The Future Of Reasoning
This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
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"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
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  • S. Alexander
    S. Alexander

    My mind is clearly up my ass, trying to keep up with the herd, baahhh baaaaah!

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    So glad vsauce stopped messing around with these youtube tv shows and got back to making masterpieces

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    Anti Riku

    hehe michael good one, almost convinced me that i may be wrong from time to time

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    Michael is such an insanely influential figure for so many. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😎😎😎☀️☀️

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    Bruh Moment

    I feel like I understood all of this video and it's so weird

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    E.T. Deubner

    Me: I've got a COUPON!! Not me: BET!!

  • Slim 74
    Slim 74

    Lies all of this. A foolish belief of tbe tree of knowledge. Starting with the evolution god is man lie. To reason being god by the ttee of knowledge believers in France 1793. Love your neighbor as you would yourself. Use your mind to help others. Not lie to control what you believe are " beneath you".

  • James Labrado
    James Labrado

    Begins with "Where is our mind" ah sheeit it's gonna be a good one innit

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    I guess for 2021 D.!.N.G is dead and vsauce is gonna be the channel to post on

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    Mitch Welburn

    Guess I'm an alien then 😅

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    Robert Aguilar

    not a bad idea, should do a test run at the higher education system to see how well it works first though. the current system is very flawed but it works when the right people are in charge

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    Litarely 1948

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    im sad he partnered with b*ll gates but oh well maybe he's using him. or something

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      best video ever though I loved it

  • Kris

    Meanwhile in America: does the opposite and abandons all reason I'm other to elect unqualified celebrity personalities

  • Luke Perkins
    Luke Perkins

    "the mood recognizing parts of your brain operate in a way that is OPACUE to your awareness" mind = blown. this is the best analogy to brain function i have ever heard.

  • Kris

    Tldw: Ape together smarter

  • purple12334

    This video explains social media so well, and so much about political discourse in 2020 and 2021.

  • Yuunohu

    did this man really just solve America like that in 30 minutes

  • UHFStation1

    Maybe do a video on if the brain and mind can ever be separated?

    • Lions4322

      Brain=mind, for now. Only way I see a plausible separation is by uploading the data that makes up a person's mind to cybernet. As for now, we dont know what data is essential, and what is noise. And then there's the problem of consciousness and all that...

  • Rogue Planet
    Rogue Planet

    Resource-Based Economy is the application of the scientific method for social concern. This is the best path forward. If you want to defeat that reasoning, you have to use the scientific method against itself, which only makes it stronger. Have fun living in a sub-par society until everyone figures out that that is the best path.

  • Joshua Talley
    Joshua Talley

    President by lottery?

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    Dechronrod derp

    That is my problem, I look at the world like a logic puzzle.

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    I missed Vsauce videos so much!

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    That was so good, for so many reasons.

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    The impossible kid, here. Hmm. Thanks for saying something.

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    Michael L

    The number of people spelling the name Michael wrong in the comments is honestly alarming

  • Francisco Manuel Sánchez Rubio
    Francisco Manuel Sánchez Rubio

    Think it's really nice how the "solves problems" part featured a power bank. Indeed, but if every tool that makes life more convenient is a part of our mind then the entirety of human made structures on earth are.

  • PowWow Animations
    PowWow Animations

    1:57 I was expecting the other song to play

  • Shaun Rose
    Shaun Rose

    It feels like everytime I learn about something, Michael expands upon it that same week. I just found out what the 'Great Filter' was last week; and now, Michael has uploaded a video with the 'Great Filter' in.

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    Garrett Wright

    The return of the king

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    I HAVE THE SAME CHAIR FFFFFFFF IOMG!!! I am one with Michael :')

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    Please make these more often ❤️

  • Krison Nilo
    Krison Nilo

    We are not programmed to be bad or good that’s irrelevant we are programmed to improve. The solution to biased reasoning is being better at reasoning. Reason is a byproduct of being social or being social is a byproduct of reason? Don’t you think the realization that we could solve common problems by uniting into large groups that we couldn’t on our own isn’t part of reason? Communication is definitely a byproduct of being social that has allowed us to share and unite reason (individual knowledge, individual observations). The Crowd??? A group of smart people thinking constantly about a problem will find better solutions than the crowd. A. couple of competent mathematicians can solve a complex mathematical problem better than a thousand non mathematicians. Lottocracy?? Sure if you ever need a surgery pick a random person from the crowd and see how that goes. Literally every single innovation, or political influence that led humanity forwards came by the few great minds and not by the crowd!

