Just to add on to the singing bit, when you're learning, it's ROUGH sometimes. Sometimes you screech, sometimes you crack, or a note just can't come out. I remember being filled with dread when everything went online, because that meant I had to practice in my house where all my roommates could hear me. It can be very embarrassing and so having a private place to go and make mistakes in front of someone who is rooting for you is ESSENTIAL. I would hate to be have a voice lesson filmed, and I've been singing for like 4 years now.

  • Lacy MacDougall
    Lacy MacDougall

    Kim, there's people that are dying

  • Mr Troll
    Mr Troll

    I think they are also in a unique situation because most of her fame isn’t even from dancing, she is mostly famous just from being famous. (Kind of like pewdiepie, except he is an adult and can actually handle it)

  • Tabi Cooper
    Tabi Cooper

    Is no one talking about how the family assistant is called Alexa…

  • Teresa

    What u were talking about around 9 minutes is so agreeable, I Talk about it all the time. Like people would have to work and work for their career like let’s say ur a artist u would wanna build up that respect and get everyone to like you, but if you did not build up that career most people would not even know what you can do and you would have nothing to work for, like BAM done with ur life done with ur career journey nothing, children should be able to preserve their own contentment and not rush into fam

  • Big Berd33
    Big Berd33

    You need to make a video on the countries bears

  • Demetre Hicks
    Demetre Hicks

    Bro it like ksi’s music career his older music wasn’t great but now he’s on the billboard

  • Mark Duck
    Mark Duck

    Do people even watch this show

  • topasu

    "this doesn't appeal to me, therefore it is bad"

  • Conner Paul
    Conner Paul

    I don't dislike them as people, I don't know them so I can't judge them. I really dislike how they got rich and famous doing basically nothing

  • oh monica
    oh monica

    Great video

  • Magali Araujo
    Magali Araujo

    this is all their parents fault... how can they expose their children like this and push this hard?

  • Ashton Lagleva
    Ashton Lagleva

    🔥 this show!

  • Royce

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like He-Lectrix from Incredibles 2? lmao

  • Jashakers

    I get such big brother vibes from this video.

  • Vyk Epp
    Vyk Epp

    I still don't really have sympathy for them it's not like they needed money to help their family or themselves like Bella Poarch, it's a choice, their house before they were famous was almost worth $1 million

  • Kamika

    If you wanna watch a good light hearted reality show about a family watch chrisley (I forgot how to spell it) knows best

  • D4rkPurple

    i like this video

  • heather j
    heather j

    I can’t with them saying “they do things normal kids do!” & then it shows them simply laughing. Yes, such regular. Much normal.

  • MARVELousNTired

    Interview with Hollywood parent Ryan Reynolds: “You have 2 [now 3] daughters, and you don’t want them to be in show business?” “No, no mostly because I’m against child abuse.” I have so much respect for that man.

  • cristinaaa

    this show is actually incredibly sad and you just feel sorry for them while watching

  • mini smalls
    mini smalls

    so many famous artists who started at a young age SUCKED at first. these people who are already famous really don't have the luxury of privacy.

  • Mithun Nair
    Mithun Nair

    Man this video was so good❤️ it was not just another video of hating tiktokers just for the sake of it

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts

    I just hate society for getting her this famous in the first place 🤢🤢🤢 Just how bored are we as a society

  • Ismael Hernandez
    Ismael Hernandez

    LMAOO 2:39 Holy shit i might need to watch this

  • Gray Ham
    Gray Ham

    Remember when the paparazzi killed princess Di in paris?

  • Carrie Doss
    Carrie Doss

    Their entire life revolves around trying to be relevant so when they have haters it’s like their only version of a crisis, and they have a TON of haters because they’re talentless insufferable brats. So they made this show with an agenda to try and get their haters to feel bad for bullying them and for everyone to feel sorry for them. And you all bought it…….. 🙄😑

  • Indiana Olson
    Indiana Olson

    Reality is often disappointing. And boring.

