disney channel moments i just can’t leave rest in peace (2)
Shows I used : Dog with a blog,Jessie,Wizards of Wawerly place,Suite life on deck,Hannah Montana,Austin and Ally,Good luck Charlie,K.C. undercover
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  • Safwan Farhan
    Safwan Farhan


  • Soft Mochi
    Soft Mochi

    I miss these times and I just turned 18 1 week ago … I Romberg waking up early to watch Disney jr. then in the afternoon Disney

  • Panda 🐼
    Panda 🐼

    That was the best ending 🙃

  • Davina Jones
    Davina Jones

    The only underrated show is Dog with a Blog, the newer generations won't know Zac and Cody and That's So Raven, but they're still iconic; like everyone over 18 knows them.

  • Nyjay

    I forgot Georgie from Stuck in the Middle played in Dog With A Blog

  • FenrirWolfGod

    7:46-8:14 how did I memorize this entire conversation so well???!!!

  • Greenage5

    Coco Jones is just good in all her roles😂😂

  • Tara Bissonnette
    Tara Bissonnette

    I say cupito all the time and I didn't even watch this show that much

  • Hisoka'sbungeegum


  • Life As April
    Life As April

    You know what I’m gonna do IM GONNA GET ANGRY

  • Tula Borges
    Tula Borges

    the more realistic moments lol

  • midajonas2007

    tyler had no right being that hot and dumb at the same time. the same thing with max russo honestly.

  • chickenpiie

    Amy Duncan: The first Karen to ever set foot on Earth.

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson

    ant farmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • jesus

    Off topic but Tyler (Blake Mitchell) was and still is FINE

  • Aditi Rana
    Aditi Rana

    Is this best of luck nikki types Any Indian... ??

  • Kirkland Purified
    Kirkland Purified

    The hypnotic married biomechanically order because spike exemplarily escape aboard a idiotic eyelash. tenuous, discreet kenya

  • marine

    actual underrated show : cory's in the house

  • Han Parker
    Han Parker


  • Scorpios Rules
    Scorpios Rules

    Everything looks old😭

  • Ariana valencia
    Ariana valencia

    Pair of kings

  • Hoppiz

    0:41 had me wheezing 💀😭

  • its Zoe
    its Zoe

    Unrelated but Jesus loves you Have an amazing day

  • LPS Kawaii Kitty
    LPS Kawaii Kitty

    All these shows are the good ones. I miss watching these old shows when I was little, Now I don't watch Disney channel shows at all. They're just not good anymore imo. like all they have now are bratty little kids that use potty humor every 20 seconds. It's just not entertaining or funny anymore. 🙄😑😂 The only "new" Disney shows that I watched that were actually good shows, were Andi Mack, and Raven's Home. I watched all 3 seasons of Andi Mack (and re-watched) cause that was actually a really good show! Wish they would make more shows like that.

  • bella

    the only show i watched is dog with a blog

  • CG Swindles
    CG Swindles

    Miley and Jackson were my favorite Disney siblings

  • Winkieface DD
    Winkieface DD

    I miss the old Disney channel I'M ONLY 13 I CAN'T BE FEELING THIS YET😢

  • Catalina Cătă
    Catalina Cătă

    Zeke&Luther underrated show

  • illusions&chances

    Too bad Sonny with a chance wasn’t here.

  • Dawsyn Hampton
    Dawsyn Hampton

    I feel like KC Undercover or Dog With a Blog. Like kinda both.

  • Jema Tamata-Dave
    Jema Tamata-Dave

    When he said "Nope. That's just us." It made me cry. Damn why did all the good old tv shows have to end?

