Iceberg Bigger Than New York City Breaks Away in Antarctica
A massive iceberg has broken away from Antarctica. Aerial footage shows an enormous crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf, which is a floating protrusion of glaciers in the Weddell Sea. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey, which has a base on the shelf, say they first noticed cracks forming about 10 years ago and had been monitoring the situation closely expecting a big break. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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    RMS Titanic

    ew iceberg >:(

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    This is the trailer of the day after tommorow

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    We'll know when it's coming, LOL.

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    😑people travel and experience so much fun and here i am lyng on the couch and watchng FIshows

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    That damn squirrel again -_-

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    The Day After Tomorrow😁😆

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    This is from :"The day after the day before the day after yesterday !"

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      Plus, nobody needs Antarctica.


    Need balance in to this 🌍

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    Reminds me of ice age... I miss that freaking squirrel and his nut.

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    Ann arnica is good for lots of things

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    The squirrel is back.

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    This look like the first scene in “The Day After Tomorrow”

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    It's bcuz of one acorn 🌰

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    When they say it won't impact human life what about the animals who live there uh what we they going to do

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    Iceberg Bigger than New York City Breaks away in antarica... but that's just the tip of the iceberg. (-U-)

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    What is this aircraft doing in Antartica & did it cause this why bans on visitors or tourists, very fishy indeed

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    AI Unit Proteus

    Hells Gates.

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    Is heading for titanic 2

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    Plot twist: this is just Aang 5 years after he took away fire lord Ozai’s powers....

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    The lovecraftian abomination hiding underneath the ice: NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO FEAST UPON THE MORTALS

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    Global warming Antartica's ARCHNEMESIS

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    literally no one : .. me : expects to see fast and furious franchise use this spot for filming since they love to make cars jump

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      This background music sounds like I’m in a cod pregame lobby

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    Get ready!!!

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    This is friggin scary for anyone who watched The Day After Tommorrow

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      One day that place will melt and we will be able to see it😏

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    Uncool Krankee

    Big deal. Worst case scenario is the gap will be filled up and sealed over time. People please stop panicking over fake or exaggerated news.

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      At they end they say it's a natural process that happens without contribution from climate. Soo why alarm people? Why make it sound like its going to hit some country? close

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    "HelLo EveryONE this is YoUR Daily dose of InterNET"

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      qopoy dnon

      This background music sounds like I’m in a cod pregame lobby

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    This is scrat fault 🥴

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      vbddfy euuyt

      This background music sounds like I’m in a cod pregame lobby

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      One day that place will melt and we will be able to see it😏

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    Global warming

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    Who came here after seeing this in 'Daily Dose of Internet'?

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    i think i kinda accidentally read Iceberg to Iceland

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      Time for a margarita.

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    Strange how that mile long piece was perfectly straight. Almost like it was done intentionally. Ice doesnt break with flush edges. Looks controlled, the rest happened on its own.

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    Mischa Fellner

    Hey can we see it now. Just one image on one date. Can we see it then a week later and then, a week later, and then a week later again.

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      doire aintu

      Maybe we can finally leave this ice age.

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    The Earth is sinking

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    Bad news guys. Ice age is here..

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    The 100+ dormant volcanoes underneath it might be waking up. 😅

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    This background music sounds like I’m in a cod pregame lobby

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    One day that place will melt and we will be able to see it😏

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    titanic flute starts playing

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    That damn squirrel.......

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    Abraham Garcia.

    At they end they say it's a natural process that happens without contribution from climate. Soo why alarm people? Why make it sound like its going to hit some country? close by

    • Abraham Garcia.
      Abraham Garcia.

      The wall of ice no regular human can cross

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      Ailsa Ni


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    Sajal K. Mitra

    Who came here after seeing this in 'Daily Dose of Internet'?

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    Where’s the flex seal guy when we need him

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    How Americans measure large spaces: Baseball fields per new york cities

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    Time for a margarita.

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    Maybe we can finally leave this ice age.

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    Did anyone else see a polar bare attacking a penquin? Or am I just really good at looking

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    I don't know how your mom is surviving on that iceberg, but that last jump did some damage

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    To show you the power of flex tape. I saw Antarctica in half!!!

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    What is that.....@ 0:32 at the bottom right screen........looks like SUM kinda circular disc caught in the snow

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    Strong typhoon's Will be expected!!!!!! Sad but its True😩😩

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    Sooner or later Antarctica will be history!

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    It fishable?

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    Wait a minute yall telling me we could build the whole city in this iceberg bet😎

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    Have you seen George Hennen ?


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    Just add gorilla glue to stick it back together

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    To show you the power of Flextape, _I taped an iceberg back to Antarctica._

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    Fake news.

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    you mean Texas

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    Think of the history stuck in the ice

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    Titanic's nightmares

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    Another 10 years and NYC will be under water 🐠🐡🌊💧... can’t wait 🤿

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    I watched paint dry once. My sister said "This needs intense drama thriller music because you're too dumb to know on your own what emotion to have here." I said it's drying is not attributable to global warming or climate change or - my sister screamed over me "That's RAYSISS!" Then she cancelled me. I had video footage of it all but our parents refused to see it, claiming I had no evidence. Now my mom and dad call me a racist, they banned me from my room and made it an extension to my sister's room as reparations then they made me watch her repaint it some sickly color that only lowers property values.

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    Now all there missing is goliath

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    Too many people talking about floods and ‘day after tomorrow’ it’s embarrassing. This ice shelf is floating on water, which means the entire thing could melt and the sea level would not rise one single bit. It’s basic water displacement.

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    New York isn't big, it's densely populated. Texas is big compared to here but they have way less people.

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    Flex tape CAN fix that

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    That’s awesome. There will be more water in which to grow fish.

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    *Grand Canyon * Ain't nobody got bigger crack then me *Ice Berg* Hold my shelf

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    Gonna float down to Warmer temperature climate then melt and rise the sea level. That’s why I wouldn’t ever want to own a home on the beach you never know with the risk of natural disasters your toast

    • D 416
      D 416

      @Apollo ahh I see

    • Apollo

      That’s not how this works. That iceberg is already floating, so the rise in sea level has already been accounted for. If you drop an ice cube into a glass of water, the water level will rise. If that ice melts, the water level stays the exact same as from when you dropped the ice cube in.

  • Manuel Ester
    Manuel Ester

    All of the ice that melts will grow back each year. They only show us the melting and the breaks to panic us about fake global warming. Despite colder and colder winters.

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    I hope it was Godzilla

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    I will take this iceberg and create an empire of over 8.4 million penguins and I will be their king!

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    It's because Lorde was down there recording her third album Antarctica is SHOOK iykyk

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    New surprise after corona

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    The name of the lady?

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    Earths life cycle dumbasses!

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