How This Guy Found A Stolen Car

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      One like.

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      Football fan


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    The Iron Smith

    "...and he will kill you"


    Ben MVP

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    Jalan Malam

    Funny lol

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    kira srams

    I hope u tipped your Uber 😏

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  • Bagels page of artistic shiz
    Bagels page of artistic shiz

    Fuck da poolice

  • Shahrookh Shroff
    Shahrookh Shroff

    How our dear braveheart Ben Nabbed car thieves in their own "den"! ☺☺☺👍👍👍 This also shows one of the "ops" Of a section of America's cops! 😑😑😑 ... 😌😌😌

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    👮🏻‍♀️👮🏼👮🏽‍♂️ hello 🇨🇦

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    Marie Herring

    Way to go Ben👍

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    Him: Moral of the story,do not steal a car from Ben Also him:*proceed to show a video how Ben is eating*

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  • Hu Tao
    Hu Tao

    This is ben’s daily life

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  • Roberto Castillolll
    Roberto Castillolll

    Put a GPS on your vehicle so that when someone steals your vehicle you can chase it

  • Cbaha

    In Mando voice: I need to get one of those

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    "Oh my god! I'm calling 911!" Such an awesome reaction to calling the popo

  • maridel pangatungan
    maridel pangatungan

    I not ok to drive car because I still kid

  • Kingfishface

    This deserves 1.6 mill likes

  • Gabrielyt 543
    Gabrielyt 543

    Oh so I can still any other car other than Ben’s? All right I mean there’s still like 7 billion more people out there.

  • shsixodl

    got it only steal cars from ppl named jake not ben

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      I'm not bad I dont steal cars

  • SeriousYt

    He's just like to all car thieves do not steal a car from Ben or he he will find you!

  • C Koop
    C Koop

    After you did all the work... they showed up

  • •kae_lvchannel•

    U & ur friend chased the bad guy like a real cop :0

  • Andrew Sabin
    Andrew Sabin

    They are lucky that the car thieves weren’t armed. This could have ended badly.

  • Heath Jahn
    Heath Jahn

    I though this was fake at first

  • Ralph Brown
    Ralph Brown

    I'm six how could I drive

  • Ralph Brown
    Ralph Brown


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    Gage Morgan

    You could say Ben has a particular set of skills.

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    Nikita Demchenko

    Nas:lesson of the day,do not steal a car from Ben Me:honestly dont steal anyone cars in general

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    Rrera is 100% right

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    Tenzing Ngodub

    I will car from you not from Ben 😝

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    Trevor Phillip's Enterprises

    I'm not bad I dont steal cars

  • Mishkat Tasdid
    Mishkat Tasdid

    i smiled with victory. wao

  • Tylerr playz bruh
    Tylerr playz bruh

    Good job Ben 👍

  • Harshavardhan Tamil selvan
    Harshavardhan Tamil selvan

    All professional car jackets will be like "Challenge accepted".

  • Gabry

    the ending is a literal threat

  • Muhammad Omar
    Muhammad Omar

    Ben VS 911

  • Golla Rama Chandrudu
    Golla Rama Chandrudu

    If he lost his phone

  • Kanokthip Leino
    Kanokthip Leino

    So ubers are more helpful at stolen cars than polices

  • Dark Soul Within
    Dark Soul Within

    Then I'll steal yours!

  • GalaxyBeanies

    Yo Ben probably waked the thief’s ass after 😬

  • ♡{Dsmp fan}♡
    ♡{Dsmp fan}♡

    If i steal it and u found me let me live with yo

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    Gladys Masancay

    Thieves:well imma just steal you car nas

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    Michael Bernardo

    Omg is it ok

  • Sophia Marielle Daclan
    Sophia Marielle Daclan

    Why didn't 911 work?🤔

  • Stormecl1pse

    You low key look like j balvin

  • Darryl

    Do not steal car if u didn't know how smart the owner:)

  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh

    The moral could also be remive tracking devices from cars and don't steal a tesla


    No the moral of the story is “ Call a uber before the police ” 😂

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    Mohammad Hanif


  • Aimee Fajardo
    Aimee Fajardo

    And you better not mess with me or you'll die~

  • Nolti Hernandez
    Nolti Hernandez

    That's one for the good guys🙌

  • Griffin Cherry
    Griffin Cherry

    Moral of the story the police are more about punishing than helping..

  • Cassiel Psyche
    Cassiel Psyche

    Steel a car i'm just six i don't know how to drive

  • Lolz Wat happen
    Lolz Wat happen

    But how he can get the keys or maybe just an same car though

  • Neerad Bhuyan
    Neerad Bhuyan

    Man, you are the Marco Polo of 21st century !!

  • Zoey

    ‘’Moral of the story do not steal the car from Ben ONLY Ben!’’

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    Catnip Playz

    GTA irl

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    Wait wait was that the tiktok vid

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    aggelos yeet

    Why you talk like that

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    Be like Ben

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    sanchita sonare

    Hey my bike also got stolen and it was super bike

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    khushi 17

    1 min wasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    Lene Millamina

    Dont steal cars

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    Communist sledger

    Ben just like staring at my soul

  • Ethan Cookies
    Ethan Cookies

    This is a fake story

  • Norman A Dj Boy 2000
    Norman A Dj Boy 2000

    That sounds like a similar story that happened to Quentin Tarantino and his car

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    Mcgeady for ballon dO’r

    There’s my weekend plans out the window

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    Joe Mc

    He doesn't look like a ben

  • Praveen Upadhyay
    Praveen Upadhyay

    What a Moral 🤣🤣

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    dcoog anml

    Level up ! New moral unlocked "never mess with ben !"

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  • pamela ellwood
    pamela ellwood

    Damn I thought that 1 officer was a canine officer Would a paid to see a Bork Bork nom nom in this video

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Maybe I should change my name to Ben .

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  • toaster oven
    toaster oven

    that’s actually so important to keep your sanity, otherwise you might not make it out of a stressful situation

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    Michael Jason

    Stupid video and adds absolutely no value

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    Queria ver isso aq no Brasilkkkk

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    Dont care

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    Its gta5

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    Meredith Roberson

    DO NOT STEAL A CAR F R O M B E N Me: so I can steal a car from anyone else, just not Ben

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    Ben is too smart

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  • Illyasah Munajj
    Illyasah Munajj

    Do you have to have a specific car to lock it from your phone??

  • Jaiya Narrine
    Jaiya Narrine

    My car was stolen so ben was lucky

  • Heater

    "We did a drive by" i legit laughed

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    He Will find you

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    Maybe I should change my name to Ben .

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  • nilesh ghodmare
    nilesh ghodmare

    Then u have to save ur gf first from Ben because he have nice car & u can't steal it 😂

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    Yukki Amagiri

    Why would a person steal Ben's car? 😅

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    Ben do be amazing doe.

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    i stole a car from ben

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    Ben: Every second your not running im getting closer 👹