  • Autumn Dawkins
    Autumn Dawkins

    spencer’s angry scene always got me

  • ChBrahm

    4:17 is... is that the 2 and a half men house?? fuck u for making me remember that horrible show

  • Ella's World
    Ella's World

    i am just now realising that they re-use so many sets. like, i saw the hannah montana and live and maddie sets on completely different shows

  • Misty Gomez
    Misty Gomez

    "That was kinda mean" "No that's just us" Is the MOST SIBLING THING I've ever heard

  • Lindsey P
    Lindsey P

    The tea kettle bit was so silly I love it

  • Samantha Foster
    Samantha Foster

    The end kind of made me tear up.. These all (especially Hannah Montana) remind me of my childhood.

  • Nyc_ziggie

    That last joke Miley did went over our head cs she saying he got a strimp and it’s in the hot tub🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
    Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas

    It's so weird that one of the sets used by Disney is the same set that was used for years to film Two and A Half Men

  • Katelyn Bacon
    Katelyn Bacon

    Dog with a blog was underrated in my opinion

  • Jooani17

    Lab rats was underrated imo

  • ☆SleepyHollow☆

    I’m sorry but this generations Disney shows are complete garbage like no offense but gen z had the best Disney shows growing up I just feel bad for the newer generations know ✋🏻💀

  • BuddyGuy

    Man… Ya’ll missed the golden age. Lizzy Maguire was far more fire. This shit is just too corny - feel dumber after watching a minute of it.

  • john navin
    john navin

    That's so raven the most underrated show ever....better than goofy!🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Zeineb La
    Zeineb La

    Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverley place were the best shows to me, well written, no episode was boring and so relatable and of course not to forget, that's so raven, the suite life of Zac and Cody

  • втѕ ѕlυтχ
    втѕ ѕlυтχ

    I personally think Annie Mack was underrated it was so confusing the reason they cancelled Annie Mack was because of the guy who played the grandpa got arrested for trying to date a child

  • Katie Newswanger
    Katie Newswanger

    I honestly wonder if the Miley and Jackson mocking started as just one of them doing it for the scene and the writers liked it so much they wrote it in a ton the last seasons cause if u notice they do it a lotttt in the later seasons

  • Haley Regan
    Haley Regan

    god these shows were all so good (except dog with a blog, I never liked it, I guess because it was after my time). It makes me so nostalgic.

  • Vivian Castro
    Vivian Castro

    0:41 IM DEAD 😂😂😂😂

  • iqra_.788

    miley and jackson's relationship is so special

  • daughter_of_posiden3456

    im 13 and remember all of these shows :|

  • Wendie B
    Wendie B

    -4:55 hilarious

  • Golnaz Normohamadi
    Golnaz Normohamadi

    Ashley 😁😁 in high school

  • kate davis
    kate davis


  • Ethan W
    Ethan W

    More, we want MOREEEEE

  • Rinnie's POV
    Rinnie's POV

    What episode of GLC is this? 3:51

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones

    "Who likes shriiiimp?" "Obviously you doooo!! and he's in the hot tub"

  • Samar Antulay
    Samar Antulay

    The first WOWP, why did I think it was Gilmore Girls....XD...

  • Tayla Burns
    Tayla Burns

    The Hannah Montana was the best one

  • Wifuu

    2:30 what’s the show called?

  • Isabella Sears
    Isabella Sears

    The most underrated Disney show, in my opinion, is The Lodge. It was a UK-based show about a girl who moves to her mother’s lodge and makes friends and faces obstacles to protect the lodge. It’s also a musical, so there was a song almost every episode. The soundtrack is amazing, the acting is mediocre, and the plot is so good. There were only 2 seasons because almost no one knew what it was or watched it, but I think it should’ve received more attention.