  • Gonkosan Roberto
    Gonkosan Roberto

    Drew, this is honestly a fantastic, deeply empathic and reflected video. You are just one good fella.

  • Carrie Doss
    Carrie Doss

    Drew... Yes, they did LITERALLY sign up for all of this… LOL

  • Støemp

    10:58 no, you don't. Major industry labels do that for you.

  • Fee Fee
    Fee Fee

    Her parents need to learn how to draw the line and thus teach the girls to say no as well. They can say no to some of these opportunities and save their mental health.

  • Rockin

    I was expecting wacky commentary and I got grounded life advice. I'm okay with this, you made so many good points

  • Kai S
    Kai S

    reality tv is so fake. drama is so scripted and everyone acts weird. It's not fair they got caught in the crosshairs

  • Offline_Indefinitely

    holy shit. seeing those files laid out as your "future." puts some perspective aye.

  • karan khodabakhshi
    karan khodabakhshi

    I have never agreed with something more than this...


    Train food is a thing, sometimes they even have cafes

  • Colin

    Why would you even watch?

    • Chris Larson
      Chris Larson

      so almost 2.5 million people(its just how many views the video has) dont have to watch the show

  • Annika Brekke
    Annika Brekke

    thank you so much for this, i love you

  • Naimah Jangha
    Naimah Jangha

    If my eyes do not deceive me, that is the Explosions in the Sky “take care, take care, take care” album behind you, and I am LIVING for it

  • Sam Libbrecht
    Sam Libbrecht

    Came for laugh, left with smart. Good vid.

  • Fruit Milk
    Fruit Milk

    I feel really weird about their parents. Kinda seems like they’re shoved to stay famous? I can’t assume obviously. But meh.. a little suspicious imo

  • Sandraaa

    It would be great if the girls could watch this. But due to some super harsh “critics” I think they’re scared to look at any videos like this that may even offer good advice. Sucks but we can only hope they find their way.

  • Lilly M.
    Lilly M.

    I'm not gonna bash some 17 year old or her family... *But the name D'Amelio sounds like a noodle brand-*

  • Ariana Ruiz
    Ariana Ruiz

    theyre the most followed ppl on tiktok yet i still have never seen any of them on my fyp

  • CHY Xsrat
    CHY Xsrat

    Let's just stop talking about them both neg nd critics Let's just pretend they don't exist

  • First Last
    First Last

    she looks unrecognizable. Edit: Lol, nvm I didn't realize there was a sister hah.

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    manager and do something they’re good at.

  • Belle Nicks
    Belle Nicks


  • listen 2 me bc 1 care
    listen 2 me bc 1 care

    i think the biggest thing is dixies music has NO FEELING. she hasn’t used her own song & how do you make MUSIC if you can’t at least change the song to have a little bit of your feeling, but she doesn’t, she’s just singing, anyone can do that

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      I think it was a great show. It humanized them. It didn't dramatize their life's like the Kardashians. I think the parents made a good choice allowing them to do this show. It mak

  • ashen

    I like hearing your insight on more serious topics

  • biggest simp
    biggest simp

    i actually enjoyed it..

  • free real estate
    free real estate

    Mm, yes, let's make a show about these teens that have done absolutely nothing to deserve all this, nothing of value, nothing of real purpose. And now that she has gotten all this money for purely wanting to make pointless silly content, she is being sucked empty by parasites that are called managers. She has nothing but this "career", she doesn't even know what she wants, and she doesn't have time to figure it out. It is unfair for them, but also to those talented people who deserve to get this kind of opportunity, but never will, because they just aren't lucky enough to get there. It's not right to throw these girls into fame and let corporations milk them dry and then spit them out, usually by making them look like fools and such. This isn't serving anyone, not the audience nor the girls. The only people it's serving are the money hungry people who are ready to ditch these girls immediately when they aren't viable anymore.

  • Canna Bunns
    Canna Bunns


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