Food Theory: Subway Tuna Is NOT Fish? ft. TheOdd1sOut
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Oh Subway, it was not so long ago that we were trying to figure out if your bread was REALLY bread or if it was secretly cake. Well, it looks like we are not ready to say goodbye to your scandals. Today, we are opening the sandwich on what exactly you have been putting inside them. Specifically, your "tuna". Is it tuna? Is it even FISH? Time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Subway #Tuna #SubwayTuna #SubwayBread #SubwaySandwich #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
Fish Study -

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh

    Next thing you know there will be a class action lawsuit accusing Subway Sandwiches of not being made of actual "sand" or "witches"



    • Kofi Afriyie
      Kofi Afriyie


    • Dominick Skeans
      Dominick Skeans

      @Turtle Nooo man...and I just started loving Subway

    • Umesh P
      Umesh P

      Thats with all sandwiches!!

    • PILOT5A


  • Jonathan McConnell
    Jonathan McConnell

    I hope Milad Mirg sees this.

  • Angel

    Milad has some explaining to do! 🤔

  • Jonah Schwandt
    Jonah Schwandt

    Did he just subtly reveal that he lives in California???

  • Gracie Manthis
    Gracie Manthis

    i never knew i needed a james cameo in food theory video

  • Cracklyfish

    Milad (can't spel) would have something to say about this

  • Dogs_treat ψ
    Dogs_treat ψ

    some of my fav you tubers doing a mini collab nice :)

  • bobosmith01

    Uh, someone who's working at subway, it's moreso guts, I'm pretty sure, but yes. It's grinded fish plus mayo.

  • Madi Dryad
    Madi Dryad

    you would make a nice attorney honestly, keep going mat!

  • Danilo Gerasimovic
    Danilo Gerasimovic

    What if subway buys mislabeled tuna for tuna ( of course) and don't know if it is fake.

  • RamaLeu

    so if in the future we substitute meat for those scientist grown replacements or even bugs, we will sue subway because it didnt contain meat, even though it tasted like meat, smelled like meat and looked like meat what a world

  • Stuart B Littley
    Stuart B Littley

    this is the first time i’ve heard of this. when i saw this video, i immediately thought it was clout gaining.

  • VYXDEW 82
    VYXDEW 82

    Remember to keep praying and repenting and giving your life to God and help the poor if you can I wove you🙏✝️💯❤

  • charell gede
    charell gede

    T u n a I s T u n a :)

  • Aozotra

    ill still eat it

  • Samantha White
    Samantha White

    Ah yes toouna fish from sooubay

  • Raymond Gumm
    Raymond Gumm

    Plot twist: It's pawns of the advertising industry filing these DOA suits. Think about it, follow the money. The advertisers are the ones that truly benefit here when the food companies throw themselves into damage control mode. Jus sayin.

  • Simply Emma
    Simply Emma

    I'll still eat and enjoy it, tuna or not.

  • Webber Tan
    Webber Tan

    Why does mat and james somehow sound the same.....?

  • Noah delany
    Noah delany

    Tuna from subway like what you get in a can is a subway sandwich it’s a close relative of the tuna

  • Noah delany
    Noah delany

    You know real tuna is like )100000 per fish aye

  • Zeda Thomas
    Zeda Thomas

    Plot twist: they ordered a chicken salad sammich on accident, thought it tasted different, tested it, and found it wasn't tuna (or even fish).

  • mr hater
    mr hater

    This video didn't even show any evidence to prove or disprove if the tuna was fake. All it did was show how ridiculous the argument was, which too be fair is enough to convince me that the subway is right

  • Tony Playz
    Tony Playz

    Tuna Fosh with Olives Please

  • Melon lord
    Melon lord

    I guess sea bass in animal crossing are rare fish

  • Kari Brumley
    Kari Brumley

    My theory cheese comes from yellow cows

  • Slash the Porcupine
    Slash the Porcupine

    My theory is that the women claiming the tuna isn’t fish never actually did any lab tests and that they are simply suing Subway A.) because it’s been proven to work in the past and B.) they want the attention and money because they don’t want to get actual jobs.

