I Blew Up the 1/4 Drag Car on the Dyno ~ JDM vs Euro RACE Episode 3
What is faster a JDM car, or a European car? @Gears and Gasoline challenged me to a $5000 drag race build! In episode 2, We rebuild the cylinder head, upgrade the turbocharger, upgrade the fuel system, AND dyno. Now we see if 100 shot of NITROUS will be enough power. Thank you to @Advance Auto Parts for being an amazing partner in this Drag Race Series

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~~~~ Time Stamps ~~~~
0:00 ~ Intro
0:08 ~ Drag Race Recap
0:51 ~ Dyno Numbers
1:02 ~ Nitrous Setup
2:08 ~ Nitrous on the Dyno
3:39 ~ How did that happen?
4:37 ~ What do we do now?
5:11 ~ Testing the S4
6:15 ~ Engine Teardown
13:27 ~ S4 Wiring Repair
16:56 ~ S4 Transmission Repair
22:43 ~ NOT FIXED
23:45 ~ What do we do now?
24:42 ~ Finale Teaser

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  • HumbleMechanic

    I KNOW you guys have a lot of questions. LOL WTH did we jet for 100? Why not Fix the Jetta? Are you stupid? (YES) LOL We did a more indepth N20 video here ~ fishows.info/post/hKtmprmykZCZqLc/videot.html

    • Kyle Milford
      Kyle Milford

      I would have jetted way more than 100hp

    • Redneck

      Shoulda just gone Honda K series or Nissan SR20 or RB

    • SAL R
      SAL R

      Another late-model VW does what we expected it to do.

    • Fedja Drndarski
      Fedja Drndarski

      @uDunDunnit They just blew rod at 600Nm. Around 500Nm is about safe limit for that stock engine.

    • Anthony Shakibanasab
      Anthony Shakibanasab

      18:50 sounds like a real mechanic 😁 emphasis on stupidity on your part.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix

    ... but Charles, that weren't JDM cars but J on DM cars, in short yankeefied Japanese cars. ;)

  • Russel Miera
    Russel Miera

    I've never seen someone so excited to see a bunch of burnt up clutches

  • tizzlin87

    I have and 2011 Audi A4 and I have a transmission error that puts me in limp mode every so often I have had the mega Tronic unit replaced at £2800 but I still have the same problem what do you guys recommend?

  • J M
    J M

    Who's absolutely moronic idea was it to put laughing gas to an engine that was already suspect as hell to come apart? 🤯 I guess I'll stop bragging about the humble mechanic at this point. No I'm really terrified about some of the repairs I've followed.

  • gecko 1
    gecko 1

    If fun if you got 💰 2 replace it 😭

  • Andrew quigley
    Andrew quigley

    Damn that 2.0 is pretty fragile it was only a 100 shot and the goddamn block fell apart and the one ring rod and piston totoally exploded lmao

  • Stoteliu Siaubas
    Stoteliu Siaubas

    Can you share contacts where did you buy b8? maybe they will have m5 f90 for me ?🤔 I have 4k€ should be enough🤷‍♂️

  • pepe75

    was für Pfuscher

  • ARGX Z
    ARGX Z

    Never seen a car literally shit itself befoee

  • B Tube
    B Tube

    LOL standard Euro car never bet against JDM Power !!!!

  • T EngD
    T EngD

    If you had waited to 5000rpm to shot the nitrrous it would have been fine. 130 extra foot pound at 3500rpm was not smart, also you MUST retard ignition timing when running Nitrus. Its like any other power adder like boost, you NEED to retard timing, alot!

  • Slush Slush
    Slush Slush

    Nice nitro killed engine

  • Matthijs Leussink
    Matthijs Leussink

    the fluid that came out of the trans was darker than black..

  • Oblitz Katoki
    Oblitz Katoki

    That engine block itself isn’t design for nitro …. Did they ever do a search for that ?

  • Simon

    That's the definition of a motor puking it's guts out 😂

    • HumbleMechanic

      Hahah it is.

  • D930 -
    D930 -

    Oh, so this is where the video from tiktok comes from

    • HumbleMechanic

      Yea this is when it happened. Haha

  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname

    There was something wrong with the engine before, 250hp is possible just with software if you push the turbo to its limits and don't want to have it stable just for a drag race, in my opinion the calculated 320/330hp should have been easily possible. So I think ofc you killed the engine with the nitro but it was damaged before, the diagramm looked really poor a lot of waves and no nice graph or the software just was total rubbish.

