450+ HP Electric Power Wheels Tank Build! Our Wildest Project Yet!
Yes it is real! A 479HP Power Wheels tank. This will be the world's fastest and most capable Power Wheels build ever! Powered by two salvaged Nissan Leaf Motors and a battery pack from a Ford plug in hybrid. This is our first serious EV swap and we are so excited. This is basically going to be a miniature ripsaw tank from top gear. Full suspension and all! This is our first electric off road go kart build and it is going to be insane!
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    Grind Hard Plumbing Co

    What do you guys think of the new build? Last day to enter the giveaway! www.grindhardplumbingco.com/

    • James Horsted
      James Horsted

      is there a 2nd part of this with the machine built and running if not pls do make another video thanks james horsted

    • Joshua Carrion
      Joshua Carrion

      I can't wait to see the next step on this video

    • Oskar Perers
      Oskar Perers

      This is most likely the stupidest build I've ever seen and it's absolutely fantastic

    • Trevor Casquilho
      Trevor Casquilho

      So cool 👍every build gets better 🤣ceep up the good work 👌

    • Dylan Antalek
      Dylan Antalek

      Should do C02 powered airsoft like gun on the front think that's the simple route and less weight to the build

  • beconcepteen


  • Nathan Ford
    Nathan Ford

    Dope video


    How much for the darts ,battery ,charger and mother boards I found one on the side of the road wanting to rebuild

  • Michael Sutton
    Michael Sutton

    Would love to see this finished up . This is badass . Put a potato gun turret on it

  • crfsikness

    Get your guy a table! Working off the ground is miserable!

  • Tom Jacobs
    Tom Jacobs

    I love being a dad and able to afford silly toys i never got ...

  • Far From Home
    Far From Home

    I will be completely shocked if this project is completed. The amount of engineering involved seems off the scale. I have been greatly impressed with all other projects.

  • Matthew Curschmann
    Matthew Curschmann

    450+ up ? Nope

  • Jason Sefton
    Jason Sefton

    This is the most exciting one yet. You guys are awesome.

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson



    750hp minicar

  • PhillipZX3

    470 hp and probably twice that figure in torque. :-)

  • Bilbo Beutlin
    Bilbo Beutlin

    hahaha this is ridiculous

  • Mac Gerhart
    Mac Gerhart

    When will the next video of this beast be out? Cant wait

  • markus garrido
    markus garrido



    How much money this take?

  • Folt Airguns
    Folt Airguns

    Wow and I came across for sale on Facebook a beetle PowerShell someone made into a mini one seat, rear engine Baja beetle



  • Pro Potato
    Pro Potato

    A colab with Colin Furze for the gun would be mad! Distance is an issue however =(

  • kekleshank

    300 likes and I'll build the same thing my my 95 Honda accord

  • Rwwells 36
    Rwwells 36

    It would be cool to have a potato canon when the barrel on the tank is

  • gsppuffer

    Isn't that water cooled motor?

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay

    when is there going two be a second video too this?

  • bobby witcher
    bobby witcher

    best builds on youtube

  • Jacob Reuss Christensen
    Jacob Reuss Christensen

    Arh man! You guys are amazing! This is all I’ve waited for, and even more - I’ve probably watched every single ev conversion on Yt, and now my favorite guys are doing one... with a tank?!💪💫 if you guys need help/info, go to diyelectriccar.com - great forum for EV conversions! Also: you guys got to replace the canon with an airsoft mini gun

  • Raptormeat

    We got my little cousin Bobby that same tank for Christmas lol


    Boys never grow up... Their toys just get bigger, and more expensive!

  • Hogfish

    2030 ghp gonna be like 1200 hp hydrogen powered powerwheels

  • Lance fisher
    Lance fisher

    God knew what he was doing when he didn't make me born rich

  • Frank Derienzo
    Frank Derienzo

    this is awsome

  • Honda Freak
    Honda Freak

    You guys need a co2 powered cannon on that hog.

