Extreme cheapskate takes her on the cheapest date ever
Extreme cheapskate takes her on the cheapest date ever. How to impress your date: "I only flush the toilet once a week"
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  • Beckiieanne

    My god, i suffer second hand cringe so bad. The fact i watch this because Kevinnnnn

  • Matthew Richard
    Matthew Richard

    I know it shouldn't (or maybe it should?) But watching him on his date actually made me angry phaha

  • FringeBoi

    He looks like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

  • Nalister Gaming
    Nalister Gaming

    yellow let it mellow. brown flush it down.

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy

    I’ve NEVER understood Fifth Third Bank. It’s always baffled me why they’d call it that.

  • Amalie Therese
    Amalie Therese

    16:37 the bar is in hell at this point

  • Idra Bohm
    Idra Bohm

    I bet they paid this guy to be humiliated on TV. It's a livin'.

  • Ryan Wequ
    Ryan Wequ

    Living in there for free, why wouldn't you sell majority of the trinkets and furniture you dont need/want?

  • Grace Cavanagh
    Grace Cavanagh

    He’s not an “extreme cheapskate”, he’s a criminal. He’s scamming his friends by charging them rent on a house without rentals and returning clothes he’s worn to shit by keeping the tag. Idek if it’s technically legal or not. 👎👎

  • z gama
    z gama

    I wanna see this guy's reaction if someone went into his bathroom flushed the toilet repeatedly and left the shower and sink on

  • Dr. Archaeopteryx
    Dr. Archaeopteryx

    You may flush the toilet... Once!

  • yeni soediro
    yeni soediro

    why does he kinda look like Elon Musk at some angle 😭

  • Cole Stevens
    Cole Stevens

    What’s the point of being a cheapskate if you’re going to be a leech anyways lol

  • Chels Cara
    Chels Cara

    You know he’s the kinda person that looks down on actual poor people cause Goodwill just seems so far off and not even an option to him. He just likes being an asshole

  • Chels Cara
    Chels Cara

    If Rodge and Kevin killed cheap boy, I’d get it. Hell, I’d offer to hide the body

  • Des Vexel
    Des Vexel

    He'll pay for a condom. He'll just refuse the same one each time

  • scaryninjagamer boy
    scaryninjagamer boy

    I'm sexy and I kronk

  • Christian Wier
    Christian Wier

    As insufferable as this guy is, his carbon footprint must be almost to nonexistent in comparison to the average American

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan

    If I were his date, I'd book it. The guy is insane lol.

  • ManoloGamerSS

    I'm just confused at the date thing. Like WHY did he INSIST on sharing a Mel when he could've literally made her pay her own meal from the start and ate himself a cheap food in higher quantity for the same price.

  • Manda

    oh my god just go to the dollar store and get ceramic plates and glass cups a whole set of plates, bowls cups, and silverware all for 40 dollars!!

  • Rivlue

    I mean he's cheap :shrugs: :cat_gun:

  • Gabi Belle
    Gabi Belle

    this was so funny pls

  • Francien Rodenburg
    Francien Rodenburg

    I would definitely believe him only flushing once a week, looking at the (I think?!) shit stain all around the inside of the toilet bowl, yikesss I don't even want to imagine the smell

  • Ma

    yes yes yes I love love love the reaction videos.. But never forget Mr. Pickens please lol

  • Professor Kelly
    Professor Kelly

    That date was literally painful to watch

  • someone

    Is Kevin going grey or does he have paint in his hair?

  • Grant Arnett
    Grant Arnett

    No not Ohio!!! Lol

  • Gary McKee
    Gary McKee

    12:21 he looks like a walmart version of elon musk

  • DayMonkey

    A little cheap? That woman needs to look at him for a minute.

  • TheFlankFrustrater

    Huh is that fridge light thing actually true? most of his ideas are obviously insane but that seems kinda clever.

