Eating 1 Color Food for 24 hrs | Who will give up first?
Hey guys! In this video, we challenged Bryan and Bobby to eat only one color for as long as they can! Who will break first? Bobby with orange or Bryan with blue? Bobby gets to eat a huge slab of salmon, a whole bucket of cheese balls, and hot wings! Bryan can only eat things like blueberries, jello, and Gatorade. Who do you think will break first? Some other videos you may like are $200 vs $4000 Go Kart Challenge! *this is so unfair😂*, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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Buisness Inquiries:

  • Abbie S
    Abbie S

    Did anyone else realize bryn ate the pink frosting

    • Hyuna Kang
      Hyuna Kang

      @Henry Varela samer

    • Hyuna Kang
      Hyuna Kang

      @reshy steven yeah

    • Hyuna Kang
      Hyuna Kang

      @Team Edge jferd is the smasher

    • That’s Sus
      That’s Sus

      @Team Edge that’s messed up🤣

    • lexi Boden
      lexi Boden

      @Gud Wittle Doggo Kk

  • michieme228

    Is this one of the first videos that Bobby won cause it was food related....

  • Captain iron-spider Gaming
    Captain iron-spider Gaming

    He could have eat oops all berries cereal

  • Aimless gaming Jordan and Reef
    Aimless gaming Jordan and Reef

    They think there suffering I had my tonsils and adenoids takin out I couldn’t eat normal food for a week and anything I did eat it felt like I was chocking on it

  • JacobVlogz

    Brian should have made blueberry smoothies. He would’ve gotten more protein

  • TheDeadlyJoker

    The funny part is lingcod has blue meat

  • Connor Horne
    Connor Horne

    Does anyone realize how strait Bryan’s teeth are

  • Jak Johnson
    Jak Johnson

    11:52 was that a sound from terraria

  • Jennifer Biles
    Jennifer Biles

    Christmas. Every time I email, even recently, I am blown off! I think it's funny how they claim to be such Christians yet didn't have a problem ripping me off of my money! I want my money back or at least what I paid for!


      what did you pay for?

  • DragonHeart

    They need to do this again

  • Bubba nub
    Bubba nub


  • Chris Verogos
    Chris Verogos

    I missed Team Edge for 1 years it feels so good to be back and watching your vids

  • Adley Benson
    Adley Benson

    Blueberries are purple....

  • Grayson Saucer
    Grayson Saucer

    Y’all should do this again but instead it a color in a food fight

  • Arham Qasim
    Arham Qasim

    Bryan is so stupid cuz there are blue berrys that are blue

  • TeddyCubes

    Lmao I got an ad for milo protein cereal when Bryan was complaining about not having protein

  • Austin Lam
    Austin Lam

    Late comment but Brian his suffered because of sugar, orange juice and now blue everything.

  • LilAngryMex

    5:15. Did anybody notice that bryan said flavor instead of scent. 😂

  • Katlyn Roberts
    Katlyn Roberts

    0:39 🤣 Bobby’s confused face at 16:43😂

  • Kiara Giacomazza
    Kiara Giacomazza


  • Kiara Giacomazza
    Kiara Giacomazza

    I am am bad at ball

  • Jess Baldacci
    Jess Baldacci

    Joey: This looks like an eight-year old channel Me: I think only eight year old's watch their channel

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    Lol that fridge in the background and the framerate.... 🤬

  • FLASH demolition
    FLASH demolition

    Bryan needed Sally Jackson from Percy Jackson

  • Mrtacobell11

    Dude, just buy some blue food dye and put it in like drinks and yogurt and you win.

    • Mrtacobell11

      @EVIL EAGAL oh. I missed that.


      0:30 Joey says they can't

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez

    Bryen could of got blue talkies

  • Jesse Kaiser
    Jesse Kaiser

    Honestly, this video just makes me mad.


    Oh that’s kind of annoying I thought that it was you pick the item and then like he marched them not pick them

  • Damjan

    Brian the whole video: I DONT HAVE PROTIEN!!!11

  • Tan123 561
    Tan123 561

    Bobby is going to win

  • Basketball Beau Bryan
    Basketball Beau Bryan

    Is j Fred gay

  • Ultimatecreul

    Please do this again

  • Carina Haines
    Carina Haines

    Technically if you just food dye things you could pass them off as certain colors. Just saying, guys.


      your right but Joey says at 0:30 that they can't

  • Ryujin Ggaming
    Ryujin Ggaming


    • Ryujin Ggaming
      Ryujin Ggaming

      IM 8 DUM M

  • realgamer200602 _yt
    realgamer200602 _yt

    Half of Bryan's cupcakes were red when they bought them

    • Bolt Runner
      Bolt Runner

      He did not eat them

  • killjoy 152
    killjoy 152

    Everytime Bryan says protein take a drink you'll be drunk by the end of the video

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly

    They coppied sidemen

  • Andrew Lorenz
    Andrew Lorenz

    Bryan with the girls is so cute we need more of this


    Why yellow is orange?

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming

    IT IS BLUE clearly white milk but ok..

  • Avery Wegner
    Avery Wegner

    They could’ve grabbed cliff pars that have proteins 🤣

  • smashtoad

    Our country is filled to the rim with dull morons who watch stuff like this. Kids....get a hobby, for the love of God.

