Therapists Review Movie Couples, from 'Twilight' to 'La La Land' | Vanity Fair
Relationship therapists Laura Heck and Zach Brittle review romantic relationships and love as seen in movies like 'La La Land,' 'When Harry Met Sally,' 'Love and Basketball,' 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' 'Casablanca,' 'Bad Moms' and 'Hope Springs.'

Laura Heck and Zach Brittle are certified Gottman therapists and relationship experts. As public speakers and authors, respectively, their insights on therapy have reached the masses. Check out the institute they're a part of and their Marriage Therapy podcast at the links below:

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Therapists Review Movie Couples, from 'Twilight' to 'La La Land' | Vanity Fair

  • Kal Solo
    Kal Solo

    “But as a human being with two fuckin eyes” lmaooo

  • edits among other things
    edits among other things

    the background music is distracting me but i like the conversations

  • Davon Griffin
    Davon Griffin

    A lot of the time ya'll right but some times ya'll wrong a person can be lying about how they really feel about someone they lie to they self then they lie to the person they really want so it go both ways

  • ronald carlo argate
    ronald carlo argate

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  • Fulcrum

    Please break down the relationship between Ellen Ripley and the Alien.

  • MaevaBM

    i think therapists should be allowed at some point to tell people when they think the marriage is unsolvable. It feels like such a betrayal to hold on for years with someone ruining both time energy and money with some consultations when the therapist actually knew a long time ago that this was not the way for each of them.

  • Rika Okumura
    Rika Okumura

    Zach cut off Laura wayyyyy too much in my opinion. Let her speak man

  • Martin James
    Martin James

    She also punches another guy for laughing at a joke (Paul) she resorts to violence many times, often to Jacob and is the worst role model for any teenager in the world

  • Rebecca Gibson
    Rebecca Gibson

    Sure, Bella shouldn't have punched Jacob. But he sexually assaulted her, so she punched him. Justified, in my opinion.

  • Jason Swam
    Jason Swam

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  • Deborah Eichelberger
    Deborah Eichelberger

    I disagree with the response to love and basketball.

  • Petak Zametak
    Petak Zametak

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  • Samuel Steiner
    Samuel Steiner

    Nobody I mean NOBODY hates Twilight more than Robert Pattinson

  • Nate Levinson
    Nate Levinson

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  • Noura Farih
    Noura Farih


  • Reya Mathur
    Reya Mathur

    Can you do one for 'After' series as well? I mean I am in a hate love relationship with that series

  • rainyfloww unevilable
    rainyfloww unevilable

    i feel there is a lot of common sense taking place but twilight should not be looked at in a way as a relationship you want to look up to and i feel everyone should know and understand that. i feel everything about twilight is quite awful except for the actors and cinematography.

  • Sam Melia
    Sam Melia

    How many people paused at that fire alarm? I thought I'd left something on in the kitchen!

  • D A
    D A

    I like how they went over when Harry met Sally, thats my favorite romcom

  • Muhammad Hayyan
    Muhammad Hayyan

    they should watch tamasha, bol, i am saying it will blow away your mind

  • chong jessica
    chong jessica

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  • Ghostly Mania
    Ghostly Mania

    could you please review "The Last 5 Years"? It is free on youtube and it's a very beautiful but heartbreaking story

  • William Chen
    William Chen

    The sleepy spaghetti potentially part because blow uncommonly film below a abounding justice. cute, bad pancake

  • baby heart
    baby heart

    I don't wanna date anymore.

  • jude anne *the candor channel*
    jude anne *the candor channel*

    I identify A Great Deal with the difficulties the couple in Lala Land went through that ultimately kept them apart. I thought this analysis was quite good but maybe not affirming enough of the potential those two missed out on as their love failed to survive in the heat of their separate ambitions. For me at least a longer, fuller analysis would be great! But if you dig into the Ryan Gosling filmography please skip "The Notebook" unless you compare it to the more mature love story told in the novel... It'd be nice though to analyze how Gosling and Emma Stone bonded through a confessional, sexless all night conversation in Crazy Stupid Love. (Pretty much the only thing I liked about that movie, though the separated long married couple still missing each other was touching in places.)

  • jude anne *the candor channel*
    jude anne *the candor channel*

    I've come to really enjoy these videos! I'm more than seven minutes in. Great so far... If these two, if you guys -- hi therapists 🙋🏼‍♀️ -- jump on the bandwagon and trash Twilight, which I have a very non-standard interpretation of that has led to my enjoyment of an even admiration for the first wife a novel in the last two movies... It's bad enough I'm going to be alone on Thanksgiving (fiancee melt-down) -- if you guys trash Twilight...I don't know what I'll do...😭😢😭

    • jude anne *the candor channel*
      jude anne *the candor channel*

      YaAay... Common sense discussion of Boundary Issues in Twilight. No cheap trashing for easy laughs!!! Thank you!--Great video~!!!

    • jude anne *the candor channel*
      jude anne *the candor channel*


  • Emma Haselaar
    Emma Haselaar

    Does anyone know the trompet melody that plays at love & basketball?