  • Crystal Yensko
    Crystal Yensko

    To his date: blink twice if you're being forced to say you'd go on another date with him

  • R W
    R W

    Omg... I need to remember compassion! This guy's is living his BEST LIFE! He just doesn't know why he's doing it because he's on auto pilot. So, Autism isn't a bad thing, but this dude's context blindness is a real struggle... For the people living with/around the person on the spectrum. He had NO CLUE. Free website = cheapskate This works in one situation (my grandma's depression upbringing) it will work now too! The obliviousness makes it hard to be angry, but frustration is guaranteed! NOTE: I have ADHD but grew up in a house w 3/ ppl w/ASD, my mother was an advocate and I'm an education specialist ("Special Education Teacher" ) so I know my shit 😉

  • Kree McCormick
    Kree McCormick

    The guy lowkey looks like Elon Musk. Which is very ironic

  • The man of Wonders
    The man of Wonders

    I wonder what he uses instead of condoms? 50 balloons for 2 dollars.

  • FastGunner2040

    "I hope she ate before..." Now that is funny.

  • Cloud Lightwalker
    Cloud Lightwalker

    oh my god this guy i have no words for when he was on his date i felt bad for his date

  • kytti555

    that man looks like if mark zuckerberg and elon musk had a kid

  • Dima Kolos
    Dima Kolos

    It reminds me videos made by Auronlay. He watched the same videos, so it's quite interesting to see how Irish and Spanish are reacting to these guys.

  • AuTheWolf

    If this is the direction your channel is heading in then pls head there faster

  • Shattered Neko
    Shattered Neko

    trying to make her lose her appetite so he can eat her meal

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith

    I.... am speechless

  • King Hrath
    King Hrath

    Kevin. You don't know me. You may never know me. Watch. More. Ridiculous. Television.

  • TheWacky Gamer
    TheWacky Gamer

    Why does he even use his own toilet? I would just use them at restaurants and stores

  • sammy doodle
    sammy doodle

    Started binge watching Kevin binge watching TLC programs. What is life 😂

  • Mr. Geek
    Mr. Geek

    Did someone actually come up to you and try to use 100 coupons

  • Andrey Short
    Andrey Short

    I'm over here screaming at the screen its sexy and I know it kevin!!! Why cant kevin hear me!!!!! Lol

  • Lone Wolf Gaming
    Lone Wolf Gaming

    I literally got what the shirt said instantly when I saw it, which probably made it even MORE hilarious when I heard "Kronk".

  • Please Tell Me To Shut Up
    Please Tell Me To Shut Up

    I can’t watch this 😬😂

  • Yellow Skittle
    Yellow Skittle

    6:18 I completely forgot that these plates existed and now I got the stupid zoo pals commercial in my head 😆

  • CyMorgue

    you dont need to use fuckin yogurt cups! if my grandma can steal a glass from red robin so can you asshole. tbf she stole it bc "its very nice" we have like....plates and shit i swear

  • Aimee

    babe! don't throw out that condom. we gotta rinse it out for tonight

  • Tey Be Lit
    Tey Be Lit

    Kevin... those people in the comments probably feel very.. very... very.... feckin angry you did not like their hilarious comments. That is all. Have a feckin nice day

  • Spicy


  • emma grogan
    emma grogan

    This is what the government expects us to do so we can buy houses

  • Nicholas Diehl
    Nicholas Diehl

    The way kevin explained flushing toilets made me die laughing love u kev🤣🤣🤣😍

  • Nicholas Diehl
    Nicholas Diehl

    Keep doing them

  • Sydney Harp
    Sydney Harp

    Imagine being on your period and your boyfriend tells you not to flush all week

  • Zach the Sports Guy
    Zach the Sports Guy

    I thought I was a cheapskate because some of my TVs are free

  • Jean-Dominic Lapointe
    Jean-Dominic Lapointe

    There are many ways to save a lot of money, but what’s the point of you live like you don’t have money?

  • Hailey Potter
    Hailey Potter

    Since I don't see it anywhere in the comments and Kevin asked about it: Fifth Third Bank is named that because it's first establishment was on the corner of 5th and 3rd.

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen
    Dracke Stalen Torgen

    i hope the other guys leave the house

  • Lord Omachu The Great
    Lord Omachu The Great

    I feel so bad for that poor chick

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green

    3:04 Ointment in his butt? What is he talking about?

  • Avery Orosco
    Avery Orosco

    i hate that guy

  • Ajit Giggle Spooge
    Ajit Giggle Spooge

    He seems like a good candidate for my strange addiction.

