TIX - Fallen Angel - Norway 🇳🇴 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021
TIX will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Fallen Angel.
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest

    Read more about TIX’s victory here: eurovision.tv/story/mgp-2021-norway

    • Big Brother
      Big Brother

      The only reason some people don’t like this song is because Keiino didn’t win and they’re bitter. Good luck in Rotterdam! 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

    • Luke Fernandez
      Luke Fernandez

      Withdrawn Manizha with “Russian Woman” as an “April Fool’s Joke”

    • Angelica is Funny
      Angelica is Funny

      @Jenny Pears i love tix and he is A greit artist

    • Luke Fernandez
      Luke Fernandez

      Barbara Dex 2021 Winner is Norway!

    • Sir Jax
      Sir Jax

      @Tygo why man, cant you just Respect our decision!!

  • Chad Faulkner
    Chad Faulkner

    Right staging, costume and live vocals and this could win. 👌🎉

  • CathrineTzani

    I don't get the comments here that keep saying he won't even get to the Final.... At first, I was a little sceptical about this one but after this las month when all the songs came out and revamps happened I am certain he will qualify and in a good place ;) being an outsider right now is the best you can have TIX

  • H D
    H D

    For the moment it's one of my favorites

  • Rossmary Rivas
    Rossmary Rivas

    Que hermoso👼🏼❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • superfant

    absolutely amazing, definetly top 3

  • Joaquim Boadella i Coll
    Joaquim Boadella i Coll

    I'm sorry but to me this song is very very tacky and there are much much better candidatures, was it for me it wouldnt go to the final. This year scandinavia has been very very disapointing, imo only Finland and Iceland should go to the final.

    • TH

      @Joaquim Boadella i Coll ...and to me there are only two candidates that are very very good and much much better than the rest; Iceland and Romania. Most of the other songs are 13 on the dozen songs tbh. But that is just my taste. Another thing. Finland and Iceland are not Scandinavian countries😉

    • TH

      @Joaquim Boadella i Coll Time will tell if your taste is representative for the majority or the minotity of the voters and the juries in ESC.😊 There is really not more to say about that.

    • Joaquim Boadella i Coll
      Joaquim Boadella i Coll

      @sweet butterfly well I appreciate ur explanation but even though I now understand the scenification, I still dont like the song.

    • sweet butterfly
      sweet butterfly

      Tacky? So, you are a superficial person then or just dont understand the song or have gotten to know Tix. The staging has to do with the message of the song. He struggles with his inner demons who is holding him down and pulling him in different directions. The song is about not being able to be with the one you love because of mental issues, and through your struggles, you feel you are not good enough. You want your inner demons to release you from the pain they are causing you. He is chained to those demons and cant get away from them. He realize that he have to let the one he loves go because he doesnt want to drag her down in the darkness with him. The song is personal/autobiographical. The reason he is wearing a big coat, bandana and sunglasses is because its part of his character TIX (and he has Touretts syndrom, with sudden uncontrolled eye, sound and body movements. The sunglasses is to hide his tics, cause he has a lot of tics in his eyes. He doesn’t want to have to worry about the tics in his eyes f.ex when he sings and is on stage with so many people’s eyes on him. He has said he has learned to control the tics.. but its very strainful to control them, so he feels more comfortable wearing his «armour» when performing when he needs all focus on that). He always wear a big coat, bandana and sunglasses when he is the artist TIX. Thats his trademark/signature. He has done that for years. TIX is actually Norways most streamed artist with several songs in the charts all the time and a million streams every day. When he was younger he was bullied by people he thought were his friends, and they called him TIX (because of his Touretts), so he decided to take ownership of that «name» and used it as his artist name. The character Tix is supposed to be «over the top» (with all the gold, necklace etc), completely opposite of what Andreas (his real name) is. Tix is outgoing and not afraid of anything, while Andreas is humble and wants to fit in. Andreas has said this about Tix: He is the role model and best friend I wish I had when I needed it growing up.

