10 Marvel Characters Who Are Being Set Up For Phase 5
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Phase IV of the MCU might be on hold while we wait for production to start back up and theaters to re-open, we’re starting to see how Phase IV will be laying the groundwork for Phase V and the exciting new characters that will be at the center of it. Hidden in the cast listings and rumors for Phase IV projects like The Eternals, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and more have given us an exciting glimpse of things to come. Whether it’s one time leader of the Avengers the Black Knight being played by Kit Harrington in The Eternals or the appearance of Monica Rambeau in the new trailer for WandaVision, Phase V is starting to fill up. It’s not just heroes on the horizon, there are also threats that come from other places in time and space like Kang the Conqueror. Some heroes who had been destined for the Infinity Saga but didn’t make it across the finish line thanks to backroom deals and rights are now getting a second chance, including the former trio of Netflix announcements of fan favorite Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider. With characters like She Hulk getting casting announcements these Phase V heroes are moving from wishes that fans make to heroes that we might see soon. That includes the long awaited and anticipated arrival of the formerly forbidden characters from Fox, The Fantastic Four and the X-Men and the Mutant universe. Let’s take a look at the future stars of Phase V for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Matthew Weinstein

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  • Kapua

    Maestro is coming

  • BlizzarD

    Henry Cavill will be Good as Captain Britain . he will be so happy being in Marvel than ever was happy in DC lol

  • Warden .mp4
    Warden .mp4

    I really don’t want to see young avengers

  • Anthony Stoddard
    Anthony Stoddard

    They need predator versus carnage

  • Priyangshu Das
    Priyangshu Das

    I think idris Elba would have been a great blade

  • randy upton
    randy upton

    No Nova?

  • Rocket Shields
    Rocket Shields

    It will mostly all be shit stories with flashy, expensive sets & vfx, peppered(lightly &/or heavily) thoroughout with identity politics, social justice, and feminism. Marvel topped out with infinity war. I'd love for them to prove me wrong, but I highly doubt they will.

  • Demon HD843
    Demon HD843

    Carol Danvers was Ms. Marvel. Cpt. Marvel in the comics was a man. Two completely different characters. After rogue takes ms marvel’s powers Carol Danvers wakes up from the comma to become Binary. Ms. MARVEL NEVER BECAME CAPTAIN

  • Trevor Rotan
    Trevor Rotan

    Everywhere Aquaman fails, Namor will transcend.

  • Paul Collins
    Paul Collins

    "Knowing-nothing Jon Snow " ... the accuracy is soo real i laughed so hard

  • Brandon Izzarelli
    Brandon Izzarelli

    Don’t throw shade at Howard the duck

  • Erik S.uperPatriot
    Erik S.uperPatriot

    Some good news, but would love to know if Daredevil is ever coming back.

  • Zen Zekkariyas
    Zen Zekkariyas

    Iron Man was essentially the main character and protagonist for all of Marvel’s 3 phases. It would be really neat and interesting if Doctor Doom could come in and somehow fill that void and flip the script for the next phases to come. His overall character, dramatic backstory, powers and intellect are too complex and fascinating to leave in the background.

  • Samasaurus

    Controversial yet bold prediction: Ghost and the Red Skull (Vormir version) will somehow team up to become Cloak and Dagger-and, yes, I am only saying that based on their costume designs.

  • Abdilrahman F
    Abdilrahman F

    I’d love to see Harley keener as apart of the young avengers portraying as the iron lad That would be amazing

  • Abdilrahman F
    Abdilrahman F

    I only got into MCU after the infinity saga finished as I loved Endgame, thinking that was the end of marvel as it was just insane. Feels good to know that there’s more along the way

  • Albert Malone
    Albert Malone

    Who cares. I won’t even watch phase 4.

  • Brother Voodoo
    Brother Voodoo

    So you're just going to forget about lil ole me huh?

  • elena

    This is so true

  • Sailing Moccasin
    Sailing Moccasin

    Young avengers are crap. They need to bring the Netflix cast of Punisher, Daredevil, and others forward and not recast. Then do a Disney+ series for them between movies.