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King

    Need nitrous to beat a Civic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HumbleMechanic

      Watch the lAst episode. It’s pretty quick. Pol

  • Joshua Normandia
    Joshua Normandia

    Great work, and great information dude. It would be awesome to see the wiring harness footage.

  • Fidel Lugo
    Fidel Lugo

    you guys should have gone with up a b5 s4.. they're super cheap rn. I just picked one up recently.

  • Roman Nevarez
    Roman Nevarez

    Hi I have a question about an 08 audi a4 I have a code p0653 and a code p1715 and my car go in limp mode the PRNDS stays illuminate do you know something about it?I will appreciate if you can help me

  • Taggeroni

    The funny thing is i have an 05 wrx I've been dreading on cracking open. The jdm crew could have bought it for 1500 from me and put 4 hours of time into it then put go fast parts on it. But sold it for 5k last night cause i got the issues fixed

  • Merijn Vogel
    Merijn Vogel

    All those hours of cleaning engine parts gone up in smoke in an instant...

    • HumbleMechanic

      Lol yea


    wtf there is no way this audi wit the 3L costs 1.5k even broken!!

  • Campervan Richard
    Campervan Richard

    Slow clapping. We did it, so you don't have to...

  • petervoll

    amazing how huge these longitudinal transmissions are.. the transversal ones are tiny in comparison

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Euro vs JDM with only 5k to play with is already a massive handicap for the Ero car

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Seemed totally “intensional” 😳

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly

    Good stuff Men, frustrating times, for sure:):)

  • sheikka

    2010 s4 for 2500$? Even with a broken transmission i call bullshit. The euro car owner propablt lets them use the car in the race for the video and he gets the car back afterwards with a working transmission.

    • sheikka

      @HumbleMechanic oh sorry 1500$ for the audi :D

    • sheikka

      @HumbleMechanic Yea, not really, but just saying that 2500$ is still quite a friend price if you really bought it for that money. If you compare that a jetta with a fucked up timing belt and valves was half the price of 2010 s4 that can be fixed with a 1000$ transmission and some elbow grease. Still not quite buying that :D

    • HumbleMechanic

      That’s not a completely fair comparison. Now I will say this deal doesn’t come up every day. But these kind of things do happen. I once bought a Cabrio for $20 lol

    • sheikka

      @HumbleMechanic Here in finland the cheapest 2010 S4 is 19000€ fully working but still, car in that condition still maybe 8-9k€

    • HumbleMechanic

      You’re way over valuing a car that barely drives with 213k on it. If this car didn’t have transmission issues it might be worth $6k. MAYBE! I bought the car. We fixed it. It’s sitting in my shop now. We want to believe the S4 is worth more. But it’s really not. Not even in this crazy car market I understand it feels like it’s not the right price. But $1500-$2000 is exactly the price this car in this condition should be

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    A B8 S4 for $1500... I would have bought it too!

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      9:30 Hey you all sent it and they can't take that away from ya lol

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    This here is exactly what "euro" + "budget" looks like.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Ooh that's what I call over tourqed

  • thomas barlow
    thomas barlow

    I'm sure you wouldn't have blown that engine up if you didn't use advance Auto parts we all know they're the lowest of the barrel Chinese junk

    • HumbleMechanic

      The engine was stock. I did use oil and coolant from AAP. But that’s not why it blew up. So I’m not sure what else to say

  • HouseCallAutoRepair

    A clutch pack made of wavy washers.?

  • GiGGIN

    Man i wish i had 5,000 to spend like that😂 Great vid btw keep up the good work👌🏽hope everyone has a good day td!!

  • Emin Muradov
    Emin Muradov

    And that's what happens when you put nitrous in the most unreliable gasoline engine.... IN THE WORLD

  • Tiitan Rutse
    Tiitan Rutse

    Wasn't the nitrous . if u jump timing you need to change the rod bearings PERIOD....

    • HumbleMechanic

      Nah. The bearings are actually fine. I did a full teardown

  • Oksobasically

    Wait. So the transmission fluid designed to be in the transmission corrodes the transmission?? German cars are trash.

