First YouTuber To Break The Orb Wins $10,000
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  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries

    This box, I like it! ANOTHER!

    • Mrunal Kattamanchi
      Mrunal Kattamanchi

      They like free money

    • Timothy Myrick
      Timothy Myrick

      I have an idea that can break the box. Anti material rifle

    • Fv3 da illest
      Fv3 da illest

      What the hell

    • Jamie Kuo
      Jamie Kuo


    • Nick gone gamemode1
      Nick gone gamemode1

      *Throws it onto the ground (Shatters a lot)*


    people with hydraulic press channels: try me

  • Jhonel Bandiola
    Jhonel Bandiola

    btw Dustine, what's hte orb propery made of?

  • Wintercourse

    A lot of people don't wear safety goggles. XD I like my eyes, not sure about them.

  • THeReMa

    unspeakable vs unbreakable

  • Dub Dub
    Dub Dub

    i rather take my time unscrewing it

  • Bas V d sluis
    Bas V d sluis

    Hack smith: serious (Idk know the name) : serious Unspeakable: *Blender*

  • Porter Robinson
    Porter Robinson

    Use a hydrolic press

  • Wyatt Enders
    Wyatt Enders

    Give me that box I’ll have it open in 3 mins

  • houari bouhadjeb
    houari bouhadjeb

    put a steel stick n it and it = thors orb means its stronger then thors hamar

  • Dempzei

    This is epic

  • Shift

    unspeapable, has got the most smart ways

  • Alexandra Roma
    Alexandra Roma

    justdustin vs unspeakable break 1000m cash on leggendary box make with obsidiin this is secert the key only code

  • YourAverageMoppy

    its an icosahedron dustin!

  • Kirk Warren
    Kirk Warren

    Seeing the bowling ball break on the box had ne shook.

  • dark H.K
    dark H.K

    ye boy oh my god / good jobs

  • Andrew Cai
    Andrew Cai

    Why don’t they smash the box on the concrete when they’re in the helicopter

  • ConnorIsMissing

    I knew the hacksmith would get through because of the weapons and gadgets they have like the lightsaber, Thor's hammer, the storm breaker, etc

  • Jceon Cooper
    Jceon Cooper

    I woukd prob freeze in dry ice and break it xd

  • sρꫀᥴiꪖꪶist丂卄乇乇ㄒ爪卂丂ㄒ乇尺

    The sawzall should deal with it

  • Subboy Tris
    Subboy Tris

    2:58 oh look, it's unspeakable

  • havotic gaming
    havotic gaming

    Give one to demolition ranch pleade


    You in the hacksmith studio wow that's cool

  • you should do a destroy video with a limit of money you can spend to destroy that a box

  • Roman Bear
    Roman Bear

    10:27 did Nathan say Dam Bois?

  • Silje Mæland
    Silje Mæland

    It’s kinda boring


    They should have thrown it on the concrete

  • Death Stone
    Death Stone

    yo that is legos to a dinosaur, when they step on that its the exact same thing as us stepping on legos…

  • azzuriah payne
    azzuriah payne

    Where are all the comments? ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ (pin this lol)

  • Very Big
    Very Big

    put it in a hydraulic press. done in 5 mins.

  • Mecha Godzilla
    Mecha Godzilla

    Just get the bolts off the free moneys

  • Malik The mad man
    Malik The mad man

    I want to see Trent use Stormbreaker

  • SavageHunter EVO
    SavageHunter EVO

    A hydraulic press channel would've taken the cake

  • oG Simo
    oG Simo

    I think it funny they get a helicopter and drop it on grass lol 😂 when they could do the same thing but on concrete lol 🤣

  • GeT_TrOlL

    i mean angle grinder all the way

  • Ruhaan Gupta
    Ruhaan Gupta

    I can break it in 10 min only

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi

    Lol I thought they are gonna break the orb using the helicopter’s rotor blades

  • Road Boyee
    Road Boyee

    The definition of THE BOIS

  • glitchetsu

    First thing I'd do would drop it in liquid nitrogen then throw it up in the air

  • Danese

    Anyone have liquid nitrogen? If you dramatically decrease the temperature of the material, you might be able to increase the brittleness of the material... allowing for more damage through brute force.

  • Max

    i wonder who actually got it out the quickest

  • Minecraft Er
    Minecraft Er

    Orb vs hydraulic press.

  • Nathan Wong
    Nathan Wong

    unspeakable was the last person i except to break it

  • Laikoz

    "Ok-now our theory-is-to-burn"

  • hekkster

    I would love to see what this box would do against a hydraulic-press...

