Robot Wars: Extreme - Top 15 Battles (2001)
It's time for another countdown, with the wonderful battles of Extreme next in the limelight
15. Tornado.
14. Tornado.
13. Chaos 2.
12. Pussycat.
11. Razer.
10. Pussycat-Diotoir.
9. Behemoth.
8. Firestorm 3.
7. Combat Ant.
6. Hypno-Disc.
5. Thermidor 2.
4. Tornado.
3. Razer.
2. The Steel Avenger
1. Tornado.

  • The Runaway Kid
    The Runaway Kid

    One of the biggest ever mysteries to me is how stinger became one of the highest seeded bots by just being an axe and two wheels 🤨 man Thermidor 2 had a powerful flipper

  • Q Libas Q li
    Q Libas Q li

    Segala setan dan iblis bergabung gaes........

  • Rik

    Put together a compilation of the 15 worst fights lil

  • WhoaJoe

    Watching Hypno-Disc there makes you wonder, how the hell did Tornado somehow beat it?

  • WhoaJoe

    Wish we could see the decisions

  • Ray Anderson
    Ray Anderson

    15:43 I think Razer set itself on fire on purpose there. Sheer intimidation factor.

  • Impulsive999

    Tornado and hypnodisc where the goats back in the day


    The comentator is too much constipated

  • Josh Amidon
    Josh Amidon

    Stinger has to be the most boring bot I've ever seen. It doesn't even have the strength to leave a small dent in 20 gauge sheet metal.

  • 만두윤


  • oilerfreak

    This just shows how BAD the robots were in the beginning, I made it 3/4 of the way bedore quitting.

  • Bryan Gilmore
    Bryan Gilmore

    It’s like trapt covered smells like teen spirit

  • Gary Bourke
    Gary Bourke

    Battle bots is better.

  • Runaway Plane
    Runaway Plane

    Robot Wars Extreme really was the Tornado show.

  • FlowPlusNRG

    Stinger is more like scratcher.

  • FlowPlusNRG

    The sawblade of the home robot is weak AF. Ive never seen it cut through anything.

  • memespace

    So what loophole did Gemini exploit in order to have two robots?

    • memespace

      @asw853 thanks for the reply! In the last 3 days I've been doing the deep dive on Battlebots and Robot Wars, and I ended up seeing many other battles with cluster bots and mini bots. I actually just went and found and read the publicly available 2020 Battlebots ruleset too (once I heard about the weight limit bonus for walkers that the new version of Chomp got). This could be a really cool sport if developed a little more, though I think the real sport side of it is going to come from the smaller weight classes, where the spectacle of television is less of a concern, and it is just more technical. I'm loving catching up on 25(+/-) years of it though, and looking forward to where it is going to go eventually. I feel like the weight bonus for walkers was aimed directly at Boston Dynamics and Big Dog 😆

    • asw853

      None. You were allowed cluster bots - sets of robots - as long as they met the requirements (not over weight, etc.) between them. And originally, as soon as one or other cluster bot was out, the whole set of cluster bots was considered beaten, although this did change such that the whole set had to be beaten to count as out. Seems like cheating, but actually requires more thought to essentially make two robots from one.

  • Matt 19
    Matt 19

    When tornado had that stupid frame added around it that just completely ruined not only the robot but just the battles. Sure it ended up winning but only because it wouldn't fit into the pit.

  • RantingRamsay

    This list is pretty boring. Any fight with wild thing is a total snooze fest. The disc the announcer raves about is worthless. As soon as it touches something it has no power. Pointless. Useless. Boring.

  • 13 Jack McIntyre
    13 Jack McIntyre

    Extreme may not be the best series but always the most nostalgic. Had it recorded on VHS as a kid. Love these best ofs, great for binge watching

  • R Wilkins
    R Wilkins

    Man, Tornado was truly an underrated machine! Very effective spinner and pushing power for the time!

    • MegaMr46

      Even though I thought they have Clever defense against Razer

    • James Moore
      James Moore

      Good machine, not so good team

  • Sporkinstien

    I used to think tornado was good, till they pulled that disgraceful bullshit against razer with that cage. Never shoulda been alloud in the first place and it completely tarnished all respect they had

  • Jeff

    20:21 Really? What the hell was that all about. The ref bot sure as shit should not have been allowed to interfere like that. Whomever was controlling the ref bot should have been fired right then and there. Absolutely ridiculous!