  • Rumyana Yatsova
    Rumyana Yatsova

    i loveee it

  • Anouad Bahssin
    Anouad Bahssin

    Happy Ramadan to all muslims in norway from a muslim in France

  • Jakub Kowalikowski
    Jakub Kowalikowski

    Brilliant ❤🥰

  • Sailor X Nibiru
    Sailor X Nibiru

    Does Eurovision have a lot of early 2000s like submissions every year? Because that's another reason for me to tune in.

  • Denis Zadravec
    Denis Zadravec

    I think that jury votes will be on his side.

  • Juan MG
    Juan MG

    Es la que más me gusta🧝🏻‍♀️

  • Carina Steen
    Carina Steen

    Hoppas att Du vinner! Du är så äkta! Är såå imponerad över dig. Dina intervjuer visar att du är en intelligent funderande person. Du har så mycket att ge😍

  • yinloveyang

    Such a guilty pleasure it sounds exactly like those songs at the beginning of this century when life was much easier and i was so young..... my top 10 please vote for it cause i cant from czechia...

    • yinloveyang

      I'm also a very similar kind of a woman like him except that horrible syndrome but i've always been more different... very introverted and a melancholic person and unfortunately bullied too... even now some people dont take me the same way as others.

    • yinloveyang

      Btw. he looks like a blonde younger metrosexual version of Nicholas Cage. And i really like Nick.

  • Norsa kella
    Norsa kella

    And most of the other songs were better than this. But he has a huge following so guess thats why he won :p

  • Gandy Hyoga
    Gandy Hyoga

    So, no Jorn Lande for this. Ok Norway, you disappointed me :(

  • Axel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9A
    Axel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9A

    and also thanks to tix norwegian version of this song, me and lots of swedes can finally learn norwegian

    • sweet butterfly
      sweet butterfly

      😊 For Swedes to not understand Norwegians is kind of crazy. We Norwegians have understood Swedish since childhood. Maybe Norwegians are more interested in their neighbours than Swedes? We have also had swedish Tv channels since the 80’s while Sweden just recent years have shown Norwegian channels and Norwegian Tv-programs. Why you werent interested earlier is a bit strange...

  • Apollon Belenus
    Apollon Belenus

    Beautiful, I love it!

  • LikeSoTotallyGay

    I'm getting strong ''Little Nicky'' vibes :D


    Norway: Fallen Angel 👼🏻 Austria & Slovenia: Amen! 🙌🏻 Finland: Dark Side 😈 Cyprus: El Diablo! 🤘🏻 Czech Republic: Omaga! 🤳🏽

  • Ana León
    Ana León

    No se que tiene esta canción pero es que es la típica que escuchas en directo y te dejas la voz cantando

  • Dr. Angelo Estrada
    Dr. Angelo Estrada

    The meaning of the song is more powerful in norwegian - ut av mØrket

    • sweet butterfly
      sweet butterfly

      @Even Svensson Aaen Gratulerer 😜

    • Even Svensson Aaen
      Even Svensson Aaen

      Jeg er norsk🇳🇴

    • sweet butterfly
      sweet butterfly

      @Zorro's dog You cant compare songs in Italian, French, Portugues, Spanish etc to most other languages in Eurovision. These countries have an advantage singing in their own language, cause their languages are more known around the world, also in music. Yes, its exotic to hear songs in their own language and usually more authentic. I wish it was a rule that said you have to sing in your own language....but some countries doesnt sound as good «song-flowing» wise then..., so its probably more fair that they can chose to sing in English (even though its more boring). This is very interesting: The UK and Ireland are the ones suffering after almost everyone started singing in English. Ireland hardly advance to the final anymore and UK has been ending very low the last years. Between them they have 12 victories. The UK has 5 wins and 15 second places until 1998. Ireland has 7 victories (4 times in 2nd place). The last time any of them won was in 1997 (The UK won and actually Ireland was #2), and Ireland won 4 times before that with only Nocturne (Norway 1995) in between. When it comes to this song though. Tix has always said that the message is more important than the competition for him. And to get his message through to more people, the song in English will do that better since he wants the European public to connect with the message and song. People doesnt have time to check or translate the lyrics while they watch.. Also, the term «Fallen angel» (title of the song in English) is used about someone who is currently going through rough times or has had a bad past (depression, mental issues, suicide thoughts, abuse, self harm, family issues, ect). A person who has been jaded (exhausted/worn-out) by life but has not let it destroy their inner beauty, their spirit or their compassion. They still believe in mankind and will go above and beyond for friends, family and loved ones. However, they have problems with (avoid) romantic love as they have created walls in their heart that are difficult to breach.»

