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  • Aditya Shivam Diwaniya.
    Aditya Shivam Diwaniya.

    Love You School 🎒📚👦Boy🌅🏹🌅🌹🌷😘

  • Vishal Editzz
    Vishal Editzz

    School boy

  • omar scandola
    omar scandola

    Che potenza spaventosa

  • موسى العنزي
    موسى العنزي

    لابد مايكون مفصل الكف خصمك عكس اتجاه راسه اذا ميل يده

  • موسى العنزي
    موسى العنزي

    فاز الخال بطل

  • موسى العنزي
    موسى العنزي

    هي ع الطريقه فا البدايه اذا متساوين باالشد اليدين ثبت يدك دع خصمك يحاول باالشد لابد ترتخي يده وانت مركز اذا رجع يده وشد ثاني مره الثالث انت شد لان الخصم يتعب لانه شاد وهو خصم قوي وفي لحضه رجوع يده وانت مركز انت شد بعده

  • fransiskus rian
    fransiskus rian

    Schoolboy not rest.

  • Madyan LJOKER
    Madyan LJOKER

    حركات غلط مش لازم ينزل لتحت لطولي مفكر حالو قوي هههههه

  • JKItsMeAlGore

    I would hate to be the referee trying to keep order. Seemed like no one is listening to him

  • dannooooooo

    in case you didnt know they were in dubai at the start they had a camel toe there to let you know

  • Robert Magda
    Robert Magda

    i here Testosteron in your Voice Broo , alot

  • Ghita Guiman
    Ghita Guiman

    No matter if was left or right hand,he had 5 matches in a very short time and got tired like a normal being,and Khaled was very agressive and a bully, I don't agree with happened,Khaled should of kept his calm,because had nothing to worry,he was going to armwrestle a buy who was already tired,but he was scared and acted agressive...

  • tibetan insta star
    tibetan insta star

    Black try to broke his thumb 👍 who noticed?

  • Martin Ohola
    Martin Ohola

    School boy cant believe he met his match big up Khalid.

  • Samuel auka
    Samuel auka

    0:50 That pink clothes shawry was eyeing them delts as hell

  • Lilkasxdn

    I dont know about this lol

  • Barep 7076
    Barep 7076

    Is about the position and focus...? 😂😂

  • Suzairi Akhbar
    Suzairi Akhbar

    imagine if saitama do it

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson


  • Viking Adventurer
    Viking Adventurer

    Im not into big men 🤡dumb

  • RTL Grandes Ondes
    RTL Grandes Ondes

    Love schoolboy ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

  • Halim Halim
    Halim Halim

    I was à school boy before..😁

  • Spawn Terror
    Spawn Terror

    Larry 100% respect for how you behave after losing. Khaled on the other side, very cocky, but also strong ;)

  • Bug Smith
    Bug Smith

    School boy is a bad dude 🙂🙂🙂❤!


      what no he is not

  • Ertugrul

    Waow Larry comeback

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    The dude really likes himself. Egotistical

  • Rahul Saini
    Rahul Saini

    Khaled 💪

  • F Mills
    F Mills

    Who is Khalid? Is he an arm wrestling champ?

    • Troy Tueller
      Troy Tueller

      Nah, just a really strong dude. I don’t think he arm wrestles anymore

  • Александр Ермаков
    Александр Ермаков

    Молодец Санёк!)

  • Bjørn Henry Mikkelsen
    Bjørn Henry Mikkelsen

    Larry is a looser :)

  • Ok then,
    Ok then,

    Kalid a dick end thank you

  • Pulsonar

    Doesn’t make sense all the salty talk about schoolboy vs Larry. It’s clear that Larry is on juice for bodybuilding, and has no arm wrestling expertise at all, it has little to do with size of arms at this level. Schoolboy had dedicated his life to arm wrestling he is supposed to win.

  • Nodnyl Otnall
    Nodnyl Otnall

    Obvious! fresh hands fresh start.

  • Cultured White Boy
    Cultured White Boy

    Why is the ref trembling?

