Jake Paul, Wendy Williams, Bhad Bhabie & Dr. Phil - H3 After Dark # 31
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  • caffeinepulse


  • K C
    K C

    Ok I love Ethan but he needs to grow tf up, go find a hobby, and quit smoking for his wife and kids. He’s just wallowing in self pity rather than trying to do anything about it. It makes me genuinely angry bc Hila and Theodore deserve more than that.

  • alexis kenni
    alexis kenni

    Uhm sleep paralysis is when you wake up from your sleep and your awake but you can’t move because your mind is awake your body is still asleep. It’s usually associated with nightmares because you wake yourself from a nightmare but your body isn’t fully awake yet. But being asleep and paralyzed and seeing “demons” ... is just a bad dream.

  • dani

    so AB wears non-approved masks but tries to say will-i-am’s *actually* approved mask is not safe? sir?

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther


  • Cara Hope
    Cara Hope

    Damn they always looking SO fresh 😍😍💓💓💓💓💓 love y’all so much

  • James McCluskey
    James McCluskey

    22:12 A certain # of us all understand too well.

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose


  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose

    Just saying, Tom Hale's entry could easily be an intro or outro for the show.

  • Jessie j Turner
    Jessie j Turner

    "I bow to no man" Ethan Ethans dad "eff you say son"

  • blue bird
    blue bird

    hila looks sooooo cute

  • Gina in a Bottle
    Gina in a Bottle

    Thanks to this show, I now randomly sing “Womp, womp, womp” during the day. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae

    Why r u guys joking about SA n laught about the victims name 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • megan k
    megan k

    U have to Renew ur doc stuff or u can't go back into it my mom dose it shes a real nurse

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones

    Team Womp

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck

    The hush me was a covid mask before covid!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck

    Not only all that before I can see why Ethan hates smoking weed, I’m just saying 9/10 no one is coming for you if your at home smoking, especially if it’s legal, here I’m Canada your allowed an oz in a house so that’s not bad some places it’s more some it’s less, but if you follow small scale stuff, IF you get caught the worst anyone will do is call cops and by then you will know the legal weight and the proper way to carry it too, it’s not hard☺️ some places it’s harder than others, other cops will literally just take your 3.5 and let you keep walking, most small amounts are misdemeanours 😎👍

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck

    Yes you guys should maybe pick up weed, I personally would say that the paranoia is just a stage and you guys would get over it, not only that but it’s also better for Ethan than cigarettes obviously, not only that but the key to smoking is only take as much as you need to to get a good buzz and take a break after a couple hours of chilling or whatever your good! Plus the great thing is that it obviously just wears off if and when you fall asleep, with the added benefit of it being legal depending where you are it’s actually not that bad only thing that’s bad are government prices, also the other key to smoking is having a nice relaxed environment, locked doors, favourite movie, maybe some take out, also another great thing is to have a bucket or trash bag on standby in case anyone gets sick and some water to wash it down👍👍 my boy Dan over there cheering us out and rocking on for smoking!👍💨 Dan Ian Zach Ab you guys are my boys💨👍👍🔥 ride or die for the H3 Family🇨🇦🇨🇦🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • Nibsti

    2:47:00 she is making herself spin like that, you can see her angling the wings. I've tried it on similar rides but usually get scared when I start to go upside down because they're way higher than that one

  • Andreas Beaverman
    Andreas Beaverman

    I will say this that you dont want to start smoking if You are a smoker stop and try vaping if You cant quit with other Nicotin product

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck


  • Still Dre
    Still Dre

    Shout out to Ethan’s family. Please don’t start smoking or vaping. I want to be able to look up to you.

  • Orion Rodriguez
    Orion Rodriguez

    Add time stamps ffs

  • Orion Rodriguez
    Orion Rodriguez

    The Wendy William fart bit was so painfully unfunny I had to skip it

  • Daniela Rubio
    Daniela Rubio

    Ethan your a skinny legend! Stick to it & your gonna see results!

  • Francesca Lombardo
    Francesca Lombardo

    brooo i NEED the details for joseph’s channel!! that beat was sickkk

  • dolores


  • Justin Deavitt
    Justin Deavitt

    51:20 🤣🤣🤣 Trying to figure out if she said alright or farted was the greatest thing ever 😂

  • Justin Deavitt
    Justin Deavitt

    The discreet packaging insecurity 🤣🤣

  • Lady Datura
    Lady Datura

    The friends and the girls who have crushes always deny the guy is capable of sex assault. Sorry your buddy is trash when he isn't around you, but maybe you just don't see it because you are hanging out with a narcissist🙃

  • Megan Colasono
    Megan Colasono

    Ethan do you possibly have sleep apnea? Because that can cause sleep paralysis. Stress is also a trigger but a few medical conditions cause it as well.

  • Megan Colasono
    Megan Colasono

    Ethan please remember that your subscribers spend their hard earned money to have access to your live shows. And each one of their schedules and time is very valuable. Their time is just as valuable as yours and Hilas. With Peace and Love Ethan, as a business owner previously, listen to your paying fans. Because they matter and without them where would your live shows be? People probably schedule their lunch hour to watch live. It is middle of the day during the week. Just sayin! I love you Ethan and H3!

