Prank interview with Elijah Wood
THis is a prank interview that Dom did on Elijah. IT IS SO FUNNY!!! i love his laugh it is so cute!!! but i hope you enjoy it. please rate/comment
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  • Hansome Solo
    Hansome Solo

    The dolphin died in a car accident 💀 he started laughing then got serious double thinking it like wait If this shit is real I just FUXKED up lol

  • Zen Smylie
    Zen Smylie

    I don’t think that was just a cigarette he was smoking at the start...

  • Rudi Norton
    Rudi Norton

    Bruh that man looks like JoshDub in the thumbnail

  • Josh R
    Josh R

    Elijah was born in Iowa, if you were wondering

  • BlAckSwAN807

    So happy this popped up

  • lamb chops
    lamb chops

    5.20 future me

    • lamb chops
      lamb chops

      The gay paret

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez

    Highly emphasized "WhYyY? :l " 7:36


    The lord of the wigs:)

  • RagnarOdinson

    NOOO ... YEEEESSSS !!!! :) :)

  • DigitalPsyche

    Top bantz.

  • TheLast Soldier
    TheLast Soldier

    This vid was on FIshows before I was on earth

  • Koala Koala
    Koala Koala

    "Seven-Twenty" is actually how we say 27. So as ridiculous as this interview is, he's been paying attention to the details. I don't know why whe say it in the wrong order, but the Dutch do it as well, go ask them, don't waste my time, I need to go to work now, Guten Abend!

    • Crow

      I read somewhere that some languages keep certain parts of the Arabic order of reading (right to left) with numbers, which is why even though in English we have fifty-seven or eighty-two, we also have thirteen (three-ten) and seventeen (seven-ten), like in the original Arabic order of reading the number.

  • Dapper Dan
    Dapper Dan

    This interview will stand the test of time


    Thank you recommended

  • trenchfry

    5:31 is kinda like that one interview that goes "why are you gay?" "who says i'm gay?" "..." "you are gay" i'm bawling

  • clone clone
    clone clone

    you need an incredible setup to make a man laugh uncontrollably at "you kick balls?"

  • Cassie Dolis
    Cassie Dolis

    I thought he said "meth and magic"

  • orcs

    ven vill vou vear vigs

  • Essie K.
    Essie K.

    It's funny that Dom's accent does not sound german at all. LOL It sounds more like indian or russian or something. Love it though :D

  • Barello Smith
    Barello Smith

    I don't know what accent this interviewer is trying to pull but it doesn't sound anything like a German accent. xD More like a mix between Indian and Jiddish. :D

  • Cristina Ramos
    Cristina Ramos

    A bit homophobic, but otherwise really funny.

    • Des LoW
      Des LoW

      homophobia /ˌhɒməˈfəʊbɪə,ˌhəʊməˈfəʊbɪə/ noun dislike of or prejudice against gay people. There is absolutely 0 of that in this video. Asking if someone is gay is not homophobic. Jesus fuck I hate you overly sensitive people these days. Can't even take a joke.

  • Krypto Kn8
    Krypto Kn8

    Lmao "we Filmed in on DVD" damn... been a while...

  • EpicGamer32

    “when will you wear wigs?” 💀💀😂😂

  • Mavimty Mavimty
    Mavimty Mavimty

    6:27 this is funny to you 😀😃

  • Alle Berg
    Alle Berg

    Mr Woods?

  • mick the newt
    mick the newt

    It is weird to see merry smoking a cig

  • andy clement
    andy clement

    Whadda bromance

  • Pizza Bread
    Pizza Bread

    *when will you wear wigs?*

  • youngaspireify

    They got hired because they look short even while sitting down.

  • Juan Mercer
    Juan Mercer

    *in a very serious tone* “When will you wear wigs?”

  • dreamer

    "umm how do i say without being rude..umm..a gay connectation" IM CRYING

  • The Fruit Barsket
    The Fruit Barsket

    I go back and watch this video all the time now it's just too good

  • Arshia Mh
    Arshia Mh

    This is best interview ever.