    • sweet butterfly
      sweet butterfly

      Actually, as a Norwegian thats wrong. The song flows better in Norwegian, but the message comes through a lot more in English. Not only because people outside of Scandinavia also can understand it, but also because the term « Fallen angel» is used about someone who is currently going through rough times or has had a bad past (depression, mental issues, suicide thoughts, abuse, self harm, family issues, ect). A person who has been jaded (exhausted/worn-out) by life but has not let it destroy their inner beauty, their spirit or their compassion. They still believe in mankind and will go above and beyond for friends, family and loved ones. However, they have problems with (avoid) romantic love as they have created walls in their heart that are difficult to breach.» Tix has said in numerous of interviews that the most important thing for him isnt the competition but to get the message in his song through. In a recent interview he said what he looks most forward to is to spend time and get to know the others. He sees Eurovision as some sort of summer camp and not a competition. When he was younger he always was scared to go to the camps and gatherings and tried to get away from travelling to those. Now he is as eager as a little kid in the candy store. He hardly speak about the competition. He said he has a dream to advance to the final and it would be huge for him if Norway is read as one of the finalists. That moment must feel almost as good as winning he has said.

    • Zorro's dog
      Zorro's dog

      @TH Singing in another language isn't an handicap lol Sometimes the native language makes the song even better. Can you imagine 'Soldi' in English? It wouldn't have been as successful. English isn't always the best choice.

  • Felix Martínez Martínez
    Felix Martínez Martínez


  • Marie D
    Marie D

    Not a bad song, just be careful - you might get into Syliva Night - territory and get booooed

    • ESCxIVY SK
      ESCxIVY SK

      Booing during questionable voting is one thing. Booing artists, that have done nothing wrong, is just beyond disgusting. It’s their 3 minutes, their time to shine, they put so much effort into their performances... no matter how much I dont like the song... I’d never boo it. This isnt a football match. Not to mention that in his case... this song means so much to him and he is really singing it from the bottom of his heart. Getting this kind of a response from the audience will be more than upsetting.

    • TH

      Or into the Eurovision fans showing their true self? For their own sake, I hope and think they will behave.

  • Jere_dieKralle

    He is a great personality, the song is also amazing. While he is not in my top 5 in SF1 i will still vote for him once as Ava Max supports him :D, and im still thankful to him that he wrote Sweet but Psycho.

  • Ragazzaink Stelle
    Ragazzaink Stelle

    Love it

  • Lou Vosa
    Lou Vosa

    THAT IS THE WINNER !!!🏆 IM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG 🤩 Love from France :)


    Its a shame about all those dislikes, almost all of them were from the day it was uploaded because crazy Keiino fans couldn't accept people had a different opinion and prefered TIX over them.

  • Martynka Martynka
    Martynka Martynka

    My winner 🥺😍

  • Ninja Mathias
    Ninja Mathias

    Happy birthday TIX (Andreas)🎉🎉🎉

  • Daniel Spiteri
    Daniel Spiteri

    One of my fav this year

    • Daniel Spiteri
      Daniel Spiteri

      @Katie Chef I really hope :D

    • Katie Chef
      Katie Chef

      This is definitely top 5 or top 3 in the final.We'll see.