  • jjaded boii
    jjaded boii

    That guy is just SO WRONG! He knows nothing it's cringy.

  • Martha 2015
    Martha 2015


  • Edward

    4 months into 2021, eradicate the douche influencers

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613

    Try laying down to listen to a podcast and all you hear is music and dumb shit. Last time I watch this at night. Lol

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall

    Saying Doctor Phil is a doctor because he has a Ph.D is like saying someone who stopped doing law 10 years ago is a lawyer cuz they passed the bar once.

  • Hailey Blocka
    Hailey Blocka

    It makes me so sad to see how clearly Ethan's weight bothers him, it comes up atleast once every episode and it just makes my heart break cause we love you the way you are ethan!

  • Hailey Blocka
    Hailey Blocka

    I'm crying laughing watching that lady spinning on that ride 🤣

  • Summer Manning
    Summer Manning

    So no one's gonna talk about how the Puls logo looks like it says PUU... k... 😔

  • Hailey Blocka
    Hailey Blocka

    The snort fart burp thing is always so fuckin funny to me 🤣🤣🤣 I'm literally crying from laughing so hard lmfao

  • Hailey Blocka
    Hailey Blocka

    I wish I could just tell Ethan my to do my hobby. But it's mainly just watching h3, Frenemies, After Dark, Trailer Park Boys, & The Office. lmao. And sleeping.

  • Hailey Blocka
    Hailey Blocka

    Dan: "well that sucks for you guyssss" 🤣

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman


  • you’re worth it
    you’re worth it

    I’m so proud of Bhad Bhabie speaking out. It’s so important that she is bringing awareness, being vulnerable in front of the world takes a lot of courage. Standing up to someone as huge as Dr. Phil takes so much strength. I think it’s disgusting how much people ridiculed her at 13 YEARS OLD. She was a literal child until a month ago and the amount of hate she got on the internet was gross. I never agreed with it. She may have said cringey shit, but who didn’t at 13?!?! I will say the black fishing wasn’t okay. Not my place to be offended about it but I understand why that hurt people. I was ignorant at 17 too. I just feel like we have to remember she’s been a growing, developing CHILD, finding who she is... and she had to do it under the scrutiny of millions of people.. maybe billions honestly. She is gonna make mistakes... all children and adults do. She had to grow up with the world watching her and judging her the whole way. I think people should have a lil more empathy for the girl to be honest. She’s strong AF for not letting all the hate get to her. The way she was ridiculed could’ve resulted in suicide or severe mental health issues. Ultimately, Dr Phil is trash. He brings people on his show to make a spectacle of them at their lowest points in life. He’s a shitty person for that. Humiliating people for entertainment is not ok. It doesn’t matter if they “consent” to it. Honestly Bhad Bhabie wasn’t even able to consent to being on Dr. Phil because she was a minor, her mother consented for her, which I think is gross. **He sent his audience to hate on a teenager. It’s fucked up.**

  • Trent Carter
    Trent Carter

    My friend got "kidnapped" in the middle of the night and taken to a NON ACREDITED boarding school in Nevada. They tried to beat Jesus into him. When he got back he was staying at my place and every time he woke up he'd start swinging, got me in the eye the first night. Learned to wake him up with a broom. Hes messed up in the head forever and what they did to him was 100% legal

  • Eucis93

    I have never been so disappointed as when I slowed down the yoga Windy fart and I clearly heard "alright"

  • lexi monroe
    lexi monroe

    Omg it made me so happy to see Hila getting excited for the hush me❤️we just gotta wait for the peep n creep to drop now

  • Ash R
    Ash R

    That was the worst and best ad read i’ve ever seen 😭🤣🤣

  • Novineux

    OMG Hila these places have existed for centuries to teach kids some manners. What are parents supposed to do when their kids are fucking brats?

  • anna konda
    anna konda

    the long nails clip was so disgusting

  • Michael Law
    Michael Law

    We’re just gonna pretend we didn’t hear Dan diss Monster Hunter

  • Alex Martinovitch
    Alex Martinovitch

    i dont fucking understand why jake and logan paul are given a spotlight after all the heinous shit theyve done

  • Chonky Temmie
    Chonky Temmie

    2:04:51 big boxing match, that lasted one fucking round, for Jake Paulers this must have been a bigger let down than 2077. Also, I do believe Bad Baby had a shit time at Turnabout, but my god if she isn't a disgusting person, chick straight jumped in OnlyFans the moment she turned 18, fueling all the straight, and female versions of James Charles.

  • Warhawk Irizarry
    Warhawk Irizarry

    The ads for this show are PART of this show. I never skip it cause Ethan always makes a joke

  • Kelsey Yaldo
    Kelsey Yaldo

    Why doe s she sound like a man

  • Kaitlyn Elizabeth
    Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    Dr. Phil lost his license to practice psychology years ago. He still has the title “doctor” because you earn that when you get your doctorate. As someone going to school for psychology, I don’t know any professional who would recommend this place. Psychology has also improved immensely since he earned his doctorate. He also does this for entertainment instead of actually helping people.