  • el la
    el la

    do you wear wigs: no i do not have you worn wigs: no i have not will you wear wigs: maaybee.. when will you wear wigs: scream laughs

  • bnhdeluxe

    *B I G* 😦 *B L U E* 👹 😀 *yës* 😀

  • Organic Methamphetamine
    Organic Methamphetamine

    he looks british but sounds american

  • Cody G Kremer
    Cody G Kremer

    Wait how is this easter egg found?

  • Rhae 2TheResQ
    Rhae 2TheResQ

    Ah, haaaaa! The first clue that the interviewer was fake is this: Germans don't hold cigarettes like that. They hold it between their thumb and index finger. Very funny stuff!

  • michelle moulton
    michelle moulton

    The aggressive curious “YOUUU MAKE A MOVIE” for me

  • Pineapple Cat
    Pineapple Cat

    This is the best video on the internet and I am crying

  • Yo _
    Yo _

    The most funny shit I have ever seen

  • BeastieBear

    I appreciate the cigarette.

  • Judus Masamune
    Judus Masamune

    This made me laugh so much hahaha never gets old

  • Varell

    Such a contagious laugh, love both these guys. They seem genuinely fond and respectful of each other. Would be great to see them in a comedy together! Cheers 🍻

  • White haired Badass
    White haired Badass

    4:58 the breaking point🤣

  • Hashim Aziz
    Hashim Aziz

    This title was the complete opposite of clickbait. Understated, saying absolutely nothing at all about how legendary this video is, I can't believe I've never seen it.

  • Karl Marx jr
    Karl Marx jr

    This is sooo genius. The way he constantly does little interruptions to put Elijah off is so funny

  • Dragon Thibodeau
    Dragon Thibodeau

    You play foot ball , you kick balls ..

  • Andrea Fry
    Andrea Fry

    This brings me so much joy

  • rozkata

    New Amsterdam 😂

  • Montana 966
    Montana 966

    You can't not like Mr Woods.

    • Jellyf!sh

      I know right! With his big bloo eyes and american voice

  • NerdyBerty

    The dolphin dying in a car accident is the most underrated part of this

    • ruse mode
      ruse mode

      Predicted The Boys

  • Ofer Sheffer
    Ofer Sheffer

    When will you wear wigs?

  • KimV Vitória
    KimV Vitória

    Eu amo a risada dele kkkk

  • Pedro Sequeira
    Pedro Sequeira

    Do you where wigs? -No I do not Have you worn wigs? -No I have not Will you wear wigs? -Maybe? When will you wear wigs? PHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAGAGAAHAHAAAAAAAAA

  • Hristo Uzunov
    Hristo Uzunov

    Dominic channeling his inner Brüno here.

  • Djuncle

    Holy shit I haven't laughed that hard in years. Elijah and Dom are absolute gems!!

  • Andrew Westnedge
    Andrew Westnedge

    He keeps sinking into his seat lmao

  • Natasha Stano
    Natasha Stano

    "I hope we've made it difficult for you" *has 7mil views*

  • Chunky Jason Plays
    Chunky Jason Plays

    Dominic Monaghan was born in Germany, specifically West Berlin but both his parents are Bri'ish.

  • fmas1978

    oh, brilliant! there should be more of this sort of thing happening

  • mom

    When he called him Frodo out of nowhere and quickly carried on I absolutely lost it

  • X

    Covid interviews are just like the old days of LOTR comedy

  • P B
    P B

    daz izt nicht funny

    • Jellyf!sh

      Genau, das ist total lustig

  • Jackson Laframboise
    Jackson Laframboise

    Why’s this dude look like my grade 7 class photo in the beginning…with the background and everything.