  • Damon Bortolon
    Damon Bortolon

    looks awesome

  • MrSpeed696

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  • Jerad Swartz
    Jerad Swartz

    Can't wait for the future vids! Quick question, I want to build a dual motor EV, if I were to hook up 2 motors up to the "outputs" of a differential, and the "input" to my transaxle, would that work? Basically using a diff in reverse.

  • Alex Rands
    Alex Rands

    Didn't read all 1600 replies(so far), but did anyone else catch the irony of Ethan talking about a functional cannon with his fly down? Stoked for the build dudes!

  • Tighe Matthew
    Tighe Matthew

    You have to get some tracks for sure

  • Mike crystal robert
    Mike crystal robert

    Put your tongue on them battery’s see if there charged up

  • Thomas wood
    Thomas wood

    You should build the tank to use actual tracks and build your own tracks. Build the tracks to accommodate two of the Batteries inside the tracks. This way you will have more room for every thing else.

  • CarMad Ross
    CarMad Ross

    This looks like plastic shit.

  • BJ Playz
    BJ Playz


  • Andrew Zacchini
    Andrew Zacchini

    Haha dead cells , electric cars are gunna be in auto shops more than an Audi from the 90s LMFAO

  • KnottyJim

    Awesome project, excited to see it come to life! Just a thought, if you can't fit both motors why not have one with a differential and independant brakes on each track for steering? Having said that I'd love to see the full 450+hp in that thing 😂

  • Liam Kilroy
    Liam Kilroy

    Needs to be called the Leaf Blower 100% 😂

  • Big Dan
    Big Dan

    NEXT ! ! ! Flying car , launch it at the jump ..... chase the drone ! BAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaha !

  • bruv boy
    bruv boy


  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    You should check out my tracked power wheels tank I put tracks and a yamaha 230 2 stroke in. Spins both tracks effortlessly throwing rooster tails lol

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    I sense a battery 💥 explosion in the near future.

  • Anthony Sole
    Anthony Sole

    Lose the toy and build a real tank for offroad.

  • Игорь Белок
    Игорь Белок

    Best Crazy mechanics Kids in the world!!!🤯🤯🤯🤔👏👏👏😎😎🇺🇦😳😳😳😳🤘💣👍🤘💣👍🤘💣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Devin Boynton
    Devin Boynton

    The electric is sweet dont get me wrong. However I personally want to see a small diesel go into one of these. You guys gotta do something diesel some day!

  • Noel Snave
    Noel Snave

    Omfg I love the internet

  • Joey Times
    Joey Times

    Would a can of beer fit in the cannon just saying you could use it as storage

  • Steve V
    Steve V

    You guys are nuts!!! It's going to be awesome!

  • Owen Wilder
    Owen Wilder

    Are they friends or brothers?

  • Christian Buczko
    Christian Buczko

    470hp+ in that is suicide. 200hp would be asking for a darwin award, they build drag gokarts with less than you will be using and the power to weight ratio makes a chirons seem feeble. If its geared down abit, you could make a tow vehicle with huge torque but if its geared for speed with that power i dont see how the tracks can survive.

  • CMB Projects
    CMB Projects

    450 HP... It will scare driving that!

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz

    I hope you guys use the proper gage wire. But man this thing is freaking badass hell yeah guys. Nice build.

  • Willie Rule
    Willie Rule

    This is going to be epic something you will be remembered for forever

  • Dax Carr
    Dax Carr

    When I mentioned that the murderer scooter would make a great trio when you throw in the simplicity to Jay mower build and the Wankel rotary engine drift trike I would suggest you replace the track with the scooper tire in the rear

  • Dax Carr
    Dax Carr

    What’s amazing and has electronics steering I guess that was one of the cheapest ways to get around an engineer in conundrum with a rotating Terrett and not having to use a little linkages and gears to steer the front wheels

  • Dax Carr
    Dax Carr

    Before you actually start cutting on the power wheels tank I would like to see you take it down the hill and I’m not talking about the little bunny hill I’m talking about the big one

  • MSP Customs
    MSP Customs

    YO!! fishows.info/post/dK2EeczJeqLdpqs/videot.html Did you guys see this!!! @8:44 GHPC in an episode of when mechanics lose their minds!!! LOL!