  • Pambo Pascale
    Pambo Pascale

    wow ! kim catrall !!

  • BB McKinlay
    BB McKinlay

    Love and Basketball. I love that movie deeply

  • Laura Espitia
    Laura Espitia

    Vanify fair killing it with the digital content

  • Dustin

    Love these two therapists!!

  • Lola Vedette
    Lola Vedette

    Any other situation, I would support the self defence theory but not this instance. She already pushed him away, and he's not trying to continue and is just standing there which makes the punch look even more obviously out of place so... nah. She defended herself already and he complied by stopping what he was doing, the late response punch afterward was unnecessary. Also, if this was a stranger or someone behaving violently towards her, that would be one thing, but this is a close friend of yours confessing his love and getting carried away, no need to act like someone stalking you down an alley! The guy she does choose was a stranger that actually snuck into her bedroom and watched her sleep! She has her creep radar backwards.

  • stahp pls
    stahp pls

    The female doctor's eyes disturb me Her eyes go wide almost randomly in normal conversation. It's not her fault, but I avoid looking at her in the screen now

  • Annadxscent

    The girl tried to be sweet about her disagreements and the guy was just like hating on everybody

  • phoenixfriend

    Please could you do a therapists' analysis of Titanic?

  • Aly pixar
    Aly pixar

    God knows we only came for Twilight

  • theladynim

    I could watch so many episodes of this

  • Rayne

    Guns and words are the same thing?? I understand the analogy but pretty sure that guns are a much more immediate danger and actually kill women in domestic abuse situations all the time

  • SummertimeFine95

    Clearly he ain’t seen Love & Basketball

  • ransom


  • Sahdah

    flesh.... warmth... (AND ASSAULT!) YES this comment was so good. Twilight was so problematic.

  • Fantastic Beasts 3
    Fantastic Beasts 3

    Some couples just aren’t compatible.

  • Bethany Mulligan
    Bethany Mulligan

    I would love to see a review of Shrek and Fiona’s relationship!

  • Modupe Adebayo
    Modupe Adebayo

    Acrimony should be next up

  • jj

    Y’all rlly got me with the twilight thumbnail lol

  • Peyfa Lehrramp
    Peyfa Lehrramp

    I'm certainly going to use their opinions and facts in my life now, and I don't even have a boyfriend 😅.

  • Gametress

    I'd like then to review therapist in media. Specifically the scene in Fleabag which I LOVE!

  • Athena Jaxon
    Athena Jaxon

    I was always team Edward because he only wanted Bella to be happy while Jacob wants her to be with him no matter what, Edward dosen't get angry that Jacob kissed Bella he was angry it was done without her consent also yeah Bella had every right to punch him if a dude kisses you after you tell him you aren't interested you have every right to defend yourself

  • Brandon Alice
    Brandon Alice

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  • Precious McKinney
    Precious McKinney

    If you haven't already, can you guys do the devil wears prada?

  • Carol Vidotti
    Carol Vidotti

    I love When Harry Met Sally

  • RelaxWithRonnie ASMR
    RelaxWithRonnie ASMR

    all i hear is mike wozowski in harry met sally

  • yohomoominn

    please do one on atypical's couples esp elsa and doug

  • Erica Dean Glenn
    Erica Dean Glenn

    I love that they did Love and Basketball. I'm forever trying to psychoanalyze that movie (or the characters in it, rather). He wanted her to be there for him, but couldn't handle that her dream was as important to her as his was to him.

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang

    That twilight one is even worse when jacob turns out to be in love with her daughter.

  • Rachel Souza Rocha
    Rachel Souza Rocha

    Do The Notebook 😍

  • SummerDummer.

    I loved how edward defended bella

  • Paisley Brooks
    Paisley Brooks

    Can y’all do a whole video on Twilight like y’all did with Friends Rachel and Ross? Pleasee.

  • Valentina Gabriela Bobilca
    Valentina Gabriela Bobilca

    Please do Jim and Pam next

  • Stephanie Capelache
    Stephanie Capelache

    I'm learning so much with you guys

  • Cozy Reader's Pack
    Cozy Reader's Pack

    I will say I don’t like Bella, in other scenes it is not him forcing himself on her it’s her responding to him and kissing him while in a relationship. I don’t particularly like her but hey 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Cozy Reader's Pack
      Cozy Reader's Pack

      And also, the hitting I once thought was okay in my much younger mind, I do feel it is completely wrong, just as it is for him to be touching her and kissing her while she is obviously uncomfortable with that

  • Crow & Cloud
    Crow & Cloud

    It is okay to punch someone who violates you.

  • Maja Nakić
    Maja Nakić

    Jacob is not her partner, he forced a kiss even though she clearly said she doesn't like him that way, so she had the right to hit him.

  • Kayla Empson
    Kayla Empson

    More more more

  • Mayara Petropolis
    Mayara Petropolis

    I wish they had analysed Edward and Bella relationship! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Amber ts180
    Amber ts180

    13:03 I got chills when Laura looked into the camera and said, "Look, you don't get to ARGUE with someone's FEELINGS." If I don't take anything else I understand and believe that. Thanks for that lesson, Laura.

