Feeding My Venus Flytrap Candy Instead Of Flies
I feed my Venus flytrap candy

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  • Crisvel Ailyn
    Crisvel Ailyn

    Now I kinda want that

  • Myk Bagtas
    Myk Bagtas

    Tbh I want that MANY JELLY BEANSSSS

  • instead not school than in vain
    instead not school than in vain

    that's amazing

  • Lampcap

    The way he just casually said oop there goes the ants like thats normal.

  • austin brewer
    austin brewer

    Idiot, it was dying. They are carnivores, sugar isn't what they want

  • Park Jihuu
    Park Jihuu

    That's so scary and creepy

  • Haji fifty
    Haji fifty

    It looks drunk from the sugar

  • Leonardo Wunta
    Leonardo Wunta

    Those things honestly scare everytime I see one I feel like one of those plants from mario are just gonna come out of nowhere and eat me

  • ̶ʎ̶q̶u̶ɯ̶0̶s̶u

    oh thats nasty...

  • Roy Nobleza
    Roy Nobleza

    Your venus flytrap is like drunk

  • Draggingballz

    Does it prefer spicy over sweet?

  • Jo Zh
    Jo Zh

    Stupid misinformed video.

  • spoonv

    How To Kill A Venus Fly Trap In Just One Easy Step:

  • Sheryl Rojas
    Sheryl Rojas

    Nooooooo Americans gonna give Venus Flytraps the DIABETUS!!!!!😱😱😱

  • 1ryanfire1

    You gave him a cinnamon one? Poor thing.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez

    This is how you give plants cancer

  • Nix Overprotective
    Nix Overprotective

    Do you have a ant farm?

  • Molly Perry
    Molly Perry

    Wow that's like really cool wow

  • i know
    i know

    Did he just taste the stomach acid???

  • Taylor L. McKnight
    Taylor L. McKnight

    Why though? I see nothing beneficial in feeding your carnivorous plant sugar.

  • 24K-Newports

    Swear people read like one thing off the internet then bam fucking plant expert

  • MelloAngelWolf

    Those ants make me wanna spray

  • Fitz the dragon
    Fitz the dragon

    Its really weird that these thing are only native to the carolinas

  • DVFBOI Recordz Ltd.
    DVFBOI Recordz Ltd.

    Does the candy kill the venus or does it still live

  • Channabasayya Konnurmath
    Channabasayya Konnurmath

    Wonderful creation

  • Brier-Rose HopeDiamond
    Brier-Rose HopeDiamond

    What a waste of a delicious Jelly Belly!

  • KidCat

    When you want a pet and a plant in the house:


    "It's okay to have ants in my house" -That one philosoph

  • G0dlyF4rt

    That plant on life support

  • Corinne

    Do these things have brains or something?

  • NightFlower

    my mans lost in the sauce

  • Lauren Ferrell
    Lauren Ferrell

    And then it got cellulite, diabetes, had a stroke and died! Way to Americanize your Venus Fly Trap, BRO!

  • Welp

    How can they see.

  • calamariikid

    not the cinnamon jellybelly 💀

  • ghostbur

    The others: oh please come back human we want some!

  • Um_Otaku_ Aleatório
    Um_Otaku_ Aleatório

    Shino-san chora no banho

  • Marcos Lopes
    Marcos Lopes

    why did he taste the liquid on his fingers??? the plants literally eat flies 🤢🤢🤢

  • Anne Bercy
    Anne Bercy



    You had me at jelly bean.

  • Aquafine.

    i remember as a kid i thought this was the most overpowered organism on the planet

  • Jane Dostou
    Jane Dostou

    The ants probably killed the plant.

  • Dominic Hasbrouck
    Dominic Hasbrouck

    You shouldn't just feed a fly trap normal food they die because of they have limited food to eat so the more you feed them the higher chance they have of dieing

  • Karma

    Who else finds Venus Fly Traps really really CUTE

  • SLITHER boa
    SLITHER boa

    Flie trap: mmm i like flies Also Flie trap: MMMMMMMMMMM DIS JELLY THING IS YUMMY

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Wait did the fly trap open back up? Or was it stuck closed an died?

  • ThisIsConnor

    put your finger in it

  • life of christy
    life of christy

    i wish i’m that venus flytrap rn

  • °•.Plxto•Idiot.•°

    The fact my name starts with a V and I love Venus flytraps: 🥺

  • S F0001
    S F0001

    What happens if I put my finger there instead?

  • M T
    M T

    I wonder where he got his Venus fly trap! They’re so neat and it seems like a lot of people are buying them lately!

  • Ambipie


  • Ambipie

    Venus flytrap getting a jellybean: Delicious. Finally, some good fucking food.