  • Žydrūnas Dudėnas
    Žydrūnas Dudėnas

    One of the worst Norway perfomances. No final

  • Carlos Sena
    Carlos Sena

    Norway always sending quality.... I really love it!!!! Good luck from Spain

  • Axel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9A
    Axel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9A

    as a swede i must say that norway maybe is a potenial winner this year. la det swinge TIX. lots of love from sweden

    • Even Svensson Aaen
      Even Svensson Aaen

      Takk jeg er norsk

    • Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads
      Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads


  • Luis Francisco Molina Jimenez
    Luis Francisco Molina Jimenez

    I love the song I wamt to see his performance on semi finals

  • Diva ESCMolitva
    Diva ESCMolitva

    Happy birthday Tixie! My sweet innocent angel

  • bobisstilllost

    the melody alone melts my heart!!!!! Vote from Cyprus!!!!

  • Katie Chef
    Katie Chef

    Happy Birthday,Andreas!!! 🇳🇴 May all your wishes come true!!! Have a blessed day!🥳🎂🍰🍾🎊🎉🌹🎼🎶🎤🏆🥇❤️

  • Prince Victor
    Prince Victor

    Happy birthday TIX

  • Саня Перевалов
    Саня Перевалов

    Ukraine like it !

  • Víctor BM
    Víctor BM

    Me encanta, Noruega😍 Saludos desde España🇪🇸❤️🇳🇴

  • gd Papafant
    gd Papafant

    12 Poinnts from Russia

  • Halil Yesilöz
    Halil Yesilöz

    Guys we gotta support this song in the first semifinal. I’m scared we won’t see this in the grand final

    • Walter spiteri
      Walter spiteri

      He will get my vote.

    • Sebastiaan M
      Sebastiaan M

      He really deserves it. He is my clear winner.

    • Spectating Everything
      Spectating Everything

      I will spend all my votes to Tix 🇳🇴💙

    • ESCxIVY SK
      ESCxIVY SK

      We sure as hell will ❤️🥰

    • Elisabeth

      Yes i will)

  • Julie Skagestad
    Julie Skagestad

    Love this song 😍👌

  • Ginger Marie
    Ginger Marie

    The Living God loves us all so very much that He sent His sinless Son Jesus, to earth, to be born of a virgin, to grow up & die on the Cross for our sins. After He died on the cross for our sins, Father God raised Him to life again, & he appeared to people and went back to heaven.We must receive Jesus into our life sincerely to be His child(John 1:12) & after we get saved by grace through faith, we need to obey Jesus if we really love Him(John 14:15). Jesus said in Mark 1:15 says "And saying, the time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the Gospel." John 14:15 Jesus said: "If ye love Me keep My commandments." Revelation 21:8 says: "But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, there part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..." Please receive Holy Jesus-- sincerely and repent, before it's too late. :)

  • Kathy Coda Barnett
    Kathy Coda Barnett

    I was looking for one of my favorite Bee Gees songs, Fallen Angel, and clicked on this by mistake. Now I can’t get it out of my head. So “poppy,” which I love; strong beautiful voice; and music can help overcome so many things. Best of luck to Tix in his future endeavors!

  • Merel VR
    Merel VR

    i love how his likes are going up

    • Merel VR
      Merel VR

      @Katie Chef exactly. it was sooo sad to watch. he deserves and deserved a lot better than that. i will be rooting got him in the first semi final, i hope he will go to the finals, it'll make my life perfect. my exams are from 17 til 28 may, aka in the eurovision week... i will try to study really hard in order just to root for tix in the semi final. i hope you will do the same. great hearing that we have the same opinion

    • Katie Chef
      Katie Chef

      6K Dislikes were delivered immediately after the release of the video only for the fact that he honestly won and Keino lost. You know what the mood was. And then no one was interested in who TIX was and how talented a musician he was. Now, thank God, the hatred subsided and people began to respond appropriately to everything.🙏

  • The Sith Lord
    The Sith Lord

    winner ESC 2021 love from denmark

    • Katie Chef
      Katie Chef


  • Mark Dekker
    Mark Dekker

    The 10 points from the netherlands go tho notway

    • Mark Dekker
      Mark Dekker


  • TheNadi16

    Its real,its not joke, satan is real,it is not only video,this is what we have on this planet. Its demonic spectacle. :(

  • Rijas Fjord
    Rijas Fjord

    strangely enough, this has grown on me, at first I didn't like it at all, but now I kinda enjoy it😂

  • George Mavronas
    George Mavronas

    W.T.F 24.000 people like a song that worship..wow...its good to know who is who.....I guess the are going to vaccinate also according their god will.....