  • AilanthusMoth

    ethan make more music!!! please, i love your songs!! they make me really happy

  • Karman Leung
    Karman Leung

    have you watch the paris hilton documentary. these camp sound crazy

  • Gaby Mendez
    Gaby Mendez

    I have noticed that Ethan has been down, I feel like if Hila made vegan snacks like edible cookie dough it would be healthier for than and he wouldn't be as sad

  • Mario

    James: Yeah yeah yeah Minor: Woomp woomp woomp James: Yeah yeah yeah Police: Woomp woomp woomp

  • collins jones
    collins jones

    FIshowss censoring is outta habd

  • Samm L
    Samm L

    The grvsh mix jus hit different

  • Sophia Batista
    Sophia Batista

    Ethan you should try CBD! It doesn’t get you high and it has the calming and relieving effects of weed without the paranoia-inducing parts

  • Ethan Skufca
    Ethan Skufca

    I wonder if we will ever see a keeps add on this channel again

  • TINA

    That dumbo ride spinning so fast.....omg... I can't. I'm dying. 💀😂💀😂

  • Luis Silva
    Luis Silva

    1:32:52 lmao

  • colours

    beautiful ending

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole

    1:14:45 Hila Ethan and Dan soundbites need to be added to that I thought it was a part of the song first but it was their reaction. Fits so good the timing and everything!

  • shmoney

    love you ethan but there’s nothing wrong with a 24 & a 32 year old dating

  • RobDM

    24 and 32? whats the problem there. I don't get Ethan sometimes..

  • RobDM

    One thing Im trying to understand though. Why would Jake Paul bother trying to rape someone when he can literally have another girl over there in a second. His personality exudes sexual misconduct, but you'd think with his fame he wouldn't even bother..?

    • RobDM

      @ur dad Could be

    • ur dad
      ur dad

      maybe bc he only wanted her?

  • Beth Boyle
    Beth Boyle

    That doctor phil girl is lame. Welcome to our new society

  • Eva Wright
    Eva Wright

    Ethans laugh has me crying 😂😂😂 love you guys

  • lucy budd
    lucy budd

    This podcast brings me so much happiness

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas

    Holy crap Caitlin Jenner is traaaaaash at singing

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas

    The soundbites are on point 😄😄

  • kristen

    808windy-FARTBEAT not winning is a fucking travesty

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman


  • Jennyfer Aguirre
    Jennyfer Aguirre

    1:08:10 Ethan’s turrets vibing to the beat

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman


  • Aaroneus James
    Aaroneus James

    Ethan really finna sit there and talk about other people acting "judgemental" and "high and mighty."

  • Emika

    Hila is so beautiful in side and out she really deeply loves him so much and Ethan is so funny and caring with her they have such good chemistry and such a loving cute relationship

  • Micheas Vigil
    Micheas Vigil

    Dan saying Monster Hunter sucks..sounds like he quit before he overcame the skill curve

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman


  • Lilith Rose r0lilith on IG
    Lilith Rose r0lilith on IG

    Hila and ethan!!!! : about badbabbie .. paris hilton went thru the SAME exact thing and she is trying to get bills passed to stop those type of corporations! 🥺✨ PLEASE talk about it! It is a very real thing and it is happening to myriad kids.

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney

    Shout out to his family!

  • Caden Lagman
    Caden Lagman


  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle Dressel

    Hila laughing at Ethans ad read so hard was so funny to me

  • PCLearnerGuy

    Mental hospitals/scared-straight places ALL need reform. I've been to so many and they're all scary bad. Staff screwing patients, patients hurting themselves, constant crying/screaming, everyone depressed. It is not helpful, it hurts you more.

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman


  • tniti last
    tniti last

    Hey... Im looking for timestamps

  • Taylor VR
    Taylor VR

    Paris Hilton deserves a big shoutout for Breaking Code Silence ❤

  • Aleksandra Wielka
    Aleksandra Wielka

    I just saw a guy wearing the xupermask in a store (in UK) can't believe ppl buy it

  • TSC gaming
    TSC gaming

    The way I got a Jake Paul boxing add while watching them talk about him is... scary...

  • Jess:ca

    Legit got a Jake Paul 'triller' boxing ad whilst you were talking about the assault- 😷 would've preferred another vin diesel sound bite than that

  • Kiki Noir
    Kiki Noir

    You're 100% allowed to talk about being SA even if you signed an NDA bc when someone illegal happens an NDA holds no weight.

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle Dressel

    Ethan, why not play videogames as a reward? Or make music? Or find a hobby that brings you joy. And once you start exercising more, you feel great from exercising each day

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle Dressel

    Ethan complaining about working out twice a week as the soundtrack to my hour+ workouts 5-6 times a week is so funny to me

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle Dressel

    Kinda sad that Ethan assumes that we wouldn't listen to the pod just because hila was working on TF... Ethan, the real fans stick by you and hila with or without each other!!!!