  • Nicole Little
    Nicole Little


  • Charlotte Sneed
    Charlotte Sneed

    STOP SAYING WE ALL KNOW And You KNOW DANG WELL NOT EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Everyone's ignoring the fact that this guy has ants living in his indoor plant pot!? I would freak out if I found a load of ants roaming around in my house!

  • Sonia B'chir
    Sonia B'chir

    I'm not an expert but that plant looks miserable :/

  • •Itz Guacamole•
    •Itz Guacamole•

    What happens if you put ya finger there

  • Denise King
    Denise King

    Now All you need is ant eater

  • Q U A N T U M
    Q U A N T U M

    Venus flytraps are super fascinating to me for some reason. Just something about a plant with a big mouth just makes me go "Wow, this actually exists and it looks like smth out of a sci fi movie"

  • Wendy Lee
    Wendy Lee

    "FEED ME SEYMOUR!!" -"Little Ship of Horrors"

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      That was amazing ?????

  • NikTheGamer

    By the way Venus fly traps are not indoor plants

  • Cassandra Kite
    Cassandra Kite

    Man that thang look dead after you gave it a jelly bean🤣🤣

  • K Martin
    K Martin

    They're gonna get type 2 diabetes..omg

  • ?Maxine?

    Me getting a anxiety attack watching him touch it

  • so sweet, caramel salt...✨I WANNA HIT MYSELF ✨
    so sweet, caramel salt...✨I WANNA HIT MYSELF ✨


  • Audrey the cat nerd
    Audrey the cat nerd

    Fed him the worst jelly bean flavor smh this is plant abuse

  • • 𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚢•🌊✨
    • 𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚢•🌊✨

    Bruh you tasted it?

  • Lii Lei
    Lii Lei

    I have a venus flytrap and from my experience they don't usually bother "digesting" the food that isn't alive. When a bug that they catch keeps moving even after the plant has closed up it let's it know that it indeed is food and not just some fallen leaf or dust. I have given my plant dead bugs before and it doesn't fully close and eat it so I'm surprised that it actually somewhat closed and ate the jelly bean.

  • Dillon Spurlock
    Dillon Spurlock

    Is he dead

  • בר פייביש
    בר פייביש

    That is mean. And cruel. And kind of sadistic.

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W

    So what happens??? What did we learn here folks! NOTHING

  • Efren Culala
    Efren Culala


  • Elbert Benton
    Elbert Benton

    Knowing damn well if I try this thing going to taste like no cinnamon juice

  • Elbert Benton
    Elbert Benton

    You're so disgusting you just touched that plant and put your fingers in your mouth and said it was good like you're so disgusting no one tried this

  • A I
    A I

    How about feeding them super glue?

  • Zaria Parsons
    Zaria Parsons


  • blondexgutz

    AAAAAAAA- the Venus flytrap is too cute! Ima get one.

  • Zenith


  • Rue Rutherford
    Rue Rutherford

    How did it go long term l?

  • Delivery work
    Delivery work

    I thought they only eat bandicoots

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Free youngboy

  • Marss Not the planet
    Marss Not the planet

    Someone told me once that there are Venus fly traps that are big enough to eat people and bigger animals in the amazon

  • DaniPhantom

    Venus Fly traps can only open a certain amount of times before dying. Kinda bothers me that you’re doing this

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez

    So what happened to it though?? Did it absorb it?

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera

    Holy smokes sorry man, but what are you doing? He was miserable, stop it bro. Or they won't last to long.

  • Sarah Hunter
    Sarah Hunter


  • Elizabeth Ryals
    Elizabeth Ryals

    Bruh it wastes so much energy win u feed them so don't play with them you guys on FIshows need to stop playing with living things do u want to be played with?

  • Chad Armstrong
    Chad Armstrong

    That's going to be a diabetic plant.

  • I'm a marketable shaggy
    I'm a marketable shaggy

    Venus fly traps are kinda cute 🥺

  • Scrimbo


  • ひKB

    why tf u touch it and lick yo fingers💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ZEEK Prescott
    ZEEK Prescott

    Where to get one at?

  • Rahima Islam
    Rahima Islam

    I really hope the poor thing doesn't get diabetes after this little brainwave

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander

    Feed Me Morris, Feed Me!!!


    So basically each head is a month with a stomach.. lol their pretty cool! 👍

  • Itz- Luna
    Itz- Luna

    You can taste it on ur fingers are you okay!?

  • B_TheMan

    He looks like me when I have way too many Hennessy 😂

  • Flaxeddd

    We not finna talk about the ants in his crib😭😭

  • duck

    I put my finger in small Venus fly traps and it’s so cool I thought it would hurt but it doesn’t

  • Aracoixo


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