Playing Guitar on Omegle but I take song requests from strangers...
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  • Solrac

    2:12 I thought it was because he was a Perfect Pitch

  • Natesh Kumar
    Natesh Kumar

    Buddy, you did a cover of the song named "mood" once, can you do the full version of the same? Plz....

  • Robloxian8659 OwO
    Robloxian8659 OwO

    Wow, I just found out about the channel and now I just want to check out what's Omegle!

  • Alex Oberg
    Alex Oberg

    Where's glitter poop girl?

  • Yanki Green
    Yanki Green

    The dude that requested 2000 light years away. Idiotnation salutes you

  • bluedogfighter

    Your daddy calls me daddy

  • dtx_ JC
    dtx_ JC

    2:24 my mans was about to play sum daft punk 😥

  • Ender RJKD
    Ender RJKD

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to play that god damn Arctic Monkeys song

  • TDO West
    TDO West

    I need you to play full songs like this and post em SOMEWHERE PLZ

  • Joseph Good
    Joseph Good

    “Wait that actually goes hard gimme a second” absolutely shreds

  • XT Swift YT
    XT Swift YT

    07:08 my guys dancing is god

  • gub

    When people ask you to play a song, just say no and disconnect. Pretty epic idea I know 😎

  • Zintor

    can we please get the dooo 5m? I beg


    I wanna be like u one day Playing any song just by listening to it


    Man you are white as a paper You sick or something?😂

  • Dygit

    mary had a little thunderstruck is cooler than I thought it would be

  • Patrik A.P
    Patrik A.P

    -The dooo? -Yeah! -skip intensifies-

  • el doof the 3rd
    el doof the 3rd

    I would subscribe only if you play CKY 96 quite better things

  • Kyle Yang
    Kyle Yang

    I need the time the doo gets on omegle

  • nerd ism
    nerd ism

    he needs 5000000000000000000000 subscribers right NOW

  • Joshua

    I wonder how many people in his videos even know they are in a video on FIshows or even see them.

  • Takeshi Yamato
    Takeshi Yamato

    that girl who asked "is this the doo?" is really pretty

  • Jake Diamond
    Jake Diamond

    “Are you the Dooo?” Yeah what’s up *girl leaves*

  • Jake Diamond
    Jake Diamond

    Please play GOAT by Polyphia

  • Vedant Sayankar
    Vedant Sayankar

    5:03: About to say something 5:04: Confusion 5:05: Realization

  • Yazhu Kivdron
    Yazhu Kivdron

    Guitar lesson vids when?

  • SimpleScoutTrooper

    dooo's pale body turns me on

  • Slash gilberto
    Slash gilberto

    Love you Bbg

  • Mr BennPulse
    Mr BennPulse

    Digital love is an amazing track and sounds even better from you bro

  • Caleb Hogan Eyre
    Caleb Hogan Eyre

    Daft punk guy was just vibin

  • Alexander Wesström
    Alexander Wesström

    This is the first time you played Juice WRLD and im so happy for that☺️

  • Obamas Jeans
    Obamas Jeans

    Do obviously takes steroids to play guitar

  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez

    Im considering the doo as literally one of the best musicians of all time, no kidding. And the first one to make shreeding sound appealing for a non guitarrist, im a bass player btw.

  • Mr Jezox
    Mr Jezox

    man how are you so pogchamp

  • Twan_theGoat _
    Twan_theGoat _

    Digital love got me there😂

  • Nirvanna 777
    Nirvanna 777

    your stupid good man lol


    I’m gay now

  • Lie

    Please do yot club - ykwim 🙏

  • Nutrition

    "Naw that's beta as hell, I'm not going to wipe"

  • MrMcMaster

    I need to know how you made that sound when you were playing blinding lights. Sounded like a techno synth or something

  • Night Shadow N
    Night Shadow N

    Yo "that's beta, I'm not gonna wipe" best comment ever dude, I was ligit laughing for ten minutes straight, ligit got ice cream to come out my nose. Now it's burning. Love u doo, would love to call and meet you too bc your amazing

  • Doctor Doritos
    Doctor Doritos

    Nobody Nobody at all... Random girl:PLAY THE FUCKING GUITAR

  • R34L S41Y4N
    R34L S41Y4N

    Man, you thrashed that Green Day track!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Harkhelm

    If it ain’t crab simulator, I don’t want it!

  • Jordan Rivera
    Jordan Rivera

    I bet after this vid people will be watching Arctic monkeys thing

  • Point break, gaming
    Point break, gaming

    can we please make an album of all the juice wrld songs

  • Auvo

    Why would someone ask, "Is this the doo?" Then skip you.....

  • X2Antidote

    I want you to do a cover of Rockstar by nickleback

  • pastet2

    Everyone says he is talanted but no one say he is hard working for this

  • Enzo Hold
    Enzo Hold

    I still think that a person can dislike content as healthy as this.

  • amir_ ayrem
    amir_ ayrem

    6:29 rip to daft punk .. .

