Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)
The official music video for Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall

Taken from Iron Maiden’s 17th studio album 'Senjutsu' Out now:

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Written by Smith / Dickinson

Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
You’re just too blind to see

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding
Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you

  • Alan Butler
    Alan Butler

    How can they keep getting better and better. This has now become one of my favourite songs.

  • Giancarlo Varesio
    Giancarlo Varesio

    Il video è da capire...(il significato...è molto profondo...ALCHEMICO) IN QUESTO MOMENTO SPECIALE DELLA VITA SULLA TERRA..☝️


    i cant wait to see this piece of art at live !!

  • Howard Beale
    Howard Beale

    Should've modeled the character at 1:25, 3:06 and 4:57 after Pedo Joe, not Trump.

    • BeastDogs 666
      BeastDogs 666

      Actually I see the character as a very fat Joe Biden, Hunter Biden always refereed to his dad as the "big guy" saying: make sure the "big guy" gets his cut, the dead give away, is the car is being pulled by a donkey which is the mascot of the democrat party.

  • Marte Costa
    Marte Costa


  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    Adrian of the most underrated guitarists and song writers in metal history

  • Gypsy Jaws
    Gypsy Jaws

    Great song guys. The video reminds me of the movie, Heavy Metal.

  • Timothy Edgin
    Timothy Edgin

    Dare I say: Magnum Opus?

  • David Caro.
    David Caro.


  • Thomas Rauth
    Thomas Rauth


  • Paolo Dal Cin
    Paolo Dal Cin


  • Sergei Adamovich
    Sergei Adamovich

    Вы супер! Вы моя молодость! Хеви Металл ЖИВ!!!

  • brocekec sw
    brocekec sw

    i've never listened to this type of music, but damn the part at 2:06 is so good


    This is Anatolian Rock :)

  • Tech & Gadgets
    Tech & Gadgets

    best ever ?

  • Hakan Gedek
    Hakan Gedek

    It sounds like Anatolian Rock songs lol... I loved it !

  • Alan J Bennett
    Alan J Bennett

    Great song. Senjutsu is a brilliant album

  • Adnan Dugalic
    Adnan Dugalic

    I get some Molly Hatchet vibes listening to this song...

  • Karel Karlsson
    Karel Karlsson

    Best song ever

  • Hulkasaurus Flex
    Hulkasaurus Flex

    Amazing music but Bruce sounds like an angry grandpa yelling at the neighborhood kids

  • Raf

    I'm not a big fan of Iron Maiden but wow hats off! Top notch quality music, after so many years still going strong! May they live long and strong!

  • Ayman Guettit
    Ayman Guettit

    Love it so much🔥🔥🔥🔥 thanx iron maiden ❤️❤️❤️

  • Daniel

    New millennials will never produce this type of music.

  • Burak K
    Burak K

    It's awesome and it evokes Anatolian Rock.

  • Randall Kuzimbikisa Matindi
    Randall Kuzimbikisa Matindi

    Too gnostic

  • Ramnight

    just like Half Life2 episode 2

  • Ancient Metal Judge
    Ancient Metal Judge

    Excellent video and song👌

  • dimkacracker

    satanic dogs.


    Sometimes do some songs relating to Anti Muslims religion.... Y always on one particular....

  • Sludge Mouf
    Sludge Mouf

    This is embarrassing.

  • Cristian Ichikawa
    Cristian Ichikawa

    1:37: -Tombstone of No Prayer for the Dying -Broken Helmet of Final Frontier -Sky of Brave New World if you push it a bit Great video and great song. I loved the reference of the 4 knights of solitude and Eddie Samurai Senjutsu hitting in general. Up the Irons!!!

  • Scott Woodham
    Scott Woodham

    I love this animated video rest my case

  • Scott Woodham
    Scott Woodham

    This is so f---king cool okay rest my case

  • Scott Woodham
    Scott Woodham

    I 've been listening to Iron maiden since I was 6years old so this song is so awesome

  • Kory Prowell
    Kory Prowell

    The lead guitar, especially from 3:34 to 5:10 in this shreds anything else in the past 15+ years

  • TargetRender

    This song is very good. Maiden has still got it.

