When You Hit A WRONG Note In Classical vs Jazz
Hitting wrong notes in classical vs jazz has very different effects 😂 I love and play both genres so this is all just in good fun! Remember to tap like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

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Music in this video - my butchered performances of:
Bourrée in E Minor - J.S. Bach
All The Things You Are - Jerome Kern

attribution samples from freesound.org

  • CharlesBerthoud

    "If you make a mistake, just make sure you do it again."

    • Maddy Smol
      Maddy Smol

      "when i screw up once, i do it TWO MORE TIMES" blaze on, my friends

    • Do It Now! video's yeah!
      Do It Now! video's yeah!

      Yup. I was taught to always do something to make your 'wrong' note seem right, play it again, use a similar approach to next note. I do like when classical folks try and improvise. They do get kinda lost without a score.

    • Keith

      Play it twice, make it nice

    • harib Ballsack
      harib Ballsack

      Jesus Christ died for you so live for him

    • Whitley Langford
      Whitley Langford

      Repetition legitimizes

  • Lathryx

    I got exactly what I expected.

  • Usuario

    And now Winstons dead... HAHA


    Benny Goodman once said regarding modern jazz: "It's like they are playing the wrong notes".

  • Musical Mango
    Musical Mango

    Same goes for performing in front of non-musicians. I played some clarinet for my family, completely smudged a bar (didn’t move my fingers quick enough and accidentally had snippets of other notes) and they were so amazed at the little effect, meanwhile in orchestra if you do that it’s a felony.

  • Tamas Nemeth
    Tamas Nemeth


  • Georgios Theofanopoulos
    Georgios Theofanopoulos

    Challenge: Jinjer (band) Pisces (piece). Can you create on your bass the same shock the listener gets during her vocal change?

  • Captain Barbossa
    Captain Barbossa

    ngl that jazz melody was fire

  • Zsswimmer

    I don't know anything about music theory, it goes way over my head but is there a term you'd call that wrong note switch to its own beat @ 2:34 Idk if there was a technical term for that

  • Franco Fabbrini
    Franco Fabbrini

    Interessante. Paradossalmente il tipo in questione (bravissimo) non saprà mai cos'è il jazz...

  • Jonathan Beatrice
    Jonathan Beatrice

    Now if this was the movie Whiplash....

  • Juan Fonseca
    Juan Fonseca

    this is a (bad) copy of the old saying "if you fail at jazz try rock"

  • Dr. Kaneh Bosm
    Dr. Kaneh Bosm

    :42 starting to sound like a Phish song haha

  • Chui Throwaway8
    Chui Throwaway8

    The secret deer intriguingly include because mosque substantially meddle between a mammoth pilot. pink, brawny recorder

  • Paddy Newton
    Paddy Newton

    If you told me there were no mistakes in the jazz one, I would believe you.

  • Vincent Veltri
    Vincent Veltri

    What is the name of the classical song?

    • Gamer of OZ
      Gamer of OZ

      Johann Sebastian Bach - Bouree In E Minor fishows.info/post/crGEfJWpdWfRmKc/videot.html&ab_channel=TeChNoSiX

  • Skaza l
    Skaza l

    "Just improvise bruh"

  • Andrea Tarsi
    Andrea Tarsi

    ahaha bravo!!

  • Eli argumedo
    Eli argumedo

    "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents" -- My Mom

  • TallSomeone

    My mom taught at Oberlin Conservatory (piano, organ and pedagogy) for all of my childhood, and dad went to school there, too, but not the con. They were a part of Obie absorbing jazz and demonstrating liberal academic leadership in the forties and fifties. Dave Brubeck was allowed, eventually, to play at Finney Chapel, leading to an album (famous among jazz lovers) "Jazz at Oberlin". They killed it, and the world of academic music institutions shifted forever. They killed it. Paul Desmond killed it. Dave killed it, harmonically, for the most staunch of classical folks living in human bodies then! Anyway, my mom did Brahms' 2nd Piano Concerto for her graduation performance; dad loved Jay McShann and Art Tatum, and could play quite like them. So, when I left for college, the night before dad took me to an Ohio lib arts school about an hour away, they both told me that if I was to ever decide to play classical in my musical ventures, I should make sure to not do one thing if I was to believe I was conveying tradition. They both, lovers of jazz of all types, said: "Don't syncopate. You have a tendency to explore and burst with your vibe, but try to have respect for just this aspect." Crazy. I know that they now hear me syncopate once in a bit with my symphonic stuff. I have not betrayed them.