  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel

    I guarantee you if you give them 3 days rest I guarantee schoolboy would win

    • Pappa Smooth
      Pappa Smooth

      @tym 001 im just as confused by that

    • tym 001
      tym 001


  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel

    Arm wrestling should be armed on the table and not off the table

  • James Almaden
    James Almaden

    Good match

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez

    Working out for body mass is not the same as working out for strength with less body mass

  • soumya kanta rout
    soumya kanta rout

    Protein power vs real body

  • joel lastname
    joel lastname

    The school boy doin it wrong 101% he doin it wrong.. Its should be arm and bodyweight wrestle.

  • Hike1020

    Roid boi useless muscles

  • pitbull1976

    mega schoolboy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍

  • Sapporo Ichiban
    Sapporo Ichiban

    One of my top favorite strength athletes. Stepping into many disciplines of high end strength sports with the very top people. Always motivating and a true gentleman, Larry Wheels. The school boy is a serious beast. I saw footage of him pulling Devon and Michael Todd, this youngster will be a hw world champion if he isn't already. Well done gentlemen. Always a pleasure to view your content.

  • Gamer33 Dwshy
    Gamer33 Dwshy

    😂😂😂😂 they are angry

  • Luke Phipps
    Luke Phipps

    Love school boys shirt what a legend

  • jojojojo5353

    these guys should be tested for steroids, and disqualified if the tests are positive..fuking cheaters lol

  • Marvin Acklin
    Marvin Acklin

    Love his unassuming humble attitude

  • Marvin Acklin
    Marvin Acklin

    Schoolboy dominated

  • Dreia

    Schoolboy can beat them all, the kid was obviously tired of all those matches

  • Dreia

    Wtf, what does schoolboy eat? Damn

  • Tomas Viane
    Tomas Viane

    That was a joke, right?!

  • Silent Lessons
    Silent Lessons

    am not noticing that with schoolboy its not necessarily that he is stronger than others but he brings technic & strategy on the table unlike others.

  • Karlo Loya
    Karlo Loya

    Larry you are a loser schoolboy is more strong than you of course did you did not wjn

  • Henrique Barbosa Santana
    Henrique Barbosa Santana

    O campeão tem muita esperiencia a pesar de ser novo em idade tem muita força

  • Patrick B.
    Patrick B.

    Alex should start learing English.

  • Luciano Parente
    Luciano Parente

    Kkk a maioria só e bomba.n tem força .😀

  • SL Guinea pig
    SL Guinea pig

    this is from srilanka @

  • HuntingOpps


  • °{<Felipe branquinho>°}
    °{<Felipe branquinho>°}

    O my god the is me force nice

  • Bahaa Alkraidy
    Bahaa Alkraidy

    the schoolboy has almost injured his wrist

  • Bahaa Alkraidy
    Bahaa Alkraidy

    khalid is a beast

  • DoObs

    If Khaled just LISTENED to the Referee. Fuck its not that hard. Probably did it on purpose to make Schoolboy fatigue out.

  • MrBassman1217

    You bout to get schooled

  • Юрий Баранов
    Юрий Баранов

    Саня устал так можно

  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper

    it's painful to watch his challengers who, who are willing to dislocate their shoulders, wreck their elbows, tear their muscles muscles, or break their arms, in order to hold onto their manhood, that is really what is at stake for these men, it's their manhood, look at their faces, as they are beaten, or as they struggle to keep their testicles, it's literally like they have just had their testicles removed and they have been forced to wear a woman's dress... while this mild mannered , softly spoken school boy, who clearly is winning based on technique and not muscle, literally reaches down and with quiet glee removes the testicles of these muscle bound meat heads one after the other... I'd love to go to his house and see his large collection of meat head testicles of the guys he's emasculated. Now of course don't be fooled by his mild manner, he psychologically revels in beating these guys, it's what he lives for. Sure he appears modest but it's the whole reason he does it. lol


    Schoolboy is so in proportion that you lose sight of just how big a unit he is. Larry is a big bloke but Schoolboy looks bigger than him.

    • DoObs

      Larry muscle mass doesn't compare to what Schoolboy's muscle mass is. Russian muscle vs water muscle strength.