  • Nora Barnes
    Nora Barnes

    The learned beaver intrestingly fasten because disgust whitely appreciate alongside a pumped certification. sticky, sticky keyboard

  • Joshua Flask
    Joshua Flask

    So some of these are coming in phase 4 and we already know them so I wouldn't really say 10 characters who are being set up for phase 5

  • Rufus Wallace
    Rufus Wallace

    I love the creation of the MCU and continuing it like the comic books almost. Coming from a 51 year old who loves of comic books has me so into these movies. I can't wait to see the future.

    • Clint Bronson 5
      Clint Bronson 5

      @Rufus Are you really 51? I mean I just can’t believe your happy with what DISBEY/MARVEL has done with comics. The Cancel Culture and Woke SJW’s have gone through the roof with how comics are done today…before anyone cries RACIST I’m all for diversity in comics just have a problem when you change characters I’ve grown up with for over 40 yrs ala Thor ( a woman now ) Captain America ( gotta be black now ) Sub-Mariner ( Hispanic) why? Why Marvel can’t you come up with some great new characters for diversity

  • Dion Erawan Usman
    Dion Erawan Usman

    Woohoo Henry Cavill suitable as Captain Britain in Marvel MCU

  • Marlin Stiger
    Marlin Stiger

    Only 2 hero I really want them to bring out is the sentry & blue marvel

  • Meme

    8 months later and we have the exact same news


    SUPER MAN????

  • Soham Acharya
    Soham Acharya

    I want the MIB in the MCU for some odd reason.

    • amare hinton
      amare hinton

      Men in black or baseball

  • Chad Veez
    Chad Veez

    We wuz KANGZ

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    New Trailers fishows.info/post/eqJpdJXdp6zar9k/videot.html

  • Rochelle Steenberg
    Rochelle Steenberg

    Im totally looking forward to Kit Harrington as the 'Black Knight' Blade and Ghost Rider, I loved Nicholas Cage portrayal.

  • Chazz fortruth
    Chazz fortruth

    I think they are gonna mess up this work of art They have created

  • J J
    J J

    I'm still waiting for phase 4.

  • planca3430

    ruffalo needs to keep his mouth shut his political coments are pissing people off. fans dont like that. someone at marvel and sony and disney need to remind him to stfu. your there to entertain us not piss us off. dont forget that . you can be replaced dont forget that.

  • Grayce Jesenia
    Grayce Jesenia

    The sophisticated ex-husband aerobically fax because steam congruently avoid near a nosy fowl. mountainous, panoramic prose

  • Shaun Petersen
    Shaun Petersen

    Get your facts straight...Kang is a descendant of Nathaniel Richards...NOT Reed Richard's!

  • Darius Gwynn
    Darius Gwynn


  • Reyansh Shetty
    Reyansh Shetty

    This was 7 months ago how did he get falcon and winter Soldier clips

  • Adrian V
    Adrian V

    Am I the only one that isn’t interested in the young avengers 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Proto Rhinocerator
    Proto Rhinocerator

    It's not Nammore. It's Nay-more. And he's the sub-mariner. Some people call him the submarine-er.

  • Yeshwanth Muthyala
    Yeshwanth Muthyala

    Actually most of these are already phase 4

  • s4xtt

    I want Daniel Dae Kim as Namor!

  • SAS

    Unfortunately I no longer have any interest in woke marvel, its gone down hill and I expect it to continue doing this. Wanda vision proved to be a load of rubbish.

  • Everette Clark
    Everette Clark

    Don't care anymore. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and China. It's all turning into woke SJW garbage. They are so busy destroying our childhood they forgot to entertain us.

  • Kyle Mccabe
    Kyle Mccabe

    Who is watching this again after hearing a black superman movie is happening and with the thump nail having Henry Cavill as captain Brittan

    • Faded Fay
      Faded Fay

      BLM has tapped into the super hero film market? Smart move...now I wonder.. is lex Luthor going to have a white hood in this upcoming movie?

  • Brady Reuter
    Brady Reuter

    Honestly would like the big villain to be magneto or galactus

  • baby panda
    baby panda

    When will Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliff appear in a Marvel movie?? Please make it happen...