  • The Teutonic Order
    The Teutonic Order

    Pussycat vs Stinger was like two downsyndrome kids try to kill one another with styrofoam swords

  • ROB Bohea
    ROB Bohea

    Suicidal Tendencies looks like the Razer you get off Wish.

  • Fet

    3 2 -

  • feanorfeuergeist

    7:27 it has internal fire supression system ?

    • The Teutonic Order
      The Teutonic Order

      I think it was from the floor.

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media

    Wild Thing was worried about the speed of their wheel and forgot all about torque.

  • KimmyR3

    the ref bots are annoying. whoever was controlling them don't want to act as refs and just want to have their own go at the battles

  • Beanbag

    I want to see a battle between tornado and 20 roombas 😂

  • Hawk of Battle
    Hawk of Battle

    No one: Absolutely no one: Killalot: "Guess I'll catch fire then!"

    • Join the Mole man army
      Join the Mole man army

      It has a gas motor so probably fuel tank

  • Values and arts
    Values and arts

    7) I like exotic martial arts, but some are better than others.

  • matt kemp
    matt kemp

    19 years ago ! shut up !

  • Rich Lee
    Rich Lee

    I love these videos, but PLEASE please add in who won? Just put some text over the finale and say who the judges decided. It'd be easy to do!

  • LoPhatKao

    the big bots are neat and all, but i actually wish there was more publicity for minibots like fight 7 looks like a cheaper 'entry level' type of robot battle that more people could get involved in

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr

    I'm glad that Battlebots don't have the house robots. They crowd the floor and they interfere a lot. Let the gang battle it out.

  • Andrew Wagner
    Andrew Wagner

    Some of there robots i could stomp out with my bear feet.

    • Ray Anderson
      Ray Anderson

      What did you do to that poor bear?

  • Nebosvod gonzalez
    Nebosvod gonzalez

    That Blade Spins Fast but it has no Torque so it bumps then gets stopped.

  • Tony's Sweet Vids
    Tony's Sweet Vids

    some of these i swear, they dont even have a weapon that would actually do damage, like wtf does stinger do, poke at you?

    • Erik Ruser
      Erik Ruser

      Robot combat has come a long way since 2001.

  • Jason Roy
    Jason Roy

    I think its stupid to have those extra robots in there.



  • Simon_Riley

    Wild thing with the most useless weapon lol

  • The Real Char Aznable
    The Real Char Aznable

    Firestorm going after the house robots at the end with Wild Thing was hella ballsy and super wholesome in a way Like "HEY. NO. HE'S BEEN COUNTED OUT, IT'S OVER, YOU STOP THAT." At the same time tho the house robots are like "I didn't hear no 'cease'."

  • Ruslan Mukha
    Ruslan Mukha

    He so screem like something happening, but its so boring,

  • Ruslan Mukha
    Ruslan Mukha

    So boring

  • อดุลย์ชัย ราชมณี
    อดุลย์ชัย ราชมณี

    Why is there a tumult? I don't like it. There is a supplement. How is it?

  • 전세현


  • Wizzle

    Isnt this great without all the dramatic score boards and shit?


    5 matches in and I'm highly disappointed!! Some of these bots are totally useless! If a bot successful used its main weapon the entire match and the other bot is still mostly alive and well, it's a crap bot! And there were a lot of those in this video

  • Tomodachi Amico
    Tomodachi Amico

    Apart from hypno disk, you choose the worst 🤷‍♂️

  • Jamie Liristis
    Jamie Liristis

    Love it when someone attacks the house robots!!!

  • donovo

    Why did this show ever stop

    • Robert Bull
      Robert Bull

      Because the BBC destroy anything remotely fun.

  • Mawmein.

    4:14 I don't like how he said pussy blade

  • vincent bryan
    vincent bryan

    The people in the audience seem like they going too crazy for what’s really going on

  • Douglas Shrum
    Douglas Shrum

    get the "REF" 4out of there and let them go at it with no interference

  • hans dieter
    hans dieter

    Why is he called tornado? He doesn't did enything, he should be called Pusher. That's everything he did all the time

    • dougaldog89

      I think it was because when it won as it would spin really fast on the spot

    • hans dieter
      hans dieter

      @Mawmein. oh I can see why he is doing what he did. I just don't understand why they call it tornado. I mean he doesn't spin something, he is not even turning around or something like that.

    • Mawmein.

      This is because there is a grinder on the front and you need to push against to actually do damge

  • Slobodan Reka
    Slobodan Reka

    But... who won?