  • coding husky
    coding husky

    How many of you can't hear that one without your brain going CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S THE MAN LET ME HEAR YOU APPLAUD, HE'S MORE THAN A MAN: HE'S A SHINY GOLDEN GOD!!!!

  • J Nicholas
    J Nicholas

    your very talented

  • Unreasonable Comedy
    Unreasonable Comedy

    The line, "and now Winstons dead and his blood is on YOUR HANDS!!!!" made be role on the floor

  • komi kojo
    komi kojo

    You music so toxic

  • Weisswurst Frühstück
    Weisswurst Frühstück

    Tritonus! Tritonus! Tritonus!!!! 😂

  • katarina ciric
    katarina ciric

    this is a classic

  • Dewet van Rooyen
    Dewet van Rooyen

    5.1 mill views how come, what is your secret.

  • andsalomoni

    The principle has been pushed so far that some jazz listeners most appreciate a solo if it consists of random notes.

  • L Smith
    L Smith


  • Tasteapiana

    Classical musicians don't exist. Classical composers exist, the robots that play the notes they write for them aren't really musicians, though. Would you call a vending machine a ''server'' or ''wait staff''? Human piano roll, define and discuss.

  • Ashish Rahul
    Ashish Rahul

    Which song is that at the beginning of the video? 🤨

  • Rafael Alexandre3
    Rafael Alexandre3

    "Wait, are you telling me that there's people that plays piano songs in guitar?? that's unacceptable! its like drinking wine in a bucket!"

  • James Hetfield
    James Hetfield

    Ngl that jazz line was spicy af

  • crilledisst

    Reminds me of my first guitar teacher.

  • MooseMakesVideos

    "I don't know what notes I'm playing" - Me whenever I go do live shows

  • Nelson Strange'
    Nelson Strange'

    Have your of this instrument, a piano? Try one.

  • Alex Rivers
    Alex Rivers


  • dinoautozone

    there way to many people at the classical show

  • G R A Y
    G R A Y

    there are no mistakes just happy accidents

  • кексик

    that's why I play jazz

  • Accented Rest
    Accented Rest


  • Abasiono Akpakpan
    Abasiono Akpakpan

    This is really amazing❤️❤️

  • Abasiono Akpakpan
    Abasiono Akpakpan


  • Davious Maximus
    Davious Maximus

    "and now Winston's dead..". Thanks Charles for the small amount of pee that came out because I was laughing so hard.

  • Edgar Pastor
    Edgar Pastor

    When you make a mistake in jazz: haha funni random notes good When you make a mistake in classical: *the observable universe will now judge you for your despicable actions*

  • dane94

    did he even play a wrong note in the jazz part?

  • omar gamer
    omar gamer

    What is the first song name

  • Hobbit Lv
    Hobbit Lv

    You can even ignore the rhytm played by another instruments and play on your own beat if you play jazz :D

  • Srikanth Iyer
    Srikanth Iyer

    proves that people relate more to rhythm than to melody

  • cat k.
    cat k.

    this was fun. thanks for making and sharing.

  • fifteen8

    Yeah! Take it outside, Cat! My bass teacher told me way back "if you hit a wrong note, play it again, as if it were intentional." And if you play off it, you can get something really interesting.

  • Samuel

    "You sad worthless waste of space" lol first time viewer; I loved this !

  • Karthik Ayangar
    Karthik Ayangar

    My noob friends don't know what the heck is note and they can't identify even if I hit wrong note :)

  • Lord Master
    Lord Master

    This video is a masterpiece.

  • 勇樹

    what piece is that?

  • Deadest of Hats
    Deadest of Hats

    Holy crap you killed that guy!

  • Kareem Almadaeen
    Kareem Almadaeen

    its so weird that i actually found the jazz melody actually beautiful

  • knoxie from paramore
    knoxie from paramore

    meanwhile, punk rock: 🤡

    • кексик

      meanwhile, grindcore: "What are notes?"