  • Szymon O
    Szymon O

    You broke one rule: don't leave Zack and Trent without supervision

  • Izuku Madara Afton
    Izuku Madara Afton

    Go to how rediculus they can break it easyly

  • Bennie Leip
    Bennie Leip

    5:48 why do ? That doesn’t do much , wanna bet if you made that dude with the wreckinghammer hit he would already destroy it in the start


    pov: everyone uses things to help except my boi TRENT💪🏾💪🏾

  • Haeli Horton villanueva
    Haeli Horton villanueva

    Meanwhile you can just get rid of the bolts

  • Austin York
    Austin York

    Call it the allspark from transformers. Its unbreakable

  • shocky


  • Kristoffer RMB
    Kristoffer RMB

    Who wants to see Justin send a box to Mr. Beast

  • KoKoPuff


  • Daniel 20
    Daniel 20

    me UNINTELECTUAL *unweld it

  • Ziad Nordin
    Ziad Nordin


  • Richard Crouch
    Richard Crouch

    Like to see WhistlingDiesel destroy this

  • Duncan Sharp
    Duncan Sharp

    Unspeakable: "Let's drop a bowling ball on it" Hacksmith: [laughs in Lightsaber]

  • void bennett compooter
    void bennett compooter

    r.i.p the u.s 4:57

  • Trick Shot Legends
    Trick Shot Legends

    I like how everyone is doing this like professionally and unspeakable is just goofing around

  • Twom

    *Nothing is indestructible if you hit it enough* -some guy who broke into an indestructible box or whatever

  • Corrupt

    12:58 *When you have 12 assignments all due within 23 hours*

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins

    Let's be real here hacksmith would be the first one in if they was allowed to start with any weapon they want instead of going with the least possible chance of getting in to the largest


    I use my rocket launcher man 🤣

  • Kylie Pink
    Kylie Pink

    When Trent said I like to break stuff he does like to break stuff I love that

  • Mura Sakino
    Mura Sakino

    It looks like the All Spark from transformers.

  • kerenbanget

    that guy at the end of the video

  • Nicholas Bradshaw
    Nicholas Bradshaw

    i didnt see trent's legs so i thought it was just shoes-

  • Lizzard Doggo
    Lizzard Doggo

    My solution. You know how sound is vibrations, and enough can destroy class. Well get a spherical container, place the box inside with a speaker, then have the speaker emit a super high pitched noise to shater the glass. Good thing about this, the steel wouldnt have to be broken, as the inner box would also be broken by the noise. thus letting the cash fall out.

    • CrackheadHours 8106
      CrackheadHours 8106

      It's polycarbon

  • Harry SFS shuttle
    Harry SFS shuttle

    Aww, poor family of unbreakable boxes, they keep getting smashed, dropped, fired, shot.

  • Penguosk

    Havent seen unspeakable in a while

  • Gero Attack
    Gero Attack

    5:00 now you know how the inside of a bowling ball looks like

  • anthony nguyen
    anthony nguyen

    hacksmith absolutely FLEXIN all the gear and i LOVE it

  • Rice Farmer
    Rice Farmer

    hackssith is like futuristic kinda, dustins squad is like DIY stuff, and the last gangs like the naural stuff

  • Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
    Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine

    Why in the hell would you throw it out of a helicopter if ur just gona throw it on the grass?!??!

  • Zaki FN
    Zaki FN

    12:52 trent sounded like hulk jumping in the air

  • Yoshi Benjamin
    Yoshi Benjamin


  • TEE扬豫

    unspeekeble use some weird stuff mean while the hack smith be like:AYO GRAB THE PLAZMA GUN OVER HERE

  • ???

  • Jimmy Logan
    Jimmy Logan

    The glistening glorious castanet physically stay because owner crucially confess but a clumsy shade. steep, special height

  • Xxjack_the_wolfxX

    Yoo Hacksmith And Unspeakable Is here Woahhh

  • Jalen Nickles
    Jalen Nickles

    Imagine being the weapons that they try to use to break the box

  • Eethal

    Angle Grinder.

  • Busy Brain Animations
    Busy Brain Animations

    Why didn’t you send how ridiculous one? :(


    Use Nokia phone

  • Sally Jubay
    Sally Jubay

    Cool 💪


    Send one to How Ridiculous. They have their spike ball and the hulk fist

  • Erad

    Def should send teamedge and dangie boys one of these and see if they are capable.

  • Toast Machine
    Toast Machine

    you could have broke it in one smack tho, just saying ..

  • Super Gabrielito
    Super Gabrielito

    Ya think superman is for kids no hacksmith grabs a superman arm made litearly out of real steel

  • Brycen Ronk
    Brycen Ronk

    So no one seen ole dude put money in his pocket at the end 🤣

  • Toha

    rent private helicopter drops it on soft grass now thats big brain lol

  • Aqila Z
    Aqila Z

    Ur wondering where the leader of hacksmith? His hand is broken :(

  • Eli Masters
    Eli Masters

    No never beat Hacksmith industries they will always break the box

  • Baby Oreo
    Baby Oreo

    mans mining bedrock with iron pic

  • Gervy Cabrera
    Gervy Cabrera

    Movies:Use what you got Hacksmith: *I will cherish that word*

  • Johnny Elias
    Johnny Elias

    Best channel on FIshows

  • Oliver Zach
    Oliver Zach

    You guys should have used hacksmiths first working lightsaber to get through

  • jessica major
    jessica major

    The thing is I like how is unspeakable they just instantly just cracked open the money case with like one or two it

  • jessica major
    jessica major

    I can't only unspeakable soffit Dustin designed it so like when you damage it against stronger unspeakable cruelty like really smart about it