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    Man I ain’t complaining that this was playing instead of Indian guys building pools

  • Sam D
    Sam D

    Hypno-Disc is a bully lol

  • Turner By Design
    Turner By Design

    so many commercials, please remove 90% and you'll still have 50

    • ً

      Theres no ads now

    • Mike Rotchburns
      Mike Rotchburns

      Yandex Browser on mobile/tablet, Ad Block Origin and/or Ad Block Plus on computer browser. No more adverts *anywhere* unless you whitelist the specific site.

  • Nicolas Rosario
    Nicolas Rosario

    I get guys being into this but girls too?

  • Knap Gamen
    Knap Gamen

    Love the battle music they use.

  • Trent Cluff
    Trent Cluff

    3 2 -

  • JT Collins
    JT Collins

    anyone else high right now watching stupid sh*t like this?

  • Collin Phillips
    Collin Phillips

    Well I guess killalot is not invincible

  • ReDeLiOnZ

    PussyCat is way to weak, he falls easy.

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li

    That two fights of Tornado vs Chaos2 were timeless.

  • Callum Waring
    Callum Waring

    I watched this live when I was a kid. Awesome show!

  • George Hopkins
    George Hopkins

    gang shit

  • Enrique V Blancas
    Enrique V Blancas

    I've been living under a rock, I just discovered this show. I knew about UFC, Boxing etc but never about robot fights.

    • MassReflux

      We work really hard to keep this going and spread awareness for people like you

  • JaxxPot

    Skynet is comming

  • CAngel

    Why I'm here?

  • Roo Marr
    Roo Marr

    Are you looking at the same footage as us J? Coz you've NEVER got it right!

  • Roo Marr
    Roo Marr

    Jonathan twat-head full-of-bollocks spoils 2000 years of Robot wonder football is so shite.!!!!!!

  • max burns
    max burns

    Inarius likes the idea

  • RfX_Laykie

    Qui est la apres la video d'overteck et migon

  • LeoLeCepe


  • Sonic Rose
    Sonic Rose

    Man it would so fun to watch a bot like Hydra, Tombstone, or BiteForce just destroy all of these

  • the lawl something
    the lawl something


  • twitchster77

    00:11 3... 2... minus sign!!!

  • Pagapollo

    Hypno Disc is such a great robot

  • club4ghz

    You doing animal cruelty you monster i will report you to FBI

  • A E S T H E T I C マインド
    A E S T H E T I C マインド

    Battlebots and Robot Wars aren't the same thing?

  • Smhgerald Roblox
    Smhgerald Roblox

    Can you fight the house robots

  • L Murphy
    L Murphy

    Anyone notice there was no pit release button in the Wild Thing v Firestorm

  • myname604 .FCKgoogle
    myname604 .FCKgoogle

    What? The animal cruelty bots haven't banned this yet?

    • Ro-

      @Sir Ratman there was a news article that these bot fight battles on FIshows were going to get banned because of animal cruelty.

    • Sir Ratman
      Sir Ratman

      What? Which ones?

  • mtereletsky1

    I can never figure out why someone would spend the time and money and effort to build a bot that has literally zero chance of winning... Ie Stingers waste of an entry... Unless youre bored and rich but if youre rich why would you build and enter what amounts to a spiked dildo on wheels ... Get that S the F outta here!

    • L Murphy
      L Murphy

      Stinger finished 3rd in one series

  • Conscis

    No one Not even trump Not even obama Not even james charles Not even god himself FIshows: AnImAl aBuSe Btw im a new channel wanting to grow.

  • Japper Jin
    Japper Jin

    This is animal cruelty?

    • Salvador Sanchez
      Salvador Sanchez


  • Ultra Instinct Megaman
    Ultra Instinct Megaman

    They are no match for the Mad Grinder.

  • Jonathan Deguzman
    Jonathan Deguzman

    Worst robot was gemini.

  • Alexander Haugh
    Alexander Haugh

    3 ...2 ... --- ... GO!

  • Randall nguyen
    Randall nguyen

    @31:12 That kid is so mad and salty LUL

  • Zombonii

    3, 2, -

  • Сергей Белоног
    Сергей Белоног

    Stinger reminds me some guffi dick.

  • TheShermanTanker

    Wtf these robots weigh more than 100kg and they are so small No wonder they have such strength, they secretly have lots of mass

  • Dichill

    Oh my god this video is full of ads

  • maktob barber amatiran
    maktob barber amatiran


  • Othmar Garithos
    Othmar Garithos

    Lots of style, control, damage... and aggression here.

  • Rick Rhymes
    Rick Rhymes