    • Krison Nilo
      Krison Nilo

      We are saying the same thing here

    • Krison Nilo
      Krison Nilo

      The intellectual capacity to learn will improve our knowledge

    • Krison Nilo
      Krison Nilo

      @Lions4322 when I said improve I meant that we constantly improve the methods that will increase our probability of existence

    • Lions4322

      We arent programmed to improve. We're 'programmed' to replicate and survive. That's about it. The human advantage over the other species' is the intellectual capacity to learn. Yet, this is not an instinct. We most often choose lazy, energy-efficient, short-term gains while neglecting long-term goals (as was the natural way when day to day survival was the priority).

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    Can we measure it with an awesomemometer? That will be my question everytime time someone says they're awesome

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    Michael: i am not and elephant me: but can you *prove* it?

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    Army account

    Micheal talks about having no major corporation influencing the decisions of people in power. Also Micheal, this was brought to you in partnership with Bill Gates....

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    Nicholas Alt

    How did you get a copy of my manifesto?

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    Skurban Vintro

    You are standing inside of your mind ✨

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    Eduardo Garcia

    Thanks for this video... One of them best from FIshows

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    Serenity Departed

    It's nice to see, that advanced minds like you are concerned about same problems that I am about, and in a similar way.

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    Sadie Edelman

    Vsauce philosophy

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    Etan Levavi

    Great talk, Michael. Thanks!

  • Skywreckdemon

    14:16 Actually, as an autistic person, this is exactly how I deduce people's emotions. I have to consciously read facial expressions and try to remember which ones mean which. And I often get it wrong!

    • Lions4322

      That honestly sounds so tiring! Lots of respect for trying :)

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    this video is very peculiar 🤔

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    We need to stop voting hacks into high positions of power.

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    Elless Studios

    I wish Vsauce was my science teacher D:

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    Leftist crap.

  • war frameees
    war frameees

    Carbon emissions are not a filter it doesn’t adhere to what would be needed of such an event.

  • Salik Khatri
    Salik Khatri

    Can’t stop thinking about other philosophers and how they interacted in daily life. Unless someone captured a glimpse of their candid selves, their personality is forever lost to us.

  • Terry

    I came here after watching a video of Putin tearing Megyn Kelly a new one on the subject of Russian interference of US elections got me asking myself, "why, specifically, do I discredit everything Putin says, while I'm far more likely to believe most things the West says about Russia?" Reasons to distrust Putin are obvious but specific reasons to trust Western governments? Much less obvious. Enter this video explaining this bias.

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    Bold Brew Gaming

    You know Michael, 2024 is just around the corner 👀

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    This kind of content saves what's left of my faith, in this doomed planet

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    Twister 1134

    ((69.295666÷55)+(69.2956655÷55))÷2=Cube Root 2

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    David Kruse

    Very nice and interesting video.

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    I hate Bill Gates

  • _ Imentet._
    _ Imentet._

    hey there! what are your thoughts on manifestation? how does it work? is it real? if not what is the psychology behind it? hopin to see ur reply soon : )

  • Cyrius

    13:13 - 13:57 explains this past year

  • Cyrius

    Crowd wisdom? Look how easily fooled and deceived people are, look at how people refuse to use logic and think for themselves, the past year alone has proved that ‘crowd wisdom’ doesn’t work in the real world.

  • Thiaghu Rajan
    Thiaghu Rajan

    Great. Simply wowed me. But to reach the real anti intellectualists in our society, Michael needs to dumb it down a lot. But will FIshows recommend these videos to climate change deniers and flat earthers ?

  • архив канал
    архив канал

    Michael Stevens can get off topic so fluidly

  • BDSandM

    I don't think concrete cities are a definition of "increased quality of life," as we came from nature and most feel happier and more fulfilled when there are beautiful forests, canyons, mountains, etc. as constant scenery and interaction, and a true human connection. Technology is and can be fun, but it doesn't increase quality of life, aside from medicine. Nature and human connection does that.

  • P H A R A O H
    P H A R A O H

    Better Reasoning = More Freedom

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    Spot on...

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    Boring. He lost his touch years ago.

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    Shane Karzey

    As soon as you said you partnered with Bill Gates. Thumbs down. Unsubscribed. Long time fan of yours. Not anymore.