  • Katie Turner
    Katie Turner

    Please look at the relationship in save the dance

  • Mugi Ikari
    Mugi Ikari

    Y’all should both watch the whole movie to get the full context of what’s going on instead of just one scene because a lot of the critiques didn’t really make sense

  • Alexia Maldonado
    Alexia Maldonado

    They should've done the first or second twilight movie. God that was toxic

  • spamfilter32

    So, going back to the Wanda Sykes scene, if you try to get the couple to engage in an empathy exorcise, and it completely backfires as in this scene, what do you do to recover, or get the session back on track?

  • spamfilter32

    speaking of Casablanca and balancing 2 men at one time, have you ever counciled thruples? Have you ever experienced successful thruples?

  • melanie heath
    melanie heath

    If therapist can't be honest and as professionals tell you, you'd be better off if you divorced, if they can see that's what is best. That is very alarming.

  • Aura Luna
    Aura Luna

    I would love for them to review the relationship between Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim in Maniac.

  • Acid

    "We don't pull guns out in conflicts" HA.

  • Shadwa Barghash
    Shadwa Barghash

    Plz analyse Lucifer & Chloe relationship

  • Katherine Shearer
    Katherine Shearer

    Anyone else think their fire alarm had gone off?!

  • kimmykun

    Nothing but straight people. Okay.

  • Sami Greenberg
    Sami Greenberg

    Any of the arguments in the Before Sunrise trio, though especially the one in the car in Before Sunset

  • devilpupbear09

    These guys are buzz kills during movie night

  • Leslie's Exciting news!
    Leslie's Exciting news!

    I decked a dude who assaulted me after I pushed him off. He's lucky that's all he got and not a law suit and jail... Which he deserved.

  • LizzieDlove

    Watching this video makes me wonder if my partner and I need counseling....

  • nessthing

    being absolutely killed with ads

  • Aspic

    Yay for Edward promoting clear explicit consent! I had forgotten about that part.

  • The Revolutionary Revolution
    The Revolutionary Revolution

    I would probably drop a therapist that called women "hussies" 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • laraontoast

      ^^ THIS

  • Caidalee

    Didn’t know about the fire alarm in La La Land, and y’all made me panic about the oven I have on 😂😂😂

  • Sarah Ann
    Sarah Ann

    I really wish that they would’ve done the last five years. They could’ve talked about the if I didn’t believe in you scene or see I’m smiling. As a theatre fan who has been in a toxic relationship like that I would’ve loved to know their thoughts on that relationship.

  • Andrea Holguín
    Andrea Holguín

    Could I please know the name of these instrumental songs they play during the video? I loved them!

  • L S
    L S

    these people are giving their opinion for BOOMMERS . as a MILLENNIAL i don't feel represented in your opinion. The basketball thing, they are completing omiting the fac that he CHEATED on her as a way to "make her notice him" WTFFFFF- speak your mind bro and don't expect anyone guessing how you are feeling cuz we are not mind readers and this should be the FIRST RULE of relationships: couples, friends, family.

  • Costa Papa
    Costa Papa

    La La Land: Dysfunctional relationship with everything handled badly. Love and Basketball: Unhappy couple but appropriately handled break up. Twilight: Overstepping of boundaries and straight up assault. Casablanca: Defusing a life or death situation with expertly handled body language, even though emotions are running sky high. Bad Moms: Unrealistically innapropriate marriage councilor and laughably bad relationship. Hope Springs: What everyone wishes going to a marriage councilor will be like.

  • Niki V
    Niki V

    "flesh and blood.." "and assault" 😂😂😂😂

  • The Angriest Cat In The World
    The Angriest Cat In The World

    You can keep the coffee table, but I ABSOLUTELY must have that Maxfield Parrish painting in the background!! (Envious meows) 💕 >^. .^< 💕

  • Tiff Prendergast
    Tiff Prendergast

    Of course Kristen is in pain

  • La Porta D
    La Porta D

    Who's iPhone was that? lol

  • xosofine02

    Saw the Patagonia and immediately that the male therapist was in Seattle lol

  • Amy Carlson
    Amy Carlson

    How was that a ‘bid’ for connection when she has a gun in her hand?! Lol. No.

  • DaliiLars

    More like Therapists review plot devices.

  • PhilosopherWR

    This video gave me an 'ah ha' moment about how to push the relationship dynamics forward between two characters in one of my novels. Unfortunately for them it's going to suck. I hope they can survive a fall out. I'm going to have to keep them together through the situation and circumstances.

  • Mai Badr
    Mai Badr

    The fire alarm signifies their relationship going up in flames. It was burnt just like dinner.

  • Doctor Corgi
    Doctor Corgi

    Please comeback I want more of this. I would like to see there take on highschool relationships. Since there's a saying "Anything before you're an adult doesn't count" or "anything in highschool doesn't count." I would love to hear their take on this.

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M

    I second the best friend comment. I'm marrying my best friend in 3 months