  • Armondo Alvarez
    Armondo Alvarez

    Namor is pronounced "NAY-MORE" and not NAM-OR

  • Pastyy

    I think you mean phase 4

  • Somya Bhardwaj
    Somya Bhardwaj

    I had no idea what was in this video l clicked it only cause of Henry I'd love if he makes an entry to marvel as he is just built to be a superhero

  • Blazindragon

    I want to see Prime and Hyperion

  • Bust-A-Nut Bar
    Bust-A-Nut Bar

    Phase 4 is looking like a dumpster fire hopefully they correct course for phase 5

  • Mike Warwick
    Mike Warwick

    I think eternals will end up B list just in the comics, kinda like Inhumans. I want one shot MARVEL TEAMUPS full of B listers instead! Gimmie some short, stumpy, ugly Wolverine and like anyone else like its done in the pulp!

  • gypsy

    If they redo the Fantastic Four, they need to do it right this time, or it's done.

  • threemullets73

    she hulk would get it

  • Hikurangi France
    Hikurangi France

    Time to bring Kiwi Black into the MCU. Every other species of human is being represented in it, it’s time for Maori people to be brought forwards.


    This all sounds nice. But marvel I want Adam Warlock first screen appearance

  • Aiden- Yt
    Aiden- Yt

    @CBR you kinda sound like screenrat or the other way around

  • Diabolous3x

    please no more WOKE shit......

  • 1.618 Murphy
    1.618 Murphy

    I saw Superman in a Marvel costume, I clicked!

  • Benderdy

    I just hope they don't run with the political messaging, and swap out all the great male characters for women. Their are lots of great female characters they can use.

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo

    Carl Lumby plays Isaiah Bradley. Elijah Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah

  • Tom Scientific
    Tom Scientific

    Marvel going full Woke. I'm out

  • The Once & Future King
    The Once & Future King

    Ok, all these characters being set up. So why have a character THAT'S NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO as a thumbnail?

  • Daniel Ducran
    Daniel Ducran

    Who's gonna really enjoy blade with another actor worst the actor doesn't know real martial arts kmt

  • T Beck
    T Beck

    Who here has moved onto phase 6?

  • DS3 OL
    DS3 OL

    Ad ad ad wtf

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo

    I hope MCU grows big enough to break-away from disney

  • Damilola Owolabi
    Damilola Owolabi

    For she hulk , is marvel gonna make her comic book accurate ?

  • Jaykob Rixon
    Jaykob Rixon

    henry cavil is literally perfect casting for Hercules

  • Roberta Ripley
    Roberta Ripley

    Are theaters coming back like before the CV? Sure Godzilla Vs Kong did well, but that was deserved and was streamed too. Think streaming isn't the new place for all these movies? Don't know why Home Theater builders aren't capitalizing on this.

  • rashawn evans
    rashawn evans

    Let's go.

  • James DeCamp
    James DeCamp

    I don’t want all these young avengers. Keep going with the main characters add some new ones but there is so much they could do even new stories they can make up. No interest in seeing a bunch of new kids

  • R C
    R C

    Well a lot of heroes needs exposure before this "Young Avengers" in my opiniom

    • skywokpg

      cassie lang is established, eli bradley is in falcon, hailee steinfeld is in hawkeye wiccan and speed are in wanda vision

  • Lai Sensei
    Lai Sensei

    Meanwhile, DC put New Gods in motion then cancelling it because it doesn't go along with their plan of ruinning Snyderverse.

  • Justin Gates
    Justin Gates

    Henry looks waaay too old to be Peter's college dorm roomate...just saying...

  • sakib sarwat
    sakib sarwat

    now where’s our man of steel huh?

  • akilleas Macedonia
    akilleas Macedonia

    I really hope someday soon I'll get to see gambit on a list like this 🙏 🥺

  • Ash Q
    Ash Q

    Scott Adkins be good for captain Britain

  • Mark O'Phaeley
    Mark O'Phaeley

    Kyle MacLachlan would be a great Reed Richards and Naomi Watts would be a great Sue Storm.

  • Zenix Saxzon
    Zenix Saxzon

    Anyone else feel like this has jumped the shark & gone the way of DBZ with insane power levels etc? I feel this is the inevitable beginning of the slow decline of superhero movies.