  • Ubey Khan
    Ubey Khan

    The strength behind school boy is that he never mastrubates😂

  • Lee wally
    Lee wally

    The school boy is gaining muscles just by arm wrestling with Larry wheels🤣


    First you tire a champion and then win. 😂 😂 I loved how rahul paniker defeated Larry

  • Contepeque Jutiapa
    Contepeque Jutiapa

    Business ..... they paid school boy to lose. otherwise there is no advertising to be able to sell the vitamins that the loser offered. like buying vitamins from a loser. buy vitamins to give strength to your right arm. LOL the left its bad anyways.

  • I aint the one
    I aint the one

    Wheels whole demeanor changed after that first SLAM....his pregnant white girl in the pink lost all hope too...lmao

  • I aint the one
    I aint the one

    Goes to show muscle is all for show. It definitely don't hurt but natural strength is where its at

  • Bartolomeo D Xebec
    Bartolomeo D Xebec

    il me pète les couille l arbitre au début à faire chier

  • Quintin Williams
    Quintin Williams

    Looks like the steroids and adrenalin booster didn't help. Lol

  • KaeM2802

    Finally seeing this kid loosing

  • Михаил Морозов
    Михаил Морозов

    Че то я не понял! Что со скулбоем случилось??? Он их раньше выносил.

  • Dr Ahsen Jamali
    Dr Ahsen Jamali

    My wrists are hurting from watching Khaled and Schoolboy. They're both monsters!

  • Nasir Hussain
    Nasir Hussain

    Which GYM is this and location ??

  • Jeisson

    12:05 if I can't win I won't lost。 😂😂

  • Jose Galicia
    Jose Galicia

    No teda berguensa con tantantos musculos y un desnutrido te gana😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Инцидент Братск
    Инцидент Братск

    Россия сила!

  • Steven Vanginault
    Steven Vanginault

    Wow that was awesome!

  • winnie wiglet
    winnie wiglet

    Do You ever think that lad is going to stop cheating I would win more arm wrestles if I hung my body weight from them 🙄

  • ilja voronin
    ilja voronin

    Не знал, что он русский. Красава! А вообще совсем не странно что он не раскаченый, а кладёт таких быков. Он умеет боротся правильно, качает конкретные мышцы и работает головой.

  • Boigen

    Красавчик сразу видно наш пацан деревенский 👍🤝 ломит их как чижиков респект братан 👍👍👍🤝🤝👌

  • Guns N' Roses
    Guns N' Roses

    What strength schoolboy has mann…

  • raju wijaya
    raju wijaya

    Ongkol karo wong indo yo kala

  • Kamran Saif
    Kamran Saif

    Khaled did impressive job

  • thehotboxyoutube

    Schoolboy ftw

  • Асхат Тобыкты
    Асхат Тобыкты

    С 10:00 начал сливать и волноваться что проиграет Не любит проигрывать, это плохо

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo

      @Асхат Тобыкты Khaled - не знаю, как правильно произносится, всегда говорил Халид. На мой неопытный взгляд, он специально мутил воду. Хотя видно, что у него есть превосходство, всё-таки он профи в этом деле.

    • Асхат Тобыкты
      Асхат Тобыкты

      @John Ramboпро плохо любить ничего не говорил, проиграл так проиграл надо заниматься вот как Я считаю. Бывает после проигрыша становится плохо если привыкаешь. Чё за халид?

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo

      Плохо любить проигрывать, халид спецом его драконил.

  •  Wubber

    I guess we can put an end to the "does size matter?" question.

  • Le Mirage
    Le Mirage

    This Khaled is not trustworthy. :-D

  • wilhelm cramer
    wilhelm cramer

    pfff around 10 minutes time frame khaled holds schoolboys thumb only that isnt fair,, schoolboy won easy with his thumb only

  • Hisham Alaa
    Hisham Alaa

    khaled is the better

  • Bad Jaeaux
    Bad Jaeaux

    forget schoolboy the lady in pink could own all of us

  • alkaAdeluxx

    What is he searching under the desk, middle in the battle? It is not against the rule? I think your shoulder must be straight or is this only before the match begin?

  • chris tate
    chris tate

    how about arm wrestle the right way

  • TheSlikstik

    Schoolboy eating mutants!

  • Sunil Bhai
    Sunil Bhai

    Larry vs khaled right hand challenge please 💪👯‍♂️

  • Yusuf Abdullah
    Yusuf Abdullah

    Schoolboy you are strongest and you win 👍