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Breathing the World's Heaviest Gas | r/NextLevel

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  • Lino Lino
    Lino Lino

    10:51 hey jake, just a reminder that it's not bat's fault that we have covid-19 going around, and it's not asian people's fault either, just an outbreak that got out of hand.

  • rain

    4:42 yes sir

  • De gamr
    De gamr

    5:56 Adding to @Súp Heo 's comment, it's called Lion Dance Since they will preform in certain places in China in a lion suit,doing tricks and such on Chinese New Year to celebrate. How do I know this? I live in China,Hong Kong where schools teach English and Chinese.

  • Maxim Enache
    Maxim Enache

    4:58 he played Assasins Creed in VR, thats it

  • viktor the big doi
    viktor the big doi

    Joulstraholmen is that better

  • Daonlysquirrel

    The lady with the snake, I bet when she gets annoyed enough she just uses the snake as a whip for the ground

  • Даніель Лазор
    Даніель Лазор

    12:34 tutorial how to kidnap a kid

  • Tower Productions
    Tower Productions

    But really they are caught by cabled if I remember correctly...

  • Egg Bert
    Egg Bert

    10:00 You are thinking of sea lions

  • Aaron slaughter
    Aaron slaughter

    Imagine if a rat showed up while the cat and the bat were fighting

  • Jenniferly Gaspar
    Jenniferly Gaspar

    deep voice gas also know as beef cake gas

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall

    4:49 As someone who used to use a scooter to get to school, they must've hit their ankles SO many times while picking up the scooter then it just attacks you

  • Cael Anderson
    Cael Anderson

    10:40 How C-19 started, it was a cat, not a man.

  • R Abril
    R Abril

    Ah Yes Mr Freeman

  • Delta

    9:50 leopard seal


    "I don't see a lion" *TRIGGERED ASIAN NOISES*

  • Miz Liz
    Miz Liz

    Day -14 of commenting something

  • Darryl Kinslow
    Darryl Kinslow

    A man survived in a cave by drinking the blood of bats he caught, he didn't get sick, but a bat caused all of this, I'm sure...

  • Ather Flame
    Ather Flame

    6:11 so that’s what lion dancers look like without the Chinese lion costume on. That’s cool, you can also see the head of the costume in the background of the video a few times for this segment with the lion dancers

  • Graham Burnsed
    Graham Burnsed

    UK Lorry US Big Rig, Semi, Tractor Trailer. the black vehicle you saw is referred to as a truck or pick up

  • Spioneer Meneer
    Spioneer Meneer

    9:48 we here in the duch call seels or see lions zeehonden wich mean see dog

  • Edison Divinagracia Oro
    Edison Divinagracia Oro

    And his real voice never came back😂

  • soba city
    soba city

    Ugh there is so meany moths

  • I'm a bun
    I'm a bun

    0:54 I want him to say. *"Oh Mother Miranda... If it's for you, I'd do anything!"*

  • Master Madness
    Master Madness

    The letter ø is pronounced like the e in nerd

  • dadoge12

    7:05 : gorilla tag players be like

  • chase creegan
    chase creegan

    chevy chad

  • [tebowned]FoxLover13

    Jake:they did kinda cause the Corona virus Jake,because people ATE them

  • whiteys World
    whiteys World

    Is nobody gonna ask why OwO is litterly everywhere?

  • GamerCache YT
    GamerCache YT

    8:54 I forgot the dude's name, but he's a very famous comedian who does impressions on all sorts of people. In fact, I figured out the way he was showing when I was doing my own impressions

  • 2 Boys In Danger
    2 Boys In Danger

    Jake "oh he has legs"

  • Diamondtrolling

    Yo jake seals in dutch is zeehond and that means seadog if translated literaly

  • The Searcher Of Channels
    The Searcher Of Channels

    3:38 - 3:56 I'm pretty sure he was double jointed.

  • VideoLego production ITA
    VideoLego production ITA

    6:26 Gatorade river

  • UnrealReality

    About the lion dance, I'm assuming that's just the practice cause usually they'd have a lion costume on. I know this cause I'm from Malaysia

  • Fima Kreditor
    Fima Kreditor

    Ok, the reason that they’re called lion dancers is cause they dance normally in a lion costume and they have to use perfect synchronization

  • John Fleshman
    John Fleshman

    The lady with the cobra really did have that "this is the third time this week" kind of vibe didnt she. LOL!!!

