Connor McDavid Hits Jesperi Kotkaniemi With High Elbow At Centre Ice
Connor McDavid catches Jesperi Kotkaniemi with a high elbow at centre ice.

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    Wow, so Tim Peel got fired for a “comment” , but McDavid gets a slap on the wrist for intent to injure. Priorities at its best.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    He should get a suspension but the NHL is rigged

  • Xu Han Ma
    Xu Han Ma

    Even after being hit KK keeps smile. I love this guy.

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    He should get a suspension but the NHL is rigged

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    He should get a suspension but the NHL is rigged

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      thats sucks

  • ron diizz
    ron diizz

    Jos kotkaniemi ois tehny saman daividille ois tullu muutaman pelin kielto vittu

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      Imagine, Kucherov does that... minimum 3 games suspension

  • Paul Denino
    Paul Denino

    What a fuckface

  • MacHenrix

    Sometimes I think that some stars could kill an opponent on ice and never receive a suspension...

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      That was crazy..

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Honestly 1-2 games suspension IMO, but he’ll probably get nothing.

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      Stephenson does it and it’s 3 games. NHL at its finest.

  • Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn

    "minor" penalty ......

  • Out Dried
    Out Dried

    Wish he could’ve hit Kotkaniemi harder... I’ll never forget Kotka trying to intentionally injure Petterrson

  • bruitdefond

    anyone want to explain to me how this isn't just assault?

  • AnotherDayInParadise

    Once again NHL Player Safety embarrasses itself with nothing more than a $5000 slap on the wrist.

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      I haven't seen McDavid this mad since the 2015 draft

  • rochard lalt
    rochard lalt

    I didn't watch the game, did a canadien go for Mc David when he came out of the box?

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    He should get 2-5 games for this

  • GT -R
    GT -R

    Players have laid cheap shots against McDavid many times before and then people get all up in arms the rare time he does it too.

    • GT -R
      GT -R

      @MrTheMark21 yeah that’s why they made him broke with that $5000 fine! What will he do now!? 😂

    • MrTheMark21

      Intentional elbow to the head is more than a 2 minute penalty.

  • Solomon Has Flab
    Solomon Has Flab

    Absolutely BS how did he not get suspended like Stephenson

  • The Cando Railfan
    The Cando Railfan

    How is a shoulder to shoulder hit an "elbow"?

  • ChaseGaming

    thats sucks

    • ChaseGaming

      @fouoii gyhh ok

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      It was not so bad - 2 minutes is okay. A suspension is fir a vicious elbow not for a little hello how to do.

  • K Alexandre
    K Alexandre

    Imagine, Kucherov does that... minimum 3 games suspension

  • Deanna Dickey
    Deanna Dickey

    Noooooo I love mcdavid

  • Rock Alliance
    Rock Alliance

    That was crazy..

  • EmilioLV126

    Stephenson does it and it’s 3 games. NHL at its finest.

  • Joni English
    Joni English


  • Dixon B. Tweenerlegs
    Dixon B. Tweenerlegs

    if this was 80s hockey they would’ve handled it like men.

  • Mike Boris
    Mike Boris

    That was dirty tho good 10’games suspension

  • Quentin Weir
    Quentin Weir

    I haven't seen McDavid this mad since the 2015 draft

  • Stacey Clark
    Stacey Clark

    That hit was dirtier than a cross country truck driver's skivvies.

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson

    If that was tom Wilson it would be a suspension

  • WW WW
    WW WW

    It's ethically ok to attack any player for the Montreal Canadiens. Them and their fans aren't human beings like the rest us of.

  • stringsnare

    Horrible check, he could have seriously injured Kot. Can't believe this was only 2 minute minor for an elbow to the face. WTF

  • Keith Langman
    Keith Langman

    Yes he went out of his way fine, suspension but 10 games only complaint here is the how widely inconsistent the NHL is on this subject.

  • William L
    William L

    It was not so bad - 2 minutes is okay. A suspension is fir a vicious elbow not for a little hello how to do.