  • imavewygood


  • River Solomon
    River Solomon

    this theme song is the second best theme song that I know 1 is danTDMs old geometry dash song 3rd is pokemon. tuna foosh

  • I Shot My Boss
    I Shot My Boss

    If you're wearing a shirt and shoes, you can't have a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates.

  • Annie

    As a fish allergic, i can say i get reaction from the smell, so there must be some fish in it.

  • Stegos Random
    Stegos Random

    I’m mad James is so late on posting videos

  • Atherious Dylan
    Atherious Dylan

    @Milad Mirg. The Ultimate Subway Employee. Is this true?

  • Nethercroc 1417
    Nethercroc 1417

    Even you can’t resist it

  • Alfie Greenwood
    Alfie Greenwood

    Twoona fish sandwich

  • Brian Barnitt
    Brian Barnitt

    I swear you are the odd1sout now

  • Deku crocs
    Deku crocs

    I ate subway while watching it and it made it so much better ngl

  • LadyZeldaia

    Love how it is tuna tho

  • BelovedShitposter

    Fish is fish tho..just eat the food man...

  • Charlie Woolf
    Charlie Woolf

    This is the closes we’ll get to a new odd1sout video

  • Nobal

    I couldnt care less if it was non fish.

  • kkww uuww
    kkww uuww

    The intro scares me every time bro

  • CosmicNerd

    The real monstrosity in this video is that he asked for more *olives* on a *tuna* fish sandwich

  • Damien Colletti
    Damien Colletti

    Tuna foosh

  • Unmasked_1

    im thinking they are using it for publicity

  • Polk - E - Dot
    Polk - E - Dot

    The tuna isn't really tuna but to be sure no one knows we're gonna keep buying tuna

  • cool blue
    cool blue

    I actually order a, Italian bread with tuna provolone toasted with olives and Manaise

  • Bandana Dee
    Bandana Dee

    Where is attorney Tom when you need him

  • Stoopid

    Soobway Toonufish

  • Stick Figure
    Stick Figure

    Maybe it’s chicken Oh wait EEEEEEEEE E EEEEE E EEEEEEEE

  • Stick Figure
    Stick Figure


  • Landon Austin Logan
    Landon Austin Logan

    5:39: that deal exists Phineas Taylor Barnum: Pathetic

  • Landon Austin Logan
    Landon Austin Logan

    you know ad revenue is dropping when james is going back to sooubway

  • Pat Thitaram
    Pat Thitaram

    According to Inside Edition it 80% of it is actually tuna

  • Yigit Ryan
    Yigit Ryan

    any odd1sout fan will understand the olive joke hehe

    • Carter Davis
      Carter Davis

      Turmoil at the front Wilhelms forces on the hunt There's a thunder in the east It's an attack of the deceased They've been facing poison gas 7, 000 charge en masse Turn the tide of the attack And force the enemy to turn back And that's when the dead men are marching again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again Two combatants spar Hindenburg against the Tsar Move in 12 battalions large Into a Russian counter-charge They'll be fighting for their lives As their enemy revives Russians won't surrender, no Striking fear into their foe And that's when the dead men are marching again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again And that's when the dead men are marching again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again Osowiec then and again Attack of the dead, hundred men Facing the lead once again Hundred men Charge again Die again

  • JOSHUA Lopes Ortega
    JOSHUA Lopes Ortega

    i ate a tuna fish sandwich from subway yesterday ;-;

  • porpuy wongsiri
    porpuy wongsiri

    The man brought the odd one because James actually worked at soooobway.

  • RobasterGaming

    you could say their tuna is completely artifishial (i'm sorry)

  • Mangin Play
    Mangin Play

    Eat freef

  • Nicholas Cagne123
    Nicholas Cagne123

    "Eat Fresh" an yet everytime I go into a subway their lettuce is half wilted, their cucumbers are soft, their olives are dry, and I always get sick. Not kidding without fail, an hour later I feel like my stomach is doing flips and trying to make me puke...