  • R Ciastko
    R Ciastko

    Michael- it's like you are in my head- I literally lay in bed at night pondering these exact things... I have always anecdotally made commentary that a person ( singular) is intelligent but that as a whole, people, groups of people, together are collectively stupid- a herd mentality, and the loss of inhibitions when the masses are involved - riots, insurrection, club culture, world wars- it appears to be intelligent people making bad decisions together, but this concept of reason, and post rationalizations, has further polarized my thinking on this. Yes many bad things happen when groups of people act based on questionable motivations and vaguely relevant reasons, who later defend their reasoning or justify the outcome- however as I shift my perspective - I realize that many great things have happened through a collective of great and powerful actions of many cooperating together for the greater good! I believe that the the true anecdote to justification, blaming and shaming is responsibility. We don't' have a lack of reasoning on our planet, our nations or our communities- I think - perhaps more importantly- we lack a sense of responsibility for the outcome we are creating. Maybe, instead of waiting for our Lord and Savior Elon Musk :) we could all take a little more responsibility :) Replace politicians with juries of random and reasonable people- and define our leaders as those who are able to bring together the masses to guide their actions to a greater good- decided of course by our lottery of juries. SO yes Michael - we will follow to a new planet to start our own utopian civilization. ( Also Welcome back - hope to see more of you sooner rather than later)

  • Thomas Mills
    Thomas Mills

    "Paul is looking at Mary. Mary is looking at Peter. Paul is married. Peter is unmarried. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?" Not enough information to decide, of course? Let me explain. Paul is looking at Mary (Paul being married) he may OR may not be looking at a married person since we do not know the marriage status of Mary. Mary (who's status is unknown) is looking at Peter (an unmarried person). If it was a maths equation, both situations would go as follows. MARRIED is looking at UNDEFINED UNDEFINED is looking at MARRIED. Am I missing something here?

  • Игорь Жуков
    Игорь Жуков

    Maaaaaannn. Ur stupid.

  • Lee Harvey Hitler
    Lee Harvey Hitler

    Lolz, nothing but a half hour of pseudoscience word salad with no relation to reality...🙄🙄

  • Aliena

    This was a shower thought of mine a couple months ago, and now I feel validated.

  • Trelleborg

    Two points, this government will still be enforced by cops at gunpoint and will quickly be rigged. This is the same old Fabian socialist bs. I stand corrected, the people will be picked randomly by the Microsoft democratic software lol.

  • Lil Essie
    Lil Essie

    The return of the king 👑

  • Tiến Đào Nguyên
    Tiến Đào Nguyên

    Please how good is this Channel ? You threw a bunch of philosophy conundrum and came to a great conclusion without a single cut. You truly master how to "reasoning", and I think I will "intuitively" consent with you without any clear or self-prepared explanation. I wish to have such critical thinking skills in order to reason myself, to really BE social and make a healthy debate at any niche of your flawless discourse. Thank you, Michael.

  • Trelleborg

    Cognitive biases hmmm, like affirming manmade global warming with the knowledge of several preindustrial global warming events? Thanks for the community college psychology 101 lesson, not a bad theory though.

    • Lions4322

      Tbf, there's a ton of evidence regarding man made global warming. Denying that at this point requires world class mental gymnastics or pure ignorance.

  • Stevie's District
    Stevie's District

    Why are we?


    Magistral! Con estos conceptos/ideas me armo una tarde de videos y cerveza. Gracias dios que es domingo ; memoria Hacer juicios Resolver problemas Planear REASON Comunicación Tecnosapiens consecuencias involuntarias Hiperobjeto Gran filtro Inercia del comportamiento Atendiendo a los hechos no es como el razonamiento funciona. Comprobado científicamente. Intuición Creencias Sesgos profundos Los otros La razón en teoría social Sesgo de confirmación El colectivo (razonamiento es una actividad colectiva) Puede que el futuro de la razón sea su pasado Lottocracy

  • tsartomato

    referendum everything

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    Ah, sounds religious... At least ideological or philosophical. The opening at least.

