Final || Henrik Harlaut vs. Quinn Wolferman || Slvsh Cup Grandvalira 2018
Grandvalira, Monster Energy, and Volkl Skis are proud to present Slvsh Cup Grandvalira 2018! The final match up and the battle for $10,000 comes down to Henrik Harlaut and Quinn Wolferman. Could we ask for a better match up? Don't think so!
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Beats by Philly Joseph.
Check his new EP 'Blueberries'

  • Cameron Harding
    Cameron Harding

    2 goats

  • Volker Racho
    Volker Racho

    freestyle skiing is like 2000 rap songs

  • William Schweizer
    William Schweizer

    It’s fire and all but why Andorra 🇦🇩?

  • mark mierop
    mark mierop

    @9:10 henrik did a 900 to be fair

  • snowfreak551

    Quinn needs shorter poles

  • Jakical

    1:34 dont vape

  • Quirrelq7

    15:26 smoooooooooth

  • Justin Yim Nadler
    Justin Yim Nadler

    haha nigga

  • Adam Vegem
    Adam Vegem

    The judge’s was in Quinn’s favor. Legit the ugliest match I have ever seen😭😤

  • Duke

    I stopped watching because I felt like I was at a dog park so now my dog things he’s going to the park. Off I go.

  • andrew stewart
    andrew stewart

    Damn bro, shut up

  • Carter Brazinski
    Carter Brazinski

    Greatest game of SLVSH ever no question

  • Frank H
    Frank H

    quinn and alex hall twins?

  • Yuuup

    I kind of have to take their word for it that they're doing the tricks that they are calling. I don't speak Jibronie

  • Gabe Kenison
    Gabe Kenison

    This is no doubt one of the best slvsh games ever

  • Ksiądz Robak
    Ksiądz Robak

    name of the mc donalds jersey

  • Eliott1L2T

    The man traded his eyebrows for his ability to hype this up. What a face-off!

  • harry’s kinda sus
    harry’s kinda sus

    Quinn: let me just figure this out Spins Quinn: *fuck*

  • Gweilo Ghost
    Gweilo Ghost

    Woodsy is skiing's Tim Westwood

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey

    Quinn: Blunt Henrik: Bloant

  • Nuuka Lund
    Nuuka Lund

    its the “i would go safety first you know? but blunt would be gangsta” for me.🤣

  • Ciaran Jasper
    Ciaran Jasper

    do you think henrik likes wutang. i can't really tell.

  • abcbadpassword

    Some of these tricks are longer than my bachelor thesis

  • Mauricio

    what Is this mountain called?

  • Cornelius Virtanen
    Cornelius Virtanen

    quinn couldve won if he got that revenge on r6, f2 out but unfortunately his ski sticked in that rail

  • mattiik

    This was seriously impressive, basically going at it the whole day and things got to 1080's to decide only the first letter..

  • kyle lucier
    kyle lucier

    Henrik definitely didn't win lol

  • Cornelius Virtanen
    Cornelius Virtanen

    henrik has the longest teeth

  • Gray Zarr
    Gray Zarr

    Henricks 4 on back 4 shouldn't of counted he put both his hands down on the landing

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice

    What a final holy shittt

  • luis capucho
    luis capucho

    I really wanna be friends with henrick😂

  • Vick

    Woodsy looks like shaggy in the shitty scooby doos

  • Quin vs
    Quin vs

    Who is here for the 10th time

  • hidejin


  • Dat Legend
    Dat Legend

    I must’ve watched this final at least half a dozen times now and it’s still straight insanity. Easily the illest slvsh game ever played

  • DonBreaks

    I’m smiling this whole video

  • Luke Ferrasse
    Luke Ferrasse

    Philly Joseph!!! ONCE!! such a dope track. Dope skiing from everyone. Epic SLVSH cup.

  • 吉岡佳彦


  • Jonah Orre
    Jonah Orre

    I want to see grandvalira 2020/2021 please!!

  • Justin Hittler
    Justin Hittler

    Still the sickest game of slush, who still watching in 2020

  • Max de Carvalho
    Max de Carvalho

    greatest video on youtube.

  • Xave 518
    Xave 518

    Switch 4 disaster by quinn🤮🤮

  • Ty Cramer
    Ty Cramer

    HH doesn't cork. Just sayin

  • harry’s kinda sus
    harry’s kinda sus

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Henrik barking very run

  • Pep Babot
    Pep Babot

    best game of slvsh ever

  • Anthony Petracca
    Anthony Petracca

    the way henrik says blunt "blouwnt"

  • Tschülian Lääx
    Tschülian Lääx

    Still love that fuck dude from quinn

  • I Don’t Know
    I Don’t Know

    Blunt would be gangster

  • Will Wray
    Will Wray

    Never heard henriks accent before, what is it? Haha


    The cloud was just stupid I dont know how they find it cool

  • Christopher Baca
    Christopher Baca

    What are the goggles the guy in the middle is wearing?