  • Jesse Lackey
    Jesse Lackey

    Not sure of the rules of this battle...but a real battle would be whatever car you can acquire for how much money you can spend. ...I would try a V8 car like a LS1 Camaro, or any other high performance vehicle that is designed for high horsepower. Seems best if it already makes a lot of horsepower.

  • DBgetsblocks

    a s4 for 1500 that’s suss

    • HumbleMechanic

      Nah it’s just worn out abs needs $8k or so of work. Lol

  • halleffect1

    I'm waiting to see more VAG product do well in this environment. I know it can be done but it's not easy. they seem to be not the ideal platform..

    • HumbleMechanic

      For sure not ideal. Lol

  • scott wolforth
    scott wolforth

    Was blowing everything up for youtube fame really worth it? I dont understand why you knowingly ruined the motor then made an absolutely random pile of mumbling about why you think it died. The reality is you didnt have too much nitrous its just a matter of how you tuned for it and how you controlled it.

    • HumbleMechanic

      It’s funny you think that was why I did it. Cool to see everyone assume the worst. Or that everyone does things for “Internet fame”. Maybe other people do. I’m not them so I don’t know. But it’s cool you feel that way

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson

    I paid 32k euro for my 2014 s5 in Belgium, low mileage and from first owner but still 1500$ is not real.

  • Peter Philipse
    Peter Philipse

    430 ftlbs on stock rods 🤣 2nd weakest point of a tfsi

  • New Ground
    New Ground

    Seemed totally “intensional” 😳

    • New Ground
      New Ground

      @HumbleMechanic while I have your attention (?) Can you suggest a turbo one step above or parallel with a Ko4 to upgrade my Beetle 1.8 Turbo S?

    • HumbleMechanic

      Negligent? Yea. International. No. Haha this ended up costing me a bunch of $ and about 5 days of more work than I wanted to do hahah

  • Isaiah Sucre
    Isaiah Sucre

    Ooh that's what I call over tourqed

  • Hoost 305
    Hoost 305

    I really think ze Germans love to make life complicated....oof about the DSG in the Audi....AND WHY DID THEY MAKE THE FLUID CORROSIVE?!!

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear

    9:30 Hey you all sent it and they can't take that away from ya lol

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear

    7:15 This is why it's almost impossible to build a race car on a budget

  • Mathieu Duff
    Mathieu Duff

    I hope to see you boosting a 3.0L TDI soon 🤘

    • Mathieu Duff
      Mathieu Duff

      @HumbleMechanic Sounds good ! And then when you reach the 1000 pounds of torque, a thug of war agains a Ram Cummins 👌😍(sorry for my english Im from Québec 🤷‍♂️🤘)

    • HumbleMechanic

      I need to tune my wife’s Touareg. Lol

  • Mathieu Duff
    Mathieu Duff

    Can wait to see the next episode! We feel like we are there in the garage with you guys feeling the stress and nostalgia 🤘🤘😎

  • andy czarny
    andy czarny

    Next episode???

    • andy czarny
      andy czarny

      @HumbleMechanic great can't wait!

    • HumbleMechanic

      Saturday 9am eastern

  • Stop Teoriom Spiskowym
    Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

    VAG+BMW turbo engine?

  • puuxexil

    It's been 5 days... I feel really bad about all the Fast n Furious and Nitrous jokes.

    • HumbleMechanic

      Hahaha I know!!!! Saturday!

  • Gregory Feeley
    Gregory Feeley

    Rods are crap on mk4 and up Vw’s

  • Rob Toogood
    Rob Toogood

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

    • HumbleMechanic

      That damn hector

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri

    6:55 Mmm, Rocky Road.

  • Migen9

    Maaan its pitty for Jetta, but it was kind obvious. Anyways, how the heck you can buy broken S4 for 1500$, in europe even broken S4 cost almost 5000$ :/ hope you win that race

    • Migen9

      @HumbleMechanic stil america is for car guys like heaven against europe and all law stufs :/ hold you fingers and keep watching progress ;)

    • HumbleMechanic

      The Jetta will live again. The S4 needs about $8k to be right. $1k-$2k is the right price for a ragged S4 that barely drives.

  • Scotty H
    Scotty H

    +1 for the harness replace vid!

  • sixstringedthing

    As External Combustion Engines go, this one was pretty impressive. Lots of shiny chunks.