  • Dylan Antalek
    Dylan Antalek


  • UsernameAwesomeSauce

    This looks so cool! Would love to see a railgun on the front of that thing!

  • Daddy Lopez
    Daddy Lopez

    Bro the tank is gonna make more hp than my daily

  • Andrew’s old school garage
    Andrew’s old school garage

    Electric 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Mad Props
    Mad Props

    Sweet video as always lol. Hey accept my friend request Edwin lol, love watching your fpv shots. Been it it a long time and have enjoyed watching your progression. 👍😎 keep up the great chase and other footage.

  • fletcher johnston
    fletcher johnston

    You need proper technician gloves

  • fletcher johnston
    fletcher johnston

    Holly shiiiiii you guys need safety equipment all those orange wires are 300 volts Plus

  • Rail Rider
    Rail Rider

    Looks fun

  • Jordan Wiggins
    Jordan Wiggins

    Is it wrong that the thought of that much power in a power wheels tank makes my sticker peck out??

  • sindre heddan
    sindre heddan

    Eather an air soft gun og paintball gun is necessary at this point....

  • dusty2206

    Idk how u guys are gonna pull this off. But I do not doubt u.

  • Hawkeye Pierce
    Hawkeye Pierce

    Lmfaoooo the police chance scene 😂😂😂😭😭👌🏻

  • F C
    F C

    Just make the main gun a cheap bolt action rifle.

  • Timstinkering

    Might not be nerf, but look up the tipman hellhound for a possible idea for a main gun upgrade

  • Hunner Hall
    Hunner Hall

    Can I buy the jeep

  • Griffin O'Neal
    Griffin O'Neal

    This is going to be a hard grind.... Stay glued

  • Eric Martin
    Eric Martin


  • Doesn't even matter
    Doesn't even matter

    Thing tank better have paint pall guns all over it

  • shaggy

    No way to just carry a air canister on it with a valve to fire the shell? Use air compressor to reload it.

  • Riccardo

    You can recover low cells if you charge them real slow from a 1s charger

  • PIZZAboi23 yt
    PIZZAboi23 yt

    I want one

  • ae86 trueno
    ae86 trueno

    I would love to see something done with that fire truck

  • wrxsubaru02

    Why not use an electric motorcycle/batteries from a motorcycle instead of a car one? lol

  • Rett Bull
    Rett Bull

    When all yall ATV builders started making powerwheels, I thought why not the tank?

  • LickMyChevy

    Can’t wait to see this thing ripping around ! Just hope you guys reinforce those battery’s well. Any stick that pokes those could turn it in to a small bomb

  • matt west
    matt west

    I respect these guys to the max, every single video they bust their ass to get these projects done, Without all the fluff and corny typical FIshows fuggery. Keep up the steller work fella's🤜💥🤛

  • Lorrie Carrel
    Lorrie Carrel

    Out of this world is right

  • Khataro

    Yoo! I use Talenti gelato containers for stuff like that too. They're perfect for reusing for workshop related stuff.

  • RCbodyShop Heyberger
    RCbodyShop Heyberger

    A pedal for the brake? Really... Maybe one pedal for each track.... Or one lever for each 😁

  • Laderschladr

    this toy tank has more Hp than my jeep

  • Matlock 2009
    Matlock 2009

    I remember the snowmobil bike it's on a rlly old vid I was watching you guys when the vid was posted I was one of the first to watch ot

  • no name
    no name

    can yall finish any of these projects?

  • wipit 11
    wipit 11

    When you have more HP than a mustang and way less than go cart

  • wipit 11
    wipit 11

    Up grade the cannon to shoot spuds with a compressor

  • tankerboysabot

    This channel is like watching Sid from Toy Story in real life.

  • jet morran
    jet morran

    Actual tracks are MANDATORY

  • josh owens
    josh owens

    For the gun just make it into a “paintball gun” sleeve a long paint ball barrel inside of a bigger fake barrel so the proportions are correct. It would be easy, awesome, and wouldn’t take up to much room