  • N S
    N S

    He needs to make a full version of the Mary had a little thunderstruck

  • Aidan Koleno
    Aidan Koleno

    I would love to see a full cover on all girls are the same

  • Michael Nee
    Michael Nee

    Mary had a little stroke

  • MehmeTunceaux

    5:47 damn bruh she pretty

  • boredomline 86
    boredomline 86

    Was that guy with curly hair at little over four mins young Ruud Gullit? Wow.

  • Jericho gragasin
    Jericho gragasin

    4:36 Man be like: I'm inlove with this guy.

  • Mattnis

    5:08 I thought one second you'd play Welcome to the Jungle...

  • Ramiro Cruz
    Ramiro Cruz

    You are so fucking talented..... ..... now go do that to some bitches

  • Karter Cardinal
    Karter Cardinal

    that guys face at like 4:15 was like wtf

  • tyrantxreborn

    stranger: the dooo? thedooo: yeah!! *skips*

  • Ethan Mag
    Ethan Mag

    Find the @ of the girl at 5:49

    • Ethan Mag
      Ethan Mag

      U man actually will

  • Doctor Z
    Doctor Z

    The Doo just gives free concert and those dudes dont appreciate it wth

  • MD 79
    MD 79

    Pls would anyone be so kind to write me what did dooo say at the end of the video ?? 09:48

  • 102Jonjon

    Billie Eyelash

  • Xyrus

    Imagine if he played without distortion

  • Braedon Lewis
    Braedon Lewis

    Being named braedon I was not ready for that

  • ReD Zen
    ReD Zen

    2:22 If Dooo got robbed

  • Homemade Sessions
    Homemade Sessions

    The last guy was drinking mate? Or he was smoking a pipe?

  • bj sherrick
    bj sherrick

    its been a week since this vid has been posted yet I still can't get over "nah thats beta as hell im not gonna wipe"

  • Homemade Sessions
    Homemade Sessions

    You're great, i love your videos, and your voice is perfect for ads 😂

  • One Cell
    One Cell

    I am so sorry but the rat teeth on 8:35 lmao

    • I like nougat
      I like nougat


  • Zane Hix
    Zane Hix

    Are we not gonna talk about the doo veins wtf

  • Evan Montilliano
    Evan Montilliano

    Bro can you please make a full version of "blinding lights" by the weeknd? That was pretty dope, lol like what that girl said🤣🤣🤣.

  • isaac duran espinal
    isaac duran espinal

    Digital love was insane!!! I appreciate much that thedooo know daft punk

  • Jeff Dauer
    Jeff Dauer

    The world needs you to shred some Bone Thugs.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    aaaz z@a a a sqaqa

  • Clueless

    Beta as hell

  • Kebab King
    Kebab King

    its crazy how much better you have got on guitar since you started playing :) so clean well done

  • sweeperchick

    Dude legit farted on Omegle and purposely included it in a video 😐😂

  • hyejooluv

    THE GIRL WHO SAID PLAY THE GUITAR THEN SKIPPED??? is so mean what the Fuck

  • #SingingismyPassion

    You are the reason I started learning guitar

  • Mazin Zahid
    Mazin Zahid

    Hey what is ur guitar model?

  • Rockunderthemoon

    Request on your next Omegle can you play rage against the machine or gun's n roses songs please

  • F_R_E_E_Z_E

    4:14 Needs a Full Version

  • Michael McGrady
    Michael McGrady

    Dooo I've been going through your vid again and I wanna say thank you for making great content. It's been helping me through a tough time. You rule dude!

  • Dia

    2:24 im dying inside whyyyyy he didn t ended 😭

  • Caleb Schoepske
    Caleb Schoepske

    *playing guitar on omegle but doing what i usuaully do*

  • King-_-WarBoy PS4
    King-_-WarBoy PS4

    'PLAY THE FUCKING GUITAR!' I was crying bruh

  • Overlord Maniac
    Overlord Maniac

    Next Video 1min Guitar playing, and 9min Raid SHADOW LEGENDS

  • AU Automation
    AU Automation

    You should start playing songs in games again to get reactions, that was great as

  • Luciano Rosica
    Luciano Rosica

    His version of Digital love by Daft Punk is very similar to the David Escobar version, great!

  • Yusoff Amer
    Yusoff Amer

    Aot song pls

  • fdz 2
    fdz 2

  • Fan Fun Gaming
    Fan Fun Gaming

    5:46 that's pretty damn

  • PlayWithPanda

    Imagine post malone reacts to ur rockstar cover :D

  • Minor Gamer
    Minor Gamer

    i Is your guitar bass or electronic

  • silver knight
    silver knight

    Plz make a video on ran online -old theme song if you can

  • Melih Ünal
    Melih Ünal

    6:01 +the dooo? -yea *disconnected

  • oz Aksu
    oz Aksu

    7:13 is no body going to talk about how good this teen is dancing 😂

    • Atoms Matter
      Atoms Matter

      Apparently not