Suction Cup Man 4: Business or Pleasure
Suction Cup Man is sued and taken to court for his sucky crimes. Hopefully he will be calm and well-spoken. haha

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  • minimations

    Anyone seen what the moving truck says

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    wait is 618 a gravity falls refrence?

  • Shannon Robbins
    Shannon Robbins

    “Does the defense have an opening statement?” **becomes spider man**

  • Conor


  • Conor


  • KenDugg TV
    KenDugg TV

    Could you make Suction cup man 5?

  • reptar dudebro
    reptar dudebro

    That look at 7:44 lmao


    does pleasure mean drop kicking suction cup man

  • Extem The Hedgehog
    Extem The Hedgehog


  • John free Punk
    John free Punk

    You tried to take his life away FUCK YOU YOU CANT STOP THE SUCTION LOOK AT HIM GO!

  • Chaseluck

    You thought you could get away with 10/4/16. The original date that Suction Cup Man was released. :)

  • Evil Blast Records
    Evil Blast Records

    I would honestly pay to see this as a series on adult swim 😂😂

  • Kate Arkane
    Kate Arkane

    I looked it up I will never forgive myself

  • Le_ Dot
    Le_ Dot

    Can we get a remastered version of the remastered version of Meet The Spy?

  • Jonald Chrysler Mercado
    Jonald Chrysler Mercado

    8:12 did Emkay voice that?

  • Zayin Flick
    Zayin Flick

    Fuckkk he came back

  • Bob

    7:43 Love it.

  • God of Salt
    God of Salt

    I now want to see a side story of suction cup man and the sex store employee

  • Jäger569 Yeet
    Jäger569 Yeet


  • keyboard killer
    keyboard killer

    You should try and air suction cup man on tv

  • Troll Riders
    Troll Riders

    this must go on forever.

  • Sus

    2:08 WAIT DONT eh-

  • Cool Aid Man
    Cool Aid Man

    So cool, definitely made me laugh and put me in a good mood

  • Sus

    0:50 DEEZ NUTS?

  • MushyTehGamer

    Just noticed this now, but the first time he starts shaking them around here, you can faintly hear a police siren. 7:24.

  • SSBN Master
    SSBN Master

    When he said: It’s nothing Penis- I mean, Penny! *I felt that.*

  • SSBN Master
    SSBN Master

    When he said: “LOOK AT ME GO!” I felt that.

  • StaraptorGOD

    I figured out who the cop is

  • PansexualBeing

    I want Suction Cup Man to become a TV series with 2 hour long episodes Also I want your world changing merch but my dad would think it stupid

  • Rice The Wolf
    Rice The Wolf

    I feel like Suction Cup Man either intentionally acts in a foul language manner in court or just has no clue how a court works

  • Alex Fauble
    Alex Fauble

    Did anybody else notice that he was reading backwards at 5:58?

  • seo demen
    seo demen

    the mans vertical leap is insane! how high was that courthouse celling

  • Jaseon doos goocha
    Jaseon doos goocha

    one of the cops sounds like one of the narrators from emkay

  • Mike Barry
    Mike Barry

    Thank You.

  • bendy fan 1930
    bendy fan 1930

    Suction cup man 5 Suction in freddy Fazbear pizzeria

  • Jeffery Moss
    Jeffery Moss

    You can’t keep penis man from climbing

  • time2 kill
    time2 kill

    I AM FUCKIN CRYING xD 7:47 8:00

  • Kanye East Inc.
    Kanye East Inc.

    President Nixon

  • Christina Rodriguez
    Christina Rodriguez

    It’s a dildo man

  • jahkimiles

    This probably could be a show on comedy central

  • Ace Ora
    Ace Ora

    Deez nuts lol

  • alexgaming

    When is suction cup man 5 coming out

  • Nicole Longie
    Nicole Longie

    8:29 99 % of power

  • xjaqob

    When is number 5

  • Luke Cummings
    Luke Cummings


  • Dusty

    I looked up Suction Cup Therapy- Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow. Proponents also claim the suction helps facilitate the flow of “qi” in the body.

  • Jack Curtis
    Jack Curtis

    The thumbnail, just the thumbnail…

  • Rachapon Bangshengon
    Rachapon Bangshengon

    Judge:you are guilty suction cups Suction Cup Man:What! F***k You

    • Rachapon Bangshengon
      Rachapon Bangshengon

      I hate that how suction cup man business or pleasure saying bad words for pie nation is doing this animation about swearing and bad words

    • Rachapon Bangshengon
      Rachapon Bangshengon

      Those bad words and swearing are bad

  • Shain Gardiner
    Shain Gardiner

    We need to get this as a series

  • Viktor Williams
    Viktor Williams

    Enemies to lovers, 100k, slowburn

  • SilentNinjaGaming

    1:23 he’s heard that so many times already he’s just instantly done with anyone who says it

  • kiwi thu
    kiwi thu

    Fuck yeah

  • not cats
    not cats

    "I'm penis man!" "No. The. Fuck. YOU ARE NOT"

  • elliott deiters
    elliott deiters


  • Bing Productions
    Bing Productions

    This is malicious compliance, and I love it

  • E2B2

    Suction Cup Man’s first name is literally Suction, and Cup Man is his last name.