  • Memeler

    they flush once a week.. and I suffer when I can't flush the toilet for 10 hours during a few days every few years when they clean out the pipes... oh man

  • Jade Harley
    Jade Harley

    Sexy and knor'll

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear

    there's no way the roommates wouldn't just buy cups for the house??? even if the cheapskate doesn't use them.. like. how are they going along with drinking out of their labeled yogurt cup lmao

  • Funnatopia

    He did a speed run on getting rejected.

  • S Palmer
    S Palmer

    I hate this man more than anyone that’s ever been featured in any of Kevin’s videos, or anyone I’ve ever encountered in real life actually.

  • Al S
    Al S

    Lying in situations like these is women's survival strategy. A woman can never know what man is going to do to her in retaliation for his hurt feelings, especially if he's exhibiting symptoms of being mentally unwell, (like flushing his toilet once a week).

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green

    5:56 Did he gone to restaurants to get like ketchup, mayo, and other sauces?

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green

    3:35 You could do that at home than at a gas station.

  • Micha3l A
    Micha3l A

    Dude's insane!!!

  • K F
    K F

    Does Kevin have some grey hair in the front? 😍🥰

  • Tallion

    "5/3 bank is that a street name"

  • Morgan Rodgers
    Morgan Rodgers

    Can you just read urban dictionary entries *bc your laugh sends me everytime* 🤣

  • Kier S
    Kier S

    When he asked if they could share the sandwich I was hoping she'd just get up and leave

  • 1234Daan4321

    Kevin is getting grey hairs

  • Neil O'Rourke
    Neil O'Rourke

    I feel like it would have been easier to just not order something for yourself and just feed her… you save money and you feed your female person two birds one stone

  • aSwedishGirl

    him charging his roomies is a low blow, but the rest... he's upfront about who he is and he is polite to his date and all.

  • porkpicnic

    Everyone can find love I guess

  • Calico Buizel
    Calico Buizel

    It’s pretty much law that every extreme cheapskate has to be one of the GROSSEST people ever

  • Luna Star
    Luna Star

    I'm sure that, because she's nice, she told the cameras that she would go on a second date. And then she told him off camera that she wasn't interested. So that he wouldn't be embarrassed on TV.

    • Diamond Knight
      Diamond Knight

      If she actually was interested in even going on another date I'd be very concerned for her.

  • TheRedTomahawk

    When they made an episode about a woman who was with a guy just for the greencard and admitted it or with a gold digger and admitted it everybody was in the comment section like: At least she honest...Now this dude charges fair market value to allow others to live with him and is insanely cheap...admits it and all the sudden he is hitler...Society is very sexist against men.

  • Zevonfan524

    “Even though he’s a little cheap...” Did we hear him say the same things?

  • Seph Bentos
    Seph Bentos

    This man is tragic 😅 Editing is on point in this video too, mate 🤙🏻

  • citricaciid

    she probably only said yes to a second date because of the camera crew :(

  • NobodyPanic

    I'm convinced that once this date dies one day from old age or something she'll be known all over as a saint

  • Sgt. Konahem
    Sgt. Konahem

    me hearing his date say she would date him again gave me so much hope that i feel like my boyfriend would talk to me again after 4 months of nothing dear god

  • aBigButterStick

    8:08 he put a bag over his tag so it didn't get wet😑 Also there are women who've been on this show, go find one of them. Easy peasy.

  • nessasaurxx

    You should react to the carol episode from hoarders 😌😌 it's hilarious

  • veryhappykid

    kevin i want more of this

  • Elisabeth F
    Elisabeth F

    Zoo pals !

    • Yellow Skittle
      Yellow Skittle

      Glad someone else remembered those

  • Elisabeth F
    Elisabeth F


  • daveyfunk

    Everyone is saying the girl is sweet, and she certainly is, but I can't help judge her a little bit haha Whether to go on the second date to save embarrassing him on TV, he SHOULD be humiliated on TV!!! I just hate to think what the dating pool is in that place if she genuinely see's him as a potential partner

  • Kris Woods
    Kris Woods

    Dude looks like Elon Musk's cheap younger brother 😂😂😂

  • Riley

    he looks like a scuffed elon musk

  • Fia M'Quve
    Fia M'Quve

    So not only does he leave his own piss and shit in the toilet for a week, but two other people's piss and shit as well? Jesus fucking christ. Also that girl is INSANE to consider a second date after not only hearing about that but also how controlling he is. Yikes.