  • Paco Calabuig
    Paco Calabuig

    esta canción es mala. Pero mala a rabiar, posiblemente la peor de Noruega en muchos años. La canción es como la comida basura.... pero se me metió en la cabeza y no logro sacármela de dentro. Por favor,. ayuda!!!!!

  • Barthy Tosky
    Barthy Tosky

    Black metalin başkenti olan ülkenin çıkardığı gruba bak.

  • Tamás ifj. Wallner
    Tamás ifj. Wallner

    Why not Ulrikke? Attention, it's not Keiino. But good luck from Hungary 🇭🇺, I like the song!

  • Orange Bear
    Orange Bear

    A crush of Destiny from Malta :D

  • Blaško the Fatalist
    Blaško the Fatalist

    I can’t digest this visual experience

    • Frue

      How about closing your eyes ... and listening. The song has an important message.

  • Mariusz Barcin
    Mariusz Barcin

    After KEEINO - this? wtf?

    • Frue

      KEiiNO, do you mean ... Visit Norway advertising? 😂

  • xaeriix shit
    xaeriix shit

    I can’t bc this song is very nice but why he looks like this damn

    • Frue

      TIX / Andreas' alter ego, always has hair bands, dark glasses and fur when he performs. It's his way of hiding tic. I think the costume department NRK has done a good job. TIX is over the top, completely different from Andreas ... who is an incredibly nice person.

  • Артем Л.
    Артем Л.

    12 points from Russia!

  • love you
    love you

    12 points from Serbia 🇷🇸❤

  • Retroman007

    This song is my top 2 2021 song

  • Daisy hatingugol
    Daisy hatingugol

    Anyone else okay with anyone winning eurovision this year except for 2 or 3 countries?

  • Charlotte Bartels
    Charlotte Bartels

    Who else think that Norway got robbed of a place in the finals??

  • Στέφανος Στυλιανού
    Στέφανος Στυλιανού

    Cyprus giving 12 points to Norway 🇳🇴! This is Eurovision song , this is a winning song ! 🤙🏻

    • Θωμάς Χριστοδούλου
      Θωμάς Χριστοδούλου


  • Codetski Jaigobin
    Codetski Jaigobin

    This is just an Amazing, Beautifull Song. Best of Luck to Norway.

  • ColorAdmin YT
    ColorAdmin YT

    Eh sweden 10 points , Norway 7.5 points , Finland 6.5 points

  • Amanda Narup
    Amanda Narup

    Damn keiino shouldve won

    • ESCxIVY SK
      ESCxIVY SK

      People are still bragging about this after 2 months? What a sad life 😂

    • Archie Langley
      Archie Langley

      @Marina GH it is a bit sad about people still crying about it. The moral of the story is: Norway: TIX Rest of europe: Keiino In the end, I'm not that angry, this songs great. However, I think Norway had a chance to win with Keiino. But, as you said, people need to stop hating him and Norway, as this is a perfectly good entry that will probably come top half anyway.

    • Marina GH
      Marina GH

      should they tho? TIX has been beating KEiiNO on Norwegian top charts and playlists since both TIX and KEiiNO's songs were released at the same time on January 15. Even when TIX released the English version the day before the final it beat Monument on the charts and in the final. In the end, people listen to TIX more than KEiiNO in Norway I guess. The fact that it's been 48 days and KEiiNO fans are still petty and not over it is embarrassing. And in the end it's the NORWEGIAN people, not sorry ass KEiiNO fans who decides who wins the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. I mean even KEiiNO has moved on and has released 2 new smashing singles, so why haven't you?

    • Monami72

      No, Dotter shouldve won!

  • C SF
    C SF

    TIX wrote AWA MAXs ”Sweet but psycho”! Pretty sick👌

  • Michael L.C
    Michael L.C

    No entiendo tantos dislikes , y seguro que son de los propios noruegos porque Keiino no ganó la preselección. Anda ,valorarme al chaval que lo hace muy bien.