  • D S
    D S

    suomalaiset kallot ovat kalliita, joten kk tulisi kutsua kyynärpäänsä räikeistä rikkomuksista.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    Come on 10 games suspension for that the f****** NHL's a joke now

  • Hepsima

    Dumb beta ego sport😂

  • W. G.
    W. G.

    Marchand should be suspended for that flagrant elbow.

  • Shiya Green
    Shiya Green

    Kotkaniemi shood get suspended for head butting Connor's elbow

  • Shiya Green
    Shiya Green

    Kotkaniemi suspended for head butting Connor’s elbow

  • Shiya Green
    Shiya Green

    Kotkaniemi suspended for head butting Connor’s elbow i say 10 games

  • ville658

    5+20 and 15, games penalty

  • Cory Schwartz
    Cory Schwartz

    At least he did not throw his helmet.

  • Peter Donkey-Doo
    Peter Donkey-Doo

    How he didn't get suspended I'll never know

  • J B
    J B

    Very un-captain-like. Bad leadership

  • Peekingduck

    Love the Oilers not a big fan of Habs... but this is Total BS...Suspend McDavid too. If Stephenson sits out ...well, same bloody rules for everyone or NHL rules are BS

  • therealoinjman

    If whe still had guys like Odjick and Brashear these days, McDavid would have lost more than 5000 $

  • Stark Raven
    Stark Raven

    When you can't generate offense so you generate revenue for the NHL instead:

  • Rj James
    Rj James

    Kinda dirty

  • John Patrick
    John Patrick

    Zero cups

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    That should be a penalty on Marchand

  • Bryson Loov
    Bryson Loov

    It's just an elbow... no big deal.

  • Dale Mer
    Dale Mer

    Who does McDavid think he is, Ovechkin????

  • TGDament Outdoors
    TGDament Outdoors

    10 games should send the message

  • Justin Snyder
    Justin Snyder

    McChicken needs to get laid out, hoping someone returns the favor 🤞

  • Nick Stefanyshin
    Nick Stefanyshin

    Cannot wait for someone to take a run at this little prima donna. The Oilers fans, ( suspiciously quiet on this thread), will be howling for a full season ban or more for touching their demigod. They already got the little pr%@k in the hall of fame when he hasn't done sh#t sxcept lose.

  • Adam Howell
    Adam Howell

    He should be suspended but since it’s “Conner McJesus” he won’t be the NHL is a joke right now bud

  • gil ad
    gil ad

    A 5k fine are you joking

  • CYK theNinja
    CYK theNinja

    Embellished much?!?

  • Jordan Lowey
    Jordan Lowey

    Can't believe the restraint McDavid has shown over the years. First time offence for a guy that gets hacked and hooked several times/game with no call from the zebras. Connor was slashed on the wrist twice just moments before....and no call. Good for him. The league should pay him the ref's salary for doing their job.

  • ghytgb

    That’s a ten game suspension


    Shame on MTL for not beating McDavids ass before he slithered to the box

  • Bryan Wilson
    Bryan Wilson

    He was watching his pass to his teammate! Don’t do that!

  • Martin Denis
    Martin Denis

    What a shame

  • kevo grahm
    kevo grahm

    What did Jesperi Kotkaniemi do one ice before that elbow from McDavid?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    Don't do crap like that dude.

  • Charlo Rivard
    Charlo Rivard

    Even Kotkaniemi was like "wtf did I even do?" lmaooo

  • Artak Margaryan
    Artak Margaryan

    2 min? Only🤭

  • Woah

    That should be 10-20 games. The league is a joke with the calls, fire the person heading player safety. Obviously incompetent just like the goons giving him a small fine.

  • canuck2xtreme

    Discipline in this league is such a joke. Stephenson gets 3 games for his elbow, and McDavids, which was worse, gets $5k fine? Brutal.

