A Shredbots movie.
Here is a little something different that we've been working on.
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  • Trond Lewis
    Trond Lewis

    am i the only one that kinda wanted a more hype music part, even tho its rly beautiful, the music rly aren't doing it for me

  • Tyler Rivenbark
    Tyler Rivenbark

    This video is a piece of art. On another level good.

  • Dafuq

    the sound designe is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Supros

    Dear GOD boys... a genuinely moving piece of art/camerawork.. we will miss your ideas and vision one day

  • Laurin Joast
    Laurin Joast

    on my channel you can also find a ski edit check it out if you are interestet

  • Syneptic

    15:59 jesus christ

  • Chad reddit
    Chad reddit

    nice snowboarding, :)

  • YoungMullaKi11a

    Where was this filmed??

  • Виктор Устинов
    Виктор Устинов


  • Reflexs

    holy fuck buddy maybe not a 2minute intro next time ehhh

  • francois sylla
    francois sylla

    Watching this movie got me speechless. It really felt like looking at a piece of art. It was very inspiring and instructive. Thank you !

  • Gatlin Hendricks
    Gatlin Hendricks

    Truly a work of art

  • MediaBrighton

    Amazing footage! Where was this filmed?

  • Jakub

    Thank you!

  • seanmcelroy47


  • Björn Bring
    Björn Bring

    Super cool filming with the drone, nice swerving angles.

  • Björn Bring
    Björn Bring

    Hey! That was magical man. Super cool choice of music and sounds. Best one in ages.


    I was just completely living a snowboard dream,.what an amazing movie.

  • Xavi Panneton
    Xavi Panneton

    Wow, This video is IN Sane. Amazing ambient music choice, thank you.

  • riverman

    Awesome job from the drone pilot!!!

  • Frank Schmidt
    Frank Schmidt

    One of the best Snowboard movies ever! Great music, amazing cuts, movie- this is the way I do dream this @ night. Great riders- guys, what are YOU doing for life?

  • AlgVideoEdits

    Absolutely stunning. The cinematography was breathtaking. That constant shot off the FPV going through the shack and then following the rails to that table feature thing blew my mind how perfect the whole thing turned out.

  • JeremyHartson2000

    One of the best Ive seen in years. Deleting the reality-show gimmick, helicoptor promos and repetitive attempt-fails served you well. This was as pure as it gets. Beautiful.

  • jinimas

    Epic !


    @Gab707 👍👍👍👍👍

  • josh hardaway
    josh hardaway

    Hoo wee that was special. Well done on all accounts, and thank you for creating this awesomeness that made this fella feel transported.

  • Zach Braunstein
    Zach Braunstein

    the beauty of cloud surfing followed by the firework chase! i loved every fucking second of this one

  • Darktators


  • Kelliana Wilder
    Kelliana Wilder

    Drones Shot are Fye

  • Kelliana Wilder
    Kelliana Wilder

    It's the Shots, Camera work for me. Editing, Sound Engineer, Boarders, and Mountains for me.

  • Mark Meyrick
    Mark Meyrick

    This was truly amazing - and I don't say that lightly. Drones have transformed filing. Great to see Mike Hatchett involved - been watching his films since the mid 90s when they were on video cassette!

  • menjavlafitta

    This is next fucking level.

  • Ivan Nagy
    Ivan Nagy

    Great video. Reach kids palying around

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson

    Where was this filmed? What mountain range?

  • Not Real
    Not Real

    Beautiful video, beautiful conditions, beautiful everything ! 🤙🏼😎

  • Jordan LaSavage
    Jordan LaSavage

    fkn gnarrrrrr

  • Jack Lucente
    Jack Lucente

    Insane camera work!

  • Pavlo Kasperskyi
    Pavlo Kasperskyi

    How is that even possible? Redbull?!

  • oOOo oOOo
    oOOo oOOo

    not only the images , the music , the ticks , but also the sound take !!! amazing

  • sha den
    sha den

    Fucking beatiful mens, fucking beatiful.

  • Isak Berg
    Isak Berg

    The filming is unparralelled!

  • Most Coast Rockers
    Most Coast Rockers

    Whaaaaa... Thank u 4 this masterpice....

  • Cole Svevar
    Cole Svevar

    ending was dope!

  • Justin Whalen
    Justin Whalen

    The violet april conclusively switch because lunge pharmacodynamically owe along a devilish accountant. mighty, past drake

  • Rogue Planet
    Rogue Planet

    Horgmo you're my favorite snowboarder of all time

  • Alik- Apone
    Alik- Apone

    Сноуборд это шедевр гор 💪☝️

  • rene robert
    rene robert

    magnifique vidéo étonnement et plaisir fabuleux plein les yeux, bravo les kids et Merci.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    3:51 what an absolutely incredible shot

  • Tim Bugge
    Tim Bugge


  • Vladimir Pfenin
    Vladimir Pfenin

    wow, realy fantastic! and drone is gods eye

  • Joseph H.
    Joseph H.