    • Monami72

      ¡Estás absolutamente en lo correcto! Muchos noruegos enojados han estado aquí para dejar algunos comentarios bastante desagradables. 😤 Lo siento por mi español (traductor de google)

  • Czarna mamba
    Czarna mamba

    these dislikes are from keiino psychofans

    • Katie Chef
      Katie Chef

      @Mapshader I didn't know anything about Tix's autobiography, so there is no need to manipulate the facts. The first acquaintance with his work is song "Fallen Angel".Then people started asking about him. So we learned about a humble genius, about whom no one knew anything at the time when his songs became world hits!I don’t understand at all how such a genius could stay in the shadows for so long ?!

    • Marina GH
      Marina GH

      @Mapshader are you for real? TIX has been beating KEiiNO on the charts since both of their songs were released at the same time on January 15th! At one point TIX had Fallen Angel and Ut Av Mørket at number 1 and 2 at the top chart in Norway. The Norwegian people clearly listen to TIX more than KEiiNO meaning he won the MGP bc his music hits the Norwegian people more than KEiiNOs. It's been 48 days, it's time to move on. Even KEiiNO managed to do that, so why haven't you?

    • Mapshader

      @Elisabeth i just don't agree that an artist's background matters more than the actual song.

    • Elisabeth

      Keiino fans bully Norway out of the competition, shame on you!!

  • TheTimso

    I'm a little of a fallen angel myself

    • TheTimso

      @Monami72 i guess...

    • Monami72

      Aren't we all there once in a while 😘

  • Гузель Байгильдина
    Гузель Байгильдина

    Какая прекрасная песня😍

  • Karina Prosk
    Karina Prosk

    Love this song so much! Hope he will make it to the final😍😍😍👼

  • Emma Knudsen
    Emma Knudsen

    All Danes Calling.... this is the norway version of gulddrengen .... xD

  • Lux Nitoris et Potentiae Regina
    Lux Nitoris et Potentiae Regina

    "Lucifer" vs "El diablo", who is going to win? xD This year Eurovision could not be more Cain-descendant-thing. 2030 :'(

  • Emil Haugaard
    Emil Haugaard

    The song is great... but is that outfit really necessary😂

  • Lampros S.C.
    Lampros S.C.

    This may sound ridiculous but the melody kinda reminds me of Bazzi

  • sunny

    Oh my god it's so good 😭

  • Myfreakymind

    Noooo, im im a dark horse of eurovision :D Good luck Tix! :)

  • Luggispot

    I feel like a lot of people misinterpret the lyrics and write them off as cheesy lovey goo. It’s not about unrequited love. The angel does love him back. He’s saying that he can’t let her stay with him when she deserves better. Take the first sentence. «What can I say, I can’t make her stay.» He’s not saying that he can’t keep her interested, he’s saying that he can’t let her stay for her own sake. She deserves better. «I know heaven’s your home. That’s where angels belong. And it wouldn’t be fair if I keep you down here». The true meaning of the song is how he feels like he can’t hold her back by letting her be with him. It’s about low self-esteem. All of his inner demons are dragging him down, «tearing him apart», convincing him that she’s too good for him. «There’s no way I’ll ever reach up to heaven to you». It’s how he feels about himself. «And I’m still not sure what you ever saw in me», «how could she ever love someone like me?». «And I need you to know that it’s okay to let me go». That’s the point of the stage show. It illustrates how his inner demons are tearing him apart, keeping him down, preventing him from flying up to heaven to her.

    • gem

      The song is about low self esteem as you said but also about Andreas (Tix) fighting his inner demons, his inner demons are his self-esteem and depression. In 2019 he was in a really dark place, battleing depression, Like he sings "Here in the dark inside the hole in my heart. I'm fighting all of my demons tryna tear me apart. And I'm still not sure what you ever saw in me..."

