Telling My Friends and Family I'm Pregnant!
Had to share these reactions with you guys ❤️ Hope y’all enjoy! Love you guys so so much! Baby Hildén #2....see you July my sweet baby!
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  • Simplycias

    Congrats. 🤗 my little girl birthday is on July 25. She will be turning 6 this year. 😩

  • Adorable Medhashree
    Adorable Medhashree

    Wow that is amazing that you are pregnant 🤰 for the second time

  • Monir Hossain Srabon
    Monir Hossain Srabon

    Congratulations 🎉

  • Amy Rivers
    Amy Rivers

    The baby babbling is so gorgeous.

  • Jaymee Sauer
    Jaymee Sauer

    I am due in July too with a little girl! 2nd of July!

  • Rigo

    Where's the video where she tells GayLo?

  • Iida Öö
    Iida Öö

    Omg, my birthday is 2 july

  • Jess Morales
    Jess Morales

    I love the support they give her 🥺 I can’t wait to tell my friends I’m pregnant

  • Faouziatou Sounou
    Faouziatou Sounou

    That so crazy, that's my birthday

  • Nancy Martinez
    Nancy Martinez

    These videos always make me cryyyy 😭 I’ll never be able to do this 😞 i cant get pregnant. And it kills me inside.... i hate going thru this alone.

  • Ana Yanci Tetedoux
    Ana Yanci Tetedoux

    No puedo creer.

  • Cyril Damagan
    Cyril Damagan

    This is so cute, been a follower and a fan since the day you had Sophia. Im in tears that you have now your second baby. We love the hilden family all the way from the Philippines. 🥺🥰🥰

  • Ana Lopez
    Ana Lopez

    can someone please help a girl out!!? How do you screen record a facetime call with the audio!!

  • ProudMommy 12_16
    ProudMommy 12_16

    Jasmine and I have the same birthrate. 🥰

  • moe mountain
    moe mountain

    Very happy for your family

  • Hetvi Desai
    Hetvi Desai

    Congratulations chachi loveeeeee u soooooo much

  • Jem C
    Jem C

    The way Sophie was talking to Tio Dave 🥺 and his smile was so adorable

  • Brandi Lewis-Morgan
    Brandi Lewis-Morgan

    OMG love chachi and david relationship its nice too see that they are such good friends and I have to admit love the way Sophia just talked his ear off too cute

  • Elisa

    This is so wholesome. I'm so happy for all of you.

  • Clarissa Saari
    Clarissa Saari

    Näin teidät tänään kaupassa

  • nicky1234201

    Chachi ‘s due date is July 17th and my due date is July 11

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez

    My birthday is July 17 ❤️

  • Jess Stewart
    Jess Stewart

    Congrats chachi!! My bday is july 22nd!

  • Angie Aragon
    Angie Aragon

    Does anyone else think it’s sad she didn’t have her sister in this video they was so close idk what happened to them 🥺

  • Dakota Millikin
    Dakota Millikin

    July 17th is my mom, aunts and 3 other family members birthday as well

  • London LGBTQ
    London LGBTQ


  • Emilie Lozano
    Emilie Lozano

    How awesome 💕💕🎉🎉🎉 my sons due date and birth was on july 17, 2017!!

  • Kaycee Terpening
    Kaycee Terpening

    MY BIRTHDAY IS July 11

  • _poster_child_ Undone
    _poster_child_ Undone

    We have the same due date :)

  • Ese Luisito
    Ese Luisito

    Watched Chachi since ABDC and Now An amazing Mother. Congratulations 🙏❤

  • Génesis Marielos Flores Murcia
    Génesis Marielos Flores Murcia

    quien es ella :l

  • ttiffsaan

    I loooooove how Sophia is like "trying to tell her Tito Dave About the new baby .. the sound she made is like " big sistaaaah " haha then laugs haha "

  • royal

    I always wonder does Josh ever see her videos and regreat letting her go? She is an amazing beautiful soul.