  • riiko92

    fuck yeah take that assholes VICTORY IS MINE

  • warner kurt
    warner kurt

    Good song and good video that needs a little update at 1:25 : D J Trump is no longer in power.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    I love it!

  • King Trance
    King Trance

    This song and lyrics hits at gut level and certainly fits the times. MAIDEN!!!!

  • Polish nerd77
    Polish nerd77

    So good with this mad max ambient

  • MrJotunheim

    Freemasons 's most favorite band

  • asdfgh7023

    The BEST!

  • Username_

    fcn legendary

  • MVW Mark
    MVW Mark

    52 next week, fan since Flight of Icarus was released, (Piece of Mind)........, and they're STILL making classic music like this. Awesome stuff. (whispers: as is X Factor & Virtual X1)

  • Mang Singson
    Mang Singson

    Simply amazing number🤘🏿😍😍

  • Massimiliano Gallizia
    Massimiliano Gallizia


  • Jesus Haro
    Jesus Haro

    First listen: Meh, I don't really like it. Second listen: I guess it's okay. Third listen: Hmm, it's actually quite decent. Fourth listen: OMG, this song is friggin incredible!

  • ангелина фролова
    ангелина фролова


  • Luke Appleton
    Luke Appleton

    Unbelievable song! It took me a few listens to get into Senjutsu, but now I really get it and love it!!! Favourite tracks at the moment are, The Parchment, Darkest Hour and Time Machine!!!

  • MyDOM33


  • MeowMeowKittyPoop

    We're living this.

  • Jenna Gien
    Jenna Gien

    Music is incredible and animation is just superb!!!!


    fantastic work by the masters of metal, up the irons!

  • Richard Teran
    Richard Teran

    A Big middle finger from Eddie and all true Iron Maiden fans to every dislike in this song. F U and Up the Irons!!!!!

  • Jusa Kocko
    Jusa Kocko

    Reminds me bout my youth time music back in 70`s. ;)

  • freshelfpie

    I actually didn't listen to any of the single releases, kept putting it off, but having just now listened to the first three tracks in order, I agree, this is an ALBUM, intended to be listened to all the way through, in the order of the tracks. In that way, it really IS old school. Prog on, lads. Thumbs up.

  • ElbeReiter

    cooler Song, geiles Video !

  • Jon Boutilier
    Jon Boutilier

    I am obsessed with Maiden riffs

  • Leandro Seeger
    Leandro Seeger

    I like to think that this sound is not "southern" but rather a kind of understanding and telling about the Irish influence, as "barbarian" and tribal, eastern, like the biblical eastern story told there that indicates: look at the signs. That indicates too Ocident look to the Orient, to the Japan Values. The Tribal Deads Honor Value. Simple Great. No wonder we have Darkest Hour, The Death of The Celts and The Partchment in sequence leeds to this Hell on Earth today. No more words in need. They said all. "Almost" a "conceitual" album. Maiden ever does giving us a spiritual learn. Thaks Band.

    • Leandro Seeger
      Leandro Seeger

      @Rotting Christ Guitar Covers Tribute oooh, i didnt know. Thanks

    • Rotting Christ Guitar Covers Tribute
      Rotting Christ Guitar Covers Tribute

      Indeed it's not southern it's Irish inspired, there is a video of Smith talking about it.

  • Alongti Ao
    Alongti Ao

    Dayum... That video is from another dimension ......