  • 90s ravers
    90s ravers

    Take a c20let from Opel better.

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr

    Why a Jetta and not a GTI??

    • Bryce Czirr
      Bryce Czirr

      @HumbleMechanic Dang yeah I can see that as they are more desirable than a jetta so of course the prices reflect that. How much did they pay for the CRX? Those things hold their value pretty decently too.

    • HumbleMechanic

      GTI is always more $$$$$. I’d like a GTI over a Jetta every time. Except when it’s about $. This comes from a dude that has 5 vw/Audi hatchbacks.

  • daniel wylie
    daniel wylie

    That is absolutely mental!!

  • Chalks October
    Chalks October

    Man these cars are sooo reliable.

    • HumbleMechanic

      Can we really blame the car here? Lol

  • MustangSquad 302
    MustangSquad 302

    A 100 shot is not "full send" there is no car that shouldn't be able to take a 100 wet shot. German cars are too weak and complex you're over here pulling the pan and talking about the damage and I'm wondering what the hell a balance shaft is and why its under the rotating assembly

  • MustangSquad 302
    MustangSquad 302

    And this is why i always make fun of euro cars

    • HumbleMechanic

      Lol can’t really blame the car here

  • Luke Ferkler
    Luke Ferkler

    I’ve wanted to see an s4 transmission replacement video by you for years now. THANK YOU

  • D Cal
    D Cal

    Why not replace the whole transmission since you had the used one?

    • HumbleMechanic

      This is something I cut from the video. It’s a few reasons. 1) the trans was not complete. That’s why it was so cheap. It was missing the diff. 2) the mech units are coded to the car, like keys. So we would have had to tow to the dealer. 3) the Mech unit numbers have to match, what came out. This didnt 4) the connection for the prop shaft is different.


    I have no idea why they didn't start small, and why they thought that engine could hold another 100hp, 350hp is known as the point where rods like to come out the engine on those 2.0 fsi, and with nitrous it's even worse because you make more torque, which is what breaks rods. The whole s4 thing is kinda fucked tho, because realistically you'd never find any one of those for 1500$, you got it that cheap because Tom is your friend.

    • HumbleMechanic

      No one really knows. Lol

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    So what I'm seeing out of this is there's a $400 KO4 for sale possibly?

  • SyDiko

    At $3500, I bet that Civic has a B18 swap with a turbo kit. I'd guesstimate the Civic is sitting at 225-250 whp. With Nitrious, I think the Jetta's DSG, slicks, and good torque numbers will be the deciding factor in the race.

    • HumbleMechanic

      They have a LOT more power!!! 😳😳

  • Harris K
    Harris K

    Uhh 100 shot? some ls guys would be proud lul but loving these episodes

  • Ujjawal Singh
    Ujjawal Singh

    That S4 got me doubting whose side I'm on

    • HumbleMechanic

      Be on the side of entertainment. Lol you won’t be disappointed. ;)

  • Alan Cobbin
    Alan Cobbin

    Us Brits in the UK call that fucked ! 🤣

  • Mac Castro
    Mac Castro

    And it goes like 💥

  • Charlie Denny Jr.
    Charlie Denny Jr.

    @donutmedia Get in on this next time

  • Noah Kelley
    Noah Kelley

    Should’ve ran like a 30 or 50 shot. On a boosted engine nitrous is multiplied around 1.5x the shot of nitrous on an NA motor.

    • HumbleMechanic

      For sure. Should have started at the lowest

  • MeltingRubberZ28

    Soooooooo.........when's nitrous going on the S4? 🤔🤣

    • HumbleMechanic

      I’m going to fix the car. So I’ll be using it. :)

    • niddg viiut
      niddg viiut

      I need your mass air flow sensor, send it to a good home please.

  • boost331

    As a fellow nitrous junkie on a modern turbo vehicle I can tell you SEVERAL things that were wrong from the start with this. 1) The jetting numbers provided are assuming the kit is being used on a naturally aspirated engine. When using on a turbo vehicle you typically see THREE TIMES the amount of wheel horsepower the jets would normally produce. This is because the nitrous cools the air charge so much that it actually increases boost pressure and dramatically reduces intake temps. 2) You MUST run nitrous at 100% wide open throttle and nothing else. On modern cars that does not simply mean put the pedal to the floor. The ECU very rarely opens the physical throttle blade as much as your foot tells it to. The car will actually use throttle opening in an attempt to control boost pressure. So even though the pedal was to the medal, I bet your throttle blade was only open about 40%. I have a special ECU tune that makes my car respond like it has a throttle cable. It does what my foot tells it to. 3)The in tank fuel pump for sure was not capable of supplying enough fuel for this much power. It can be done. But this was all wrong.

