Former Secret Service Agent Reviews Presidential Films, from 'Air Force One' to 'VEEP' | Vanity Fair
Former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow fact checks presidential secret service scenes from movies and television including 'Air Force One,' 'Dave,' 'Angel Has Fallen,' 'Along Came a Spider,' 'Jackie,' 'The American President' and 'VEEP' and analyzes their believability and execution.

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Former Secret Service Agent Reviews Presidential Films, from 'Air Force One' to 'VEEP' | Vanity Fair

  • ugwumsy chee
    ugwumsy chee

    this guy took these movies serious lol it's just a movie, besides i would like to see a review on 24 hrs there's no correcting jack bauer when he's asked to protect the president, flawless

  • Dodge

    CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, including aerospace/defense contractors, must be held to address a critical issue that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  • Roscoe Buckley
    Roscoe Buckley

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  • Ernst Gottschalk
    Ernst Gottschalk

    What is the point of a motorcade? wouldn't you want to make the president's movement as inconspicious as possible?

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    "prolonged periods of boredom only broken up by moments of sheer terror" This sounds like working in IT...

  • reboot thirteen
    reboot thirteen

    the fbi : this is classified

  • Homefront

    If the President wears pink panties, does the Secret Service “mimic” them to blend in? (asking for a friend)

  • jufncbszlsiw akmcbopwms
    jufncbszlsiw akmcbopwms

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    George H W Bush killed jfk.

  • Christopher Nicolson
    Christopher Nicolson

    "These weren't Delta flight attendants. These were trained professionals..." Confirming what we all knew about Delta employees

  • Wynne Johnson
    Wynne Johnson

    This man did a great job! I watch all of these and this is one of my top! So interesting.

  • Dolores Stone
    Dolores Stone

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  • S. T.
    S. T.

    In this case I don’t even need the movie clips. Just let him talk about his occupation

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin

    11.30.The girl was the daughter of a US Senator,not the President.

  • バンジョベンジ

    The president is protected 360°? Don't tell would-be assassins that there's a whole nother dimension of vulnerability. "Above and below pose a serious security risk."

  • M. D.
    M. D.

    The comparison between White House staff and Secret Service narrows it down. 100,000 people around the president vs. the president alone in a steel box with a little ventilation for air.

  • nick c
    nick c

    I had a few friends who were EOD techs that worked with SS.

  • single one
    single one

    Along came a spider was not about a president.

  • مستر ميوزك Mr. Music
    مستر ميوزك Mr. Music

    Details .. it's all about details. Success in designing protection program depends on understanding various layers of problems, how to make and how to break them. Now add variables and sudden encounters to that! Oh wooow now we talk!

  • Spicy Sriracha Milkshake
    Spicy Sriracha Milkshake

    You can tell a president is doing something right by the amount of death threats like trump. Then you have somebody like biden who the Taliban and thanking while driving the tanks and flying aircraft we left them and just leaving them to do there thing

  • SaitamaLamaDingDong

    Hmmm Nothing says loving like our “ government daddy “ program 😜 Nice report carding , kind sir

  • James C
    James C

    Would have loved to see this guy talk about the west wing. They had a LOT of secret service interaction on there.

  • Paul Crewe
    Paul Crewe

    Must be pretty easy protecting Biden in his basement

  • James Miller
    James Miller


  • Liberty or Death
    Liberty or Death

    Well, does Air Force 1 have an escape pod?

  • Neil Copley
    Neil Copley

    Harrison Ford is on another level

  • Benjamin Griggs
    Benjamin Griggs

    He should look at Designated Survivor and the original Olympus has Fallen. I can see it now " the White House is not equipped with a SAM system in the roof..."