  • Andromeda Prince Cj
    Andromeda Prince Cj

    I would have loved to see Tony Todd as Blade ❤️🤟

    • Andromeda Prince Cj
      Andromeda Prince Cj

      Missed opportunity.Hopefully he will get something soon 🙏

    • Justin Gates
      Justin Gates

      @Andromeda Prince Cj The show was supposed to be set after the three movies, they use clips of Whistler from the movie in the pilot during flashback sequences...and in the pilot they mention Marc Spector when the subject of Werewolves comes up, but never really explore it further.

    • Andromeda Prince Cj
      Andromeda Prince Cj

      Oh man,Moon Knight would have been epic.I don't think he's had a single television appearance yet.

    • Justin Gates
      Justin Gates

      @Andromeda Prince Cj It was pretty good, but they cancelled it on a cliffhanger; so I might not recommend it if you like things with closure...it was looking like they were going to introduce Moon Knight at some point in the show, but it never got that far.

    • Andromeda Prince Cj
      Andromeda Prince Cj

      I've only seen the Snipe movies.Is the tv show good? 😄

  • sebastian Clement
    sebastian Clement

    Make it happen... JUSTICE LEAGUE VS AVENGERS

  • Ash Q
    Ash Q

    What marvel hero/villain would jason statham be good for?🤔🤔

  • CEO of Arson
    CEO of Arson

    Thank you for the Marvel: Contest of Champions scenes, I like seeing that the game is getting at least some more recognition from channels that aren't entirely dedicated to it

  • Thomas McConnell
    Thomas McConnell

    Good Lord... So we're going to have to endure yet another F4 movie? The writing and acting in the previous releases was, for a better word... horrific! The only highlight was the Silver Surfer thread, but even it couldn't save this series. Whomever they have writing/directing/acting will be best served by a better set of people; hopefully Marvel steps it up. All of those Fox-released F4 movies could have went straight to video... Yeah, they were that bad!

  • itsdylanjenkins

    Thunderbolt... Thunderbolt Ross

  • Absolute Absurd
    Absolute Absurd

    1:13 daaamn who is that 😳

  • Olympxc

    Wait isn't the guy who will play blade already in the MCU as Cottonmouth from Luke Cage?

  • tuswanto adji saputro
    tuswanto adji saputro

    Hey man I'm here for Henry cavil,, give me back my 10 minute,,

  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders

    Shows Henry Cavill in a thumbnail as Captain Britain and then doesn't mention that Marvel character at all. Thanks for that. Not.

  • Pervyelf Tahk
    Pervyelf Tahk

    Aw I didn't know she-hulk breaks the fourth wall :/ I thought that was only a deadpool thing

  • Pseudonym

    I wonder how they're gonna give Walters the hulk powers. Banner in the MCU wouldn't be so dumb as to give her a blood transfusion, considering he knows the risks.

  • Pseudonym

    Disney: Give us the rights Fox: No. Disney: **Buys Fox**

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    So what were they doing all this time🙄🙄🙄

  • Gabe Williams
    Gabe Williams

    All I have to say is Annihilators! Story Line: Thanos Imperative. ▪️Nova: ✔ ▪️Quasar: Hope to see in MCU ▪️Beta Ray Bill: Stormbreaker in MCU, So waiting on the Character. ▪️Gladiator: Hope to see in MCU ▪️Silver Surfer: ✔ ▪️Ronan the Accuser: ✔

  • Lilyday 115
    Lilyday 115

    I don't see any problem with Kang but there's a lot of characterization stop turning into black people I know someone's going to say that's racist go f*** yourself I don't really care the reality of it is if those characters aren't originally black don't make them black make new black characters or use already existing black characters stop turning black characters out of white characters that's freaking racist I know a lot of people don't think it but it is you're basically saying black characters aren't good enough to be their own character or existing black characters they have to be white characters cuz White characters are better that's what you're saying

  • RH


  • Derek Wright
    Derek Wright

    And what about Captain Britain!?!? Why is there a pic of him on the thumbnail of this FIshows video but he isn't mentioned?

  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q

    This video comes across as a person with no knowledge of Marvel being handed a script. ‘W*I*-can’? Really?