  • Ozzie Wozzie Original
    Ozzie Wozzie Original

    Is that how you guys describe JAZZ? you havent heard it... Jazz is all wrong, like having sex with the wrong woman, BUT it is still sexy and enjoyable, hahaha

  • Max Max
    Max Max

    You're so good and convincing when you play in the wrong way... Kudos!

  • KrautRockt!

    awesome..! geilomat..! have a nice time, your graukappe from germany!! PS: we miss musican, like you in (east-)germany! ...sorry for my bad english...;(

  • Denis Shelamov
    Denis Shelamov

    Best bass sound I've heard!

  • Baguette

    hahaahaha! great musician, great actor!!

  • ganondorfchampin

    Is that a six string bass?

  • Mikey Roberto
    Mikey Roberto

    "I don't know what notes I'm playing" is me during almost every jazz solo I've ever played hahah

  • Thatoneguy 44
    Thatoneguy 44

    Why did the jazz actually sound good though? Was it actually wrong notes or regular jazz? I'm genuinely interested i'm looking forward to being able to play jazz but I've heard it's kinda hard cause it involves many scales that you can combine and modes but idk if I can even do that but it sounded good.

  • A. A
    A. A

    I love jazz

  • Chui Throwaway8
    Chui Throwaway8

    The enormous carrot algorithmically curl because dipstick ethnically regret like a aware alloy. animated, loud field

  • JLConawayII

    "and now Winston's dead" 🤣

  • Greg Walker
    Greg Walker

    I've heard Jazz described as playing all the notes until you find the right one.

  • ClearSpeed

    snarky puppy in a nutshell

  • Lookup

    I fail in playing JAZZ because I hit the right notes everytime.

  • Justin Van der kolk
    Justin Van der kolk

    Can’t you see he’s the man let me hear you applaud, he is more than a man he’s a shiny golden god!

  • Cheese and Onions
    Cheese and Onions

    it is still possible to play jazz badly, so there are uber-wrong notes which exist even in jazz

  • Mikko Mäkinen
    Mikko Mäkinen

    2:51 yeah, me playing jazz

  • Obiwan Jakobi
    Obiwan Jakobi

    this is soooooo goood lol

  • macdeath26

    sad butt trou...

  • Quagsire used Earthquake
    Quagsire used Earthquake

    This vid made me pick up my bass again after nearly 5 years. Thanks infinitely, man

  • Cancun771

    All those misplaced slurs are far worse than the wrong notes.

  • Fitzjames Wood
    Fitzjames Wood

    Brilliant. I play 'jazz' all the time.

  • Sean Farr
    Sean Farr

    winston's dead! lol. oh shit

  • Andy Harman
    Andy Harman

    Hey, you plucked a string, and your fingers were on the fretboard. It's valid.

  • Ken Sundberg
    Ken Sundberg


  • Ken Sundberg
    Ken Sundberg


  • Kadu Gallotti Buss
    Kadu Gallotti Buss

    perfection is just boring, we are humans afterall

  • Stonky Kong
    Stonky Kong

    how did he steal james may's hair?

  • Ryder Exploration
    Ryder Exploration


  • John Smith
    John Smith

    R.I.P. Winston

  • Chizzle mnizzle
    Chizzle mnizzle

    Sadly accurate for classical

  • Grim Creeper
    Grim Creeper

    That Jazz had my head bobbing :)

  • Lydian


  • Proxima

    Repetition legitimises -Sun Tzu

  • ratsalad

    thank you for putting the music in the description!

  • Radmil Safin
    Radmil Safin

    Love this Sarabande...played on piano when been a schoolboy... Funny channel, subscribed! Regards from Estonia!

  • Ally

    Thank you for reminding me that it's okay to mess up sometimes 🥺 Appreciate ya, bud ❤️‍🩹

  • The Frozen Biker
    The Frozen Biker

    I performed once after having smoked a joint (I'm not on drugs) and from my point of view I was playing one bit or two behind the rest of the band. I assume they had smoked too as it sounded pretty fine.

  • Midnight Glitches
    Midnight Glitches

    im actually doing this for an informal exam lmao

  • Jer W
    Jer W

    Someone please tell me they also heard him throw both the Legend of Zelda's "item get" and death ditty in there

  • My Mind's Recesses
    My Mind's Recesses

    How do you even realize that you played a wrong note playing jazz?

  • Il Re del Degrado
    Il Re del Degrado

    And now Winston is dead. Poor Winston.