  • Gourav Mitra
    Gourav Mitra

    USA 🇺🇸


    Salve do Brasa Save to Brazil

  • Wetruck en
    Wetruck en

    A great song and a great video

  • Incognito 98
    Incognito 98


  • I love this song

  • DEPSTEL Sound
    DEPSTEL Sound

    Asi va a terminar el maldito mundo

  • 해리포터

    6:02 this video is sponsered by Apple

  • Steven Coble
    Steven Coble

    What a masterpiece ! The animation and the song 🎶

  • Mihail Filatkin
    Mihail Filatkin

    Возврат к истокам. Повеяло старым добрым Мейданом из 80-х. Отличный вокал как всегда.

  • Marcus Oakenshield
    Marcus Oakenshield

    Maiden!! for LIFE!!!

  • Piros mikey1157 None
    Piros mikey1157 None


  • Irkajavasdream

    This isn't my genre of music but I saw it on the charts and checked it out. You guys made the coolest video!!! I love it. I also like the song.

  • gern blanstin
    gern blanstin

    This is epic. If you understand Hermeticism, this video will make perfect sense. We have all been deceived from the time of Eden to this very day. Down is up. Up is down. "Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints. As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer 'cause I'm in need of some restraint." Ask yourself, what is to be gained by forbidding the fruits of knowledge? The ignorance of the servants has always been the modus operandi of the enslavers. Were "Adam" and "Eve" banished from Eden...or did they escape?

  • Nikolász Balogh
    Nikolász Balogh

    This is EPIC

  • Alfus Kovshikov
    Alfus Kovshikov

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  • Gerald Merkowitz
    Gerald Merkowitz

    I have seen the writing on the wall, don't think I need anything at al! Noo! Don't think I need anything at all! All in all it was just a brick in the wall! Wait no wrong one...

  • Jorge Melo
    Jorge Melo

    Amazing video

  • Svaek

    Holy fuck ... are you telling to me Ed-otaku and his friends destroy the last remaining of civilizartion to save a couple of millenials whit some RBG skin ?

  • Андрей Муравцов
    Андрей Муравцов


  • Flow

    Master of the Univers 🌌

  • Michael Heitz
    Michael Heitz

    "How many Easter Eggs do you want in the video?" "Yes!" :)

  • Márcio dos Santos
    Márcio dos Santos


  • Patrick taz
    Patrick taz

    Have you turned around and seen THE WRITING ON THE WALL!

  • Техно Дом
    Техно Дом

    Наикрутейшие рокеры

  • Alberto Moretto
    Alberto Moretto

    Sono tornati i Maiden

  • Antonio Borrelli
    Antonio Borrelli

    Great manifest anti-masonic, anti-satanic. I stay with EDDIE !

  • Николай Даниленко
    Николай Даниленко

    Это самая лучшая песня которую я услышал в этом году. Привет и низкий поклон.

    • Лёха Пржевальский
      Лёха Пржевальский


  • Martine Hamman
    Martine Hamman

    This intro...1:30 of glory

  • Michał

    This song is awesome, and has a kinda a Blackmore vibe to it (especialy to sixtenth century greenslave)

  • Jr. Samples BR549
    Jr. Samples BR549

    One must distinguish the reminisce of SAXON "CRUSADER" cir1984🖖

  • Valentina N.
    Valentina N.

    No need to say the quality of music is beyond high level here. The meaning of this video couldn't be more powerful and accurate. Master level use of the right symbolism at the right time. A masterpiece!


    From spotify 🤩🤩

  • Digiman 1976
    Digiman 1976

    Cant wait to hear this song live on the show. I think it will be much bigger.

  • Chris Landry
    Chris Landry

    Kinda evokes a Heavy Metal animated feel, I love it!

  • Johnny Herrera
    Johnny Herrera

    realy amazing !!!

  • John S
    John S

    Lord could we use Eddie right now to end the evil taking over our world and our lives. This engineered weaponized virus is rooted in evil. Lord help us.

  • Aaron Grim
    Aaron Grim

    Eddie to save us all !

  • Marcello Cristiano
    Marcello Cristiano

    La morte circola in voi.

  • Luca Sozzi
    Luca Sozzi

    Anglo-saxon mindopener for DOMENICO BINI...