  • digital campus
    digital campus

    henrick goes insane

  • Gilles Durepos
    Gilles Durepos

    the gugde is not fair

  • joeyOG

    17:02 lip on blind 2

  • Zé

    lets open that champagne god damit

  • Rex Zamponi
    Rex Zamponi

    I need cooler friends lol...😁👍🏻⛷⛷

  • Rex Zamponi
    Rex Zamponi

    Boys are so sick to watch....arfff arfff!!

  • Jude Fidel
    Jude Fidel

    9:09 no way no no fucking way how no

  • Nouri Sheibani
    Nouri Sheibani

    lol! henrik doest drink!

  • Woody Forest
    Woody Forest

    Guys like this should rule the world!!!

  • Zachary Bureau
    Zachary Bureau


  • ehtikhet

    None of these young men can speak properly, all the spinning around has melted their brains. So sad... 😔

  • Zach Robinson
    Zach Robinson

    Hendriks Jersey is heat🔥😳

  • crooksffm

    sickest game so far!

  • Charlie Lewis Shell
    Charlie Lewis Shell

    Who else is re-watching this in 2020

  • Fabio Michal
    Fabio Michal

    15:28 henriks ski has the flexability


    Man i love skiing

  • newzey

    Man watching this game once again a year later and I still get so chills from watching it. Best SLVSH game ever.

  • Bstn

    guys, you're losing your pant

  • Silvan Fries
    Silvan Fries

    Great thing 😍 but hate the judge

  • O T
    O T

    This is such posi vibes

  • Detonate Klubstompers
    Detonate Klubstompers

    15:28 thats a grab!!

  • Isaiah Browning
    Isaiah Browning

    Hendricks is a great skier dont get me wrong but he is so fricking annoying with that ark ark ark shit

  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith

    Best slvsh game I have probably seen with 2 really good skiers and then woodsy as the ref just so good!

  • Jake Dylan
    Jake Dylan

    “If good is nervous then ya I’m feeling good” best quote I love that

  • Anderson Arksey
    Anderson Arksey

    Henrik harlaut bs Jesper tjader

  • Luca Vlad Mocanu
    Luca Vlad Mocanu

    Che cazzo sei un cane che abbai?😂

  • BigBoy69

    eur eur eur

  • 13Krentebol

    The barks are just so retarded

  • Logan Larocque
    Logan Larocque

    No one : Absolutely nobody: Henrik: RUF RUF RUF RUF RUF RUF RUF RUF

  • Cmi

    They are vibingg

  • alessandro nicoletti
    alessandro nicoletti


  • Lily Crawford
    Lily Crawford

    7:11 my neighbors dog at 2 am

  • 0IQ_ Brain
    0IQ_ Brain

    Those who have helmets are cool

  • Nicholas Roache
    Nicholas Roache

    woodsy should ref every game of slvsh



  • Jameson Dickie
    Jameson Dickie

    Oof Quinn

  • Z L U S H A_
    Z L U S H A_

    Henrik is My dog and he is a skiier

  • Aaron Schanz
    Aaron Schanz

    So funny in the semifinal Quinn looks so much shorter compared to ahall but here he looks gigantic next to harlaut and woodsy

  • Nils Müller
    Nils Müller

    i disliket the vid because now there are 69 dislikes

  • Ben Buchel
    Ben Buchel

    3:30 Damn this is scary “No” 😂😂

  • xd Storm
    xd Storm

    I love how they are like best friends competing

  • HW

    Henrik's outfit is kinda weird but cool as well.

  • bajskorven 6969
    bajskorven 6969

    What do you win

  • Jacob Ward
    Jacob Ward

    Haha woodsy really wants henrik to win

    • Nicholas Fe
      Nicholas Fe

      Why do you think so? :)

  • Peder Holm
    Peder Holm


  • Peder Holm
    Peder Holm

    Sick Contest

  • under skyen
    under skyen

    The positivity here is absolutely contagious. They keep pushing and cheering. BIG UPS

  • Walrus BFV
    Walrus BFV

    Her ik is the living billy Madison.

  • Matt Minor
    Matt Minor

    Henrik won That's what u get for scrolling the comments before the video ends