  • Ciara

    if nothing else, that final screech of laughter at the very end kills me 😂😂

  • minichris


  • Ciara

    all of this is gold but my personal fave moment is when dom says "this is funny to you?" while Elijah is screeching with laughter 😂 he tries so hard to keep it together

  • Scribe Rothchild
    Scribe Rothchild

    We don’t deserve Elijah Wood

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King

    There's an easter egg in the DVD collection?! Crud, now I have to find it!

  • adventure family
    adventure family

    6:55 your welcome 6:06

  • ulamumafarciaporpial

    what year was this?

  • BeepBoop

    This 14 FUCKING YEARS OLD and it was published on my birthday. How come all the comments are so new?


  • nothing


  • _ Honestly _
    _ Honestly _

    Dom ripping cigs at the beginning makes it even better 😂

  • Emme Patr
    Emme Patr

    This. This is my favourite video

  • Miledith

    Dominic has such a crackhead energy, I love this. And the fact that Elijah started praising him at the ent for how genius that prank was. So wholesome.

  • Bearded Dawg
    Bearded Dawg

    Of all the Bagginses… he’s my favorite. He’s a spry little Hobbit.

  • Sauce Boi
    Sauce Boi

    8:01 YOU MAEKA

  • Gabriel Gray
    Gabriel Gray

    His laugh is so contagious

  • ign:Pepczenko

    Add the Oblivion box music

  • wonderer1983

    These two are a riot

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    i watch this video whenever im sad

  • Eliza Toponce
    Eliza Toponce

    One of my friends is German and let me say she sounds NOTHING like this 😂

  • Sauce Boi
    Sauce Boi

    Ven vil yu wea wvigs?

  • Rita D.N
    Rita D.N



    The purple degree jelly scorch because step-grandfather immunohistochemically scold to a icky christopher. damaging, unbecoming beetle

  • Rowan Vonr
    Rowan Vonr

    “Do you wear vigs?” “No I do not” “Have you worn vigs?” “No I have not” “Will you wear vigs?” “Mabyeee” *”WHEN WILL YOU WEAR VIGS”* *screaming laughter*

    • Rowan Vonr
      Rowan Vonr

      @XXLScOuPZz thanks I appreciate that

    • XXLScOuPZz

      Congrats u explained what happened in the video

    • mom

      @CEO of Ships not a stupid question! I think the joke itself is just that he’s interrupting him about the same thing rapidly. It’s not so much about the wigs, but just that he’s interrupting him in that rapid fire way, if that makes sense

    • Varell

      I think it's that he's subtlety telling Elijah he's attracted to him (big blue eyes, beautiful man) and would love to see him in a wig. HILARIOUS!

    • Mangos WT
      Mangos WT

      @CEO of Ships the joke is the fact that he is pushing Elijah to talk about wigs constantly.

  • Артем Сидоров
    Артем Сидоров

    your hobbit friend

  • Kait tt
    Kait tt

    If you are lost in life, don't know where to go, are looking for a sign or just need help and need someone just know God is here for you :) Your life has purpose The Bible Way To Heaven: short presentation: (7min) mini sermon: (19 min)

    • Kait tt
      Kait tt

      @Big Tasty "Big Tasty"

    • Big Tasty
      Big Tasty

      why tf did you choose this video

  • A man with one hand
    A man with one hand

    "Sean astin is not gay?" LMFAO

  • Lawrence Rooney
    Lawrence Rooney

    Wow, that's an awful shirt and tie. I feel like his outfit alone is a prank.

  • Loukoume

    He could have discover Dom quickly because daft punk isn't German haha

  • Daniil Pautkin
    Daniil Pautkin

    -We recorded it -NO! YES!

  • Dio

    >Mr Hands.. 🤔 The guy that died fucked by a horse? Lol. Didn't Elijah played a role as a zoophilic in a art play or something?

  • kevin reverse robo
    kevin reverse robo

    7:36 whyyyy?

  • Jacqui G
    Jacqui G

    He's so uncomfortable and it's amazing. He's trying to be professional but it's going so bad. 😂

  • Saffiyya Güleş
    Saffiyya Güleş

    5:14 is the best part