  • dominik revenda
    dominik revenda

    You pregnant That's good(:(:(:

  • dominik revenda
    dominik revenda


  • Jazzie Ortiz
    Jazzie Ortiz

    My name is Jazmine and my birthday is July 20th 😭 I’ve been on this journey with you for more than 6 years!! I’ve been a fan since 2014

  • Jennifer Villegas
    Jennifer Villegas

    The boys still being special for Chachi just shows how great they are!!! David will forever be the cute camera guy who always has a joke under his sleeve!!! 🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Villegas
    Jennifer Villegas

    Wahoo my birthday is July 6th!!!! Can't wait for the gender reaval!!!! Congrats again 🤗😍

  • Elyssa Munoz
    Elyssa Munoz

    My due date is the 17th of july!!!!!!! I've been watching your videos since I was 13! I'm 23 now! So happy for you and your continued happiness!!

  • Dianne Medinaceli
    Dianne Medinaceli

    I love that you guys aren’t wearing masks and enjoying life!!!! Congratulations, Chachiiiiii!

  • Christina Perez
    Christina Perez

    Omg my birthday is July 17. Your baby is going to be a cancer 🦀like me .

  • Emelyn Tamayo
    Emelyn Tamayo

    my birthday is july 16!!!omgggg🥰🥰

  • Gabs L
    Gabs L

    Oh my CONGRATS!!!!! Stay healthy and safe for your baby!

  • Louise Johansson
    Louise Johansson

    Congratulations Olivia I´m so happy for you


    Omggg the baby's going to be born on my birthday!!!!!!!

  • Bella Bee
    Bella Bee


  • Meidy Marentek
    Meidy Marentek

    Did you tell Matt?

  • Star Abyi
    Star Abyi

    My birthday is July 23 as well 😂

  • loomonda18

    BABY #2?? OMG!!Congrats!!

  • Latavia Smellie
    Latavia Smellie

    Don't know if she's friends with her ABDC Dance crew it would be cool though 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I'm also happy for her too

  • Kimberly Palma
    Kimberly Palma

    David and Jaz/Franny’s part😭❤️

  • Erika Lopez
    Erika Lopez

    2 under 2 club lol

  • Sharredy AceMcbroom
    Sharredy AceMcbroom

    My birthday is july


    Omg birthday twin my birthday July 17 turning 20

  • Sam Soucy
    Sam Soucy

    so happy for you!!

  • Maha Butt
    Maha Butt

    M also preg but its my 1st mnth please pray for me I want a baby boy 🤗😇

  • Julia Hudakova
    Julia Hudakova

    My birthday is july 18th, yay!

  • PiecesOf MAI
    PiecesOf MAI


  • Cynthia Nete
    Cynthia Nete

    Congratulations again❤❤❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • dafina Fina
    dafina Fina

    where is matt’s reaction:(

  • Radhika Gupta
    Radhika Gupta

    Lmao the way she turning down the volume again and again when she told jasmine and the other friend cause they were screaming with excitement 😂

  • Krissy Lim
    Krissy Lim

    My son's birthday is July 18th:)♡

  • Lulu GLP
    Lulu GLP

    Wait did David just say “babe “ 😳😳 he has a gf now wow I think I was more surprised with him saying that 😂 anyways congratulations chachi

    • Kawanjit Kaur
      Kawanjit Kaur

      He said baby to Sophia

  • Sierra Castilleja
    Sierra Castilleja

    Ur due date is one day after my birthday yayyy

  • I AM ME
    I AM ME

    Lmao “don’t know what he said...but something very Jorgey” I don’t expect anything less from Jorge! 😂😂😂

  • Karen

    My baby bday is on July 26🥳. July babies. So happy for your growing family! 💗😊

  • Xo Figueroa
    Xo Figueroa

    "Whose the dad?" 😂😂

  • Emma Rebecca
    Emma Rebecca

    ahh 🥺 how did you record audio on those FaceTime calls??