  • Momotaro 123
    Momotaro 123

    0:40 what do you think it would sound like a corpse husband did that

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    the caveman number was 11969... he was truly the chosen one, he was blessed with the 69

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    They are looking at the parent behind the child I don't want to break the happy moment but I have to do stuff like this all the time if someone wants to speak to my kid in his language. It's still incredibly wonderful they did it. I wish more people would. It ALWAYS brings him joy when anyone even tries at least.

  • Stacie Mohler
    Stacie Mohler

    0:13 a elefence if you will

  • collynd yezkiel
    collynd yezkiel

    5:49 this is common in asia

  • Emily Deichert
    Emily Deichert

    3:27 if you ever plan to work at the most magical place on earth or maybe something less like at a daycare or something, please learn ASL (optional), how to properly deal with children with learning disability’s/autism/Down syndrome/etc, how to not freak out when getting puked on, etc

  • Crazyazzcambe Last Name
    Crazyazzcambe Last Name

    13:11 they stop so fast because of elastic cables on the deck

  • Tsk ツ
    Tsk ツ

    0:47 sounds like a discord ping

  • PillowyGalaxy50

    Assassin creed players when they see 5:00 : HES APART OF THE BROTHERHOOD!

  • The Banana God
    The Banana God

    The lion dancers are actually people that would dress up in lion and do all that stuff

  • incha free fire gaming
    incha free fire gaming

    5:50 in Indonesia we call it the barongsai training

  • Griffin Lepage
    Griffin Lepage

    Also, the planes land quickly because they have something called an arresting hook, which they lower and hook onto a wire with which stops them.

  • Griffin Lepage
    Griffin Lepage

    Ah yes

  • Chris Clements
    Chris Clements

    ngl i believe the humans caused covid not the bats just saying

  • Tomato_man

    14:42 what is it is an alien invasion

  • Tomato_man

    I think it’s a sea lion not a seal LOL

  • CrabJuice 67
    CrabJuice 67

    7:15 Pov: you are beyblade

  • Cylix

    3:57 No he is just hacking with a good gaming chair

  • King Boopa
    King Boopa

    That "seal" was a sea leopard. Pretty much the apex predator in the Antarctic. Most adorable thing in the world until it spots prey.

  • Z Tanger
    Z Tanger

    5:59 in the Chinese tradition there is a tradition when they wear a lion suit that is supposed to be a Devine being or something and it need 2 people so in the suit they happen to be like this cause they need to be very fluid

  • TYsdrawkcaB

    2:58 no Jake, it is not a first time.

  • scooterkid123 Butt
    scooterkid123 Butt

    since judjing by my name yes i ride scooters. The way the trick he did work where he threw the scooter over him is twist your bars and throw up the scooter in a rounded motion. He is not controlling the scooter it is just floating and all he does is make sure it lands where his feet are. Case closed

  • QuoBok \__
    QuoBok \__

    I didin't know someone inhaled my fart

  • Random Stuff with dragon
    Random Stuff with dragon

    I once had a albino python on my shoulders and I got to touch a crocodile or a gator I don’t know

  • Isaac George
    Isaac George

    Jake says football me: football my a**

  • Luke Rose
    Luke Rose

    This won’t get pinned

  • Preston Aldrich
    Preston Aldrich

    its fucking Frankenstein's monster

  • Maciej Niemiec
    Maciej Niemiec

    3:20 brings a tear to my eye

  • Silver Jay
    Silver Jay

    6:00 It's a Chinese tradition. Usually they would puta. lion costume, with the front person controlling 2 legs and the hind person controlling the other 2 legs. They are jumping cuz they would be under a costume and jumping together

  • Tbear said no
    Tbear said no

    get this man chair

  • Smellerpeed

    someone rare insult me

  • British_biscuits

    4:36 how does he not hit his ankles what the chicken jerky

  • dancing doggo
    dancing doggo

    K fist off bats did not start crona that was aids not crona my guy bats

  • Maize Horizon Gaming
    Maize Horizon Gaming

    Imagine corpse using the deep voice gas 0-o

  • mandolidiot

    0:26 stealthephant

  • gillotte

    The planes stop fast on a aircraft carrier because of an arresting cable that's across the deck of the carrier.