  • Nathan Bos
    Nathan Bos

    2:49 Ted Kaczynski time 😎

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    Aaron Rodriguez

    Another once great channel that's sold-out to propaganda 🙄

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    Machiel van Dijk

    Awenomometer says 10 lol 😎

  • bad person
    bad person

    Here are some things that are totally wrong in this video. - 1) He gave the example of athens, that's a weak point because athens was an immature & unstable state. That's why spartans defeated them most of the times. majority of the Spartans were living a strict militarily life. Egyptians also considered athenians as immature due to the same reason. 2) No one failed that syllogism when I asked people. I think lack of linguistic skills is a reason that people fail that test. 3) That elephant logic example was totally out of context, I don't know why he added that to the video. 4)again, People gave reasons for the rejected photos due to our short term memory problems. If you show them the photo with its pair, they will definitely reject that pic again. 5) We identify emotions because that's inbuilt, it is kind of a reaction. Just like we don't touch hot flames. 6) Democracy failed again and again with the tragic deaths of socrates, aristotle, savarkar etc. I know that lots of monarchies also killed people but at least other systems do not play the 'holier than thou' game. Crimes, injustice, etc happens in democracy too but with an illusion that commoners rule. Thousands of indian soldiers die in the coward attacks by pakistan but we call it peace time. And even if there are less wars in democracy ( let's assum that democracy is the only reason behind peace) it doesn't provide a quality life to those who are alive. Democracy doesn't have the solutions for depression, anxiety, infobesity, purposelessness, diminishing masculinity, addictions and many more. 7) The best monarchy is always better than the best democracy. Take the example of chattrapati shivaji maharaj's hindavi swarajya. It was a welfare state. There are many more like the mahajapadas, cholas, pandyas, cheras, guptas, bappa raval, rana sanga, maharana pratap's mewar, chalukyas, satvahans etc. 8) power isn't meant for everyone, that's why we call it 'power'. I think this is very easy to understand but people run from this fact. This applies to everything, money/muscle/mind. These forms of power are oddly distributed. Nature promotes inequality, we can't escape it. Now I am not saying that we should treat people like they are subhumans but giving 'equal opportunity' when we already know that the outcomes aren't going to be 'equal' is dishonesty. Check the vsause video of zipf's law it will definitely help you in understanding what I am trying to say here. 9) Truth is truth, it doesn't matter if it comes from the masses or a single person. Guessing jellybeans & electing politicians are totally two different things. & Just like we don't interfere with the work of philosophers, physicists, engineers, farmers, labourers, traders etc (because we can't) I don't understand why everyone's opinion matters equally when it comes to politics. This is nothing but injustice. I mean the opinion of a person who has studied ideologies, history, religon, change in societies, data for decades is equal to an 18 year old or a drunkard or a just anyone. Funny how people think that democracy promotes meritocracy when the voters aren't educated at all. & there is no merit for voting. Forget about reservation -representation schemes. Take the example of india, the congress part is hinduphobic but acts like secular & the bjp acts like hindutvavadi but is secular in nature. All of this just for votes & popularity. More involvement of people in politics isn't going to work out without strict education of that everything related to it. Again, this takes us back to the socrates problem. We need to train the majority strictly in education but majority can never be intellectual & they will never know the importance of it. There are other factors in this like bad habits or laziness is easier than gaining knowledge. People gravitate towards comfort. Even the good things can be 'oppressive' for some. 10) This video is filled with logical fallcies like appeal to popularity, appeal to authority, generalisations etc. I hope you notice that. It is also filled with contradictions. Like, aristotle was totally against the so called collective wisdom, democracy, revolutions, equality. I don't know why he used his quote. First he shows that people fail in reasoning with that one syllogism ( remember that even if a group of people is bad at syllogism of one subject, that doesn't mean reasoning is wrong) & then supports collective wisdom by giving a jellybean example.

    • bad person
      bad person

      @pluto the planet what?

    • pluto the planet
      pluto the planet


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    Boooo! bill gates Is evil bruh

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    Adam Urban

    dude, you like to think. you should know CO2 levels have been ridiculously higher in the history of the planet. why are you selling the climate crissis fear porn?

  • ShALLaX

    Am I broken? I analyse someone’s mannerisms to figure out their mood in exactly the way Michael says we don’t, the way he says things come naturally to us without thinking…

  • Javier Aahmes Reansyah
    Javier Aahmes Reansyah

    I have a feeling that lottocracy gonna make everything slower. Democracy is slow as it is.

  • Sentientism

    Love it - thanks Michael! To do good reasoning you need good evidence. To be moral you also need compassion. Hence Sentientism: "Evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

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    F 12

    Crazy how much this opens up your mind if you actually listen to it

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