    • Bolt Runner
      Bolt Runner

      It’s just for entertainment kids do not do this all the time

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire

    There was more orange than any other color I feel cheated

  • Sr Ve
    Sr Ve

    Bobby new gf is those veggie chicken wingz lmfao

  • Elijah Lawrence
    Elijah Lawrence

    Bryan now has dietetics

  • Hoodie

    "Denim is a flavor of a calender?"

  • Neela Love
    Neela Love

    0:37 I found this WAY funnier than I probably should have

  • Dayne Cole
    Dayne Cole

    They should have had blue and green Powerade or Gatorade

  • Papijohnny8 XD
    Papijohnny8 XD

    If I was Bryan I would have gotten the blue takis 😏😏😛

  • Rilee Elise
    Rilee Elise

    Any one gonna talk about the fridge

  • Mark Faulkner
    Mark Faulkner

    Bobby won from the start

  • Connor Witte
    Connor Witte

    Bring back beach baseball

  • Zach Hargreaves
    Zach Hargreaves

    Bryan should have gotten blue Gatorade

  • Amanda Aaberg
    Amanda Aaberg

    Bryan’s girls have gotten so big oh my gosh

  • MissingNo876 Uknown
    MissingNo876 Uknown

    Did you see the brand of the blue juice

  • Ryan Cleary
    Ryan Cleary

    Sidemen did it first

  • Keela Mia
    Keela Mia

    Why you throwing that away poor people can eat that you waster

  • gamerstopmotions s
    gamerstopmotions s

    blueberries are FUCKING purple!!!

  • The Tomato head
    The Tomato head

    Or Byran

  • Brãydên Sìmpsøñ
    Brãydên Sìmpsøñ

    blueberries are purple

  • xd MYRICEsoy Soy
    xd MYRICEsoy Soy


  • Amy Baker
    Amy Baker

    Bryan ate pink frosting 🧁

  • 3 z
    3 z


  • Txn Tears Txn
    Txn Tears Txn

    Orange juice isn't orange its yellow

  • Lee Chong
    Lee Chong

    Next time if you get orange to do Ramen noodles

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer

    Bobby should have lost he was drinking milk thats not orange

  • Ryan RnD
    Ryan RnD


  • Alex Aguilera
    Alex Aguilera

    There are i want to join them

  • Light Tank
    Light Tank

    "Why is this so hard????" -bobby 2021

  • Devin Lin
    Devin Lin


  • Liam Stamh
    Liam Stamh

    I like how Bryan is whispering to Bobby to give him some salmon🤣

  • Masen Luong
    Masen Luong

    I love your video

  • Julia Gove
    Julia Gove


  • Sen'cere Bridges
    Sen'cere Bridges

    24 and

  • Sen'cere Bridges
    Sen'cere Bridges

    I nomoy do not eat that much because i playalot


    you f

  • The Loon
    The Loon

    Drinking game: take a shot every time Bryan says "protein"

  • Kibblerstar YT
    Kibblerstar YT

    Bry should have gotten blue jolly ranchers

  • Jacob Bitsoie
    Jacob Bitsoie

    You have no clue how to cook.-Joey 2021

  • damond teo
    damond teo

    Hi nononono

  • Aaron McNatt
    Aaron McNatt

    How has Bobby not eaten a single carrot?

    • Aaron McNatt
      Aaron McNatt

      I stand corrected.

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen

    J Fred is a jerk

  • saber empire
    saber empire

    Only the cream on the cupcake is blue

  • S͜͡MU乙J҉U G
    S͜͡MU乙J҉U G

    I love blue color💙💙💙 A few moments later F... I dont like blue color😫😑😡😵😠

  • Ben Ramirez
    Ben Ramirez

    Man I remember when Bryan’s girls were little energetic ones. It has been like 4 years since I’ve truly watched you guys and you guys are is the best

  • Toy Jeremy
    Toy Jeremy

    Orange and blue are the colors of Rocket League.

  • Parker Gerst
    Parker Gerst

    Barbie ate cheese which is yellow and it was not so technically Brian won a long time ago

  • Rose Singh
    Rose Singh

    “Denim is a flavor of a calendar?” - Bryan 2021 also sorry if someone has already done this, i was just crying laughing 😂

  • Geotut13

    You should do eat double of joeys diet

  • Jaydenghost11

    When i see the pringles of cheddar cheese in this video it reminds me of the pringles taste challenge they did before

  • Jaydenghost11

    Joey: BUFFALO WINGS BOBBY Bobby: AH sweet wait but they- Joey:They are orange Bobby: But they are veggie buffalo wings Joey: Ah then pfft get that out of here Vegan teacher: YOU ARE RUDE HURTING ANIMALS

  • Jose Parson
    Jose Parson

    Hey Bobby........ I like ya cut G BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  • Ruben Servantes
    Ruben Servantes

    Did everyone else see Bryan upstairs then downstairs

  • Rc NerD
    Rc NerD

    Not only did Bryan say calendar he said flavor too!😂

  • Noah Thanadabouth
    Noah Thanadabouth

    Bobby lost before Bryan he had ice. Ice is not orange! Bobby lost!

  • Taber T
    Taber T

    () ))))))))))))))))0 ()

  • Hexarious Gaming
    Hexarious Gaming

    Is it just me or aren’t these things yellow? 11:37 15:09

  • Kendra Tobar
    Kendra Tobar


  • Koan Serrano
    Koan Serrano

    blue berries are purple there is no naturel blue foods

  • Kingoskong YT
    Kingoskong YT

    When it shows a picture of Bobby does that mean I can buy him?