  • Los Monster
    Los Monster

    Hi guys I drink wa'ah

  • Toca Dino
    Toca Dino

    why dose he go grey at 3:43

  • mikkel nyhuus
    mikkel nyhuus

    The Caveman is a beast of logic and good humor.

  • Dcat682

    "OH! He has legs!" The sound of pure shock was hilarious.

  • TamerOfTheNight tamerofthenight
    TamerOfTheNight tamerofthenight


  • Jared Driver
    Jared Driver

    I've seen many people already message about it, but figured I would throw in my two-cents as well. I'm a martial arts instructor who teaches Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Traditional Lion & Dragon Dancing. Lions are always two people (a head and a tail). The head's job is to give the lion its personality and bring it to life, using the cord inside the lion head to blink the eyes and wiggle the ears, and the other hands to work the mouth of the lion. The tail's job is to be the strength and stability of the lion, following the feet of the head so it doesn't look disconnected when they move, as well as to actually lift their partner by their Sash when performing "lifts" where the head will either stand on the legs of the tail in various positions, sit on their head, or even raise up from there to stand on their shoulders. A dragon can be anywhere from 9 people (sometimes 10 if you include the person carrying a pearl) to 100 or more. The performers a lot of the time are visible and out in the open, carrying the dragon on top of poles which the swing around, starting with the head (or pearl, which the head would follow), and moving along the length of the body, ending with the tail completing the movement. What they're doing here seems to be either a practice without the head (even just the 10 or so extra pounds can make a huge difference, let alone without the obscured vision) or demonstrating for the video so both partners are able to be clearly seen. The poles they are climbing on are commonly known as "Plum Blossom Poles" here in the States, and are some of the most advanced things you can practice, given the level of coordination and trust you need to have with your partner. Sorry for the wall of text. Hope I was able to share some information people find interesting!

  • Impulse_YT

    Im norwegian and its Kinda cringe to hear someone that is not Norwegian say Norwegian words and places

  • Prestigio Tablet
    Prestigio Tablet

    Bro i love chess

  • Dylan Gosselin
    Dylan Gosselin

    7:24 as you can see, the hands are not below the hips, this means he probably has prostetics that make his legs weigh a lot less. The freestyle is cool, but it requires less strength then a normal person. I just wanted people to know that.

  • Raffer_2-0

    9:44 in dutch they are litterally called sea-dogs

  • Dark Appler
    Dark Appler

    The plane when it was lading on the aircraft carrier was actually going full Throttle because they run a line across it so it catches but if it doesnt catch they just take off again going full throttle and come back again.

  • Dark Appler
    Dark Appler

    The Bike and tree was from treehouse masters im pretty sure.

  • Michael Jonathan
    Michael Jonathan

    15:12 but but but Frankenstein is the name of the doctor

  • Michael Jonathan
    Michael Jonathan

    6:14 im 20 and all this long i thought it's a dragon suit lol, and yeah im Chinese but im born and live in Indonesia and it's called barongsai in my country btw so that's why i never know it's actually a lion suit

  • Rye Ramirez
    Rye Ramirez

    0:35 stealthephant

  • LeOlm

    Sulfur hexafluorid is a greenhouse Gas about 26 000 times more potent than CO2. Why the fuck are you breathing that?

  • Waafyy

    14:53 maybe god was created this way

  • Epic_Pewdiepie_Fan

    Can't believe that jake doesn't know what a lion dance is. r/facepalm

  • truck boi
    truck boi


  • Қιгςεη

    Legends have it that Fred, the duck man, once leaped in front of car to stop it from hitting the baby ducklings

  • Qua_ xor
    Qua_ xor


  • Andrea Currie
    Andrea Currie


  • Path Finder
    Path Finder

    *ahem* that's Frankenstein monster /s

  • Mr RFRM
    Mr RFRM

    I have watched the deeper voice gas video and it was surprising and also funny

  • bogdan d
    bogdan d

    "WhErE aRe ThE lIoNs???//????/?" Dude. They hold eachother like they have four legs. You know, LIKE A *LION*


    4:57 When you play way too much assassin's creed

  • Paul Steward
    Paul Steward

    "Lion" in Lion Dance is the one costume for the two dancers, one dancer at the front also operates the "Lion" mask (moving eyelids, mouth and ears as well) while moving as front legs and the other dancer basically moves as back legs. They dance as one individual "lion" doing acrobatics as well as you can see there. Clearly they're training without the costume.