    • HumbleMechanic

      Great insight!! As much as I’m mad the engine blew, the lessons learned were great. This like so much as a lot of poor info out there. I’d rather know than think. Lol

  • Poe

    Lubing a dyno with a trailer tune. :D

  • MeltingRubberZ28

    Nitrous cars always pick up way more than 100wtq. My Camaro made 420WTQ on the motor and with a 125 shot it would have been around 600WTQ (my buddy had a similar setup)

    • HumbleMechanic


  • Ktm Four
    Ktm Four

    In all fairness still want too see the honda run

  • MeltingRubberZ28

    I feel like you need more angle on that nitrous bottle

    • MeltingRubberZ28

      @HumbleMechanic 🤔

    • HumbleMechanic

      That’s the bracket size that came with the bottle.

  • GarThor Son of Odin
    GarThor Son of Odin

    roflcopter... "You were right Ian, inside parts become outside parts"

  • Marty Jansing
    Marty Jansing

    Next time try some "SUPER BEETS"...when mixed with water they produce 'nitrous oxide'. Inject thru vacuum to brake power booster.

    • Marty Jansing
      Marty Jansing

      The "SUPER BEETS" are stored in a sealed bottle and vacuum pulls vapor from the bottle. A vacuum will cause vaporization. Cools the air more, adds more oxygen and the hydrogen will burn too. The "SUPER BEETS" are a joke ... or are they???LOL.

  • Jonny Chase
    Jonny Chase

    Men, that’s a fast disappointment

    • HumbleMechanic


  • docwyte

    Why didn't you just swap the entire transmission?

    • HumbleMechanic

      The mech unit(computer)is coded to the car like keys. And something I forgot to mention, the reason it was cheap was because it had no diff.

  • John DoMoe
    John DoMoe

    I payed 2,400 for my 03 is300 can i get in on the fun?

  • Alex Christianson
    Alex Christianson

    Shoulda gotten an e36/46 and boosted it. Should be doable for $5k US, the first time. S4 is pretty awesome

    • Alex Christianson
      Alex Christianson

      Looking forward to seeing more! This is exactly the kind of thing I hope to have the money for one day (budget drag racing)

    • HumbleMechanic

      I just don’t know the bmw market well enough. Lol maybe season 2 we go bmw

  • Daniel Jerke
    Daniel Jerke

    german car manufactorers often build components to barely survive their rated factory outputs and parameters. thats why kaputt


    das auto !! half of the engine is made of plastic i'm not even surprised lol

    • HumbleMechanic

      Lol all the plastic held up fine. Not even the welds on the manifold were hurt.

  • JaredSVX

    "We have inside parts that have become outside parts..." 😂 that shit had me rolling

  • xephael

    Who ever starts with 100%?

  • David Minor
    David Minor

    I need your mass air flow sensor, send it to a good home please.

    • HumbleMechanic

      I’m going to fix the car. :)

  • Yo boy Mando
    Yo boy Mando

    Euro cars are pieces of shit lmao 😂

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller

    I have a question I hope you can answer I lost power in my windows my Sunroof interior lights on my 02 beetle do you know what possibly could be the problem So lost power mirrors at the same time all of this happened all at once and my fuses are good

  • Reiwas

    god damn 1500 for an s4.

  • Radek W
    Radek W

    3:00 xD well, that's what i call a "bad burp" what a sound montage xD

  • Daniel Sunday
    Daniel Sunday

    Yummy!!! that's a tasty steel barbeque with some oil sauce to match in that oil pan.

  • Bret Landry
    Bret Landry

    Typical 2.liter fashion, would have been better off with a 2.5 and a 250shot

    • Bret Landry
      Bret Landry

      @HumbleMechanic progressive shot, fuel pump and injector upgrade. Tune.. Bet it hold better than a 2.0turd

    • HumbleMechanic

      I’m very sure a 2.5 stock wouldn’t hold that.

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