    Where was this filmed? It is beautiful!

  • Fred

    This is art


    hell yeah

  • Jake Matters
    Jake Matters

    how is this not the coolest shit you've ever seen

  • Linked Media
    Linked Media

    Is the intro animation inspired by what I think its inspired by

  • BTV

    Watching this is therapy. Thank you

  • thoosah

    Nejlepší počin od Art of Flight! Ta kamery, notyvole!

  • Cirus


  • f*ck google
    f*ck google

    the cinematography on this is bonkers

  • Clint Monroe
    Clint Monroe

    yo this video is under creative commons. Can I pinch a few sections for a little segment I'm working on?

  • Hot Head
    Hot Head

    When I look at this & think of the virtual reality that's coming, i wet my pants a little 😂

  • Julian Sanchez-Jankowski
    Julian Sanchez-Jankowski

    Anyone know what king of drone this is?

  • neoe korn
    neoe korn

    watching it every friday for like 3 months one of the best snowboarding vids ever

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  • The War Munger
    The War Munger

    The real question is where is that cottage and is it rentable?

  • Mioda sweat-shirt Damio
    Mioda sweat-shirt Damio

    top powoo respect boss

  • HillPhantom

    Can any tell me more about this drone and the BA pilot?

  • Tévita Blmflds
    Tévita Blmflds

    ye use pagers

  • Tévita Blmflds
    Tévita Blmflds


  • Tévita Blmflds
    Tévita Blmflds


  • Patrick Dineen
    Patrick Dineen

    Full-on, Beautious Maxximus loved every second of those runs, the terrain and location was pure heaven.

  • Dominic Messina
    Dominic Messina


  • Kenan Akdoğan
    Kenan Akdoğan


  • Jess Larsen
    Jess Larsen

    What a great video. The music choice was so unexpected and great and the riding is world class.

  • Tom Haggerty
    Tom Haggerty

    An edit of epic proportions! Amazing work guys.

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy

    This video makes me so happy, the angle im looking for to feel like im doing it

  • HacKan

    The music is extremely ominous and can be a tad annoying, but the video is AMAZING


    Привет. Спер Ваше видео. Вот что получилось 👍


      трек Klangkuenstler - Der Letzte Tanz. Сильно не ругайтес меня все равно не кто не смотрит 😂

  • mk2381

    the perfect prepandemic video. nice!

  • Danial Pham
    Danial Pham

    Legendary shots...

  • brscka herr
    brscka herr

    This Movie/ Video is so unknown and i dont no why. Because it is ducking great!!!!

  • Tyler Gelineau
    Tyler Gelineau

    Long time no see Ikka !!!! & the boys !!!!

  • Brent Marzan
    Brent Marzan

    This got me pumped to get out and learn some tricks!! Thanks for the share and great camera work!


    "This shit's meant to be fun..." hit me hard. It's so easy to get lost on the road to the experience. As soon as you turn the cameras on, turn your expectations on, push away your limits and boundaries and safety... it's a fine line between hitting something incredible and having no fun at all. I understand that pressure, and I hope you continue to find your passion and stay in the flow zone, may the stress go away with wisdom! Incredible film.

  • Jamtron

    This is it. Nice work! I wanna shred now!

  • Jan Majnik
    Jan Majnik

    Holyyyyyyy. What drone is that!? Flies like a wasp and such good pic quality. Cudos to the pilot. :)

  • tuesdays rain
    tuesdays rain

    Livin' the dream...🏂

  • S Curren
    S Curren


  • StikkiP

    So sick 🔥🔥🔥

  • SKI24H

  • Колченков Александр
    Колченков Александр

    Привет из Рашки))

  • D33ds

    this is fucking sickkkkkkk

  • Asher Vigil
    Asher Vigil

    THIS is God's work

  • Little devil
    Little devil


  • Kevin Orullian
    Kevin Orullian

    Great vid! Holy crap, makes me want to ride so bad!

  • allen lebaron
    allen lebaron

    this is the stuff that gets me stoked to get back out there

  • Alex Affezionatissimo
    Alex Affezionatissimo

    this is probably the best snowboarding video I've ever seen. Drone pilot is a BEAST,

  • Erik HP35c
    Erik HP35c

    Great pilot, great snowboarders.

  • Boardem_Stu

    The drone run through the lodge and back out was quality! Love these videos Shredbots, sweet as 🤙🏻

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