  • Erick Nunez
    Erick Nunez

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  • Natty SuperSoldier
    Natty SuperSoldier

    man you could find anything on you tube now a days XD

  • Clem Shekey
    Clem Shekey

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  • Chi Ihuoma
    Chi Ihuoma

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  • Quentin Garyga
    Quentin Garyga

    I need him to review every 24 season

  • Tamding Tamding
    Tamding Tamding

    President be like someone shut that guy otherwise he gonna tell where am gonna 💩

  • existence is pain for a meeseeks
    existence is pain for a meeseeks

    I’ll never forget being on a trip to DC when I was young and they literally stopped all traffic because President Obama’s motorcade was out and about…that was pretty cool!

  • Hart Dr
    Hart Dr

    What a power bottom bear DILF

  • J Valentine
    J Valentine

    You lost me the second I saw the UN tie . Where was this guy in the SS ? The typing pool.

  • Stefan Miller
    Stefan Miller

    *president gets attacked* Expert: "that's not how protection works."

  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley

    12:35.... Asking the question..."Hey kid, have you seen the other kid im supposed to protect....!" Grounds for instant termination apparently, i wonder if this is literal and not metaphorical...?

  • alexokimo

    6:00 Aighty where do I sign up🙂

  • sweetwaldo

    Movie is more of a comedy

  • Thomas Gonder
    Thomas Gonder

    What about In The Line of Fire?????

  • Toni Georg
    Toni Georg

    It doesn't get more american than this 😂

  • Toni Georg
    Toni Georg

    This video is the most American thing I have seen today

  • mo fo
    mo fo

    got a gun; YES. Ever use it; not without a jimmy.

  • Navrable

    Is it just me?......or is Natalie Portman's accent terrible?

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell

    They let Gary Oldman board Air Force One?!?!?!?! What were they thinking?!?

  • Dechen Yang
    Dechen Yang

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  • Deli P
    Deli P

    Bush came into Hobby in Houston one time and I pulled over got out of my truck and ran into the Median to wave. A bunch of heads with weapons came popping out of the vehicles. I stopped dead, threw my hands up and yelled Don't Shoot Me! He drove by and I never did get to wave. When I worked in D.C. I got to know an agent through a friend. Wound tight with a stick up his butt, even during his off hours. No sense of humor.

  • Lendorien

    This was an outstanding video. Informative and well done. One of the better ones Vanity Fair has done.

  • Arjalineck

    If the president shoots himself in the head, do they have to do that as well

  • finelinestyles

    what did he mean when he said there’s some things they can’t even tell the president. like what?

  • sam'ool red
    sam'ool red

    A guy you wouldn't suspect in a crowd to be a threat but given the chance you wouldn't know he was the one who shot and killed you without blinking.

  • La'Rae M. Trice
    La'Rae M. Trice

    Soooo glad he did Veep!

  • yeeyz yang
    yeeyz yang

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  • Sid Honey
    Sid Honey

    "Robot Giesha" DWL🤣

  • Eric Henningfeld
    Eric Henningfeld

    I would feel so safe with this man.

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    Luke Combz

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  • e30m31989

    That is one ill fitted jacket. The shoulders are not fitted, sloppy.

  • Mark Levin
    Mark Levin

    I wish we had seen some West Wing scenes. I love the interaction between Bartlett and Butterfield.

  • Mark Harmon
    Mark Harmon

    I would just love if this former secret service could analyze the movie "In the line of fire " with Clint Eastwood .

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    They say the president can get anything he wants at any time, but I'd like to see him order up some In-N-Out Burger

  • Kleber DeGracia
    Kleber DeGracia

    The girl in the flower shop had me weaaaaaak!!!😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • Kleber DeGracia
    Kleber DeGracia

    “Have u seen Where my protectee is???” Lmao I lost it….😂😂🤣

  • US Nationalist
    US Nationalist

    We no longer have presidents and senators (public servants), we have treasonous swamp kings (dictators).

  • Juliana Cruz
    Juliana Cruz

    This guy is so adorable! hahaha

  • Devecz László
    Devecz László

    Wish 'In the line of fire' was on this movei list too.