  • Diamond Derkes
    Diamond Derkes

    Miley and Jackson were the perfect accurate version of siblings

  • cool5529

    Even Stevens and Suite life of Zack and Cody, but I don’t think the Suite life was underrated. It was a banger back in the day lol 😂

  • It'sMeMiana

    alex russo has so much gen z energy i love it

  • This is your area you can‘t do that here
    This is your area you can‘t do that here

    5:00 are they wearing hufflepuff robes?💀

  • Ana Marlu
    Ana Marlu

    alex russo is literaly my favourite person

  • Ana Marlu
    Ana Marlu

    best video in youtube

  • Julia Stone
    Julia Stone

    we! can! do! it! ithink

  • Ira Mujral
    Ira Mujral

    idc but Austin and Ally is still it for me

  • Fiza Shahid
    Fiza Shahid

    Omg these scenes and all these comments are making me want to go back and binge all these shows 😩 (I’m already binging Austin and ally LOL)

  • aash :)
    aash :)

    disney cast's is the most diverse cast i've ever seen

  • Aundrea Harrison
    Aundrea Harrison

    Okay but who all remembers So Random

  • Naioma Lopes De Sa
    Naioma Lopes De Sa

    10:20 omg that’s Jenna from pll!!

  • Isioma

    I love all the shows from this video. But if we're talking about underrated, then it's definitely Austin & Ally. Why? It was the funniest of the shows from its generation (dog w a blog type generation). Like, it gavd me Suite Life of Zach and Cody funny vibes (though not the same standard. Nothing beats the classics of the first, second, third and the early fourth generation shows - from Phil of the Future to Good Luck Charlie).

  • Sarah Sepanski
    Sarah Sepanski

    9:34 😂🤣

  • Jessica Osuji
    Jessica Osuji

    And Dez! Oh Dez! 😂😂😂😂😂 I missed Austin&Ally so much

  • Jessica Osuji
    Jessica Osuji

    When Avery said “they just reek of low tide”, I never heard it then till now and I legit rolled😂😂😂😂

  • Jess Pop
    Jess Pop


  • Mel

    3:40 i'm not even trying to be mean but like why did they do her hair so dirtily 😧😧😧??¿

  • Joanna Ramos
    Joanna Ramos

    they did my girl in the yellow shirt hair dirty!!!

  • thanks wiseacre
    thanks wiseacre


  • your aunt’s worst nightmare
    your aunt’s worst nightmare

    i always get told i look like the dude from dog w a blog

  • Myra Rodx
    Myra Rodx

    Did you know that Selena Gomez is obsessed with your channel? 👀💕

  • Amber B.
    Amber B.

    And now I remember where I got the “I can do it.. I think” from lol. I’ve been saying it for years

  • Sam Robinson
    Sam Robinson

    bruh hannie montanie has me rolling out in these streets lmao

  • Hailee Autumn
    Hailee Autumn

    Not Bob hyping up Spencer to be angry😭😂

  • rosy :D
    rosy :D

    omg whats the show…I DIDNT DO IT also kickin it, ant farm, stuck in the middle, liv and maddie, girl and boy meets world and lab rats are pretty underrated oo and sonny with a chance, i had sonny with a chance shoes when i was little for some reason

  • rosy :D
    rosy :D

    me: *clicks on this video* the dad from dog with a blog: *on an insurance commercial on the tv*

  • nubivagant~

    the end 😭 tears 😭😭

  • nubivagant~

    zuri and emma are what made me who i am today 😌💅

  • nubivagant~

    is it just me but did ally always annoy me and trish was a queen

  • nubivagant~

    london from life on deck will always be the responsibility for my humour lmaoo

  • nubivagant~

    alex really said i didnt ask to be born ✨latina✨

  • Mila Turci
    Mila Turci

    Can someone please tell me what show the second clip is from? The one with the tea kettle

  • Francesca Kyanda
    Francesca Kyanda

    Not me thinking I would be like Avery in high school

  • Fluffy AJJ
    Fluffy AJJ

    please do more video , i love ur edit sm

  • Hali McEachern
    Hali McEachern


  • Brianna Rios
    Brianna Rios

    That’s so Raven supremacy

  • coolranchdoritos

    dog with a blog was hella underrated

  • Emma Giordano
    Emma Giordano

    dog with a blog is deffinitly the most underrated