  • ettybetty

    Good luck from Malta! 🇲🇹

  • Pia Hansen
    Pia Hansen

    U got my viet in the final. Greetings from denmark

  • Clelia miami2017
    Clelia miami2017

    MI FAVORITO.. 🙏😇

  • Vicente Santos
    Vicente Santos

    Muy bonita

  • Erik Ekelund
    Erik Ekelund

    Love it! Kärlek från Sverige ;-)

  • Sazonova Semyonova
    Sazonova Semyonova

    I wish they kept it in norwegian thoo

  • Zoltán

    My favorite song TIX Norway Greetings from Hungary 💗

  • TheTimso

    this song is one of my favourites this year. congratulations Tix, from Sweden!

  • video redd
    video redd


  • video redd
    video redd


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    video redd


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    video redd


  • video redd
    video redd


  • Daniel Horn
    Daniel Horn

    Little Nicky vibes

  • Animation Lyrics
    Animation Lyrics

    Somebody please explain me I wasn't a fan of Keinno nor a fan of TIX (My MGP winner was Stina "Elevate" ) , and now I'm addicted to this song .. it changes positions in my ranking from now to then IDK .. somebody pleas explain me

    • ESCxIVY SK
      ESCxIVY SK

      Because it simply touches a soul and a heart ❤️

    • Animation Lyrics
      Animation Lyrics

      The way you guys explained it 😲. thank you 😄

    • Miggy G
      Miggy G

      Your guts tell you to just live with it and make it your no. 1 😉 Tix doesn't have to do theatrics with his vocals to say the least. Its melody is fluid and not forced unto the lyrics. That's why it's easily to listen to. It's a well-thought-out song down to every beat. It is meant to capture everyone especially with the message. To sum it all, *Fallen Angel* resonates!

  • Katie Chef
    Katie Chef

    12 points go to Norway 🇳🇴❤️🇺🇦With huge love and respect!🤩🤗

  • esc jon
    esc jon

    Well.. The song is brilliant. But do something to those clothes and staging. :D. Best of luck from your neighbours... Finland.

    • esc jon
      esc jon

      @TH Good point :D

    • TH

      Did you say the same to Lordi? 🤣🤣

    • Katie Chef
      Katie Chef

      The reason he is wearing a big coat, headband and sunglasses is because its part of his character TIX. He also has Touretts syndrom, so its to hide his tics / uncontrolled movements, so he doesnt have to worry about the tics in his eyes f.ex when he sings ... (its kind of an armor for him). He has said he has learned to control the tics especially when he is in the public .. but its strainful to control them so he probably feels safer / more comfortable wearing his "armor" when he performs). Thats probably why he decided that style in the first place. He always wear a big coat, headband and sunglasses when he is the character / artist TIX. He has done that for years (since he started with music). That is TIx, its his trademark / signature. When he was younger he was bullied by reople he thought were his friends, and they called him "tics" (because of his Touretts), so he decided to take ownership of that "name" and used it as his artist name. Btw the character Tix is ​​supposed to be "over the top" (with all the gold etc), completely opposite of what Andreas (his real name) is. Tix is ​​outgoing and not afraid of anything, while Andreas is humble and just wants to fit in. They have completely different views and values. Tix is ​​his alternative way of facing the world .. He has said that Tix is ​​in many ways the role model and the best buddy Andreas felt he needed during his upbringing. He wants to be that role model for others ... The song has an important message and the stage (wings, chains, demons), is emphasizing the song. Its about not being able to be with the one you love because of mental issues, and you feel you are not good enough. You want your inner demons to release you fronm the pain they are causing you. He is chained to those demons and cant get away from them. He realize that he have to let the one he loves go because he doesnt want to drag her down in the darkness with him. The song is personal / autobiographical. He has struggled with mental health, suicede thoughts and loneliness himself, Its important to talk openly about these things to reduces stigma, saves lives and contribute to knowledge. At the same time, oenness is contagious and gives courage to others to be open about their problems to loved ones. Whats most important to him is to get his message through in his song. He is also an international songwriter. He wrote and produced the fex "Sweet but psycho" with Ava Max and also wrote and produced "Game time" with Flo Rida.

  • Alma Mikkelsen
    Alma Mikkelsen

    just a dane here enjoying this way too much