  • Camden Knott
    Camden Knott

    You should get Brandon Rogers to have a cameo in scm 5

  • Moses Hochstetler
    Moses Hochstetler

    One of the officers is someone from emkay

  • How2Build Central
    How2Build Central

    This is just too freaking funny

  • SSBN Master
    SSBN Master

    “Why not? Now there’s cocks inside and outside!” *”YOU’RE A COCK!”* Holy shit that was funny

  • Wheezing Guy
    Wheezing Guy

    0:50 Always gets me.

    • Shujaxo

      7:43 get me the most. The pure level of rage is hilarious 🤣

  • Goge

    i can't stop watching these episodes, dawg. you should get this show televised on Adult Swim or something, this shit's actually funny

  • Kaya Guy
    Kaya Guy

    We need more Suction Cup man! WE NEED MOAR!!

  • EvilestStar

    Alguien más piensa que a Cup Man le quedaría bien la voz de José Antonio Macías?

  • Atagün Sarıbayraktar
    Atagün Sarıbayraktar

    Make “Cars Toons: Mater’s Bitches” plz

  • MrMucus

    this video is sponsored by dick’s sporting goods

  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter

    How my god I saw this, when I saw the episode 1 and 2 of suction with my friend I told him probably there will be a episode that he’ll use cock to climb window. He didn’t believe me and now I just won 20$, and it’s in my pocket.

  • Nicole Nigaglioni
    Nicole Nigaglioni

    o nononono

  • Loser Toons
    Loser Toons

    You have to do a fnaf sister location video

  • wilcodv

    Just discovered this, amazing!

  • Random Player
    Random Player

    Case 10.4 16 the first suctioncupman was on the 10 of April 2016 ?

  • Micheal Seldon's hybrid
    Micheal Seldon's hybrid

    What about the Hayseed episodes?!

  • CarrionCrow

    BTW, the build up to his penis climb was EPIC.

  • CarrionCrow


  • YWN

    Ok but are we gonna ignore the fact that those two police officers have matching rings?

  • Grim Dragon Fury
    Grim Dragon Fury


  • Emily

    We all wish the suction cups were actually that good lol

  • Titus zane
    Titus zane

    I don't know why but the cop with the brown mustache sounds like swaggersoul

  • Tigeto The Random
    Tigeto The Random

    I really want the plushies

  • Tigeto The Random
    Tigeto The Random

    I want more

  • Boomah :3
    Boomah :3

    Looks like the redhead from wild kratts lol

  • HDsalmon656 TwitchTV
    HDsalmon656 TwitchTV

    I think climbing on Weekends is a great deal because suction cup can climb the tower on saturdays and sundays and also the business man can work from Monday to Fryday. :D

  • Stick Node's 4th Best Animator JOE
    Stick Node's 4th Best Animator JOE

    YOU MISS A LOT ON FNAF SL SB Pizzaria Simulator FNAF 4 Halloween Edition FNAF Speical Delivery And Much More

  • Brandin EpicGamer
    Brandin EpicGamer

    2:13 cringe ATF moment

  • Jwood729

    No one gonna mention how the judge only found him guilty after he made the jokes?

  • CaptainRemixer

    Honestly sc man and bondage girl look like they would make a cute couple

  • Benjamin Christman
    Benjamin Christman


  • D3valor

    First name : Suction Last name : Cup man

  • Faulter

    1:11 are we just gonna ignore how Suction Cup Man jumped about 16 feet in the air?

  • Áron Kovácsfi-Till
    Áron Kovácsfi-Till

    The legend countinues...

  • Goro


  • xXDream_the_tvheadXx

    Pls make this into a actual show on Hulu please I beg of you and pls make it free I wanna watch it with my fam and we don’t have a lot of cash

  • iFlurry Pubg
    iFlurry Pubg


  • iFlurry Pubg
    iFlurry Pubg


  • The Croagunk
    The Croagunk

    He really got robin from emkay

  • Alfonso Trejo
    Alfonso Trejo

    I gonna get the new suction cup man plushie

  • Nils Steyaert
    Nils Steyaert

    2,6K people had theyre towers climbed with cocks! :D

  • magnetichero 49
    magnetichero 49

    Are the two cops married to each other? I mean those cops are the only with marriage rings throughout the whole series

    • magnetichero 49
      magnetichero 49

      And they have marriage rings in the same episode

  • Karsh

    6:52 is the best part XDDD