  • Joe Nance
    Joe Nance

    I want to be a Federal Agent. My Facebook is cool.

  • Arturo Rincon
    Arturo Rincon


  • Jeffrey Atlee
    Jeffrey Atlee

    Is there a bluer shade than this man's eyes.

  • Alen Abraham
    Alen Abraham

    President decides to jumb in the pool. Secret sevice agents immediately removes their clothes just to blend in .

  • Roy Vonalmen
    Roy Vonalmen

    Mr Valente (scenes with Jackie) closely resembles what Clint Hill would've looked like back then. Great book too !

  • Royce Frank
    Royce Frank

    You should’ve done your country a real service and used your service firearm. Would have saved us all eight years of grief

  • confusedindividual

    He spoke about negotiations between White House staff and the Secret Service over plans involving the President and/or other VIP’s and finding an acceptable balance between presentation and security. I wonder how often an agreement is never reached and what is decided in those situations. Does the Secret Service operate autonomously in spite of the President or do they have to obey the President?

  • dog guy
    dog guy


  • 18 Wheeler
    18 Wheeler

    Thank you for your service

  • Sam Kostos
    Sam Kostos

    This guy is such a good man, you can tell by his eyes. He has also been in battles. Makes me proud noble warriors exist still. You're the best of all of us America, don't let people bring you down.

  • Ejzafra Tbooom
    Ejzafra Tbooom

    This guy can kill you in adorable way.

  • NonsensicalVids

    finger print on screen, thats so dumb *unlocks phone with facial recognition*

  • Darren Cruz
    Darren Cruz

    Worst presidential hobby for secret service has gotta be airsoft

  • J W
    J W

    I imagine standing there, staring at the President, is a really bad way to protect the President. Yet that's what Secret service does in so many of these shows.

  • Sideburner

    After the President trips on the stairs a couple times we take off.

  • IKECH545

    I like this guy, he has a good countenance. He comes across very genuine and very professional.

  • Sam U
    Sam U

    This was actually very good. Something most Americans could watch, learn and enjoy about the best protection money can buy. But only 1.7 views. If it was some blowhard espousing some conspiracy theory, it would have 10M views by now. This shows how some of us prioritize our day.

  • BeanSproot

    Guy is talking about drone attacks like America isn't the one who basically invented them

  • Vordt

    He looks like the typical neighborhood dad. Except he can hypnotize you with those blue eyes then BAM.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    How did he run… ? He looks like a potato 😂😂😂😂🤘🏻

  • Veyronp87

    Delta catching strays

  • Jessica Aloi
    Jessica Aloi

    No offense but why would they have this guy do this? Obama’s secret service agents were famously the most incompetent. Way too many close calls.

    • Instead Of Mayo
      Instead Of Mayo

      Secret service isn't composed of a president's select buddies and compatriots. It's a single organization with many agents that serve for years and decades irrespective of who is in office.

  • yeah NO
    yeah NO



    We need two hours of this.

  • Closn Boi
    Closn Boi

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  • Diane Bentley
    Diane Bentley

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  • Henry Wilson-Winter
    Henry Wilson-Winter

    4:10 I’m stunned that the presdidential flight crew is better than delta. So very surprised.

  • Denisse Espinal Reyes
    Denisse Espinal Reyes

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  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon

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  • Muffin • Baked
    Muffin • Baked

    Looking like the secret service agent that got to taste test to much presidential food

  • Max Cullen
    Max Cullen

    Great breakdown respect earned

  • Sara A
    Sara A

    Do you ever wonder if you've been around a secret service agent? Every time I'm in Washington D.C. I feel like they're everywhere lol

  • Altair

    I’m just imagining the Secret service or the FBI just waiting for him to say something to that isn’t out in the public having a sniper with a dart that will make you pass out

  • Bobby Stevens
    Bobby Stevens

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