  • foot dab
    foot dab


  • Danny Campbell
    Danny Campbell

    Why do Americans call it tunafish? It sounds forced

  • SEAN

    I just ate subway tuna

  • Blocky

    The judge who was allergic to finned fish: I'll let it pass

  • HipPenguin 7540
    HipPenguin 7540

    The olive reference at the beginning had me laughing for like 10 min😂😂😂 ngl I’m wheezing

  • Lily yes_this_is_a_starclan_profile_pic
    Lily yes_this_is_a_starclan_profile_pic

    "Also why are there so few olives?" "I get in trouble if i put more than eight..."

  • Random gaming
    Random gaming

    Am I the only one that thinks Matt Pat should be a lawyer

  • Ben Metcalf
    Ben Metcalf

    I completely agree with the cartoon guy that just shrugged his shoulders because I literally don't care if the tuna is real or not.

  • Oak Zion
    Oak Zion

    That was odd ones out in the beginning wasn’t It

    • Lime Beans animation
      Lime Beans animation

      Yes it says in the title

  • FNAF Lolbit Fan
    FNAF Lolbit Fan

    This is 1/2 of the odd ones out or a bit of the odd ones out subscribers subscribe to the channel

  • Amidamaru44

    Support comment

  • luke prescott
    luke prescott

    stop this is my favorite guy

  • SplitPersonality Gaming
    SplitPersonality Gaming

    but what if subway was the one to start this lawsuit to make their sandwich more appealing to customers and get more buyers. Making more money buy making a fake lawsuit to get people to try their tuna fish to see if its "real" to make more money doesn't sound to far-fetched if you ask me.

  • Kada N
    Kada N

    Got an ad for subway while watching lol

  • Yoshihiro Hibatsu
    Yoshihiro Hibatsu

    In my opinion I think the plaintiffs be capping 🤔

  • Timothy Ive
    Timothy Ive

    No PR is bad PR?

  • Issac D'AB
    Issac D'AB

    They sound 90% similar and I can't un-hear it💀

  • Noodle master
    Noodle master

    mor vids

  • Michael Javert
    Michael Javert

    Maybe he went to Jared.

  • shawn boyce
    shawn boyce

    Just talking no trying to Figure it out. I was going to say Good or bad promotion maybe the two girls work for subway to get people to talk about subway again

  • Den TGG
    Den TGG

    WHERES @TheOdds1sOut

  • Bruuman

    The chicken taste like tuna

  • Cesar Sotolongo
    Cesar Sotolongo

    Subway thire

  • Winnie Chua
    Winnie Chua

    Tuna fwoosh

  • Sv_Gamez

    Hate that anime guy!!!!!!!

  • rose de la cruz
    rose de la cruz

    Wow theodd1sout is here he used to call subway soubway.

  • Anonymous :D
    Anonymous :D

    No wonder I didn’t feel so good after eating a tuna sub.

  • Beobe Chapman
    Beobe Chapman

    mat pat ur puns are too much

  • Dominick Skeans
    Dominick Skeans

    Halfway through this and I get an ad for Subway, wtf🤣🤣

  • Umesh P
    Umesh P

    Its almost a war at this point with the endless lawsuits. I would not be surprised.

  • spoderman

    Why did i get subway ad?


    Of course it’s a Karen

    • awsome zomboy
      awsome zomboy

      Always them

  • Jeff Lorentz
    Jeff Lorentz

    It’s his language in the intro

  • Dash Quiroz
    Dash Quiroz

    Where is The odd 1s out

  • Awfulgamer 100
    Awfulgamer 100

    ORRRRRRR Matpat was paid off to say this by subway themselves.

  • finns origami
    finns origami

    who else wants to watch matpat but is not into creepy stuff so they watch him speak about food

  • Turtle Does Stuff
    Turtle Does Stuff

    Wait... does that mean if someone has an allergy to fish they won’t get a allergic reaction?

  • princess winter mlp
    princess winter mlp

    Wow so my mom was eating fake fish all along.

  • DailyDarius

    one olive for each bite

  • Viruscage101YT

    I hat you for this

    • Viruscage101YT