  • Ashley Sanchez
    Ashley Sanchez

    July Babies are the best!!!! im July 18th maybe u can last 1 more day for it lol CONGRATS CHACHI!

  • Chaerin Wu
    Chaerin Wu

    baby and david’s convo in the beginning is the best!

  • MegsVlogsAndOtherThings

    YOURE DUE ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  • ch

    Chachi you are giving me mama feather girl... You have inspired me so much and now I want to experience this feminine devine , must be so magical holding your baby ❤️

  • chanty b
    chanty b

    Congratulations xx

  • Eima Naser
    Eima Naser

    Ahahah opening the video with David was perfect

  • Corariza Rivera
    Corariza Rivera

    O my god how happy she is made me cry for happiness too.

  • Mr Genetics
    Mr Genetics

    The girl at 2:17.... so attractive.... too bad I am only 168cm :(

  • MissX Legion
    MissX Legion

    Awk A pregnancy announcement is like just saying we root have sex and produced a kid. . Meh. . Lol

  • Che Gajitz
    Che Gajitz

    Genuine happiness congrats chachi 😁

  • its Iida
    its Iida

    you have so many lovely people around you ❤️

  • lisa simpson
    lisa simpson

    i love that Sophia laughed so big with jazmine

  • Aziza Prameswara
    Aziza Prameswara

    why do i keep crying

  • Fernanda Duran
    Fernanda Duran

    My birthday is July 17 😎

  • Raymond Acance
    Raymond Acance

    I remember watching Chachi in IaMmE and now she’s grown up having a second child

  • Panagiota Niakola
    Panagiota Niakola

    I'm crying 😭 Such a big love from your family and friends!!! Chachi 2 is coming...😍❤️

  • Nathaly Aguirre
    Nathaly Aguirre

    My birthday is July 18!!!

  • Official Nia Lewis
    Official Nia Lewis

    Oh my gosh my birthday is July 17th

  • Claudia Garcia
    Claudia Garcia

    My son was born in July last year! Cancer babies are the sweetest❤️

  • Darline Barrrios
    Darline Barrrios


  • Zoe W-I
    Zoe W-I

    David being David “who’s the dad?!😮”

    • Lesly Bravo
      Lesly Bravo

      I love David 😂💀💀

  • Owna Maye
    Owna Maye

    Sending you sooo much love girl no prayers for baby too . Prayers of protection for you and your family . I’m cryyyyyiiinnngggg aaahhhhhhhhhhh I’m so happy for you , watching you grow is so beautiful thank you for letting us into your life

  • Stephy Mantilla
    Stephy Mantilla

    ahhh your due date is on my birthday!!! wish you the most healthy pregnancy Chachi!

  • bonjour itsizzy
    bonjour itsizzy

    congratulations reina :)

  • Izzy


  • Aditi Rajguru
    Aditi Rajguru

    Wow chachi I'm so happy for u

  • Afrohare

    Telling Your Friends the Sequel - man, I've been waiting for this! ^^" Edit: "It's odd how Jazmine managed to stay dry-eyed this time." A few seconds later: "Ah, there it is!"

  • Jadzia K
    Jadzia K

    You're so lucky you have a close circle of friends in different parts of the world! Congrats!!

  • Putri Krisifu
    Putri Krisifu

    we need another content of sophie and ur friends bro, i mean sis. they are so cute😭

  • Nikki Yakobi
    Nikki Yakobi

    The way Sophia was having a conversation with David thou 🥰

  • nahnuh19

    How do you record ft WITH sound ?

    • Chachi Gonzales
      Chachi Gonzales

      I had my camera set up in the room! I just used the audio from that ❤️

  • Where's The Cupcakes At?
    Where's The Cupcakes At?

    I'm pregnant with my second now as well man tried as hell morning sickness sucks bad. My daughter doesn't understand she a big sister yet but she all about her dad dada this dada that lol 100% looks just like him nothing like me. 😂