Using the Top Part of the Toilet for a Week and Hiring a Plumber to Fix it
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Drone in Hotel
0:37 Fishing for shark
2:13 JJ mole Piercing
4:07 Fishing 2
4:28 Drone 2
4:56 The PS5 hookup
5:20 Not paying for free sample
5:42 Using the Top part of the Toilet
10:50 JJ’s mole removal

  • Vlog Creations
    Vlog Creations

    Always hooking us up with the fishies @BlacktipH 0:02 Drone in Hotel 0:37 Fishing for shark 2:13 JJ mole Piercing 4:07 Fishing 2 4:28 Drone 2 4:56 The PS5 hookup 5:20 Not paying for free sample 5:42 Using the Top part of the Toilet 10:50 JJ’s mole removal

    • That one Ohio Railfan
      That one Ohio Railfan

      I Debated watchin one of your other vids but i felt this was more funny

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones

      Everyone looks like a dirty shitter

    • Nicholas Duran
      Nicholas Duran

      @Mustache Man jokomkkk

    • Listening to X on The Weeknd
      Listening to X on The Weeknd

      Yo Ross, do a prank say u found something with this address on it. And that u want another one/more. It could be a disposable vape pen with booty juice in it, or it could be a business card saying this is the place to get trained to be a monkey, idk you create a funny one Ross!! I'd love to see u do this!! Get your friends to show up too at different times and they'd also ask for what ever it is the card which u actually made that has their address on it!!

    • Alex Converse
      Alex Converse

      I miss the old Ross lol

  • potatoish

    Man if that happened to me I just kill myself 😂❤️❤️

  • TechyTopix

    Shiting in the toilet. Its just a new level of fucking hilarious

  • Tim J
    Tim J

    Cole is the most underrated hero on ur channel..... W well besides U Ross. What the hell, u guys are all great but Cole is an underrated hero!! Good shit

  • Tim J
    Tim J

    "Just for your photograph, it's wrong really wrong".😢😭 Poor Karen. Figures there would be a Karen lurking in the shadows waiting to bitch.

  • The RickyT
    The RickyT

    I feel bad for the plumer

  • Harrison Floyd
    Harrison Floyd

    Honestly thought this was Rude and Disrespectful

  • Connor Goldstein
    Connor Goldstein

    You guys really shit everywhere and had a poor man dig through your shit. Usually your vids are my weekly highlight but thats disgusting bro, I'm sure he didn't want to spend his day going through 5 guys poop

    • Mackenzie Hurston
      Mackenzie Hurston

      Honestly I thought they were rude and incredibly ignorant

  • DB3

    Actually the craziest one yet, poor dude lmao

  • Megan


  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo

    Why were the phones flashing at the end??

  • InDaTubeSurfer

    This is the grossest funniest shit I’ve ever seen!! Seriously no SHIT it’s great!!

  • xaralampis_

    This is a fill valve Mmmmm, fill pump

  • BC Reviews
    BC Reviews

    You really should have given that ps5 to that plumber for not punching you 🤣

  • Tai Over
    Tai Over

    I caught a baby hammerhead night fishing once

  • Revolution

    glad someone has brains and doesnt buy from scalpers

  • pizza boy
    pizza boy

    You know Ross is gonna be stupid when he wears his tie die shirt

  • name

    girls when they see bees: omg ahh!! boys: 0:27

  • the cool guy936
    the cool guy936

    My fat ass read "Pop Tart" like four times before realizing it said top part💀

  • Prince Of Opinion
    Prince Of Opinion

    And here I thought they were just going to use fake poop... 😰

  • Harpy with Legs
    Harpy with Legs

    I hate this shit Literally

  • Made in Heaven
    Made in Heaven

    Kole doesn’t give a FUCK about those sharks. A true cowboy


    6:36 the face of regret

  • sam

    He reminds me of Napoleon dynamite the way he talks to the plumber

  • UltimateBass

    This plumber is a legend 🤣

  • Diaz 123
    Diaz 123

    swollen mole

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    This is the only channel that can have me shaking with laughter for like 10 minutes straight. Anyone else got actual funny channels to recommend like this one?

    • Too poo
      Too poo

      Hooligan Christian is one I watch regularly

  • Sebastien Mota
    Sebastien Mota

    Ngl this was a little hard to watch

  • Queued Up
    Queued Up

    was the shit real tho like actually

  • Ashton H
    Ashton H

    The plumber prank was hysterical

  • random_ass_turkey

    He really grabbed the shit😭😭😭😭

  • Peace Control Kyle
    Peace Control Kyle

    How does your channel have less then scammer get scammed channels. Ok LLS say they’re underrated as a joke, but ur channel in golden

  • miguel_soliveira

    The face of disbelief 😭😭😭

  • mario torres
    mario torres

    Commenting for the algorithm

  • Peyton Anderson
    Peyton Anderson

    That star fish lady is my least favorite type of human

  • Generic College Student
    Generic College Student

    I'm crying 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Nah

    The iconic shirt merc, plz

  • Colson Rizzuto
    Colson Rizzuto

    Lmao the snacks and the headset

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    You could see the relief on the plumber's face when he was told it was a prank. Genuine guy.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    how you just gon stuck ur hand in the toilet and sink

  • Giant Joints
    Giant Joints

    Called a upper decker


    What a great guy that plumber was. Such a sport

  • Zaffyrr

    That shit prank was EXCRUCIATING

  • win zyl
    win zyl

    This the most disgusting

  • ElectricSheep

    Plot twist: Dustin is a scalper KEKW

  • Howie Beats
    Howie Beats

    Make an ad about boarding lessons and give no context and when they meet you at the beach give them hoverboard lessons

  • Hartley Pruitt
    Hartley Pruitt

    Go sit and watch the sunset with people and tell them you love watching the sunrise

  • Okie NDN
    Okie NDN

    -------- see the line? Yall crossed it today! Bruh to touched someone else's poop!!!