  • xwillex

    Well suddenly I don't think that highly of McDavid

  • Pushpinder Sekhon
    Pushpinder Sekhon

    mcdcvid was not suspended

  • Pushpinder Sekhon
    Pushpinder Sekhon

    he did not get suspended

  • Charles-David Halley
    Charles-David Halley

    Everyone one would have been suspended but because it’s mcdavid he isn’t

  • ꧁ ꧂
    ꧁ ꧂

    Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. No other words needed

  • Harry Sanders
    Harry Sanders

    Absolutely DISGRACEFUL

  • Michael Doblovosky
    Michael Doblovosky

    That's 100% an elbow. Should be a 1-2 game suspension.

  • OSO

    Ya probably should be more but I ain’t complaining

  • Ben DiNucci
    Ben DiNucci

    I just lost all my respect for kotkamiemi after he did that to Connor

  • Justin Liu
    Justin Liu

    One day this guy can tell the story of how he was touched by Jesus to his grandchildren and how proud he was when he put his dirty head against Jesus's elbow.

  • The MaiN Squeeze
    The MaiN Squeeze

    What a great leader to give power play opportunity while losing.

  • Blackwood 4241
    Blackwood 4241

    Roughing? So a player taking 2 strides toward a player who has already distributed the puck and throwing an elbow into the face is roughing. It looked pretty intentional. Clearly targeting with intent to injury in my eyes. And I’m a bruins fan which means I’m obviously not a fan of Montreal

    • MrTheMark21

      McPrincess gets his special treatment.

  • Matt F
    Matt F

    Tom Wilson should get suspended for an dirty hit done by a star player

  • JMoney Hubbard
    JMoney Hubbard

    Ooof that's a dang it. - Steve Dangle

  • Patrik Järvine
    Patrik Järvine

    Don’t worry guys, they’re gonna fine Kotkaniemi for being in Mcdavid’s way

  • yeezus we_praise
    yeezus we_praise

    That was clean

  • DethOfDrgnz

    I am Oilers fan and this was blatant penalty and McDavid deserved the $5000. That being said as a Oilers fan you constantly see people jabbing, cross checking, hooking, holding, tripping, etc, McDavid and nothing being called. The guy is going to snap soon or later.

  • Ean Terleckey
    Ean Terleckey

    I think Marchand should get suspended for this.

  • Sydänmieli

    McDavids honor points just went down 50%

  • Roses and Torns 666
    Roses and Torns 666

    Elbowing is still a proper word in hockey.

  • Muhammad Qasim
    Muhammad Qasim

    Whys everyone bitching, that wasn’t even vicious. A McDavid elbow is very different from a Tom Wilson elbow. The strength, the intent, and obviously the history.

    • MrTheMark21

      Elbowing is elbowing wtf you talking about

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn

    if Tom Wilson did this he'd get a 36346456634 game suspension

  • Alex ,
    Alex ,

    I'm habs fan and live in Montréal That hit was disgusting 😂 Any other player would of been suspended 100%

  • Zatyra Jinn
    Zatyra Jinn

    That was straight up abandoning the play with intent to injure. If you aren't on ice skates that's straight up assault. Should be 10 games minimum

  • TheAstronomyDude

    He should have been ejected for that. It was intentional, unprovoked and stupid.

  • Gavin Bissett
    Gavin Bissett

    so unprofessional, your good Conner, but you act a like a unmature 14 year old who got mad cause there loosing and broke the other kids ankle.

  • c.

    No one cares !

  • Sun Sun
    Sun Sun

    Not worried about a virus tho

  • Quentin Skalyn
    Quentin Skalyn

    of course no suspension. 100% intentional head shot... shows how much of a temper ginger boy has. Love the way he skated right away to penalty no one would give him a few head shots like he deserves.

  • Mister Guyman
    Mister Guyman

    Why are you even allowed to fight in hockey? Are Wppl naturally violent?

    • Gavin Bissett
      Gavin Bissett

      you play soccer right?

  • Kyle Draper
    Kyle Draper

    I swear these idiotic plays are just asking for another McSorely moment....