  • Yeet to skeet Jr
    Yeet to skeet Jr

    “No number 2 goes up here”

  • Koates

    why is he poopin 3x a day

  • KaminoAgent

    That plumber bit was just baaad man. I couldn't stop crackin up the whole time. Poor dude 😂

  • Kriston Harris
    Kriston Harris

    When the plumber removed the lid you can just tell he died inside

  • Jadon Keenan
    Jadon Keenan

    Okay I must be thinking something else

  • Tyler Spin
    Tyler Spin

    What excellent customer service seriously

  • ali fadlallah
    ali fadlallah

    Wear a suit and put a big bouquet of flower or a huge shrub or a very long bud sunflower as a boutonniere and walk around different places...

  • Smartgamingpotato Potatoz
    Smartgamingpotato Potatoz

    This was beyond hilarious

  • Becky Zimmerman
    Becky Zimmerman

    I would enjoy more videos of you fishing because even just sitting there with a rod in hand your conversations are hilarious


    The poor plumber was so nice

  • Cockatiel Time
    Cockatiel Time

    Annastepic made u tired f knows how to spell

  • cringe

    Bro i cant im hitting my head, how can he not laugh *wheeze*

  • Smooth Barney
    Smooth Barney

    you know something stupid is gonna happen when Ross takes his tie-dye t-shirt on

  • Andrés Montilla
    Andrés Montilla

    This is the single most funny video I have seen in a LONG time. Keep up the great work!

  • Johnathan Grimes
    Johnathan Grimes

    Start mowing random people yards with a Dino suit on

  • Will is green
    Will is green

    Subscribe to will is green

  • Dethmeister

    That poop joke is going too far. Way too gross and unsanitary. They could have used fake poo and fart spray.

  • Nikon White
    Nikon White

    Ross, Why do you take Gods name in vain?

  • Ok

    7:39 I like how the plumber takes a picture of the sink filled with poo when Ross isn't there, and then sneakily hides his phone when he arrives.

  • Ok

    Call a tree doctor cause your tree is growing too much money.

  • Fifkfk USER282
    Fifkfk USER282


  • Fifkfk USER282
    Fifkfk USER282


  • Backcountry Bunghole
    Backcountry Bunghole

    Upper Deckers are always funny !

  • mr. squatch
    mr. squatch

    How in the world does he touch shit with his hands

  • Mary Buys
    Mary Buys

    I read the title as “using the pop tart of the toilet for a week”

  • Bear Rodriguez
    Bear Rodriguez

    Lost my shit when you drank out of the mountain dew you gave him 😂 and then offered it back too him, Gold

  • Nashville Dude
    Nashville Dude

    Eww he shook his hand

  • Mark

    This plumber guy was super cool xddd

  • Monkey Drip
    Monkey Drip

    Michael Scott : So Meredith, how was your weekend? Meredith Palmer : Well I caught my son taking a dump on the upper part of the toilet. He calls it an Upper Decker.

  • Skybe

    wow LOL

  • Bud dank
    Bud dank

    Fyi the chick saying, "its wrong, just for a picture, its wrong," she saying that about the jelly fish cuz once u remove them from the rock that theyre on, they die. So you basically just killed a big ass jelly fish. Dead assss😶😶😶

  • Luceph Angelo
    Luceph Angelo

    Dude it's a starfish they literally don't have brains lol just like that lady

  • Skinny Kills
    Skinny Kills

    Call a plumber to unclog a portapotty

  • Big Campbell
    Big Campbell

    You are danny duncan 2

  • Camlee Studios
    Camlee Studios

    return of the fluel pump

  • Sarah Danforth
    Sarah Danforth

    I read the title wrong 3 or 4 times, I couldn't figure out what the pop tart of the toilet was 😂 I was like "why does your toilet have a Poptart?" And "why is there a space in Poptart?"

  • Jah fso
    Jah fso

    Patrick is a star now

  • Mareko

    fluel pump

  • Blaht Milker
    Blaht Milker

    Prank starts at 5:49.

    • Jari H
      Jari H

      it is written at the start

  • PvPro

    Bro this is so hard to watch

  • Drag00n

    I still can’t Get over the girl who thought his forehead piercing was swollen even though it was a mole piercing lol

  • Beef Fed Cows
    Beef Fed Cows

    Try asking someone at a hotel if they want to rent out a room in your or a house show then pictures of the room clean but thrash it before they come IF they come


    go to a shooting range and play big buck hunter

  • my1little2pony

    That poor plumber

  • KVlife 420
    KVlife 420

    1:18 karen seemed pretty excited to see you guys

  • Bre Mue
    Bre Mue

    7:27 his face 😂😂😂

  • coupa10

    Wait you can mess with a mole without it turning into an actual cancer? Lol?

  • Aidan Gault
    Aidan Gault

    I love this channel but this joke is pretty clearly mocking autistic people and uncool

  • The RyOs
    The RyOs

    How is it wrong to take a picture with a starfish-

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    Puncturing or rupturing a mole can trigger it to start producing cancer cells. Actually I just made that up. But it sounds legit

  • Alan Jurena
    Alan Jurena

    He really just keeps going off on the fluel plump joke

  • Davis' Gaming Channel
    Davis' Gaming Channel

    I love you Ross but that was really gross when you put ur hand in the pooo

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